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January 2010

High Cholesterol?

It could be caused by a common chemical! - Is your cholesterol too high? This may not be due to your eating habits: A chemical used in everything from refrigeration to cosmetics may be partly responsible for the rise in US cholesterol levels.

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Baby Face

Or is it Grays face? - Got a baby face? Look younger than you really are? You are also going to LIVE longer than other people!

Researchers asked professionals to guess the ages of unidentical twins who were in their 70s, 80s or 90s by looking at their photos. The twin whom people thought was younger lived longer.


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Haiti: How Much Will We Help?

And why we may not help enough - The recent devastating earthquake in Haiti, which is a country of black people, reminds us that when assessing the amount of help someone needs, people's perceptions can be affected by their racial biases.

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Chimps Can Talk Too

So why don't they? - Researchers who are studying communication in animals, in order to improve their understanding of how language develops in humans, want to know: Why are we the only animals who talk?

If humans are genetically related to chimps, why did our brains develop the innate ability for language and speech...

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Haiti Quake Dead Could Exceed 100,000

Update: 16 UN personnel confirmed dead, 150 missing. - Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive has announced that 'hundreds of thousands' of people were killed in the earthquake that struck Haiti yesterday. Measuring 7.0 on the Richter Scale, the quake follows a 6.5 quake the previous day in Northern California, but there is...

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'Green' Energy Grid

Other nations are doing this, why can't we? - Someday EVERY household will be able to produce its own power for heating and lighting, using solar energy. Japan is planning on doing this by collecting solar power in space and zapping it back down to Earth and the countries in the European Union may join forces to create a huge...

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Dumpster Divers in Space?

Astronauts returning from challenging long-duration missions face one more challenge when they get back to Earth: standing up and walking. And while they're IN space, they need to dodge some of the debris out there.

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Surprising News about Alzheimers

Cell phone radiation helps PREVENT it - After all the controversy over cell phone brain damage, surprising news has emerged: It has been discovered that while cell phone radiation is bad for some people, it is actually GOOD for the brains of Alzheimer's patients.

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The Big One in Seattle?

Instead of CA? - Seismologists have long been predicted The Big One for California in the future. On January 9 a magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck off the coast of northern California. The quake caused only minor damage, but is a sign of increasing instability in the area. However, some seismologists think that gigantic...

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Tiny Particles

BIG danger - Titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles, found in everything from cosmetics to sunscreen to paint to vitamins to toothpaste, cause systemic genetic damage in mice. The problem is, they're almost impossible to avoid.

While not toxic on their own, once in the body, the TiO2 nanoparticles accumulate in different...

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That Mysterious Blue Light

Why the Grays may be using it - Why do so many experiencers see a blue light, either coming from UFOs or even flooding their living rooms? It may be because different colors of light can control different parts of the brain.

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Why Christians are Afraid

Recent news has validated one of Whitley's new journals about the fact that Christians are in peril all over the world (yet another thing that is under-reported in the mainstream media).

Gunmen killed at 7 people and wounded 3 in a drive-by shooting outside a church in southern Egypt as worshipers left a midnight Christmas mass. Coptic...

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Race & Politics

Is Obama the wrong color to push through health reform? - People may judge the skin tone of mixed race political candidates according to how much they agree with their politics. If they agree with their views, they will see them as "whiter" than if they don't. And a YouTube video suggesting that face recognition cameras...

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3-D Movies a Big Hit

Is 3-D TV next? - Not all the news is bad (some of it is just strange): The movie "Avatar" has created a return of 3-D and starting in 2010, ESPN will broadcast some sports events in 3-D. quotes Chuck Pagano, ESPN vice president for technology, as saying that the network is preparing for a "3-D tsunami." But who has...

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Anne's Diary: An Epiphany

The news isn't all bad: In her newest diary, Anne Strieber writes about a revelation she had in church that's a great message for the New Year! If you got our FREE weekly email newsletter, you would have already read this story! To sign up, click here.

Art credit:

NOTE: This news story, previously published...

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How to Live a Long Life

Don't die early - We may not be able to live forever, but there's no reason we need to die young. Many US children face a terrible burden of stressors that can harm the development of their brains and nervous systems. These stressors can lead to health problems and diseases throughout their lives, ultimately causing some to die...

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Child Abuse

Sometimes it comes from other kids! - More than one third of those who sexually abuse children are other juveniles, not adults (as one might suspect).

Researchers found that juveniles account for more than one-third of those known to police to have committed sex offenses against minors. And juveniles who commit sex...

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If You Get Caught Playing Video Games at Work

Tell your boss you're improving your office skills! - Many office workers secretly play video games on their computers at the office (they read our edge news and listen to Dreamland there too!) It turns out that playing these games may actually improve their performance, depending on which ones they play.


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Beef Slime

There are some dangerous things going on, deep down where no one can see them. They have to do with food too: Depending on your genes, you may not get supersized eating a fast food hamburger, and you won't get super sick either, because many of these restaurants are now battling E. coli bacteria and salmonella by injecting their ground beef...

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CIA Spying on Global Warming

A group of environmental scientists working with the CIA once again has access to data gathered by intelligence satellites. The images include tropical forests, ice melts, desert landscapes, even population shifts. The program had been discontinued in 2001.

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Underground Carbon Storage Vaults Planned

In a recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers have proposed filling large valleys left by volcanic rock deep under the Atlantic Ocean with liquid carbon waste.

Estimates suggest that just one of these 'vaults' could potentially hold 40 years worth of waste from up to four coal power...

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The Scourge of Drugs

What will drugs do to YOUR town in 2010? Most of us know that Marijuana is the most popular illegal drug of choice, and that heroin may be the most damaging drug an individual can use, but it is crack cocaine that has changed the world as Americans know it, especially in big cities. And the war against them isn't working.

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Get Granny Online!

For some people, the New Year brings new concerns about the elderly folks in their lives. If that's you, here's something you should know: The internet strengthens the brains of even older people. Middle-aged and older adults with little Internet experience were able to trigger key centers in the brain that control decision-making and complex...

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Is the Gov. Interested in UFOs?

Yes, and they're studying LIGHTNING too! - The entrepreneur Robert Bigelow, who once purchased a ranch in Utah where anomalous events occurred, has formed a new company called Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies.(BAASS), which has been recruited by the FAA as one of the reporting centers for UFO sightings and unexplained...

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If You're Awash in Christmas Trash

You can use it as biofuel! - As the New Year dawns and we finally finish opening our presents and see all the wrapping paper scattered around, a lot of us wish we could find a way to recycle all of it. Many cities recycle paper and plastic, but can we recycle fruit cake?

In, Keith Barry quotes researcher...

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What's Going on with the Sun?

Will global warming continue in 2010? After a protracted quiet spell, the sun is waking up. So far, Solar Cycle 24 has been the quietest in a century, but December was the most active month of the cycle by far. The 11 year solar maximum should peak in late 2012, but with such a long, deep solar minimum, the peak could be delayed. There is...

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Let it Snow!

2010 is here, the weather is getting colder and that means SNOW. Are two snowflakes ever alike? And why are most of them depicted (in art, anyway) as completely wrong?

Snowflakes are usually drawn inaccurately. They are shown as having four, five or even eight-corners although, despite the fact that no two are alike, they ARE all six-...

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Whitley on TV TONIGHT

On Sunday, Jan. 3 at 9 p.m. Pacific and EST, Whitley will be interviewed on Apocalypse Island on the History Channel, talking about what may happen in the future. But he's saved the REAL scoop on that Mayan prediction about 2012 for our subscribers, who can listen to his audio explaining all about it RIGHT NOW. It's our holiday present for you...

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Anne's Diary: Homeless

In her new diary, Anne Strieber writes: "We all have revelations at the turn of the year when we, like the Roman god Janus, look both forward and back. This was the year I discovered that I am, in effect, homeless." If you got our FREE weekly email newsletter, you would have already read Anne's new diary! To sign up, click here. And if you want...

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The Problem Isn't Drinking & Driving

It's drinking & WALKING - At New Year's, we're all warned about drinking and driving, but the truth is that drinking and walking can be just as dangerous.

Researcher Thomas Esposito says, "Alcohol impairs your physical ability to walk AND to drive. It impairs your judgment, reflexes and coordination. It's nothing...

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