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November 2009

Superstorm Confirmation

Whitley first learned about climate change from the mysterious individual he calls the Master of the Key. Now science has confirmed the theory he put forth in his book "The Coming Global Superstorm," which became the hit film The Day After Tomorrow. Are there more superstorms in our future?

Around 13,000 years ago, it took just a few...

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New 2012 Journal from Whitley

And a special message just for subscribers - In Whitley's provocative new Journal, he writes: "I have gone on record as saying that I doubt that anything particularly noteworthy will happen on December 21, 2012. However, this does not mean that I don't think we are in an era of great change that is going to impact life on earth...

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Last Chance

FREE offer ends on Sat. at 6 pm Pacific! - Get Volume 3 of the Dark Matter DVD series FREE as a premiumRIGHT NOW with a new, one-year subscription to! (US addresses only.) This offer ends at 6 p.m. Pacific time on Saturday, November 14. Also NEW for subscribers: You can listen to Whitley's Stargate...

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New Anne's Diary

About NOT seeing two current films! - In her new diary, Anne Strieber writes about filmmaking. She says, "Sometimes you can learn as much from NOT going to a movie as you can from actually seeing it, because it lets you know where you are in the metaphysical landscape" (and where you're likely to be in the future). If you got...

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Close Call

Yet Again! - An asteroid almost impacted the earth on Friday, November 6. As usual, we got no warning from NASA, since it wasn't discovered until the same day it almost hit us. At this rate we won't survive until 2012! An asteroid strike plays a major part in Whitley's upcoming novel The Omega Point, which he will discuss on...

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Whitley on Coast to Coast AM

And subscribers can participate! - Please note that the audio of Whitley Strieber's DreamlandStargate presentation referred to in his appearance on Coastto Coast tonight will not be placed in our subscriber areauntil Saturday.

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Alien Pollution

Another way to spot intelligent life! - While we keep hoping that disclosure will come soon, scientists are trying to figure out how to spot alien life. One clue might be the pollution they leave behind.

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Can it hurt you in the workplace? - We love to chat, but we abhor nasty gossip. Gossip in the workplace can be a weapon or a gift, affecting both power and influence in the office. New research shows that depending on how this weapon is used, its influence can be either strong or weak, so we can use it to our advantage in the...

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Is This Famous Photo a Fake?

The answer may reveal the truth about the JFK assassination - A computer scientist who specializes in digital forensics has reanalyzed the famous Lee Harvey Oswald photograph in order to determine if it is real or a digitized fake. In it,Oswald is shown holding a rifle in one hand and Marxist newspapers in the other. Some...

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Running on Air

The PERFECT fuel would be air and France is developing a small car that runs off a tank of compressed air. If that doesn't work, one of the components of air (hydrogen) would be the perfect fuel, except that the molecules are too small to keep in the gas tank. But now this problem may have been solved, and the predicted death of the green,...

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Memory Problems?

Spray them away! - What will YOU remember in the future, maybe in your next life? Here's something all students (especially) should know: A molecule from the body's immune system (interleukin-6) when sprayed into the nose helps the brain cement your memories during REM sleep (so don't pull an all-nighter!)


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Fighting Crime with Radio Waves

Can we fight crime with radio waves? (They work against mosquitoes). They're safer than guns. What would be really effective would be to read criminals' text messages so cops can catch them planning their next heist (as long the police don't keep their phone in the wrong pocket!)

A wireless network of radio transmitters can track...

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Don't Pet That Stray Cat!

Don't reach down to pet that stray cat: The number of reported rabies cases among cats increased by 12% in 2008 compared to 2007. More than 36% of US cat-owning households did not visit a veterinarian in 2006, which is more than double the percentage of dog-owning households that didn't visit a vet. This might be because so many cat owners...

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The Magic Elixir

Why do Italians get so old and stay so CHEERFUL? They put olive oil on almost everything they eat!

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New Software May be Able to Read Your Mind

Your boss and/or spouse will no longer have to guess what you're thinking. All they will have to do in the future is fire up their computers and find out! Is this ominous? (It's an incredible world out there!)

By combining fMRI brain scans with pattern-detection software, neuroscientists think they will be able to find out what people...

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Canada Comes Clean

Everybody (except the US) seems to be declassifying their UFO files. In 2005, Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer stated that "UFOs, are as real as the airplanes that fly over your head" and that "current and past US activities" (such as trying to shoot them down) risk "intergalactic war." (Note: Subscribers can still listen to this...

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Mole Rats

What do they have to do with cancer? - In "Through the Looking Glass," written in 1871, Lewis Carroll gives his heroine Alice a ridiculous Victorian-style poem to memorize call "Jabberwocky." One of the lines in it is: "And the mome raths outgrabe." Did he mean MOLE RATS? It turns out these fascinating creatures, who live their...

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New Whitley's Journal on Reincarnation Proof

Whitley Strieber was blown away by the guests on this week's Dreamland and he has long been convinced that there is life after death, especially after meeting the Master of the Key. In his new Journal he writes: "Long ago, the Visitors indicated to me that the primary difference between us and other conscious species is that we are soul blind...

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That Mysterious Blue Light

People who witness UFOs often comment that they shine a bright lights onto the ground in a single color: blue. Now science may have made some progress in finding out what's so important about blue light. The world turns out to be a lot stranger than we used to think it was.

Human eyes can only see light in a very small region of the...

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New Reasons to Meditate

More good reasons to meditate: New research suggests that yoga and meditation may change the way our genes behave in response to stress. It also helps your body build stem cells! Maybe meditation helps build our souls.

Researcher Herbert Benson says, "Now we've found how changing the activity of the mind can alter the way basic genetic...

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Is Time an Illusion?

The slo-mo & wagon wheel illusions - Is time just an illusion? We have more and more evidence that this is the case. In order to understand how our brains work, Subscribers get to listen to the paper that Anne Strieber presented at the conference, which tells you why contactees and abductees are essential for future life...

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Why Misers are Mostly Male

Men have more trouble coping in a recession than women do. Could this be because testosterone makes them more miserly?

In New Scientist, Ewen Callaway quotes neuroeconomist Karen Redwine as saying, "Our broad conclusion is that testosterone causes men essentially to be stingy." With team member Paul Zak, she gave a gel containing...

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CERN Could be Dangerous

Some questions are so hard to answer that we have to really think about them (Anne Strieber reads her paper about this for subscribers this week). For instance, if time travel exists, why can't we go back in time and kill our grandparents (which means we would never have been born)? The principle of least action means that could never happen,...

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No, You Can't be Fat & Fit

Football player early deaths show it's not possible - As the baseball season winds up for the year, we turn our attention to the NFL. Today's athletes are bigger than ever, and size and strength can mean the difference between championships, scholarships and million-dollar paydays. But new research comparing the signs of...

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Will the Earth Recover?

After what we humans have done to it? - Will the earth ever recover from climate changeand pollution? Will WE survive? It turns out that the earth may recover but many of the animals on it won't. It's happened before: 55 million years ago earth had a sudden spike in global warming caused by too many greenhouse gases in the...

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How Weirdness Leads to Logic

At the Stargate Conference, Anne Strieber told how people who have had contact with seeming "aliens" usually describe their experiences in strange, almost surrealistic terms. This one of the things that separates real contact from created contact stories, but it is also one of the primary reasons that these people's stories are doubted by...

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Vaccines Probably not Autism Cause

Sometimes bad things happen, but here's something GOOD to know now that more of the Swine Flu vaccine is finally being released: A recent study published in a peer-reviewed journal found that 2 to 5 year old children diagnosed with autism or autism spectrum disorders had blood mercury levels similar to those oftypically developing control...

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Control 'Em with Smell

If their students are behaving badly, teachers should spray some air freshener into the classroom and that may solve the problem. If you work in an office, maybe you should secretly spray some in the boss's office while he's out to lunch. Why? Studies show that People are unconsciously fairer and more generous when they are in clean-smelling...

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