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January 2012

Mystery Disease: Hysteria or Toxic Spill?

High school students in the small town of Leroy, New York have been coming down with strange tics and verbal outbursts, with no obvious cause. Several girls have even started using wheelchairs. Some people are saying that these are a result of "mass hysteria," but environmental activist Erin Brockovich thinks a toxic chemical spill 40...
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Did US Blacks Evolve Due to Harshness of Slavery?

American blacks searching for their African roots are finding it's not so easy. In the January 27th edition of the New York Times, Edward Rothstein says, "The astounding thing about American slavery is...
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Owl Invasion!

Have you seen an owl in your yard lately? Arctic Snowy Owls are moving south into the lower 48 states in numbers never before witnessed. A leading researcher has called the numbers "unbelievable." Most of the birds are younger owls, and it is believed that the migration is being caused by a fundamental failure of food supplies in the...
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Better to Just Live Together?

Why don't more couples take the marital path? The share of married adults at an all-time low in the United States, and demographers are trying to...
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Scientists Engineer Bird Flu as Potential Weapon

The swine flu scare may have been a gigantic hoax, but what about bird flu? It seems to have never materialized either. In order to study the disease, two teams of...
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A Warm Winter Kills

Despite the ominous forecasts for NEXT winter, we're having a mild winter in the US this year. We assume that a COLD winter is what kills plants and animals, but it turns out that a warmer-than-usual winter season can harm them just as much.
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Murder by the Numbers

America seems to have the most serial killers, although Russia produced Andrei Chikatilo, the "Rostov Ripper," in the 1980s. Mathematicians discovered that his murders followed the same mathematical pattern as earthquakes, avalanches and stock market...
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More Evidence That Fracking Causes Quakes

Geologists say that recent earthquakes in Ohio and Oklahoma are directly linked to deep wells that were used to dispose of liquid wastes produced by the hydraulic fracturing or "fracking" of natural gas. At least 177 similar disposal wells are located...
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Law Courts Need to Use Their Brains

Our laws have not kept up with new discoveries in neuroscience, meaning that a jury could declare someone guilty when a crime isn't necessarily his (or her) fault. How should insights about the brain affect the course of a criminal trial, from the arguments in a...
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Not All Mayans Think 2012 is The End

The Mayan people of Guatemala don't agree with the December 21st, 2012 prophecy, and there are more Mayan ruins there than in any other place in South America.

In the December 30th edition of the Guardian, Kevin Rushby writes, "The Mayans are a people...
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Are Potato Chips as Dangerous as We Think They Are?

A new eight year long European study concludes that salt consumption is not dangerous and may in fact be GOOD. This is certainly contrary to advice from American Medical Association, American Heart Association and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, which says higher sodium consumption can increase the risk of heart disease. It’s...
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The Government Can Attack Us on the Internet

The US has always advocated free speech, and the internet has become a forum for various ideas, to the extent that it is behind the revolutions in Russia, China and Middle Eastern countries such as Egypt. But since Congress agreed to give...
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Arctic Changes Could Halt Gulf Stream

Over the past 15 years, a mass of fresh water from ice melt has been building under the Arctic ice cap. The water is trapped under the Beaufort Gyre in the western Arctic, and presently represents about 10% of all the fresh water in the Arctic. It appears in the form of a bulge under the ice, and is kept in place by the permanent anti-cyclonic...
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Seed Wars

The US is threatening nations that want to ban Monsanto's genetically-modified seeds with trade sanctions. This includes some of our major Western trading partners, such as France, which has banned the planting of the aggressive GM Starlink variety of corn...
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Why We Don't See What's Really There

The cells in our eyes that detect light are in the center of our field of vision, so scientists have long concentrated on what we see in front of us, but now they're becoming interested in what we see out of the corners of our eyes--our...
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Time Leaps Forward

We all know about leap YEAR, but what about leap second? As 70 UN nations argue over whether to abolish it, there's actually a war going on over time.

Leap year adds a day to February every 4 years,...
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We've Found Another Saturn

Astronomers are discovering more Earth-like planets almost every day. Now an international team of astrophysicists has discovered a ring system in the constellation Centaurus that can be...
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Where You Vote May Determine HOW You Vote

WHERE you vote may determine WHO you vote for. Passersby who stopped to answer surveys taken next to churches in the Netherlands and England reported themselves to be more politically conservative and more negative toward non-Christians than did people who were...
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Is Israel Killing Iranian Scientists?

Is Israel targeting Iranian nuclear scientists using motor scooters? When 32-year-old chemist Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan was killed by a someone on a motorcycle who placed a bomb on his car, then sped off, it was the 5th time in two years that a scientist from...
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Signs That China May Have an Economic Crash

There are signs that China may not be doing as well economically as it claims to be, and those signs are: skyscrapers. According to a study by Barclays Capital, the building of skyscrapers over the last 140 years is a sure indicator of an imminent crash. The construction boom that produced both New York's Chrysler and Empire State buildings...
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Red Wine May Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Red wine is almost a medicine for heart disease, and now a NEW use for it has been found: Drinking red wine in moderation may reduce one of the risk factors for breast cancer, providing a natural weapon to combat...
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Strange Sounds being Heard Worldwide

Beginning in 2011, eerie aerial sounds began to be heard worldwide. They consisted of roars, thuds, and a sound like a great trumpet echoing across the sky. As this became a well known popular phenomenon in 2012, a flood of hoax videos appeared on the internet, most of them using previously recorded sounds dubbed onto new video clips in order to...
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Why Online Dating Doesn't Work

It's because we LIE to OURSELVES about what turns us on--you have to meet that special one IN PERSON for your hormones (and your libido) to ramp up. Even the sexiest description just won't work. No matter how much people say they're looking for someone smart, who they can trust and laugh with, what they REALLY WANT is a sexually attractive partner...
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Be Careful if You Go Whale Watching

Almost no one in the US wants to EAT whale meat, but lots of us like to go out in a boat and try to spot these wonderful creatures. To see a huge eye rise up out of the water when a whale breaches and slaps its tail loudly on the ocean surface is one of the thrills of a lifetime....
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Reading Changes Your Brain

We know that the Visitors are changing our brains. It turns out that the act of reading changes our brains too (but some types of reading are better than others).

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Guantanamo Uses Inquisition Methods

Our modern Guantanamo torturers used the same tools that were used during the Spanish Inquisition in the 13th and 14th centuries, such as stress positions and, yes, even waterboarding! The inquisition continued for 600 years, and in the January/February...
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Why No Women are Running This Time

With Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton both running for president recently, it may seem that there are plenty of women candidates around, but actually there are...
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Something GOOD About the Recession

The recession has been painful for most of us, but it's been GOOD in one way: It's cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, which means it's reduced the threat of global...
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Spying in Space

America's classified X-37B satellite, which went into orbit in March, 2011, is probably spying on China's space station (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), Tiangong-1, which was launched in...
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