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December 2007

Moon Danger

It has been 35 years since humans last walked on the moon,but there has been much recent discussion about returning(and regular readers of this websiteknow why). However, there are concerns about the radiation danger forastronauts during long missions on the lunar surface.

A significant part of that danger results from solar storms,which...

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When Time Slows Down

When we?re in danger, time seems to slow down. This may bean evolutionaryadaptation that gives us an opportunity to make the rightmoves to save ourselves. But it doesn?t always work?forinstance, scary movies and amusement park rides aren?tenough to produce a sense of time slowing down. So whatcauses it?

Since riding a roller coaster isn?...

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Suck It Up!

The ocean is no longer doing it very well.Forests are no longer doing it much either. But that doesn't mean WE can't do it.

In, Charles Q. Choi writes that scientistsare working on ways to "pull carbon dioxide straight from the air to potentially attack global warming directly." He quotes researcher Frank Zeman as saying...

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Fuel from Garbage

We soon may be able to run our cars ontrash. Willhydrogen fuelever become a reality? It will if you?re willing to run yourcar ongarbage. Andother researchers are developing a car that runs on solarpower!

In the November 12 edition of the Telegraph, Roger Highfieldreports that ?the problem is that most hydrogen availabletoday is produced...

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Green Tea Medicine (Cont.)

Do ancientcures work? A team of scientists have discovered thatgreen tea hasan antitumor effect in breast cancer cells, so women:switch togreen tea!

Cancer is a disease caused by the increased proliferation ofcells which group and form a lump called tumor. Tumors canbe benign or malignant. Cells from malignant tumors breakaway from the...

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How Kangaroos Can Help

It may behard tobelieve but it's true: kangaroo--er, "emissions"--may save us from global warming.

Fox News reports that flatulent kangaroos could save the planet: Australian scientists are trying to figure out how toisolate and transfer kangaroos' digestive bacteria to otherspecies, such as cows, since kangaroo emissions...
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Hands-On Math

We?ve written before about howusing yourhands can help your memory. Are your kids?or you?havingtrouble with math? Another reason to use your hands!

Psychologists have discovered that kids who are told togesture while doing math are more likely to solve mathproblems. Researchers conducted two studies with a total of176 children in late...

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Why It's Good (and Bad) to Start Early

New data that shows that diets full of fruits and rawvegetables, especially broccoli sprouts and blackraspberries, could prevent or slow the growth of some commonforms of cancer. And there's a surprising new way to getyour baby to like vegetables (hint: Start EARLY) But be careful about SOMETHING ELSE you couldgive your baby a taste for!

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Santa Chased Away by Global Warming

Santa may have to retire from the North Pole soon, because arctic is becoming more and more like the weather in California. Climatologist Mark Serreze says, "The Arctic is screaming." What does he mean? It's MELTING. And it turns out the melting in Greenland is not only due to global warming?there's also the problem of underground heat wafting...

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What Was the Christmas Star?

According to the Bible, when Jesus was born three Magi saw a star in the East that signaled the birth of a new king. But just what was it, from an astronomical point or view, that the Magi actually saw? Astronomer Fred Grosse says there are several popular theories that may answer this question. According to him, "Astronomical objects or events...

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Whitley Strieber's Audio Christmas Card

Whitley Strieber offers an audio Christmas card for ourlisteners, which includes a beautiful rendition of SilentNight by a little boy, and Whitley's reading of the story ofthe shepherds from the Gospel of Luke. A six minuteChristmas treat! To listen, click on the words "Listen Now"on the right side of our masthead, and navigate to the lastitem...

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Japanese Official Admits UFOs Exist

This week you get to learn about UFOs in Ireland and the rest of Europe. Not many people realize that a top government official in Japan says he "definitely" believes UFOs exist.

MSNBC reports that Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka Machimura made this statement while speaking to reporters "in response to demands?for an inquiry into '...

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Something Fishy

Most of us aren't planning to serve fish for Christmas dinner and that's a good thing, since fishermen are having trouble catching enough of it to put on our tables. That's not just because of overfishing, it has to do with global warming as well. It turns out that warmer waters due to climate change are causing fish to swim north, away from...

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New Anne's Diary: Spies

Anne Strieber has written a new diary about?spies. She says, "Over the years, I've been amused by the fact that we are spied on from time to time. These spies seem to be from government agencies?either foreign or domestic?and they seem to think they are going to find out something clandestine that we hold close to our chests, while the truth is...

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The Master of the Key said that in order to fulfill our desire for cheap consumer goods, we in the West each have 5 slaves. Most Americans would be surprised to realize that in the UK, farm and fast food workers from Mexico are considered to be slaves of a sort.

In the December 19 edition of the Independent, Leondard Doyle writes about...

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Is There Life on Mars? (Cont.)

The controversy about life on Mars continues, but finding water would provide strong evidence that bacterial life exists there. Now a glacier that is thousands of years old has been spotted on the planet. Mars and Earth have a "close encounter" about every 26 months, and this always coincides with a wave of UFO sightings! Mars was close to...

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Artificial Life Will be Created Soon

Genetically-modified foods and cloning started the ball rolling and there's no stopping it now: artificial life is on the way.

In the December 17th edition of the Washington Post, Rick Weiss reports that "researchers are poised to cross a dramatic barrier: the creation of life forms driven by completely artificial DNA." According to...

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Fuel from Anything

What if you could feed your discarded junk into one end of a machine and get oil and natural gas out of the other? This would solve two problems at once. One inventor claims he has created a machine that will do that very thing.

In Popular Science, Rena Marie Pacella quotes inventor Frank Pringle as saying, "I've been told the oil...

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What's in a Name?

We've talked about the power of words. Now we want to tell you about the power of names?why people with some names succeed, while people with other names fail.

In, Andrea Thompson quotes researcher Joseph Simmons as saying, "People tend to gravitate toward life outcomes that resemble their names. So for example, we know...

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GM Foods Kill Rats

We've reported before that animals can't survive on genetically-modified food. Now a new study from Australia shows that GM food KILLS rats.

In the December 5th edition of the Herald Sun, Jeffrey Smith reports that almost 10 years ago, researcher Arpad Pusztai discovered that GM food caused "massive damage in rats." The result? "Dr....

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Politically Negative

Once the presidential candidates are finally chosen, we're all bracing ourselves for the negative TV advertising that we hate so much. Why do political parties place these ads? The reason is simple: they work.

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Possible UFOs Sighted in Maine

There were unusually intense UFO sightings in England in earlyDecember, and now orange fireballs with no clear explanationhave been observed by many witnesses in Bangor, Maine. Thefireballs were sighted on December 14 between 10 and 11 PM.

A flaming object was seen dropping out of the sky overPenobscot Bay on Monday night, but the Air...

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Out of the Past

Global Warming isn't just happening now?it's happened in the past, as well. Is there anything we can learn from those times that will help us today?

In New Scientist, Fred Pearce writes, "It was the biggest climate event of the last 10,000 years and caused the most dramatic change in the weather since humans began farming. And it may yet...

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Going...Going...Gone Soon

Anne & Whitley will be there too! - Whitley will still be doing the majority of interviews on Dreamland, but we have a NEW guest host who starts this weekend, and you can meet her in person on January 18-20, at the Lake Marcos Resort and Country Club in San Diego, when Dreamland guest Maureen Caudill, the author of Suddenly...

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Meet William at the Pyramid!

Meet William Henry at the Great Pyramid in Egypt, and travel with him in England on the trail to the Grail! Keep reading for details. William says, "Meet me at the Great Pyramid on April 14-27, 2008, where 20 people will have the experience of a lifetime on my Stargate Egypt tour. You can also join me in the UK, where we meditate INSIDE the...

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Will Space Travel Destroy the Universe?

Some scientists think that our ability to study the universe with space craft and telescopes might actually be destroying it. It's all part of quantum physics. It's also surfer wisdom.

In the November 21st edition of the Telegraph, Roger Highfield explains that our ability to measure the universe may actually shorten its life, because...

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Strange Clouds

NASA satellites are capturing incredible images of some of our strangest clouds, which are increasing in frequency and extent.

In BBC News, Jonathan Amos quotes NASA scientist James Russell as saying, "These clouds are getting brighter with time, they're seen more often and also they're being seen at lower latitudes. These are things we...

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Incredible UFO Sighting in UK

A huge orange triangle with its three lights, nicknamed the "Dorito," was seen over England in early December. One person who saw it says, "It was weird because it wasn't making any noise?We all saw this big thing with lights in the sky."

The Dec. 11th edition of Britain?s Express & Star quotes another observer, who reported seeing...

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Chemtrails Endangering the Earth

A controversial website says that chemtrails are destroying the ozone layer, which is what protects the earth from dangerous cosmic radiation.

William Thomas writes that Canadian atmospheric scientist Neil Finley says that "high-altitude jet traffic, space launches and chemtrails are threatening to destroy not only Earth's protective...

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Continuing Controversy: Life on Mars

NASA's "Spirit" rover may have discovered life on Mars.

Because it has a broken wheel, the rover disturbed a patch of ground on Mars which shows evidence of a climate there in the past that would have been perfect for microbes. But are they still there? On earth, areas that look like this were created when hot, steamy water came into...

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