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November 2007

The Power of Words

Most of us don't think much about those "I, you, me, he, she, they and it" words we call pronouns. But new research suggests they may play a far greater role than simply replacing a proper name in a sentence?they help keep our brain from being overloaded. And when it comes to overloaded brains, there's good news: a real breakthrough in the...

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The Perfect Fuel MAY be Possible After All

UPDATE! - Most scientists have dismissed the possibility of running cars on hydrogen, even though it would be the ideal fuel, because of the difficulty of storing hydrogen, due to the small size of the molecule and the need for extremely low temperatures. But now a room temperature storage material has been invented that could...

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The Hidden Culprit: Ozone

Does Ozone contribute to global warming? New research shows that it could be a bigger factor in climate change than scientists have realized.

Ozone gas occurs naturally in the atmosphere. It's formed in the stratosphere by the action of solar radiation on oxygen. It is also caused by man-made pollution. Ozone absorbs part of the...

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Coming for Christmas: 3D TV?

The mathematicians who first created the invisibility cloak now think that the same technology could be used to create 3D TV.

The secret is a mathematical construct known as "wormholes." Mathematician Allan Greenleaf says, "You could pass an object into one end [of their wormhole tube], watch it disappear as it traveled the length of...

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How Much Do We Need?

We now realize that sleep is useful in ways we didn?t suspect, but scientists still don't really know WHY people need to sleep. They also think that not getting ENOUGH sleep is one of the things that is making our kids fat!

Researchers now say that diets high in fat and sugar may not be the only things contributing to American children's...

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Iraq War Fought by Rural Soldiers

On Veteran's Day, we gratefully remember the many soldiers, who have made sacrifices for us. Today's rural Americans, however, are making the ultimate sacrifice in larger numbers than the rest of the country. Rural areas account for only 19% of the adult population, but have suffered 26% of the casualties.

William P. O'Hare, of the...

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Anne's Diary: The Third Act

In Anne's new diary, she writes about getting older in a totally unique way. Anne believes there are 3 acts to both lives and movies and realizes that she almost missed her own 3rd act. She says, "The FIRST act is for learning, gaining knowledge and acquiring abilities. The SECOND act is for USING that hard-won knowledge and those hard-earned...

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Can't Get Enough?

If you simply can't get enough wonderful books and DVDs, we have good news: there are still a few GREAT items left on our shelves. But we only have ONE left of the following items, so you have only one more chance to figure out how to use your intuition(if you have the gift). And last, but NOT least, find out how our government REALLY OPERATES...

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Items are racing out of our store FAST. We put on our super sale in order to make room for an extraordinary group of new DVDs, which can all be found on our website store. Keep reading for a description of each one. And remember: subscribers can take an additional 10% off every item!

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Incredible Floods Possible in Europe

Last month was officially the worst October for tornadoes in many years. Now A gigantic storm over the North Sea threatens the entire Dutch coast and the northern coasts of Britain and parts of German with flooding of gigantic proportions. Since Britain's "year without a summer," Unknowncountry has been warning of more violent weather to follow...

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More Lethal Toys from China

First it's antifreeze in toothpaste, then it's lead paint on toys. Now it's toys coated with a "date rape" drug! China just can't seem to get it right.

BBC News reports that "millions of Chinese-made toys have been recalled in the US and Australia after they were found to contain a substance linked to the date-rape drug GHB." This toy is...

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We're Holding a RAFFLE!

The most popular books we've ever published, The Key and The Path, are arriving back on our store soon and you can get FREE autographed copies of BOTH of them if you're one of the first 10 people who click the "donate" button on our homepage and donate at least $5. Your donation is your raffle "ticket," but you need to donate by Nov. 15 in...

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Love Them, Don't Swim With Them

Swimming with the dolphins has become a popular new therapy, but conservationists say it's not doing dolphins any good and psychologists say that, despite earlier reports, it doesn't do people any good, either.

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society is today calling for a total ban on Dolphin Assisted Therapy (DAT), stating that the...

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Dynamic New Journal from Whitley

In his dynamic new journal, Whitley links the mysterious fires that have been breaking out spontaneously all over Italy (which, after a government investigation, have been attributed to UFOs) to the recent revelation that Dennis Kucinich once saw a UFO and finally, to the implant that was put in his ear so many years ago (and is still there...

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The Dirt Cure

We've written before that being dirty can be GOOD for you. Now a newly RE-discovered type of clay found in France has been found to kill dangerous germs?even superbugs!

Among the malevolent bacteria that this French clay, which was used in traditional French medicine, has been shown to fight is a "flesh-eating" bug in Africa and the germ...

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Survival of the Smartest?Bacteria

Microbes and humans share a long history of interaction, and the most successful microbes are those that inhabit but do not kill their host, although sometimes they make us so miserable, we almost wish they would. This probably happened because certain microbes and humans evolved together and along the way, they established complex strategies...

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Oct. Set Tornado Record

Global warming doesn't just lead to hotter weather?it leads to weather extremes. One example of this is that the past October set a record for the number of tornadoes worldwide.

In, Andrea Thompson reports that in October there were 87 tornadoes in a 3-day period, from October 17 through 19. This broke the previous record...

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Biofuels a Crime Against Humanity?

No matter how much the government extols them, we've warned you before that we're being conned about corn, and now a UN expert agrees and says that growing crops to produce biofuels is a "crime against humanity" that will bring on world hunger.

In BBC News, Grant Ferrett reports that UN expert Jean Ziegler says that the growth in the...

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Cars Without Drivers

The US government is holding contests with big prizes for scientists who can develop cars that drive themselves. What's the rationale behind this: Avoiding auto accidents? Developing jeeps and tanks that are not vulnerable to roadside bombs? Exploration of the moon and Mars? Keep reading to learn more.

In BBC news, Jon Stewart reports...

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Tickets Almost Gone

Tickets are selling out fast for the crop circle conference on November 16-19 in Tempe, Arizona. All the Dreamland regulars will be there: Whitley and Anne Strieber, Linda Howe, William Henry and Jim Marrs! Whitley will speak on the provocative topic of "Crop Circles: What are They For?"

Other speakers include many Dreamland guests,...

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Forests Failing

First we heard that the oceans are no longer sucking up CO2 the way they used to?now it turns out that the FORESTS aren't either! Plus forest fires, like the recent ones in California, pump tons of carbon dioxide INTO the atmosphere.

In the Nov. 1 edition of the Independent, Steve Connor reports that "the sprawling forests of the...

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Baby Talk

Babies know a lot more than we used to think they did. And ladies: if you want to have lots of them, mate with a man who has a deep voice.

In, Robin Lloyd reports that scientists have recently learned that babies can pick out their native language from a foreign one when they are only a few days old.

Speaking of...

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Space Wars

The value of Helium 3 deposits on the moon remains the unstated reason that an Asian space race is on, as India, China and Japan all direct their space programs toward the moon. Answering Japan's recent insertion of an orbiter around the moon, China recently launched its first lunar probe, and India is believed to be planning to go to the moon...

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Mysterious Italian Fires Solved?

A report leaked to the Italian press concerning a series of unexplained fires that took place in Sicily in 2004 has attributed them to "unnatural forces capable of creating large amounts of electromagnetic energy." The report also mentions a possible UFO landing close to the village that left burned imprints in a field. Does this mean...
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