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December 2008

How Do Juries Make Decisions?

What part of their BRAINS do they use? - We all want to know (especially since the O.J. trial!) how juries make decisions: with their hearts or with their heads. How to find out? Study their brains!

A neuroscientist and a law professor have teamed up to have peer inside potential jurors' minds to watch how their brains...

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Whitley's Journal: The Hour is Late

In his new journal, Whitley talks about our denial of the Visitors and of the futility he sometimes feels about having dedicated his life to this subject. He also writes about how our money problems may be at least partially caused by the fact that our ancestors were like lemurs! If you love Whitley's journals and Anne's diaries, support this...

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Does Your Car Have a Personality?

Lots of people think their cars have a specific personality. A new study has discovered that many people see human facial features in the front end of automobiles and ascribe various personality traits to cars?a modern experience driven by our prehistoric psyches.

Researchers, product designers and, of course, animated filmmakers have...

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Tooth Truth

You can't hide the truth from your dentist! For instance, they can spot bulemics (who gorge and purge) from the way their teeth become eroded by stomach acid.

Dentist Mohamed Bassiouny is a sort of "tooth detective." He discovered a patient whose teeth had eroded from stomach acids not caused by an eating disorder. Instead this woman...

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Don't Drive Behind Trucks Filled With Chickens

Researchers have found evidence of a surprising pathway for potential human exposure to antibiotic-resistant bacteria from intensively raised poultry: driving behind trucks carrying chickens!

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Going to Vegas for the holidays?

If you're thinking about doing away with yourself (and we hope you're NOT!), it turns out there's only one place to go. We all assume that anyone who commits suicide has a good reason to do so, yet many people who are in the same dire straits opt to stay alive and face their problems. The difference may be a new discovery that the brains of...

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Happiness is like a Virus

?it's catching! - Can THIS glass be seen as half full instead of half empty? This Christmas season, remember: laughter can be infectious. You don't need a sophisticated study to tell you that, but nevertheless, there WAS such a study, which looked at nearly 5,000 individuals over a period of 20 years and discovered that one...

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Why Men Have More Trouble in a Recession

They are genetically programmed to SPEND! - In a recession, we all have less to spend. But are men genetically programmed to keep on spending money anyway?

Bling, foreclosures, rising credit card debt, bank and auto bailouts, upside down mortgages and perhaps a mid-life crisis new Corvette are all symptoms of compulsive...

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Anne's Diary: Busy, Busy, BUSY

In her latest diary, Anne Strieber writes about the often meaningless hustle and bustle of the holiday season and compares it to?the way business is done in Hollywood! If you love Anne's diaries, support this site: Subscribe today!

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NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site,...

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Something GOOD About the Recession?

Is there anything good that can be said about the current recession? Well, the last depression was one of the greatest creative periods of our time, so maybe this one will be too.

Researcher Miles Orvell says, "?Adversity and hardship can bring out creativity." The Great Depression is currently all the rage, with New Yorkers hosting...

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Salmon Go Home

How salmon find their way back to their birthplace to reproduce after migrating across thousands of miles of open ocean has mystified scientists for more than a century. But now marine biologists at think they may have discovered the secret.

The earth's magnetic field varies across the globe, with every oceanic region having a slightly...

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You May Own a Conscious Computer Someday

The Master of the Key predicted this and now it's come true: computers of the future will mimic brains.

In BBC News, Jason Palmer quotes IBM researcher Dharmendra Modha as saying, "The mind has an amazing ability to integrate ambiguous information across the senses, and it can effortlessly create the categories of time, space, object,...

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Do You Dream in Color?

...or in black and white? - In the Monday, Dec. 1st edition of the New York Times, Anahad O'Connor addresses the claim that some people only dream in black and white. Is this true?

It turns out that a small percentage of people DO dream in black and white. Researches have learned that these are the people who grew up in...

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William Henry on Coast to Coast AM TONIGHT!

William will be on Coast to Coast AM to talk about his new DVD Amreican Rite on Sunday, December 7! To find out where YOU can listen, click here.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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More Than Meets the Eye?

?controversy about a mysterious new building in Washington, DC - A month ago, we posted a story about William Henry's incredible revelation that the US Capitol building works as stargate (a pathway between heaven and earth), just like an Egyptian pyramid. He explains all this in his incredible new DVD Amreican Rite. Anne...

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Pied Piper Needed All Over Again

Legend says that in the 13th century, a pied piper played his flute to lure the rats out of the town of Hamelin, Germany (he lured the town?s children away as well). Well, they need him again: the rats are BACK!

Since they no longer have the piper, the townsfolk have set traps around instead. BBC News quotes town spokesman Thomas Wahmes...

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You'll be a Healthier Adult

?if you were born from a frozen embryo! - New studies show that babies born from frozen embryos (used with in vitro fertilization) are less likely to be underweight and premature. So should ALL of us use frozen embryos?

BBC News quotes fertility expert Allan Pacey as warning that "frozen embryo transfers are not as...

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Old Pot Stash Discovered

A stash of marijuana almost 3,000 years old has been found in an ancient Chinese tomb, and it's still just as potent as the day it was picked. In, Tim King quotes neurologist Ethan B. Russo as saying, "To our knowledge, these investigations provide the oldest documentation of cannabis as a pharmacologically active agent" and that...

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Preventing Asteroid Impacts

It didn't happen in November, but that doesn't mean it won't happen in the future.

A new UN report states: "Faced with such a threat, we are far from helpless. Astronomers today can detect a high proportion of Near Earth Objects and predict potential collisions with the Earth. Evacuation and mitigation plans can be prepared to cope with...

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Finding Missing Kids

Do those milk carton photos of missing kids really help locate them? If you saw the photo of a missing child in the newspaper or on TV, would you recognize that child if he or she was standing next to you in the line at the grocery store? A psychologist wants to find out.

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All We Need Is?

?a little more time to plan - Maybe the earth is giving us a little more time to save it. New research shows that we should be looking to the ground, not the sky, to see where climate change could have its most perilous impact on life on Earth. And scientists have discovered that some of their computer climate models?the ones...

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Need an organ transplant?

Grow your own! - Surgeons in Spain have transplanted a windpipe in a patient that was created using her own stem cells. Since there is no chance of rejection, she will have no need to anti-rejection drugs.

In BBC News, Michelle Roberts quotes the patient's surgeon, Paolo Macchiarini, as saying, "We are terribly excited...

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Will We Ever Get National Health Insurance?

Will the Obama administration finally usher in national health insurance? We need to bridge the health gap between the rich and the poor?but when it comes to insurance, we ALL feel poor! A new study shows us that we may not get the insurance we all hope for.

A study involving health care systems in 21 countries?and the prospects for...

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Where the Latest Terrorism Came From

There were 30 years of IRA terrorism in the UK, and then it was us. Now the recent horrific attacks in Mumbai have shown how difficult it is for developing states to be safe from terrorism. Since 2005, this is the fourth major attack in India, following bomb blasts and machine gun attacks in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. Will this lead to war...

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Marijuana for the Memory

It's not as dangerous as scientiststhink it shouldbe, and it can even be consideredmedicine. Also,it may affect different people indifferent ways.

The more researchers study the effects of marijuana, themore evidence scientists find that specific elements in itcan be good for the aging brain by reducing inflammation andpossibly even...

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Will the Bailout Work?

More indications that we are heading for a major economic depression: the bailout costs will total more than the Marshall Plan, the Louisiana Purchase, the moonshot, the S&L bailout, the Korean War, the New Deal, the Iraq war, the Vietnam war, and NASA's lifetime budget?COMBINED!

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Anne's Diary: Feed My Sheep

In Anne's newest diary, she writes about helping to feed 800 homeless people on the day before Thanksgiving. She was assigned to be a "gravy spotter" and says, "It was hard work, and some of us gals in the 'gravy gang' got a little spacey after a while. We got some strange looks when two of us did an impromptu rendition of the old rock song '...

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