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January 2010

Earthquakes: More on the Way?

Besides the threat to the West Coast of the US, there could be more earthquakes on the way to the Caribbean in the near future, and not just aftershocks either.

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The Weekend Effect

We all know what WE think the "weekend effect: is: feeling lazy, doing chores, hopefully exercising, maybe having too much to eat and drink. But that could change for you in the future if you have too much fun. For physicians this phrase has another meaning: it has to do with the heart attacks, strokes, cardiac arrests and other time-sensitive...

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Should Dolphins Have Legal Rights?

Biologists say that dolphins are the world's second most intelligent creatures (after human beings), and some dolphin advocates say that they should even be give legal rights as "non-human persons." On this week's Revelations, William Henry's guest agrees with this. Is this one of the trends we will see in the future?

These people say...

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Magnet in the Middle

of the Milky Way? - An international research project has revealed that the magnetic field in the center of the Milky Way is at least 10 times stronger than the rest of the galaxy. This discovery has a strong relationship to an new audio that Whitley Strieber as posted in our subscriber section, where he suggests that the...

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Object Near Sun Probable Video Artifact

The internet has been abuzz with rumors about an apparentearth-sized object appearing near the sun in some NASA SolarTerrestrial Relations Observatory images. Some individualshave even gone so far as to identify the civilizations theseplanetary-sized "motherships" have come from. However, thereis an immediate fundamental problem with the idea...

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Anne's Diary: Left & Right

In Anne Strieber's new diary, she writes: "I've been thinking a lot about the brain lately. Since an aneurysm burst inside my head 5 years ago, I guess you could say I almost lost my mine. One thing that continues to fascinate me is the difference between right-handed and left-handed people, especially when they are couples, like Whitley and I...

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Not as Bad as Predicted

But scientists don't know why not - It's hotter than ever, and we may have to choose between reducing global warming and solving the problems of the recession. Scientists predict more drought in the Southwest as temperatures rise, but they also can't figure out why things aren't as bad right now as their predictions said they...

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Big One Coming Right Here in the US!

UPDATE: Warning from CA Senator - The quake in Haiti didn't generate a tsunami, but we could be due for one right here in the US. There are only 2 places in the US where an earthquake could generate a gigantic wave of this type, and new studies show a quake in one of these could happen very soon.

There is an underwater...

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What to Look for Tonight

In Obama's State of the Union speech - In January of 2008, we wrote about George Bush's upcoming State of the Union speech that a certified movement analyst would be watching it in a special way. A researcher gave us the following tips for figuring out what was REALLY going on in Bush's mind, and we can use these for Obama's...

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At Least There Was No Tsunami

The recent earthquake in Haiti was caused by an underwater earthquake. Thankfully, it did not cause a tsunami (giant wave), but scientists would like to know how to detect these waves before they hit, so that lives can be saved by moving people to higher ground.

Tsunamis are created by a large displacement of water resulting from...

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Want a Better Brain?

Start exercising - The discovery that aerobic exercise builds brain cells should put an end to the stereotype of the dumb athlete.

In, Lin Edwards reports that neuroscientists discovered this by studying the effects of running on the brains of mice. Some had wheels to run on and others did not and both groups...

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When UFOs Stop Cars

What may be happening - UFOs are well known for stopping cars dead as they hover above them. How do they do it? Car chases are common on the nightly news in Los Angeles, and they're also dangerous. If police could figure out how to stop cars in their tracks the way UFOs do, there would no longer be a problem, and maybe they...

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Buried in the Rubble in Haiti

FOUND by Tweeters in Boston! - According to the US Geological Society (USGS), the magnitude-7 earthquake of January 12 near Port-au-Prince, Haiti, has generated a sharp increase in concerns about the potential for future earthquakes in Haiti and the surrounding region. The aftershocks will continue for months if not years in...

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What the NFL Can Learn from Science

Just in time for the Superbowl! - The Superbowl is coming up soon, and baseball science may give NFL players some valuable tips on how to catch a ball while on the run, something that's essential in football. When the quarterback throws to the receiver, he has to aim for where he WILL BE when the ball arrives and the receiver...

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Yes, It Really IS Medicine

More news about marijuana medicine: Combining the two most common compounds in Marijuana may boost the effectiveness of treatments to inhibit the growth of brain cancer cells and increase the number of brain cancer cells that die off. Doctors think that these 2 ingredients may be especially effective against glioblastoma, the most common and...

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Brain Hacking

Whitley has an implant from the Visitors that he's still learning how to use (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this Dreamland show). One of the latest inventions is an implant that can be placed inside the brain of a paralyzed person and enable him to access the internet using only his brain, and this technology may eventually spread to...

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Bee Mystery SOLVED

The mystery of the worrisome decline in the numbers of bees needed to pollinate plants may have been solved: It all comes down to modern farming methods. Modern farmers, especially in the US where the problem is worst, tend to plant a single crop, such as corn. But in order to develop a strong immune system that can ward off the mites that tend...

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New Anne's Diary: Tea Dancing

In her new diary, Anne Strieber talks about tea dancing. This may sound like a surprisingly dainty subject for our gal, but once you read it, you'll realize it's NOT! If you got our FREE weekly email newsletter, you would have already read her new diary! To sign up, click here And if you love Anne's diaries and want to make sure they're still...

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Something Sinister About Swine Flu?

What happened to the Swine Flu epidemic that frightened us all so much (not to mention the Bird Flu epidemic)? Swine Flu did kill some people here in the US, but Bird Flu seems never to have made it to these shores (and may only have been transmitted directly from poultry, not between people). Could these warnings be some sort of disinformation...

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The Search for Alien Life

On this week's Dreamland, (and at last year's Dreamland Festival), we addressed the question: "Is there anybody out there?" This refers not to whether life exists elsewhere in the universe, but whether it exists in other universes outside of our own.

Researchers Alejandro Jenkins and Gilad Perez have formulated a provocative hypothesis...

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What Happened to the Swine Flu Epidemic?

The Swine Flu "epidemic" seems to be over, for now: Unused H1N1 vaccine is being stockpiled in warehouses across the US. Some of it expires in March, although most will be effective through May. What happened (or didn't happen)?

One major concern was that children are twice as likely as adults to catch swine flu. A study of more than 800...

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A New Kind of Terrorism

In his new novel Critical Mass (which will be given away to everyone who subscribes or renews for at least 6 months through January), Whitley Strieber describes how easy it would be to smuggle a nuclear device into a major city and use this to blackmail a country into adopting Sharia law. Now it turns out that future terrorism may not need a...

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Faster than Light?

At this month's 215th meeting of the American AstronomicalSociety inour nation's Capital, two researchers at the LosAlamos National Laboratory presented an idea that might throw thephysicscommunity for a loop. There may be something in theuniverse faster than light itself. (If you got our FREE weekly email newsletter, you would have already read...
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How to Avoid Heart Disease

Don't live in the South - Medical researchers call the South the "stroke belt," because people born there have a higher risk of dying from stroke as adults, even if they later move away. Remember, it's not LIVING there that's the problem, it's being BORN there. However, those who were both born in the stroke belt AND lived...

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Is the World Really a Hologram?

A gigantic experiment in the English countryside may indicate that reality is actually a hologram, which is basically a 3-D image that has been created on a flat surface.

It's called the GEO600 experiment and consists of a group of temporary buildings that stretch for miles, alongside trenches covered with corrugated metal. Underneath...

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Haiti: Why No One Saw it Coming

No one in Haiti saw it coming because quakes in the Caribbean are hard to predict since most of the tectonic plate is below sea level.

Geoscientist Michele Cooke says, "This earthquake [was] not unexpected, which increases the tragedy of our current situation. We can only access the active faults where they are exposed on the islands."...

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What is Haitian Religion?

Find out in the Dreamland archive. - Since the recent earthquake, there has been much commentary that Haitian religion is "devil worship." Both Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh have gone on the record saying the the Haitians were punished by God for being devil worshipers. However, the Haitian religion of Vodou is actually an...

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City of Gold Spotted by Google Earth?

Google Earth spots a lot of unusual things and now two researchers say it has found El Dorado, the legendary "city of gold" that sent Spanish explorers on expeditions to South America for 200 years, starting in the 16th century. The Spanish destroyed several indigenous civilizations in their quest for gold.

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Embarrassing Science

And nutty inventions - Now that we've reached 2010, we can look back at some of the most embarrassing scientific discoveries of 2009. As you might expect, quite a number ofthem have to do with male sex. But that's far from the whole story.Beyond ridiculous current studies, the past also has a greatdeal to offer. Nothing like a...

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'Trees' on Mars?

Some unexplained images have been photographed on Mars. The latest is what appear to be "trees." The images show what look like rows of dark trees sprouting from hills on the surface of the planet, but according to NASA, it's an optical illusion: The sand dunes are coated with a thin layer of dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide), and are caused by...

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