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January 2007

English (and Irish) Destroy Health Benefits of Tea

As we've reported before, tea has great health benefits?especially green tea. But it turn out that putting milk into tea, as the English and Irish do, destroys these benefits. And green tea may not really be more healthy?it may just seem that way, because people do not drink green tea with milk.

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Not True That No Two are Alike

We've always heard that no two snowflakes are alike. It seems impossible?and it turns out that it IS impossible. Scientists are studying snowflakes because they think they may play an important role in global warming.

Snowflakes are created when snow crystals stick together. In, Charles Q. Choi quotes cloud physicist Jon...

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Suburban Sprawl GOOD for Wildlife

Urban sprawl might not be as harmful to wildlife as previously thought. When biologists compared the diversity of bird populations in natural forests, tree plantations and "exurban" (urban sprawl) areas in Tennessee, they found that tree plantations had substantially less bird population diversity than did native forests and exurban areas, and...

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Pet Problems

A lost dog is more likely to be reunited with its owner than a lost cat. In one city in Ohio, researchers found that 71% of lost dogs were found, compared to just 53% of lost cats.More than a third of the recovered dogs were found by a call or visit to an animal shelter. On the other hand, more than half of the cats returned on their own, but...

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Global Warming: A Vicious Circle

Climatologists are getting ready to issue a new report that says global warming will be a more gradual process than the researchers who predict sudden climate change say it will be. But that may not be accurate.

Researchers are frantically trying to figure out how severe climate change will become in the future. Ice specialist Lonnie...

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Ice Block Crushes Car

There has been yet another mysterious ice fall, this time in Florida, and this time it crushed a car. Given the fact that these incidents are now being recorded with such regularity, it seems only a question of before death or injury results from an a block of ice falling from the sky due to global warming. What the local Fox news channel...

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Fish Whispers

Researchers have discovered the secret of how elephants communicate. They know that dolphins and whales talk to each other from long distances away. They've discovered a parrot that may be able converse like a human being. Now they think that fish talk to each other as well.

In, Charles Q. Choi quotes fish expert Timothy...

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Dreamland Report on Chicago UFO

On this week's Dreamland, Linda Howe presents a dynamic report about the November 27 UFO that was spotted hovering over O?Hare airport in Chicago, from a first-hand witness who works at the airport. This is a photograph of it. You can see it right above the edge of the terminal roof on the upper left. That is terminal C-17, the United Terminal...

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Male Birth Control? Women Keep Hoping!

Women are growing tired of being the ones responsible for birth control and keep hoping that male birth control will soon become a reality. That day may be drawing closer.

Researcher John Herr has discovered new protein within a sperm's tail that could prove a key target for male contraceptive drugs. He says, "One approach to male...

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Anne's New Diary: A Mirror That Reveals Your Secrets

In her new diary, Anne Strieber writes, "I've noticed that Visitor contact seems to be a kind of mirror that allows you to see yourself AS YOU REALLY ARE?if you can take it. Too many people can't stand what they see, and quickly look away. Because this image is so negative, they brand the Visitors as "evil," when what they are really reacting...

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Wild Children Discovered in Jungle

An orphan boy who was raised by monkeys in the African jungle has arrived in Britain to sing with a children's choir, and a woman who disappeared into the jungles of Cambodia as a child has been found after living in the wild for almost 20 years.

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Can You Catch Bird Flu on an Airplane?

It may be safe to travel to countries (mostly in Asia) that have bird flu, but it's not necessarily safe to travel on an airplane with people who have it!

Viruses are easily passed around in the confined air of an aircraft, and an a team of researchers has constructed a model that predicts how an emerging pandemic influenza might spread...

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Too Fat or TOO SKINNY?

At the same time that the average American is getting too fat, actresses and models are becoming too skinny (and setting a dangerous precedent for ordinary women).

Dr. Eric van Furth, president of the Academy for Eating Disorders (AED) says, "Too many models have died from eating disorders. Recent tragic deaths highlight the urgent need...

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Dangerous Accident in a Bird Flu Lab

Scientists are working hard to learn the secrets of bird flu?before it takes us by surprise. But the virus could enter the population from the scientists themselves, if we aren?t careful. For instance, a lab in Texas recently almost leaked the deadly bird flu virus out into the environment.

Last April, a researcher at a lab at the...

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Future Warming: Mud Evidence

According to a new report by climatologists, global warming will get much worse in the future. Other researchers, who are looking at frozen mud cores to try to understand just how bad it got in the past, confirm this conclusion.

In, Seth Borenstein quotes climate researcher Jerry Mahlman, who looked at the first 1,600...

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Which is Better, Red or White?

By now, most of us have heard about the health benefits of red wine, which contains a heart-healthy substance called resveratrol. Red wine is wine made from grapes with the skins left on--in white wine, the skins are removed before the grapes are pressed. Now it's been discovered that white wine has the same benefits as red, so you can pick the...
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Mysterious Ice Blocks Continue to Fall From the Sky

For years, huge blocks of ice have been slamming to earth worldwide. It's usually assumed that these come from airplanes, although this has been disproved over and over again, and each incident is treated by the local media in the area where the ice falls as unique and not related to the other cases. The truth is that these are probably an...

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Diamonds in Space

The new movie ?Blood Diamond? tells about the perils of mining diamonds here on earth. But soon this may not be a problem, since we will be able to mine diamonds in space?or else create them artificially.

Rare, black diamonds have long baffled scientists, since they are so different from the clear-colored gems that emerge from volcanic...

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Stay Healthy: Drink Coffee!

We recently wrote about how chicken soup REALLY IS good for cold symptoms. Now it turns out that drinking coffee is a good way to prevent yourself from getting more serious diseases.

Moderate consumption of coffee is being shown to have generally positive and protective effects on the emergence of disease conditions. Food Technology...

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More Signs of Bird Flu?

We recently reported on hundreds of dead birds being found on the ground, and even hanging from the trees, in Australia and various cities in the US. Now even more of them are showing up in Australia. reports that yet another 200 dead birds have been found in Australia, making the number of mysterious bird deaths close to 4,...

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Why It's Harder to Quit

Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances in the world. A reanalysis of amounts of nicotine in major brand name cigarettes sold in Massachusetts from 1997 to 2005 has confirmed what reseachers have long suspected: manufacturers have steadily increased the levels of this addictive substance in cigarettes, probably in order to make it...

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Are We About to Invade Iran? (Part III)

UPDATE - We recently asked the question, Are we about to invade Iran? We now have an two updates on this story, both containing information you won't learn from US news reports. FURTHER UPDATE: Politicians in Israel seem to be preparing the Israeli public for a military attack on Iran.

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Phoenix Lights are Here Again

Joe Kovacs reports in that Colonel Brian Fields has photographed colorful, hovering lights in Arkansas that fit the description of the famous Phoenix Lights that were seen a decade ago in Arizona. Kovacs quotes Fields, who is retired from the Air Force, as saying, "I believe these lights were not of this world, and I feel a...

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Dalai Lama Brain Science

In the January 19 edition of the Wall Street Journal, Sharon Begley, author of Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain: How a New Science Reveals Our Extraordinary Power to Transform Ourselves, describes how the Dalai Lama is working with neurologists to try to answer the question of how the mind shapes the brain.

Neurologists know that the...

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Where Will Global Warming Strike Next?

There is very little snow in the mountains, all over the world. In the US, Alaska seems to be the first victim of global warming. How is climate change going to affect where the weather where YOU live?

The weather is all mixed up: it?s snowing in California and there are ice storms in Texas, but there will won?t be much ice skating in...

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Breathtaking New Journal from Whitley!

In his new journal Superstorms, Aliens and the Bomb, Whitley Strieber says: "As I write this, there is a phenomenal story on that discusses the terrible weather presently sweeping the whole western world, literally from California to Poland. This is the closest we have ever come to a superstorm, and it comes a few weeks after...

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Record Storms Sweep Entire Northern Hemisphere

From a billion dollar crop loss in California to devastating windstorms across Europe, the Northern Hemisphere is in the grip of some of the worst winter weather seen in decades, and additional severe blasts are predicted for the weekend and into next week. In mid December, the Gulf Stream faltered for approximately ten days. On December 11, a...

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MORE UFOs in Iran

We may be about to invade Iran and at the same time, UFO sightings there continue. A glowing yellow UFO with a red center was spotted over the city of Bouyer Ahmad in Iran on Wednesday. The FARS News Agency reports that a witness says it hovered in the sky for over an hour. Two days earlier, on Monday, another UFO was sighted in Iran. Military...

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How Did 911 Affect YOU?

Not everyone reacted the same way to the 911 terrorist attack. A study by psychologists has found that people's gender and ethnicity predicted their immediate response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks AND their general state of health over the next two years.

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It's the Cold Season Again?What Can You Do?

When temperatures dip, most people spend more time indoors?where they may have prolonged contact with others who may be sick. You catch a cold by hand-to-hand contact with someone who has already has one, or by using shared objects such as doorknobs, computer keyboards or telephones. Once you touch your mouth, nose or eyes after such exposure,...

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