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December 2009

Murder: More Reasons Why

The recent fatal shootings of four Washington state police officers again brings up the recurring problem of mass murder in the United States. What motivates these men to go on a shooting rampage?

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Chinese Glaciers Melting Too

Despite this, China has withdrawn from Climate talks - Who knew that there are glaciers in China as well as at the poles? And just like glaciers everywhere, they are melting! Which is why it's such a shame that China is not cooperating with UN climate negotiations in Cophenhagen.

In fact, the world's third largest ice...

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Can We Afford to Stop Global Warming?

Measures being proposed at the Copenhagen conference to curb greenhouse gas emissions are unlikely to affect potential long-term economic growth in the United States.

Economist Martin Ross says that adopting climate legislation would only cause slight changes in the nation's Gross Domestic Product. A study which assessed the impacts of...

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Bird Flirts

Some feminists wear feathers - It's the time of year when birds are flying south for the winter. Scientists have learned that female birds in species that breed in groups (such as Purple Martins) not only indulge in sex orgies with many different males, they are the feminists of the bird world and can find themselves under...

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Whitley's Journal: Disclosure

In his newest Journal, Whitley Strieber writes about what so many contactees want: disclosure. He points out that, despite all the things that are happening to people all over the world, this may cause more problems than solutions.

You hear so many conflicting theories about what's going to happen on December 21, 2012, but now Whitley...

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The REAL Reason Why US Murder Rate is So High

This is a truth that's hidden in plain sight: It's not poverty, drugs, lack of gun control or even downright meanness. The reason there is so much homicide in America has to do with politics!

When Americans begin routinely complaining about how they hate their government and don't trust their leaders, it may be time to look warily at the...

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Secret City

In this week's Dreamland interview, Lloyd Pye talks about hidden cities. A long lost city in what is now South Africa has recently been discovered. The remains aren't noticeable from the ground, but just like crop circles, they can be seen clearly from the air.

The remains of a huge metropolis that measure about 1,500 square miles, and...

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Bizarre Astronomical Event Stuns Norway

Update: Simliar Spiral in Tomsk, 2006 - A bizarre and massive spiral of light appeared over northernNorway between 7:50and 8:00 a.m. local time on Wednesday,December 9. The phenomenon was visible across a wide area,indicating that it was very large and very high. A similarevent was videotaped inTomskin2006. On December 11,...

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New Anne's Diary: Deliverance

about revisiting the Communion cabin - In her new diary, Anne Strieber writes: "As part of a documentary that our filmmaker friend Timothy Greenfield-Sanders is making about Whitley, we recently visited the "Communion" cabin in upstate New York where we were menaced by one of the locals. On the way back to New York City, we...

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Allergic to Your Job?

It's a strange world out there: You may not like your job, but are you ALLERGIC to it? Damp environments, poorly maintained heating and air-conditioning systems and carpeting may contribute to poor indoor air quality that can make you sick. Americans spend about 90% of their time indoors, where they are repeatedly exposed to indoor allergens...

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Real or fake? - Science is discovering new things all the time. Scientists now say that hypnosis is "real" because they can pick up its effects on fMRI scans of people's brains when they're "under."

While patients are under hypnosis, neuroscientists see decreased activity in the parts of the brain linked with daydreaming...

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Hotter Than Ever

As countries all over the world gather in Copenhagen for a summit meeting on climate change, there has been controversy over some intercepted emails from the UK in which climate scientists admit to overstating the case for global warming. The whole topic is confusing, but in fact the news is bad: According to world meteorologists, the first...

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Cheating Men

Nothing new - The nation's fascination with high-profile men who stray, like Tiger Woods, is nothing new. In light of the male propensity to have extramarital affairs, is it even worth getting married?

Psychologist Andrew Irwin-Smiler says, "As a culture, we have a perception that men just want sex and that all men are...

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Plastic Problems

The SOLUTION! - We have plastic problems, but there's an easy way to tell WHICH plastics are safe and which are not, so we can discard them from our kitchens and avoid eating or drinking out of them.

In the December 6th edition of the New York Times, Nicholas D. Kristof writes, "What if breast cancer in the United States...

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Shroud of Turin is Real

Incredible new evidence - The famous Shroud of Turin, which is either a fake or the burial cloth of Jesus (depending on who you listen to) has been found to contain a "death certificate" for "Jesus of Nazareth."

Vatican scholar Barbara Frale says she found it imprinted on a corner of the cloth in Greek, Hebrew and Latin...

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So Many Problems in the Middle East

Even reptiles reflect this - War zones are everywhere these days: There are many problems along the border between Israel and Jordan, one of the places the Palestinians came from. Even the reptiles are different (they're more cautious in Jordan).

There are more reptile species in Jordan than in Israel. Biologist Uri...

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Plastic Problems

There are war problems and there are plastic problems. We've explained why plastic baby bottles can be bad for baby boys. Now it turns out that when mothers drink out of plastic bottles when pregnant, it can affect the personalities of their girl babies, when they reach the "terrible twos."

BPA is commonly used in the production of...

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How Porn Gets on Your Computer

Even if you didn't put it there! - How bad can things get? A computer virus can place porn on your computer without your knowing it, and if the police search your computer, as happened to a couple recently, they could arrest you for having child pornography.

This could be done by someone looking for a place to "stash"...

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Report of Plane that Hit Pentagon Disproved

Someone is lying, but who? - A lot of things happened on 911 that still don't make sense. Newly decoded data provided by an independent researcher from Australia agrees with previously data obtained by Pilots for 911 Truth from the National Safety Board (NTSB) through the Freedom of Information Act. It exposes alarming evidence...

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We Almost Got Him

A recently released US government report says our troops had Osama bin Laden within their grasp in late 2001 in Afghanistan. Calls for troop reinforcements were rejected, allowing him to simply walk off into a tribal area of Pakistan.

BBC News quotes the Foreign Relations Committee report as saying, "On or around 16 December [2001], two...

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Stockbrokers Carrying Guns

Reaction to citizen anger & threats? - We blamed Bush for 911 and now everyone blames Wall Street and big banks for the recession. It's gotten so bad that brokers are packing heat.

On, Alice Schroeder quotes a friend at Goldman Sachs as saying, "I just wrote my first reference for a gun permit."...

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Earth Life Came from Mars

Are crop circles coded messages from aliens? - Bulgaria says they are in touch with aliens who, in response to a set of 30 questions their scientists sent to them, have replied with a complex set of symbols that their experts are hard at work trying to decipher. And what are these "complex symbols?" Crop circles! (NOTE:...

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We Should be Ashamed

Obama has decided to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan. Will they come home with no legs? Our brave soldiers are coming home from war with missing limbs because the humvees they drive through the desert are not adequately shielded from the main terrorism weapon, which are IEDs (improvised explosive devices), otherwise known as homemade...

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If Oil Doesn't Come from Fossils

Have our invasions of the Middle East been useless? - Did we invade the Middle East as a retaliation for 911 or for the oil? A couple of years ago, in the midst of hysteria about the oil shortage, we reported that oil may not really be a fossil fuel after all. A group of Swedish researchers have managed to prove that fossils...

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Can we find one that works before it's too late? - If we can't burn gas maybe we can burn grass. But if we get that grass from our prairies, we may be destroying some of our wildlife. Spraying DDT almost caused a silent spring. Will ethanol do the same thing?

The unintended consequence of crop-based biofuels may be the...

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Women of the Future

What will they look like in 2012, and AFTERWARDS? - What will the women of the future look like? If you believe fashion magazines, they'll all be slim and boyish, but scientists think that tomorrow's females are likely to be slightly shorter and plumper, have healthier hearts and be able to reproduce for a longer period of time...

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Are Your Mercury Fillings Safe?

Are mercury fillings safe? Mercury-based fillings have been used by dentists to repair teeth for well over a century. But in recent decades, their use has become controversial due to concerns about exposure to potentially toxic mercury.

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One Way to Save the Earth

An innovative proposal by the Ecuadorian government would protect an untouched, oil rich region of Amazon rainforest and save a large area of pristine Amazon rainforest for the future, by leaving untouched nearly one billion barrels of oil that lies beneath the surface of the Yasuni National Park in Ecuador. Under the initiative, the...

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When Will It Happen Again?

And how to predict it - There are strange things going on in the sky, but even stranger things are happening right here on Earth: It turns out that recent earthquakes, even major ones, may actually be aftershocks from quakes that occurred HUNDREDS of years ago. This is good news for some earthquake-prone areas in California and...

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