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January 2007

Stephen Hawking in Space

Quantum physicist Stephen Hawking says we need to take action to try to offset global warming. He also plans to go into space, and wants to take a zero-gravity flight in airplane soon in order to get ready for the trip.

In the Independent, Steve Connor quotes Hawking as saying that he has "concluded the dangers posed by climate change...

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Spice Up Your Life

Just like the drugs we take that come from exotic rain forests, some of the spices we use every day have incredible health benefits too, so we should probably use MORE of them.

Ginger is good for nausea. Peppermint is good for a stomach ache. But spices can also help ward off serious diseases. Dr. Suzanna Zick says the right spices can...

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A Vacuum in Space

Dark matter is a mystery, but some things about it are known. It?s an invisible form of matter whose total mass in the universe is more than five times that of "normal" matter (atoms). Astronomers think that our universe is made up of around 70% dark energy or dark matter, so it's important to understand it.

A lot of new information...

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To Look for the Future, Consult the Past

One reason to protect the Amazon rain forest is that we are still discovering major new drugs there. For thousands of years, people around the world have lived intimately with botanical healing agents and evolved effective healing traditions, and pharmaceutical companies regularly mine the wisdom of ancient cultures in this way. The Mayo clinic...

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Pseudo-Science Tests for Food & Drugs

We've discovered that major oil companies have fed us disinformation about global warming. One troubling government policy change is that drug companies are now testing their own drugs. While this saves taxpayer money, it does not promote objectivity. It also turns out they're doing the same thing with food!

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How to be a Whistle Blower

Now leaking sensitive government documents or vital information about the company you work for will be easier, thanks to a special new web site that guarantees that your identity cannot be traced!

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Americans Being Spied On by Canadian Money

It sounds like a science fiction film, but it's true: The Defense Department is warning us that Canadian coins are being circulated that have tiny transmitters hidden inside them.

The coins were planted on American contractors who recently traveled to Canada, but no one is saying who did it or why. China, Russia and France are all...

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Are We About to Invade Iran?

We have reported on UFO sightings, strange crashes and explosions in Iran recently that the Iranian government has connected with possible US surveillance activity. Now there are rumors that the US may be about to attack both Iran and Syria.

Gil Smart reports in Lancaster (PA) online that there are rumors flying around Washington, D.c....

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SETI May Finally Find ET

SETI had been engaged in what most scientists have believed for years is an extremely unlikely quest to pick up intelligently generated signals from alien civilizations. The reason is that SETI has only be able to listen for very powerful signals that might be intentionally beamed toward earth. The chances of finding such signals have been...

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Global Warming?Not Just Now

Due to global warming, many lakes in the Northeast and Midwest may freeze later than usual this year. This is also due to a particularly strong El Nino.

Kenton Stewart, an expert on inland lakes, says, "The initial predictions for this fall and early winter were for a relatively mild El Nino, but it's looking like a very strong El Nino...

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Anne's Diary: A Window That Lets in the Visitors

In her newest diary, Anne Strieber asks a sobering question: "Are people who repeatedly have encounters with Visitors victims of the Stockholm Syndrome? This would mean that they are being contacted, and maybe even controlled by, beings who want to exploit them, but who have convinced them that they have their welfare in mind." Don't miss her...

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Will Getting Rid of Guns Help Prevent Crime?

Firearms are used to kill two out of every three homicide victims in America.. Researchers have found that homicide rates among children, and among women and men of all ages, are higher in states where more households have guns. And in Australia, a big gun "buyback" lowered homicide?and suicide?rates considerably.

Researchers Matthew...

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A Bright Visitor to the Night Sky

A comet even brighter than Hale-Bopp was in 1995 can now be seen in the night sky. Comet McNaught became visible on January 12 and can be seen through Monday, January 15. reports that McNaught is the brightest comet in 30 years. The comet, which has the official name of C/2006 P1, was discovered by Australian astronomer...

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Next Solar Cycle May Be Largest Ever Recorded

We have reported before that the upcoming 2010-2011 solar cycle is expected to be large. Now, continuing studies of the sun have led solar scientists to predict that it may turn out to be the largest ever recorded. Sunspot cycles have been recorded since the time of Galileo, and four of the five largest ever seen have been recorded in the past...

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Whitley's Journal: Strange Days

In Whitley's new journal, he writes: "I have been boggled by the number of high strangeness events being reported on my website recently. There are mysterious bird deaths and strange meteors all over the world, and a sudden odor of gas in the New York/New Jersey area that frightened millions of people?One would think that even asking the...

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Possible UFO Crash in Iran

UPDATE: There were preliminary reports of a possible hugeexplosion inthe Iranian desert on Thursday, but these have not been followed up in the general media.Click here to read one of the reports.Last week we reported a dramatic UFO incident in South Africa involving an apparent meteor crash with a very unusual sound associated with it. Now...

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Tour Templar France with William Henry!

On June 12-20, William Henry will be leading a special Blue Apples tour of France, following in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene. This incredible tour will feature Rennes le Chateau, the Cathar stronghold of Montsegur, a tour of Templar Knight symbols, a visit to the Dordogne, and?of course?Paris, the City of Lights. The tour is limited to 22...

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Heavy Metals Mean Danger

Scientists now say that autism is caused by exposure to heavy metal pollution. This has been blamed on the mercury that was once used as a preservative in children's vaccines, but power plants and car exhausts spew out heavy metals as well. In fact, there may be a great deal of these dangerous substances in your own home.

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Thousands of Birds Fall from the Sky

Strange bird deaths continue, this time with thousands of them falling out of the sky in Esperance, Australia.

In, Amanda O'Brien quotes conservation official Mike Fitzgerald as saying, "It's very substantial. We estimate several thousand birds are dead, although we don't have a clear number because of the large...

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Big Cars Encourage Reckless Driving

On this web site in the past, we have asked the question: Are SUVs evil? Some people say that SUV drivers are more reckless than drivers of regular cars. Is this true?

SUVs are really trucks in disguise, since they are car-like vehicles built on a truck chassis. Most SUV drivers feel safer being surrounded by so much steel, but they aren...

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What Made the Mayans so Bloodthirsty?

What made the Mayans so blood thirsty? It may have been because of drought, caused by climate change.

The downfall of the Tang dynasty in China and the Mayans in South America occurred around the same time and both may have disappeared due to climate change. German researcher Gerald Haug studied the incidence of monsoons over the past...

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It's Safe to Travel to Countries That Have Bird Flu

Is it safe to travel to places that have reported cases of bird flu? Is there a danger that a traveler might bring this disease back home?

At least 17 major outbreaks of avian flu strains have resulted in the deaths of millions of birds. The 1997 outbreak in Hong Kong also led to transmission to humans. Since 1997, the World Health...

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New York Gas Smell May be Linked to Global Warming

On January 8, a powerful odor of escaping gas blanketed much of southern New Jersey and New York. It was strong enough to cause buildings to be shut down, and for all emergency services in the area to be swamped with 911 calls. It may have been a phenomenon linked to global warming.

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A little over a year ago, NASA said there was no life on Mars. Now it turns out that we may have discovered life on Mars over 30 years ago, from soil samples taken during the Viking landings. We just didn't analyze them correctly.

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Another Green Fireball?This Time in Singapore

We recently wrote about mysterious orange orbs that were spotted in the UK. Back in the 1940s, a long series of green fireball events took place over the western United States, accompanied by some of history's most significant UFO sightings, including the Kenneth Arnold Sighting that gave the world the phrase "flying saucer," and the Roswell...

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Has Bird Flu Reached Maine?and Texas?

A recent spate of strange bird deaths have increased worries about the possible pandemic of bird flu. On January 8, police in Austin Texas shut down a central area of the city after dozens of birds were found dead in the streets. The dead birds were pigeons, sparrows and grackles, which all are birds known to be affected by the bird flu virus,...

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What?s It Like? (Part IV)

In her latest diary, Anne Strieber writes: "I've lived through some exciting times in the past few years that I've shared with you: What it's like to go to the premiere of a major motion picture and the premiere of a small one, and what it's like to sit backstage while your husband is on a late night network talk show. Now I'm going to tell...

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Never Wash Your Underwear Again

First the Japanese invented a cloak that makes the wearer invisible. Now someone has invented underwear that never needs to be washed (good for the military) and a shirt you can spray onto your skin from a can (perfect for travel!)

The underwear contains chemicals that repel water, oil and bacteria and is made of material that cost the...

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Cow Gas

If you have too much corn, you try to find a way to use it for fuel. If you have lots of cows, you do the same thing.

Cow manure, waste silage, cheese whey are waste products to some, but viable energy sources to researchers in New York State who are helping area dairy farmers meet their own energy needs by turning these waste products...

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2007 Will be the Hottest Year Yet

This is the time of year when people make predictions for the New Year. Scientists make predictions too, and meteorologists say that 2007 will be the hottest year ever recorded, all over the world.

There's a 60% chance that 2007 will break the record set in1998, when the weather worldwide was 1.20 degrees warmer than normal. Britain's...

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