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January 2008

New Hampshire to Recount Ballots

New Hampshire election officials announced today that theywill recount the ballots in both Republican and Democraticprimaries held there last Tuesday. The recount will begin onJanuary 16. It was requested by some candidates, but therehas also been concern expressed that the hand-countedballots appear to follow the pre-election poll results...

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Good News for 2008!

One study showed that autism can be reversed. Now a researcher has found a way to reverse the devastating condition known as Alzheimer's.

An extraordinary new scientific study, there was marked improvement in Alzheimer?s disease within minutes of administration of a therapeutic molecule. Molecules called cytokines (TNFs) are a critical...

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Despite Warming, There Can Still be Ice

New research has discovered that massive ice sheets existed on the earth during past periods of global warming, giving us hope that sea levels may not rise to disastrous levels during this one.

The Scripps Institution of Oceanography has found strong evidence that a glacial ice cap, about half the size of the modern day glacial ice...

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Is a Weather Catastrophe Coming?

An extraordinary world weather situation has developed, withunusually harsh winter weather stretching from central Asiaacross Europe and into North America, as well as floodingacross central Africa. At the same time that extreme cold istaking place in Asia, unprecedented midwinter tornadoes havestruck western Canada and the U.S. Midwest, due to...

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WHY We Have So Many Traffic Jams

Want to know why traffic seems to be worse than ever? One reason may be cell phones.

A recent study shows that drivers who talk on cell phones drive slower on the freeway, pass sluggish vehicles less often and take longer to complete their trips.

Psychologist Dave Strayer says, "At the end of the day, the average person's commute...

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Flu Shot That Lasts a Lifetime

What if you could take a single flu shot that would protect you for the rest of your life, just like your other vaccines do? Believe it or not, this may be coming up soon! The reason that flu shots change every year is because the flu virus keeps changing. BBC News reports that another benefit would be that the vaccine could be stockpiled in...

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Fantastic Future

Big changes are coming in both movies and computers. Look for more 3D movies in 2008, as well computers that can take dictation (so you no longer need to type!)

In the January 9th edition of the Independent, Rebecca Armstrong reports on upcoming 3D films, which include an IMAX (large format) film about the rock group U2, an adaptation...

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What Losing Your Inhibitions Can Do

Worms can be tinkered with genetically to make them become gay, but all fruit flies need is to get roaring drunk.

In New Scientist, Peter Aldhous reports that researcher Kyung-An Han got fruit flies drunk on the fumes from an ethanol-doused cotton pad placed in the bottom of their container. When the flies were good and soused, they lost...

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Does Movie Violence Lead to REAL Violence?

Does movie violence lead to real violence? This question continues to be debated. And Hollywood has rolled out its usual quota of violent films this season.

In the January 7th edition of the New York Times, Peter S. Goodman writes about a new study that seems to prove that "violent films PREVENT violent crime by attracting would-be...

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Autism: Big Breakthrough

The mercury-containing preservative thimerosal has been eliminated from most childhood vaccines, but autism cases have continued to increase, providing evidence that vaccines are not the cause. Fevers?especially high fevers?can damage the brain, but the behavior of children with autism may IMPROVE during a fever, giving researchers a clue to...

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Time to Leave

The Lakota Indian tribe, whose ancestors include Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, have withdrawn from their treaties with the US, some of which are 150 years old, and declared themselves to be a separate country, with their own passports and drivers licenses. And Vermont may do the same thing!

Fox News quotes Lakota leader Russell Means as...

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Dinosaur Demise?Caused by Bugs?

An asteroid may have dealt the final blow to the dinosaurs, but that was because they were in a weakened state, since they were already being nibbled to death by insects!

In the January 7th edition of the Independent, John von Radowitz writes that "Disease spread by ancient mosquitoes, mites and ticks was probably the major factor that...

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UFO Flaps in CA & UK

UFOs have been spotted in two places in England. One of these areas has had regular UFO sightings in the last 8 years. Closer to home, a UFO has been seen in California.

In the North State News, Kimberly Ross reports that firefighter Quincy Hatch and his team were driving to a potential fire in Shasta County, California on Christmas Eve...

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One Family Brought It All

As many of you know, Anne and Whitley recently experienced the death of a friend from colon cancer. It turns out that a married couple who sailed from England to America around 1630 may be the ancestors of hundreds of people alive today who are at risk for a hereditary form of colon cancer that may contribute to a significant percentage of...

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Serial Killers: In YOUR Neighborhood?

Serial killers may be responsible for up to 10 times as many U.S. deaths as previously estimated, because these monsters prey on people whose absence will not be noticed.

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Evolution Faster Than Ever

Despite the comments of some of the political candidates now running for office, Evolution is real and it's still going on--in fact, we're evolving faster than ever. Scientists USED to think that human evolution was all over. What's causing this acceleration?

In BBC News, Anna-Marie Lever reports that in the past 5,000 years (a blink of...

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Chat With Whitley & Anne on Saturday

On Saturday, Jan. 5, Whitley and Anne will be in the subscriber chat room on Saturday from 10 to 11 am Pacific time. Whitley will discuss the drone sighting he talked about with Art Bell on Coast Thursday night, as well as the parallel universes he describes in his new novel 2012 The War for Souls. Anne will talk about...spies. Don't miss out...

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UPDATE on Possible First Authentic Drone Video

Update: The conversation recorded in the YouTube video referenced in the story below is in a Brazilian Portuguese dialect, probably from the southeastern state of Minas Gerais. The taping is being done by an adult. The children shout about a UFO, and then there is a question about whether or not the object is a hot air balloon. The adult (a...

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Meet Willliam at the Pyramid & Marla in CA!

Meet William Henry at the Great Pyramid in Egypt, and travel with him in England on the trail to the Grail! You can meet our newest Dreamland host, psychic Medium Marla Frees, a lot closer to home. Keep reading to learn how you can meet both of these exciting Dreamland hosts IN PERSON! You can also get a PERSONAL tarot reading over the phone...

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Less Oxygen in the Air

As carbon dioxide levels rise, oxygen Levels fall. Since webreathe oxygen, how will this affect us? Will the earth endup as a lush jungle of CO2-breathing plants, with no humanor animal life on it?

On the Sci Tech website, Mike Johnston reports that a 20year study by the Scripps Institute shows that ?as carbondioxide (produced primarily...

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Major Sunspots on the Way

We recentlywrote that "After a period of exceptionally high activityin the 20th century, our sun has suddenly gone exceptionallyquiet?Astronomers are waiting for the sunspots to return andmark the start of the next, the so-called cycle 24. Theyhave been waiting for a while now with no sign it's on itsway any time soon." Well, solar cycle 24 has...

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Leave Someone Off Your List?

If you left someone off your Christmas list by mistake, we have the solution! Our gorgeous new 2008 crop circle calendars have arrived, and Subscribers have a special coupon code that gives them $2 off. These calendars are not only gorgeous, they can help you participate in the ongoing series of crop circle meditations that Whitley is doing...

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Impacts Made Us What We Are

Fear of space rock impacts have ussearching theskies for the latest incoming asteroid. In the past,collisions with objects from space have not onlydestroyed lifeon earth, they have alsocreated it. Anasteroid is headed for Mars?will this happen there too?

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Haarp Danger

We've reported before on the controversy about thepossibledangers of the Haarp installation in Alaska. Now there isnew evidence that Haarp may be some kind of super weapon.

HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Auroral ResearchProgram, and is a mysterious group of transmitters, radars,and magnetometers. In, David Hambling...
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