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November 2008

Time to Clean Up

If we can't find a way to stop producing too many greenhouse gases, maybe the solution is to CLEAN them out of the air!

Researchers are figuring out how to removed CO2 from the air using technology that ALREADY exists.

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Spam Statistics

Computer spammers are still around, for one big reason: There's a recession on and these guys are making lots of money DESPITE THE FACT that they only get one response for every 12 MILLION emails they send out!

Researchers discovered this by setting up a fake pharmacy and sending out their own spam. BBC News quotes researcher Stefan...

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Rain?Too Much or Not Enough

Either way, it means the end of nations - The Maldives are drowning and the president-elect of that country is trying to buy a new homeland, since they can't get any other country to take them in as refugees.

The nation of Maldives is a group of over 1,000 islands in the Indian Ocean that together comprise the lowest...

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Anne's Diary: Whew!

In Anne Strieber's new diary, she says, "I can't believe it either: we actually elected a black president. I'm ashamed to realize that I underestimated my fellow citizens, but I think it's the same old story: the bigoted minority makes the most noise. Bishop Shelby Spong once said, 'Religions are like swimming pools, most of the noise comes...

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Why You Shouldn't Pick It

At any one time, up to 30% of perfectly healthy people carry around the bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus, which lives in the human nose. In most cases, these bugs are harmless, but an antibiotic-resistant version is becoming more common, which is difficult to treat and can lead to pneumonia if it gets into the lungs. It can cause boils,...

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A Sweet Way to Get Better

Can honey treat a wound? What a sweet idea?if only we can keep our bees alive long enough to use it!

Smeared on a burn, the sticky elixir could reduce the time it takes for the wound to heal up to four days sooner in some cases. Honey?s history as a topical ointment for wounds stretches back into antiquity. An Egyptian surgical text,...

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The School Problem That Won't Go Away

...Bullies! - One of the toughest parts about going back to school is facing bullies. Brain scans show that unusually aggressive youth may actually ENJOY inflicting pain on others.

Scans of the brains of bullies show that an area that is associated with rewards was highlighted when they watched a video clip of someone...

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Why are Blacks Less Healthy Than Whites?

With Obama's win, race is on all of our minds. It's a fact that African-Americans have more health problems than whites. Is this due to genes, or environment pressures?or both? It could also be at least partly due to the fact that minorities get fewer diagnostic medical tests done.

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Comedians Doomed by Obama Election

Dozens of comedians from Berkeley Breathed to Chris Rock have taken a devastating blow from the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States. In anticipation of the outcome, Breathed gave up his popular Opus Sunday comic strip, running the last edition on November 2, two days before the election. In his concluding remarks on the...

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Will Obama Mean UFO Change?

Whitley Strieber's latest journal entry asks the question: "Will Obama Mean UFO Change?" (and what kind of changes may take place BEFORE he's sworn in?) In his Journal, Whitley moves through a brief but fascinating history of presidential knowledge of UFOs, (including some presidents who vowed to shoot them down) then outlines what can be done...

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Fake Aspirin from China

Is it dangerous? - We are all afraid of products from China (and rightfully so!), but is the FDA doing anything about this problem? It turns out that some popular drug and food items, such as generic aspirin, are not manufactured in the US anymore, so they can ONLY be imported from China.

In Star, Gardiner...

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Bastions of Liberalism?

Conservative critics of American universities?especially the East Coast Ivy League schools?have always claimed that liberal left-wing professors politically indoctrinate their students. However, three different studies show this is one of those ideas that is talked about a lot but actually isn't true.

In the November 2nd edition of the...

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Acid Rain Can be Good

...for trees, but not for people - Is acid rain, which is caused by pollution, good or bad?) It may not be good for buildings or for US, but it IS good for trees.

After more than 20 years of research, scientists have reached a surprising conclusion: Moderate increases in temperature and nitrogen from atmospheric...

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Is Change Really on the Way?

In a story we posted on September 25th, we wrote: "The 3rd Infantry Division's 1st Brigade Combat Team will be deployed to the US mainland beginning on October 1 for 12 months." As if that wasn't bad enough, a New Scientist blog warns that the government is planning to use robots to spy on US citizens. As the New York Times points out, George W...

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WHY You Picked the Candidate You Voted For

Does your personality influence who you voted for? The short answer is yes, no matter whether you vote Democratic or Republican. And how did the astronauts on board the ISS cast their votes? By email from space!

According to psychologist John Mayer, as Americans go to the polls in record numbers to vote for the next US president, some...
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Where the Church REALLY Stands

...on controversial issues - In a political season, we hear statements about the Catholic church that don't reflect what has been historically true: it has in the past sanctioned both gay marriage and abortion.

Democratic vice presidential candidate Joseph Biden is telling the Catholics in his audiences that St. Thomas...

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Do You Know What Sex You Are?

One of life's tragedies is to be born a woman in a man's body. Now researchers have found a genetic cause for this.

DNA analysis of over 100 transsexuals showed that all of them had a longer version of the male androgen receptor gene, meaning that this essential male hormone may not be have reached their brains efficiently while they...

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New Diary: Is Anne Strieber a Pagan?

A post-Halloween reflection - In her newdiary, AnneStrieber writes: "Shortly after I did the subscriberinterview withDawnBrunke, a listener wrote and asked, 'Is Anne Strieber apagan?' I was scratching my head over that one, but then Ifinally figured it out." If you want to listen to theinterview she's talking about (as well as...

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Plants Return Fire

When attacked, plants use bugs to protect themselves and to retaliate. It turns out they can also defend themselves by using their roots to secrete acid that brings bacteria to the rescue.

This quashes the misperception that plants are at the mercy of passing pathogens and sheds new light on a sophisticated signaling system inside plants...

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Do We See What's Really There?

When vision is lost, a person's senses of touch and hearing become enhanced. But exactly how this happens has been unclear. And why do we have two eyes that face forward, rather than eyes on the sides of heads, the way most animals do?

Complete loss of vision leads to profound changes in the visual cortex of the brain. Researcher Alvaro...

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