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December 2005

Hangover Cures

The British Medical Journal reports that hangover curesdon't work. The scientists conducting the study say, "Ourfindings show no compelling evidence to suggest that anycomplementary or conventional intervention is effective fortreating or preventing the alcohol hangover." However, thereARE some steps you can take to mitigate the effects of...

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New Years Resolutions

If you've failed at keeping your New Year's resolutions inthe past, scientists say this may be because you've chosenthe wrong ones or don't admit to yourself that you may fail(which, surprisingly, will help to you succeed). One common mistake is to have too many goals. Another formula for failure is to set your sights on behaviors that are too...

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This Week on Dreamland: How Did John Hogue Do in 2004 and 2005?

For the last two years, famed prophet and Nostradamus Scholar John Hogue has prophesied for Dreamland listeners and subscribers. So how did he do? This week, we're going to repeat John's 2004 and 2005 prophecy specials, and next week, John will be with us to evaluate his performance and prophesy for 2006! To listen, go to the Dreamland Special...

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What Pocahontas Was REALLY Like

The new Terence Malik film "The New World" has recently opened. In it, Pocahontas, the Powhatan princess who befriended English captain John Smith and the colonists of the Jamestown, Virginia settlement in the early 1600s, is a lover of Smith. In reality, Pocahontas was more of a savvy political strategist, according to historian Camilla...

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Major Permafrost Thaw

Global warming may melt the top ten feet of permafrost, the frozen soil that stretches across the Northern Hemisphere, from Alaska to Canada to Russia. Fairbanks, one of the largest cities in Alaska, is actually built on permafrost, so this is especially worrying to residents of Alaska.

New computer simulations from the National Center...

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At Last: The TRUTH About Crop Circles?

We've recently reported that a top Canadian military official has revealed the truth about UFOs. Now Colin Andrews, one of the original crop circle investigators, who has both testified that crop circles were caused by unknown means and claimedthat most were manmade, has revealed that a UK militaryprogram called Operation Blackbird photographed...

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How to Drink

It turns out that the shape of the glass you're using has alot to do with how much alcohol you'll pour into it for a"normal" drink and thus with how much alcohol you'll bedrinking. According to a study printed in the BritishMedical Journal, people pour 20-30% more alcohol into short,wide glasses than they do into tall, narrow ones of the...

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Child Abuse?Good News

Newswise - Psychologists know about the transmission of abuse from one family to another, meaning that if you were abused, you are more likely to abuse your own children. This makes some potential parents worry that they may have a genetic predilection to abuse their kids, but research on monkeys shows this isn't true?the chain...

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Gamble the SCIENTIFIC Way

Lots of people visit Las Vegas during the holidays. If you must gamble, do it the SCIENTIFIC way. But is it possible to do this?

According to psychologists, the more people gamble, the more likely they are to mistakenly believe they can increase their chances at winning through some form of skill or luck, but it doesn't work that way....

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Ancient City in the Middle of War

We are fighting the war in Iraq in the area where some the world's earliest civilizations began. Now archeologists have discovered the remains of a sophisticated city on the border between Syria and Iraq that is over 5,000 years old, much older than any similar metropolis in any other part of the world.

James Janega writes in the Chicago...

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Communion 20 Years On

What is Whitley's life like, 20 years after his initial visitor experience? What has he learned? Has mankind learned anything about what these strange visitors are trying to tell us? Read Whitley's new journal and learn what he thinks about all this.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links...

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A Special Message from Anne

Besides having a wonderful conversation with William Henry about the REAL meaning of Christmas for subscribers, Anne Strieber has a special holiday message for everyone.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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Are You a Grinch?

According to psychologists, holiday Grinches who excludethemselves from parties or gift exchanges may be doing so inself-defense, pre-empting the possibility that family andfriends will ignore or disappoint them. And a group of New Zealand Santas recently displayed the ultimate in Grincy behavior.

Psychologist Kipling D. Williams, who...

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Why You Like Potato Chips

When snacks are laid out, do you find yourself reaching for the salted nuts and potato chips? A new scientific study explains why some people like salt more than others. It may be related to how much you weighed when you were born. Salt can contribute to high blood pressure, but not all high sodium foods taste salty.

Nutritionists have...

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Christmas Batteries

So many Christmas presents and toys use batteries, that many of us include them with the gift. Running out of the right batteries is a classic Christmas Day emergency. But new advances in thin-film lithium battery technology may soon make traditional alkaline batteries a thing of the past..

Rechargeable batteries can seem like a solution...

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Christmas Questions

One hundred first-grade students recently got to ask a group of physicians some persistent Christmas questions, such as "How do reindeer fly?" It turns out there were legitimate scientific answers to all (or at least most) of them.

Physicians David J. Dzielak, Andrew W. Grady and William H. Sorey answered the students' questions. When...

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Christmas Kissing Weed

Hanging mistletoe in a doorway in order to get kissed is a classic Christmas tradition. To the ancient Celts and Vikings, mistletoe was a sacred healing plant believed to bestow fertility, bring good luck and avert evil. But there's a sinister side to mistletoe.

Biologist Cindy Ross says that dwarf mistletoe, an evergreen parasitic...

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Important UFO Figure Dies

Walter Haut, the Air Force press officer who originallyreleased a statement from the Roswell Army Air Field statingthat the army had captured a flying disk, has died. Haut was83. In 1989, he met with Whitley Strieber in Roswell, tookMr. Strieber to the old base and to the site of the originalcrash, and stated that the object that had crashed...

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Volcano About to Blow in Alaska

We've written about how Alaska is the canary in the coal mine, since it's the place where the effects of global warming are showing up first. Now there is a new disaster in that beautiful state: a huge volcano is about to erupt, preceded by many miniature earthquakes.

The Augustine volcano hasn't erupted for a long time and it hasn't...

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King Kong Authentic Part II

We recently wrote about the remake of the movie King Kong is historically accurate. Now a science historian says that the original film was inspired by an actual scientific expedition. Science historian Gregg Mitman says, "Elements of the 1933 Kong movie are based on the 1926 real-life expedition of William Douglas Burden, a trustee of the...

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Earth's Magnetic Field Moving Fast

Are we in the midst of a pole shift? Scientists are divided about this, but earth's magnetic field has begun shifting much more rapidly than expected. Earth's magnetic pole flips approximately every 500,000 years, and it has not shifted for 780,000 years, meaning that it's overdue. has previously reported the opinion of some...

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Huge Geysers in Oklahoma

We've all heard about oil geysers, spurting up suddenly out of the ground, but nine-foot-high geysers spewing natural gas have suddenly sprung up in Oklahoma, and geologists aren't sure why.

Tony Thornton writes in The Oklahoman that, according to a local geologist, these are caused by gas leaking out of natural rock fractures, although...

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A Dreamland Show About?What?

What in the world is this week's Dreamland show all about? It's about what happens when you bring one of the world's leading mythologists, William Henry together with conspiracy expert Jim Marrs and they discuss why Saddam Hussein was spending billions of dollars to rebuild Babylon. You will never, ever hear anything like this on any other...

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King Kong Authentic

No, there was never a giant gorilla. In fact, these days, there can't even be an undiscovered island. With today's modern satellites and G.P.S. technology, it's impossible for a body of land to exist that we don't already know about. But the period details of the original 1933 film have been recreated with great authenticity and these are...

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Another Asteroid Heading Our Way

Yet another asteroid is heading our way and could hit us in 31 years?will this one spell our doom, like an earlier one did for the dinosaurs? This one is called Apophis, after the ancient Egyptian spirit of evil and destruction.

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Climate Change Inevitable

Whether or not you're experiencing Christmas snow, it's probably warmer than usual where you are. Even if all greenhouse gases had been stabilized in the year 2000, we would still be experiencing a warmer Earth and greater sea level rise right now, in the 21st century, according to a new study by a team of climate modelers.

The National...

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Smog Emergency

Newswise - Los Angeles and other big American cities aren?t the only places with smog problems. On December 7, Iran declared a smog emergency because the air was so bad in Tehran. That?s the bad news?the good news is that researchers have discovered that natural chemical processes in the atmosphere may be removing smog and...

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Incredible UFO Video

Click here to see an incredible video of a UFO that was taken in Bulgaria. This is reminiscent of the UFO video that Jaime Maussan showed on Mexican television in the mid-1990s.

Meanwhile, The China Daily has announced that a Taiwan company is building a UFO research center on the mainland that will cost around $20 million. This is being...

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This Week on Dreamland: Are Mediums Real?

NBC's popular show "Medium" is based on the life of a real medium, Allison DuBois. Dr. Gary Schwartz, author of The Afterlife Experiments has subjected her powers to rigorous scientific testing. Listen as Whitley Strieber explores the truth about Medium with Gary Schwartz. For our subscribers, Anne Strieber discusses Gary?s upcoming book, the G...

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Maybe You Shouldn't Give an Ipod for Christmas

The latest high-tech injury is iPod finger, arepetitive-strain injury from pressing down on the littlemusic player's tiny buttons.

Chiropractor Carl Irwin says, "iPod users are constantlyusing small, difficult buttons with the same finger in arepetitive motion." The nature of modern technology meansthat these devices are only going to...

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