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December 2011

Quantum Physics Works in the Macro World

Two diamonds the size of stud earrings have been made to share quantum entanglement,meaning that spooky action at a distance works at the classical level. This experiment suggests that the more we become aware that quantum mechanics functions also on the large scale, the more we are going to come to see Newtonian Physics not as a reality, but as...
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Alien Base in China?

Chinese archeologists say that they have discovered that 12,000 years ago, an alien race used some regions of their country as a massive headquarters here on Earth. They base this conclusion on the Xianyang pyramid near the top of Mount Baigong in the western province of Qinghai. While it must be realized that much of the news coming out of China...
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Why Men are So Impulsive

Addiction and impulsivity are genetically linked together in men. This gene has already been linked to smoking, alcoholism and obesity. One gene, called NRXN3, is causing men A LOT of problems!

In, Stephanie Pappas quotes psychologist Scott...
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People Lie on the Internet

Don't believe everything you receive in an email or text message: A new study finds that communication using computers for instant messaging and e-mail increases lying compared to face-to-face conversations.

A study looked at 110 same-sex pairs of college students who engaged in 15 minute conversations either face-to-face, using e-...
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Whitley Strieber's Teen Thriller On the Way

You may have noticed that the masthead has changed--from a figure on a cliff peering over the abyss to the face of a beautiful young girl. This is the face of Melody, the lonely...
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Has a New War Started?

Secret attacks on Iran's nuclear facilities may be under way by Israel. Israeli officials said in a recent report that a "mysterious explosion" two days ago at an Iranian nuclear facility was "no accident." Satellite images show smoke coming from an...
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Why Some People are Optimists (Despite Everything)

How some people stay positive despite evidence to the contrary has been discovered. Researchers have also discovered how our brains recognize family members (and whether or not recognizing relatives makes you happy depends on your family!)

Some brains are better than others when it comes to processing good news...
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