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November 2007

The Secret of Success

What makes people happy? Doing better than the people around you is what makes some of us feel successful. But after working so hard to climb to the top, why do so many strivers self-destruct?

BBC News reports on a new study that shows that a man is happiest with his paycheck if he is making MORE than his fellow workers in the same...

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How Sunshine Protects Us from Cancer

The sun's warm rays can not only give you skin cancer, they can also PEVENT it! Now that fall is here, if you're not getting out in the sun as much as you did in the summer, you also may not be getting enough vitamin D. A recent study shows a direct link between vitamin D and cancer prevention.

Researcher Joan Lappe warns that this is a...

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Tobacco Plot Gets Teens Hooked

It may be illegal to advertise cigarettes to kids, but tobacco companies are still trying to start kids on smoking because they know that once they hook them, it will be incredibly hard for them to quit.

A new Canadian study reports that tobacco marketers have found a way around tobacco advertising restrictions, by reaching teens...
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Germs Released After 15 Million Years

Scientists are melting ice from a lake in Antarctica that has been frozen for a million years, in order to study the microbes trapped within it. Are they releasing something that could be dangerous?

Researchers have thawed ice estimated to be at least a million years old from above Lake Vostok, an ancient lake that lies hidden more than...

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A Planet Like Ours

The Master of the Key predicted we would find new universes?and we have. Astronomers have also discovered a viable new Earth-like planet that's fairly close to us.

US astronomers say they have found a new planet orbiting around a star that is only 41 light years from Earth. That means that if we could learn how to travel at half the...

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Why Your Leaves Didn't Turn This Year

Autumn's usual red, orange and yellow leaves arrived later than usual this year and in some places, leaves didn't change color at all. Does this have anything to do with global warming?

In, Andrea Thompson reports that delayed fall foliage occurred not only in the US, but also in parts of Europe. The reason could be...

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Is Yellowstone About to Blow?

Almost a year ago, we asked the question, when will Yellowstone blow? The Yellowstone "supervolcano" has risen at a record rate since mid-2004. A blob of molten rock that size of Los Angeles that has been discovered 6 miles beneath the slumbering volcano could be the problem.

Seismologist Robert B. Smith reassures us that "there is no...

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New Journal Explores Key Information

In Whitley's latest journal he writes: "This morning I opened the latest issue of the New Scientist and found myself reading that a SECOND universe is apparently out there beyond our own. I have to admit that I was, quite simply, knocked speechless. This is because, when I was talking to the Master of the Key, he said that there were universes...

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Scientists Discover a Second Universe?as Predicted by The Master of the Key

In June of 1998, Whitley Strieber found himself in a conversation with a man he has come to call the Master of the Key. During this conversation, recorded in Whitley's book, The Key, the Master said, "There are more galaxies in your universe than there are stars in your galaxy, and more universes in the firmament than there are galaxies in your...

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How to Live Forever

First scientists figured out how to turn worms into homosexuals. Now they've learned how to make them live almost forever. Can they do the same for us?

An antidepressant drug called mianserin extended the lifespan of nematode worms by almost a third. According to BBC News, "the drug seems to mimic the effects on the body of the only...

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Meet William Henry THIS WEEKEND & New Dreamland Host in Jan.!

If you live in California, you have a chance to meet popular Dreamland host William Henry, who will be holding a 2 day Stargate Mystery School special event December 1 and 2, 2007 at The Zero Point Energy Research Center, 2834 Colorado Ave., Unit #56, in Santa Monica, California. Tickets are $215 and may be purchased at the door or by calling...

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Levitation is REAL

Researchers from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland have created what they call "incredible levitation effects" by manipulating a natural law known as the Casimir force, which usually causes objects to stick together.

In the November 23rd Daily Telegraph, Roger Highfield reports that Ulf Leonhardt and Thomas Philbin hope to start...

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Weather Wars in Our Future?

Climate change may be one of the most significant threats facing humankind. A new study shows that long-term climate change may ultimately lead to wars and population decline. WHY do these researchers think these things may happen??Because they happened in the past.

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2008 Crop Circle Calendars Here!

Our gorgeous new 2008 crop circle calendars have arrived, and Subscribers have a special coupon code that gives them $2 off that can be found in the subscriber section NOW. These calendars are not only gorgeous, they can help you participate in the ongoing series of crop circle meditations that Whitley is doing with subscribers.


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Meat or Potatoes?

Was early man a meat eater or a vegetarian? Is not eating meat a natural?or unnatural?thing for people to do? One way to decide is to study our closest relations, the chimpanzees.

The debate centers on the diet followed by early hominids as their brain and body size slowly increased towards a human level. Was it meat-and-potatoes, or...

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Run Your Car on Egg Shells

For those of us who have just finished off the turkey, it's god to know that environmentalists want to make sure we use EVERY PART of the poultry we eat. Clothes may eventually be made out of chicken feathers. Now it turns out that egg shells may help to power hydrogen-fueled cars.

In, Dave Mosher reports that in the...

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We reported in the past that researchers didn't know whether or not breastfeeding makes children smarter. But it turns out that it can, IF they have the right gene?a gene that most of us have.

BBC news reports that researchers have discovered that "a single gene influences whether breastfeeding improves a child's intelligence. Children...

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What Kind of Turkey are You Eating, Anyway?

Is the turkey we put on the table today at Thanksgiving considerably different than the one the Pilgrims found out in the wild?

Turkey expert Nickolas Zimmermann says, "Turkeys in the days of the Pilgrims were similar to the wild turkeys that are now abundant in most states of the nation. They have dark plumage and can fly. Modern...

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Turkey is NOT the culprit!

Researchers say that we can blame turkey for many things, but one thing we CAN'T blame it for is that nap we always take after eating a big Thanksgiving dinner.

Some researchers say that tryptophan, an amino acid found in turkey, has proved itself to be an effective sleep aid, causing that post-Thanksgiving meal sleepiness. But poultry...

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Coverup Continues After Death

On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was shotdead in Dallas, and now President Gerald Ford's posthumousautobiography contains a claim that the CIA documentsrelatiing to the assassination. Ford offers a strongsuggestion that Oswald acted alone, but it is also true thatOswald had a documented association with the CIA, and therehave...

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Yoga for the Heart

We've written before about how yoga can help you lose weight, and there might be a lot more to it than most people think.

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, remains the most common reason for office visits to physicians for non-pregnant adults in the United States. Some 50 million Americans are believed to have hypertension, and...

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Don't Try to be Happy

Are you happy? Well, don't try to be happier, or you might become less happy. Does that make sense?

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Dinosaur Demise

Although scientists were skeptical at first, in recent years it has become accepted that the demise of dinosaurs was caused by a meteor impact in the Gulf of Mexico 65 million years ago. Now new research shows that the dinosaurs may have actually been killed off by a series of volcanic eruptions in India. The evidence of this are the gigantic...

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New Diet Pill in Our Future?

Why do some people get fat, while others?who may eating the same diet and exercising just as much?don't? Researchers have found that a single gene might control whether or not individuals tend to pile on fat, a discovery that may point to new ways to fight obesity and diabetes.

Biologist Jonathan Graff says, "From worms to mammals, this...

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To Solve School Problems, Study Bugs!

We recently reported on a lot of strange traits in cockroaches. In its ability to learn, the cockroach is a moron in the morning and a genius in the evening (some of us are that way too, especially if we don't get enough sleep). This is why scientists are studying these bugs.

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Can We Eat Our Way to Health?

Rosemary not only tastes good in food, but scientists have now found it is also good for your brain. The herb contains an active ingredient called carnosic acid (CA), which can protect the brain from strokes.

CA becomes activated by the damage itself, remaining innocuous unless needed, which is exactly what is wanted in a drug.


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How Did We Miss It?

Shortly before 911, suspects on watch lists moved money in curious ways. Internet and phone "chatter" had risen in recent months. A foreigner paid cash to learn how to fly?but not land?a jetliner. How did our government ever miss these clues?

Researcher Joseph Kielman thinks the problem is that we don't look for patterns. Most nuggets of...

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Ghost in a Gas Station

In an Ohio gas station, a strange blue cloud was caught on security cameras as it floated around customers and even rested on a car window for half an hour before it suddenly sped away. Local 6 News reports that, despite the groups of people who are now making a sort of pilgrimage to the station, it has not returned. To see the ghost for...

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In the Upcoming Election: Will YOUR Vote Count?

As the 2008 Presidential election campaign moves into full throttle, people are again concerned about voting machines. How much can we trust our government? It turns out this isn't the first time this has happened. Historian Bryan Pfaffenberger reminds us that "There's an almost exact parallel between the debate we're having today concerning...

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The Gay Gene (Cont.)

University of Utah biologists genetically manipulated nematode worms so the animals were attracted to worms of the same sex?part of a study that shows sexual orientation is wired in their brains.

Biologist Erik Jorgensen says, "[Our] conclusion is that sexual attraction is wired into brain circuits common to both sexes of worms, and is...

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