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January 2009

We Must Proceed Cautiously

...when it comes to UFO investigation - In Whitley Strieber?s dynamic new Journal, he says that if US UFO files are finally declassified and scientists start trying to discover the truth about what's flying around in our skies, we must proceed cautiously. He says, "The process of contact?and that is what is unfolding here, and...

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Shooting Down UFOs

We're not the only ones whose military has been ordered to shoot down UFOs. Newly declassified UFO documents in the UK reveal that the Royal Air Force was ordered to do the same thing. quotes UFO expert Nick Pope as saying, "Over a series of many years there have been what are known as shoot-down orders given in relation to UFOs...

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Shark Rampage!

Shark attacks are on the rise in Australia?and some people think the country's attempts to protect sharks are to blame.

It might also be because more people are going swimming. In Time Magazine, Rory Callinan quotes researcher Rory McAuley as saying, "?People are getting into the water over a greater area of the shark's range. It's...

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Whitley Talks Tough: an Interview About His Upcoming Las Vegas Speech.

If you missed the broadcast, you can listen to it now - As we've said before, February is a great month to meet Whitley in person?especially if you live near Las Vegas. On January 22nd, Whitley gave an interview to a local radio station on the subject of his speech there February 15, in which will be about what the future will...

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Keep on Drivin'

And drinking (just not at the same time!) - We all know that teens are terrible drivers, and some municipalities want to take away drivers licenses from people over 70. But it turns out that grandpa is doing just fine (unless he's a golfer).

Despite growing numbers on the road, fewer older drivers died in crashes and...

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It's Magic

How do magicians fool their audiences? In order to find out what's going on in the brains of people who are watching magic tricks, researchers are using fMRI scanning technology on volunteers. Hey, it's just one more more way to have fun in the lab!

In New Scientist, Ewen Callaway quotes neuroscientist Ben Parris as saying that brain...

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When is a Hobbit Not a Hobbit?

First there were hobbits. Then there weren't hobbits. Then there were hobbits again, but they were regular humans with a disease. Now the verdict is in: There WERE hobbits but they WEREN'T human!

In a an analysis of the size, shape and asymmetry of the cranium of one of the beings that have come to be known as "Hobbits," researcher Karen...

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Why UFO Files May Open in the Future

More signs that, under our new president, government knowledge about UFOs may finally come out of the classified closet?and you can help make sure this happens!

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Recession Math

It doesn't always add up - Bad economic times like these call for extreme measures (at least some very important things are on sale). One problem: not everyone realizes that $1 equals 100 cents.

A new study suggests that, in some situations, people may behave as if 100 cents actually has more value because they pay more...

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A Casino?in a Research Lab?

These days, in a lab at a university, you can experience the flashing lights and melodious sounds of a one-armed bandit being played, as scientists study gambling addiction.

University of North Dakota sychologist Jeff Weatherly says, "We have a unique opportunity in this state because, to my knowledge, it is the only state that allows...

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William Henry Egypt Tour Continues Despite Tragedy

Tragedy struck William Henry's current tour of Egypt'sancient sites over the weekend when a member of the tourgroup died in her sleep. Egyptian authorities have ruledthat the death was due to natural causes, and the tour iscontinuing despite the tragedy. Local medical servicesresponded promptly, but were not able to revive the strickenwoman....

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Those Nasty Political Rumors

Turns out nobody believed them! - About nine in 10 Americans heard the rumor that Barack Obama is a Muslim, making it possibly the most common rumor of the 2008 presidential campaign, according to a nationwide survey. However, voters are smarter than these folks think: only 22% of the people surveyed said they actually believed...

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How to Look for Life on Mars

?and maybe live there ourselves someday - On Mars, NASA has found both methane gas and rocks that contain carbonates. Why is this important? The rocks show that the water on Mars is not too acidic to support life?otherwise, carbonates couldn't form. And the methane could be a byproduct of plant decay, meaning that life is...

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Queen Interested in Crop Circles

...and thinks ETs make them - Queen Elizabeth's private secretary has revealed that the Queen not only takes an interest in crop circles, but believes that they are created by ETs. Her husband, Prince Philip, receives crop circle newsletters at Buckingham Palace. And now YOU can see these lovely formations for even less!

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How to Cure the Recession

A quick way to boost the economy? Instead of importing goods from places like China, one researcher thinks we should import taxpayers (instead of making them sneak across the border to work illegally, thus paying no taxes).

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UFO Spotted at Inauguration.

A sign of the future? - During Obama's inauguration, CNN broadcast an image of a UFO?is this a portent for the future? Or is it a bird close to the camera...or asurveillance blimp in the distance? So far, nobody has comeforward to explain it, and the speed with which it moveswould seem to put to rest the possibility of it being...

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Guess What's on Sale?

Just when you need it most! - Our exquisite 2009 crop circle calendars are now $10 off?and the year has barely started! This is our lowest price ever, and subscribers get an ADDITIONAL 10% off.

Want to know what the future will bring? Keep tuning into Dreamland: First we brought you astrologer Mahala Gayle (who will be...

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The Bottom of the Earth is Disappearing

?and it's our fault - No matter how cold this winter has been, the truth is: The world is getting warmer. Scientists studying climate change have long believed that while most of the rest of the globe has been getting steadily warmer, a large part of Antarctica?the East Antarctic Ice Sheet?has actually been getting colder. But...

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Our Growing Website Community

New blog by a Dreamland listener - Unknowncountry and Dreamland fan Jim Boyle has created a blog on called Navigating Dreamland that comments on Dreamland and keeps up with the activities of our great hosts! It's a thoughtful blog, and just another example of how our wonderful community is growing?and will continue...

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Why Wasn't This Reported in the West?

UFO crash in the Middle East - According to one reporter, a UFO crashed in Saudi Arabia on January 7, near the capital city Riyadh, which was seen as far away as Kuwait. It was viewed by millions of people, many of whom took photos of it. Thousands of people called the police to report it. Many frightened people began praying...

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A New Way to Go Deaf

...Play golf! - Golf can be frustrating, and that's bad enough?but did you know that it's one of the upscale pastimes that can make you deaf?

BBC News reports that frequent golfers in the UK have been going to their doctors for hearing loss, due to the sonic boom the metal head of the club makes when it strikes the ball...

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Whitley's Journal: The World is Not What it Seems

In Whitley's new extraordinary new journal, he writes about an article in a scientific publication "about what could be the most important physics experiment in history, one that could, by revolutionizing our understanding of reality, enable us to much more accurately know who and what we are. And that may be radically different from what we...

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Did a Giant Wave Once Engulf New York City?

Did a huge wave (known as a tsunami)strike New York's Fire Island, washing over Wall Street, 2,000 years ago? Geologists are finding evidence that this is what happened. We're all worried about Wall Street's financial problems?let's hope we don't have to worry about it literally drowning as well! Maybe we DO?who knows what the future will bring...

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Irrigate Your Garden with Salt Water

?and replace corn as cattle food! - In case of drought, we want to find a way to remove the salt from water so we can drink it. Since this will be an expensive process, it would be great if we could irrigate our fields with salt water?especially in places like Australia, which are surrounded by ocean water and have ALSO...

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How Will Obama's Inauguration Speech be Remembered?

UPDATE: We have suggestions about some memorable lines! - Most Inauguration speeches are quickly forgotten, but a few contained lines that have stood the test of time. The most memorable inaugural addresses were delivered by: Jefferson ? "We are all Republicans, we are all Federalists;" Lincoln ? "With malice toward none, with...

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Birds Fall from the Sky

Is this something WE can catch? - Pelicans that seem to be suffering from a mysterious disease are crashing down onto moored boats and wandering dazed along highways. Hundreds of dead bird bodies have been found. This sort of thing has happened before, in Texas. Is this something humans can catch? It?s too bad we can't ask them...

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Black Taste Buds

In honor of the inauguration of the first black President, when many banquets and parties will be held (as well as Martin Luther King Day), we present the following information: we know that Blacks have different immune systems from Whites, now it turns out they have different taste buds too.

It turns out that people of African ancestry...

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Professional Comments on Out There Video

We asked experts about the video of the Gray running beside a car - If you read the story about our incredible video image that seems to be an alien running beside a car (filmed, complete with sound effects, from inside the automobile), you'll remember that we promised to bring you some expert opinions on its veracity. We now...

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Gary McKinnon Update

NASA cover up may mean he goes free! - Besides the fact that Gary McKinnon has agreed to plead guilty to a minor charge so that he can be tried in the UK, there is ANOTHER reason why he may not be extradited to the US: NASA has erased all the evidence!

In the Denver UFO Examiner, Jeff Peckman writes, "Credible witnesses...

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New Vintage Dreamland Posted for Subscribers

This was broadcast live 8 years ago, on New Year's Eve 2000. It features Linda Moulton Howe on Trends for 2001 and William Henry (who was not yet a Dreamland host) is introduced as an "Investigative Mythologist." Linda's report is eerily accurate, and William Henry on his book Blue Apples is not to be missed. We post these Vintage Dreamland...

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