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November 2011

A Sheet of Paper Can Protect Us from Terrorist Attacks

Those of us who watch our brave young soldiers on the TV news are often appalled by all the heavy equipment they have to carry, but soon they may be able to detect IEDs with a single sheet of...
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Next: Clothes That Think

We have clothes that act as wifi and now we have clothes that think. The latest breakthrough in cotton fiber research has scientists envisioning hospital gowns that monitor medical patients and jerseys that test athletic performance. Fiber scientist Juan Hinestroza has discovered how...
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Cold Weather? Blame the Sun

Can the sun cause cold weather? Cold winters that have dumped tons of snow on areas like the Northeastern US may have their origins in the sun's varying ultraviolet emissions. Recent satellite data shows that the sun's UV output is far more changeable than scientists had previously thought, and these changes lead to warmer winters in some places...
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Streetlights May be SPYING on You

Some cities in the US have switched, but not in a good way: The government is coming up with EVEN MORE ways to spy on us (NOTE: Subscribers...
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Smoking Makes You Feel Sexy

Why do some older women smoke (when they surely know better by now)? It may make them feel sexy: a recent study discovered that postmenopausal women who smoke have higher androgen and estrogen levels than non-smoking women, with sex hormone levels being highest in heavy smokers.
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