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December 2007

Whitley's Latest Visitor Experience!

In his newest journal, Whitley writes: "At 4:53 in the morning on Friday, December 8, I saw a strange object over Santa Monica, California. This was fantastic enough, but the events that preceded the sighting were almost certainly a contact experience. If so, it was the first I have had in years. I'm going to begin with the sighting, and then...

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Venus May be Us in the Future

The way to solve global warming here on earth might come from observations of Venus. Was that planet just like earth?BEFORE global warming happened there?

BBC News reports that "data from a European probe orbiting Venus paints a picture of a planet that may once have been like Earth, but later evolved in a very different way. Venus has...

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Is the Dollar Over?

We may be at the beginning of a financial catastrophe in the West. One indication of this might be that the dollar?which has long been the currency of choice worldwide?is no longer being accepted in many places abroad. reports that India's Ministry of Culture has announced that foreign tourists can no longer pay in dollars...

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Humans Will Split into Two Species

Ten Thousand years from now, there will be two separate species of human beings: an intelligent ruling class and an underclass of what the Daily Mail calls "dim-witted, ugly, goblin-like creatures."

Niall Firth reports that researcher Oliver Curry says that the ruling class will be between six and seven feet tall and live to be 120 years...

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They Go Together & They're Both Bad!

Smoking and drinking seem to go together naturally, and it turns out that there's a scientific reason why it's hard to quit one while still indulging in the other. Despite this fact, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are notorious for their smoke-filled rooms.

Researcher Thomas J. Gould says, "Whenever someone uses these two drugs together...

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Do Home Remedies Work?

Do Home Remedies Work?

Do ancient cures work? Now that it's flu season, this is a question that a lot of people want answered.

Some simple home remedies do work. For instance, chicken soup can ease cold symptoms, and duct tape can remove warts.

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Chimps Win!

Scientists have always assumed that humans have better memories than our close cousins the chimpanzees, but in a recent contest, the chimps won!

BBC News quotes Japanese researcher Tetsuro Matsuzawa as saying, "Here we show for the first time that young chimpanzees have an extraordinary working memory capability for numerical...

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Show Biz Science

Here at, we provide you with ALL KINDS of information?including the science behind movies, magic and sword swallowing! It turns out that a specific part of our brain holds the key to how ventriloquists create the illusion that their dummies can talk.

In, Ker Than quotes neurobiologist Jennifer Groh as...

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Violence (Cont.)

What makes people violent?especially males? Scents that trigger aggression between have been identified in mice?does the same thing happen with humans?

BBC News reports that researchers have found that mice excrete two chemicals in their urine which make them want to fight.

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Huge Houses are Moving in!

About two-thirds of America's largest cities have reported the appearance of "McMansions," often with 2-story "lawyer lobbies," which are new, much larger houses built on lots that once contained more modest homes. Some of their neighbors are complaining!

Who is building these homes that tend to stick out like sore thumbs in established...

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Will the Sun Save Us?

The "Earth moon machine" may be the reason there is life on this planet. Now astronomers have discovered that the sun may save us from extinction. Can all this be an accident?

The moon came about after a gigantic collision with the earth during the formation of the solar system, when a huge object struck the planet, leaving...
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Whatever Happened to...

...The electric car? As oil prices rise, along with troubles in the Middle East, engineers are searching frantically for another way to fuel automobiles. The government is pushing biofuels, there's hope for hydrogen, but whatever happened to the electric car? It turns out it's still a contender, and you can use it to run your house as well....

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The Gay Gene (More)

A study of men in Ontario, Canada provides a new twist on the connection between sexual orientation and right or left-handedness. Earlier studies showed that gay men (and lesbians) were 39% more likely than heterosexuals to be left-handed. This new data provides evidence that gay or bisexual men also have an elevated incidence of extreme right-...

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Video Violence

Watching media violence significantly increases the risk that a viewer or video game player will behave aggressively in both the short and long term.

Researcher L. Rowell Huesmann looked at more than half a century of research on the impact of exposure to violence in television, movies, video games and on the Internet. He says, "The...

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What Do Trees Have to Do With It?

We know that global warming causes more hurricanes, but do trees have anything to do with global warming?

Biologist Jeffrey Chambers discovered that the losses inflicted by Hurricane Katrina on Gulf Coast forest trees were enough to cancel out a year's worth of new tree growth in other parts of the country. And trees absorb carbon...

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Ozone is the Missing Link

Ozone may prove the key to the link between high temperature (they kind caused by climate change) and the increased risk of death from heart disease or stroke.

Rresearchers studied almost 100 million people in 95 different geographical areas across the US during the summer months of June to September, and looked at health and weather...

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Stress Causes Asthma?in our Soldiers

For the first time, a study has linked asthma in adults with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The study of male twins who were veterans of the Vietnam War suggests that the association between asthma and PTSD is not primarily explained by genes. Does this mean that our Iraq War vets will come home not only deaf, but also asthmatic?

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Anne's Diary: Stories of Good & Evil

In Anne Strieber's new diary, she writes: "The more experiences I have in life, the more I realize that everything is made up of stories, from the tales of individual lives to the histories of places and civilizations. Every culture has its own particular legends, and religions are all made up of stories. I think I've finally figured out why...

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