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December 2006

Secrets of the Strad

Three years ago, we reported that the secret of the famous Stradivarius and Guarneri violins that were produced in Cremona, Italy in the 18th century was basically a result of global warming. These violins are still prized by musicians today, and modern violin-makers have never been able to duplicate their beautiful sound.

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Sea Levels May Rise Suddenly

Scientists have determined that the Ross Ice Shelf in the Antarctic could collapse without warning in a matter of days, causing a disastrous worldwide sea level rise of sixteen feet. If the West Antarctic Ice Sheet behind it were to then slide into the sea, the increase in sea levels would reach a catastrophic level of over fifty feet, and...

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Egyptian Pyramids May be Concrete

We've speculated many times about how the ancient Egyptians may have been able to hoist so many large heavy stones into place. A new theory says that some of the giant building blocks in the pyramids may actually be made of concrete, which is much lighter in weight than limestone.
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UFO Crash in Russia 'False Alarm'

A "flying apparatus" had been reported as crashing in Russiaby numerous Russian news agencies, but officials in thecrash area are now saying that the reports have beeninvestigated and that it apparently did not happen. A helicopterflyover identified the scene, and reported no evidence offire or of any crash debris. Siberian Regional Center...

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Mysterious Orange Orbs seen in UK

English sources are reporting mysterious sightings of orange orbs in the sky above major cities in the UK.

Shoreham, Essex, Liverpool and Brighton seem to be the places where the most sightings took place. This is London quotes one witness as saying, "I saw this big orange light in the sky. Then another one appeared in mid-air. Then...

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How the Egyptians Did It?

People who study ancient Egypt have speculated that perhaps the pyramid builders used sound to levitate the gigantic stones into place. Mainstream scientists scoffed at this idea but now they're taking levitation seriously.

Scientists have now levitated small live animals using only sounds. Chinese scientists have used ultrasound to...

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Nick Pope Quits

When he worked at the Ministry of Defense in the UK, Nick Pope was head of a project that analyzed UFO reports from 1991-94, and he published several books about the reports that led to his realization that UFOs are real. He has now resigned from the MoD,stating that defense and national security considerationsmandate that governments take the...

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