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January 2006

John Hogue's Predictions for 2006

John Hogue,who presents his prophecies this week onDreamland(and also has a fascinating conversation forsubscribers withWilliamHenry), recently sent out a newsletter talking about hispredictions for 2006. John writes that, "A clear sense ofthe spirit defining a decade often manifests in its latterhalf."

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These Puzzles May Finally be Solved in 2006

The March 19 issue of New Scientist Magazine reports on mysteries that continue to baffle scientists. These include cosmic rays, dark matter and the placebo effect. Will researchers find the solutions to these puzzles in 2006?

The placebo effect means that if you THINK you are taking an effective medication or treatment, it is often just...

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Do Home Remedies Work?

Who uses home remedies?and do they work as well as something you can get from your doctor or the drugstore? While use of home remedies is common among people 65 and older, Blacks and Native Americans tend to make much greater use of them than Whites. A common mother's home remedy for a tummy ache or nausea has long been a glass of ginger ale....

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More Birds Affected by Pole Shift

We recently reported that the Earth's magnetic field is moving fast, meaning that magnetic North and South will soon switch places in a pole shift. Geologists know that this has happened before, and when it does, it confuses birds because they navigate partly through magnetic areas in their brains.

KTVU in California reports that in late...

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The Dad Difference

Newswise - Do dads parent differently than moms? It's a question more and more single mothers are asking themselves. The answer is "yes," but it's not the way you think: Dads aren't necessarily stricter disciplinarians. Fathers tend to be more unpredictable and engage in more fun activities with their kids, perhaps in order to...

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