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December 2006

What Cures a Hangover?

Here is another of our periodic reports on how to cure the hangover you may incur on December 31st. To sum up: the hair of the dog (drinking more liquor) doesn't work and coffee doesn't work either. So what DOES work?

In, Corey Binns quotes Dennis Twombly, of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA...

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New Years Predictions?or Educated Guesses?

"A permanently manned base on the Moon, memory implants in the brain, the rise of a Chinese scientific superpower and unlimited, pollution-free energy." These are all predictions for the future from a group of 50 eminent British scientists. Meanwhile, back here in the US, a political science professor at the University of Alabama has asked his...

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Those New Years Resolutions

The new year is almost here, and most of us have made resolutions that we will fail to keep, such as losing weight or quitting smoking. Maybe this year, we should take an inventory of our lives instead.

Psychologist Frank Farley says, "In so many fields we take stock, we take inventory, we take a pulse at the end of the year. Sports...

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You are What You Read

Almost everyone enjoys a good mystery, but not everyone enjoys the SAME KIND of mystery plots. It turns out that the kind of mysteries we like to read reveal our personalities.

New research suggests that not everyone enjoys a murder mystery with a surprise ending. People who have lower levels of self-esteem prefer crime and detective...

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What Our Gov. is Trying to Get Us to Eat, and WHY

Our government pushes certain foods, even if they're not the ones we should be eating. Does "Got Milk?" sound familiar? How about "Pork. The other white meat?" These advertising campaigns are the result of government-sanctioned promotion programs. It doesn't mean that these foods are necessarily good for you (although they may be). What it...

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Is That Science Real or FAKE?

Everyone who loves science, that includes the writers and readers of this web site, has been dismayed by the anti-scientific stance of the current administration?particularly since there is absolutely no reason that science and religion have to clash.

After criticizing researchers in academia, the Bush administration is now trying to...

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His Face Reveals Everything (If You Just Know How to Look)

Can you judge a man's faithfulness by his face? How about whether he would be a good father or a good provider? Many people believe they can, and a social psychologist who did an online study about this decided they were right.

Researcher Daniel J. Kruger conducted a series of online experiments showing 854 male and female undergraduate...

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Happy New Year from Whitley Strieber

Whitley Strieber wishes a Happy New Year to all, inthe form of a journal entry that calls attention to theastonishing human achievements that have made our world amuch better place over the past hundred years. He points out that lifespan has more than doubled worldwide in a hundred years, illiteracy has plummeted, and starvation is a thing of...

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Anne's Diary: Loaves & Fishes UPDATE

In her new diary, Anne Strieber writes: "This year, Christmas was on Monday, which I think is the most counter-intuitive day of the week for such a festive holiday. You can't figure out what you're supposed to be doing the rest of the week or when stores, schools and post offices will be closed or open, etc. My Christmas was even more confusing...

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Was 2006 a Good Year for Women's Health?

Years in which dogmatic revisionists take control of public policy are usually not good years for women's health. But there was some good news for women in 2006.

The Society for Women's Health Research has announced the top five women's health stories of 2006. They are:

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First Victims of Global Warming

Rising ocean levels, caused by global warming (which is causing glaciers to melt), will soon make 70,000 people homeless, as?for the first time?an inhabited island near India has been completely covered with water.

Geoffrey Lean writes in the Independent that Lohachara island is only the first island nation to drown. The Pacific island...

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Strange Deaths of Birds

A large number of crows are dying in Lewiston, Maine, and the pattern of their deaths does not suggest either disease or accidental poisoning. It could be that the birds are being intentionally poisoned, but the fact that their deaths have been confined to a few certain trees in the area mitigates against this as well, and suggests that these...

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Why Low Fat Foods Make You Fat

People?especially overweight people?consume up to 50% MORE calories when they eat low-fat versions of snack foods than when they eat the regular versions. And dieters want to know: are "trans fats" (whatever they are) really bad for you?

New York City has now banned the use of trans fats in its restaurants, and Los Angeles, Boston and...

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Too Hot to Hibernate: Head for the Hills!

As if anyone needs any more proof that global warming is real, biologists have discovered that in Spain, bears are no longer hibernating for the winter. In California, chipmunks, mice and squirrels are moving to higher elevations, where the weather is cooler. They've been doing this for around 100 years, showing that climate change is nothing...

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Famous (and Ominous) Mind Study

In 1961, Yale psychologist Stanley Milgram discovered that ordinary people would give deadly electric shocks to people they didn't know, despite the fact that they could hear their screams, if they were directed to do so by "authority figures." The people telling them to do this were fake, and so were their victims? screams, but the...
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The PERFECT Christmas gift

With Christmas right around the corner, we're thinking about theChristmas presents we plan to give, and we have one of the all-time best: our annual 2007 crop circle calendar. This comes all the way from England and our store is the only place you can buy it in the US! One customer wrote, "I bought the 2006 and 2007 calendar for my sister as a...

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Christmas: Loneliness & Family Fights

Can't we ever learn to be happy? Some of us feel sad during the Christmas holidays, because we're along, while others dread having to travel home for Christmas, where we participate the same old family fights.

Loneliness and family conflicts can be particularly painful at the holidays. Researcher Dan Russell says we should forget the...

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How Does Santa Do It?

Some of us are skeptical about whether traditional Christmas symbols such angels really exist. Kids are find it hard to believe that Santa Claus could deliver presents to millions of homes and children in just one night. But there's a scientific explanation for this.

Engineer Larry Silverberg says is plausible science that could allow...

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Go Ahead & Give the Wrong Gift

One of the most important things about Christmas is giving. We want to choose the perfect gift for everyone on our list, so we often get them a gift card, so they can pick out what they want. But a philosophy professor says it's better to buy them a BAD gift, instead.

Philosophy professor Steven Gimbel says, "The gift card?sends the...

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Pre-Christmas Weather Chaos Snarls Travel

Both Denver Airport and London Heathrow have been closed due to extreme weather conditions, and both US national travel and travel worldwide have been severely affected. United Airlines alone has cancelled 2,000 flights, and manytravelers are not expected to be accomodated in Denver untilnext Wednesday. At Heathrow, dense fog has repeatedly...

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Big Business Gets It Wrong...and Right

When big business mixes with medicine and/or public policy, the results can be good?or disastrous. In two recent cases, having to do with breast cancer in women and AIDS in men, it has been both.

In 2003, breast cancer incidence in the United States dropped sharply, and researchers now think that this decline may largely be due to the...

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Don't Fight Fair--Use Your Feet!

Feet, rather than fists, are the most dangerous bodily weapon. When researchers looked at the records of 25,000 patients in Wales who were hospitalized due to violent altercations, they found that for those people who had been attacked with someone's feet were the most likely to be injured. This is valuable knowledge for men who fear being...

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William Henry on Coast to Coast AM Radio TONIGHT

Popular Dreamland co-host William Henry will be on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory on Wednesday, Dec. 20, starting at 10 pm Pacific time. Our chats with William have been a huge success--don't miss his conversation with George!

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed....

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Forget Corn & Wheat--POT is Our Biggest Crop!

Our War on Drugs is getting to seem more and more futile, especially since it has reached the point where marijuana is America's most valuable cash crop, worth more to farmers than wheat and corn combined, despite the fact that both of those crops are heavily subsidized.

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Laughter is Catching

Scientists who have studied primates in the wild have learned that yawning is "catching." Now researchers think that laughter is catching too.

In, Andrea Thompson quotes neuroscientist Sophie Scott as saying, "We've known for some time that when we are talking to someone, we often mirror their behavior, copying the words...

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Solve the Oil Shortage: Grow Gas

Last year in the United States, four billion gallons of ethanol were produced from 1.43 billion bushels of corn (including kernels, stalks, leaves, cobs, husks). In comparison, the United States consumed about 140 billion gallons of gasoline. Due to farm subsidies, we have too much corn, so the government would love it if we could turn all that...

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Are Brain Tumors Contagious?

Cancer is becoming less of mystery than it once was. For instance, researchers now know that there is a genetic predisposition for certain types of breast cancer. Now they've discovered that how many brothers and sisters you have, especially younger ones, could predict your chances of developing a brain tumor, because brain tumors may be "...

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Anne's Diary: Upon Seeing Apocalypto

In her new diary, Anne Strieber says: "I've written diaries about my impressions upon seeing Fahrenheit 911 and about (not) seeing The DaVinci Code. I recently saw Mel Gibon's film Apocalypto, and I wanted to share my thoughts about that movie as well. I saw something so obvious in it, that I couldn't believe that no critic mentioned it?...

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Border Fence Scandal

We've written before about why putting up a fence on the US/Mexican border to keep illegal aliens out won't work. However, we're doing it anyway, despite the fact that, a year ago, our own government hired illegals to clean up the mess left by Katrina. Now it turns out that illegals are being used by the company that has been hired to put up...

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Are Vegetarians Smarter? They're Better for the Environment

A British study shows that intelligent children may be more likely to be vegetarians as adults. Since cows, pigs, sheep and poultry are among the world's greatest environmental threats, it's the earth-saving way to eat.

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