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January 2009

See DC (and Nashville) Through William Henry's Eyes

...and see Whitley in Vegas on Feb. 15 - Join William Henry April 10-19 for his American Rite Tour and Nashville Spring Conference, based on his new DVD, The American Rite.

The American Rite tour kicks off with William's Spring Nashville conference and tour of secret, sacred Nashville on April 10-12. This conference's...

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Coffee Highs

Given up pot? Try a pot of coffee!

People who drink too much coffee may start hallucinating. This was discovered by researchers who found that people who drank more than 7 cups a day were more likely to see ghosts and hear strange voices, etc. However, they say that hearing voices is not, by itself, a sign of mental illness (3% of people...

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Mysterious Orange UFO Captured on Video

Same type of UFO was seen in Texas! - We've all heard about the strange blue light, but mysterious orange lights are commonly seen in the sky as well?including those famous sightings reported by Linda Howe in Stephenville Texas. You can see one in Scotland by clicking here.

In fact, the American Chronicle website reports...

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Incredible Images on Out There Section!

Gray running beside car? Photo of a Chupacabra? - A strange chupacabra photo that was recently taken in Argentina and linked to our Out There section is causing excitement among British cryptozoologists. And we have asked two technical experts about a video that seems to show an alien running alongside an automobile. Keep...

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Vote YES on UFO Disclosure

The Office of the President Elect has created a websitecalled that asks citizens to propose and vote ona large number of different issues. ONE OF THOSE ISSUES ISUFO DISCLOSURE. We urge you toCLICKHERE to vote YES on this issue right away, and, if youwish, add your comment. To see Whitley's comment, keep reading.

This is...

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McKinnon May Not be Extradited to US

Computer hacker Gary McKinnon pled guilty in the UK in order to avoid extradition to the US, where he could be tried as a terrorist for hacking NASA computers in his quest for classified UFO information (at least Guantanamo is closing!)

P2P Net reports that the final decision hasn't been made by the English courts yet, but they let...

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Yellowstone Quakes Have Slowed Down

Danger of volcano eruption is over - The earthquake swarm in Yellowstone is finally dying down, so the fear that they might set off a volcano that would lead to the deaths of as many as a billion people has also abated.

According to the Billings Gazette, 400 more quakes have been reported since the beginning of the year...

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UFO Documents Declassified?This Time it's Brazil!

Why can't the US do it too? - The Brits did it, the French did it, Canada did it, and now Brazil has done it?but we still resist declassifying our UFO information. Most Americans think that should change, but will that ever happen?

When Brazil was a military dictatorship, from 1964-85, the intelligence agency (the SNI)...

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Cars from Cocoanuts

Tires from soy flour & NEW CAR BATTERIES - At the recent Detroit auto show, desperate car companies displayed their new models to a largely bored crowd. The only thing that caught people's interest was the new electric car, the Chevy Volt. If the car companies survive, the only thing that will save them is innovation, such...

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What Bees See

What attracts them to flowers? Iridescence! - We know what blind people see in their dreams, but what do bees see?why do they zoom in on certain nectar-rich flowers and ignore others? It?s not just the colors they?re attracted to, it's their shimmering iridescence.

In the January 2nd edition of the Independent, John von...

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Out There: New Section on our Website

If you look along the top of our home page, underneath the masthead and to the right of "the news" tab, you'll see our brand new "Out There" section, and Whitley Strieber wants to thank you for making it such a hit. "Out There" aggregates UFO and other unusual news stories from around the world, and it has already been visited over half a...

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Attack on US Remains Greatest Threat

Whitley's new novel tells why - As he leaves office, President George W. Bush has warned Barack Obama that a terrorist attack on American soil remains the greatest threat that the United States faces. He said that he continued to receive a terror briefing every morning except Sundays throughout his term in office, and that "...

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Look & Please Touch

Consumers are often told to "look but don't touch," that if they break an item, they buy it. But a new study suggests that if they just touch an item for more than a few seconds, they may also end up buying it, which is something struggling retailers might heed, when trying to attract more customers in a recession. Speaking of touch, another...

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Prediction: Big CA Earthquake coming SOON

UPDATE...or maybe it's the recent swarm of small quakes instead - The geologist who predicted the San Francisco earthquake of 1989 says another California quake is on the way?and SOON.Be thankful that someone new will be running FEMA soon!

The Ventura County Star quotes Jim Berkland as saying, "The first seismic window...

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Whitley's New Year Wish

We recently posted a Christmas diary that Anne Strieber wrote eight years ago. Two years ago, one of Whitley?s journals gave us hopeful advice about the New Year, so we?re reminding you about that again too. Remember: No matter how bad things seem, there are good reasons to be hopeful about the future (including the incoming administration!) If...

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Obama CIA Director May Mean UFO Disclosure

?because of a FRIEND of his - For many of us, Obama's presidency leading to UFO disclosure would be a miracle. His recent appointment of Leon Panetta as CIA director shows that this might finally happen?not because Panetta is necessarily for it, but someone he's CLOSE to him probably IS.

Panetta served in the Clinton...

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Texas UFO Image Shot 01/11/09

This image of a UFO on the ground was shot in south Texas onthe night of January 11, 2009. It was shot near Harlingen,Texas. The photograph was taken by a young woman known to a contributor to this website and is entirely authentic. The object remained on the ground for only a few seconds. It was less than 200 yards from the witness. It made no...

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Dark Energy Danger

There is a gigantic black hole at the center of our galaxy. Will it someday suck us into it?

Black holes have so much gravity that nothing, not even light, can escape them. This one is 4 million times bigger than the sun. Astronomer Robert Massey says that galaxies like ours actually like to form around black holes. In BBC News, Pallab...

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That Familiar Blue Light

New Whitley's journal! - One of the most common things that close encounter witnesses see is a blue light. In Whitley's new journal, he writes about a mysterious blue light that woke him up in the middle of the night, crashed his computer, and caused his implant to move! If you love Whitley's journals and Anne's diaries (as...

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William Henry in Santa Monica on SATURDAY

Join William Henry in Santa Monica, CA on Saturday, January 10 from 11 am to 3 pm for his lecture presentation "The American Enlightenment: The Dream Realized." The lecture will be at the Zero Point Research Center, 2834 Colorado Ave., #56, Santa Monica, CA 90404, phone (310) 828-8473. Admission to the lecture is $45, $35 for Dreamland...

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It's Nothing New

Wind power is nothing new?archeologists in Iran have discovered that people living there over 5,000 years ago used it to run their kilns. quotes archeologist Omran Garajian as saying, "Being located near Lut Desert, where wind blows constantly and in fixed directions, had caused the prehistoric inhabitants of the area to use...

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A Surprising Reason Why Sodas are Bad for You

Our bodies don't recognize them as food - While we're making our New Year's resolutions, maybe one of the things we should change in '09 is our soda habit. Some researchers think that they're the main cause of obesity in the US and there's a reason for this that goes beyond the sugar (or high fructose corn syrup) that's in them...

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How Blind People Find Their Way Through a Maze

Do the blind dream in images? A blind man CAN navigate through a maze, using his sense of intuition. And facial expressions of joy and defeat are the same for both blind and sighted people, despite the fact that the blind have never seen them.

Researchers are studying a man who was blinded by a stroke but who is able to walk around...

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Dinosaurs Were Polygamous

Researchers used to think that male dinosaurs couldn't get enough sex, but now they think they had harems of females!

They base this conclusion on studies of emus, which are their closest relatives, which are polygamous, but are also devoted dads. Paleobiologist Gregory M. Erickson noticed that the ancient dinosaur nests he found...

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Third Hand Smoke

Is as bad as second hand? - We all know what second hand smoke is?the smoke you inhale while being in a room full of smokers. But what is THIRD HAND smoke? It turns out it's the invisible (but toxic) gases and particles that cling to smokers' hair, clothing, upholstery and curtains--even when no one is currently smoking in the...
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Why the New World was So Empty

when the Europeans arrived - Debris from an exploding star (a supernova) wiped out mostof the large animals (including humans) living in North America around 13,000 years ago. This is one reason why the continent was so empty, despite being so verdant, when the Europeans arrived. If this hadn't happened, they would have had to...

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Troops May be Deployed to Quell Civil Unrest in US

Caused by the recession - It's still going on?The US Army War College is talking about using American troops here in the US, because they expect to encounter civil unrest due to the recession.

On the Newsmax website, Jim Meyers quotes the report as warning that the military needs to prepare for a "violent, strategic...

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Bush Has Been Trying to Close Guantanamo for 2 Years

...but no one will take the prisoners! - If Obama follows up on his promise to close Guantanamo prison in Cuba, what will he do with the detainees? 225 prisoners are still being held there, 60 of whom have already been cleared for release. The Bush administration has asked Australia to take some of them in?two times in one year...

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New Year's Resolution: Save Our Climate

Can we make a New Year's resolution that will help save our climate?

The January 2nd edition of the Independent asked this question of various climate experts and got a wide variety of replies. Jim Lovelock, the author of the Gaia theory, says he never had any faith that the Kyoto agreement would work. The Independent quotes him as...

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Anne's Diary: New Year's Thoughts

In Anne Strieber's new diary, she talks about New Year's resolutions and about how much change it's possible to achieve (and why it's such a shame that we can't change the weather!) If you love Anne's diaries (as well as our incredible radio shows), make a resolution to support this site in 2009. It's easy to do, just subscribe today!


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