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January 2005

Huge Icebergs Collide

It?s something so large, it can be seen from space: amassive iceberg is colliding with a floating glacier nearthe McMurdo Research Station in Antarctica. NASA satellitesare following the 100-mile-long B-15A iceberg as it movessteadily towards the Drygalski Ice Tongue. They expect acollision no later than January 15, 2005.

When the...

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Anne says: I've Been Invisible Too!

In her new diary, Anne Strieber says, "Whenever I mentionthe title of my bookAnInvisible Woman to any woman over 40, she instantly says,'Oh, I know how THAT feels!' It happened to me. One day Iwoke up and I was invisible. Men bumped into me on thestreet as if I wasn?t there. I was twirled around inrevolving doors. I started fighting back and...

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Cellphones Dangerous--to Children at Least

Cellphone use is dangerous to young children. For years,there has been a controversy about the danger of cellphones.Now a group of scientists are saying that the danger toyoung children has been seriously underestimated, and thatchildren under eight should not use mobile phones at all.

The report was issued by Britain's National...

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A Good Reason for Earthquakes

It turns out earthquakes are not disasters, at least not asfar as the Earth is concerned. They recycle the Earth'scrust, which in turn produces a habitable planet, especiallyfor humans. Did you know that Earth is the only planet weknow about that has earthquakes?

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Gigantic Cosmic Explosion Discovered

?In the universe, that is. U.S. scientists say they?vedetected the largest explosion that?s ever been seen in theuniverse. It?s as if 300 suns suddenly got sucked into ablack hole.

It?s nothing new?Agence France-Presse says it?s been goingon for 100 million years, but we?ve just never seen itbefore. The discovery was made by NASA?s...

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Rat Talk

Newswise - Scientists have discovered that mammals other than humanscan tell which language we?re speaking. They may not know ifit?s French or English, but they recognize the differentspeech patterns. We all know that our dogs recognize wordslike ?walk? and some primates can tell if you switch fromone language to another, but...

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Record Number of Tornadoes in 2004

According to NOAA, the number of tornadoes in 2004 set arecord. In September, the U.S. usually has an average of 47tornadoes, but this year we had 247!

We?d better build tornado shelters?or learn toleave ourbodies!

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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Storms Lash California, Europe

The worst winter storm in decades has thrown northern Europeinto chaos and caused at least 14 deaths, while a fierce"Pineapple Express" has brought record rain and snowfall half a world away toCalifornia, and caused at least 7 deaths.

Parts of the Sierra Nevada, an area noted for intensesnowfalls, have not seen such snow in 90 years,...

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Crystal Skull Revealed to be Fake

The crystal skull in the British Museum in London, one ofonly 13 in the world, has been shown to be a fake.

Steve Connor writes in the Independent that detailedanalysis of the skull's surface has revealed that it was cutand polished with the kind of rotating wheel that was foundin jewelers in 19th-century Europe.

Historians and...

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Tsunami Threats in the U.S.

There are only two places in the U.S. where an earthquakecould cause a tsunami on the scale of the one that hit theFar East recently. Studies show that at least one of theseareas is long overdue for a quake and may have one at anytime.

Robin Lloyd writes in that the Cascadiasubduction zone, running 50 miles up the coast...

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Gordon Michael Scallion on Dreamland

Legendary and controversial prophet of earth changes GordonMichael Scallion has been saying for many years that a greatearthquake in the Indian Ocean would herald a long period ofplanetary unrest. That earthquake has taken place, so whatdoes Mr. Scallion think now? To listen, click on the word"Dreamland" on the right side of our masthead.

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Personal Earthquake Dector May be Possible

Newswise - Individuals may soon have an inexpensive way to learn ofvolcanic and earthquake activity from their home orbusiness. Randall Peters, professor and chairman of theDepartment of Physics atMercer University, andJames Shirley, a scientist at NASA?s Jet PropulsionLaboratory, have designed a sophisticated but...

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Another UFO Rumor from India Daily

India Daily has been publishing a series of stories aboutUFO activity in that country and Indian governmentinvolvement in it. Now the paper claims that a secret debateis taking place within the Indian government about whetheror not to disclose the Indian military's ongoing contactswith UFOs and extraterrestrials. No other source can befound for...

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Weather Goes Wild

Brazil has so few tornadoes that it doesn't even have theequipment to forecast them, but the town of Crici

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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Strangeness Near Sun?

On January 21, 2004, published a storyabout a strange object that appeared near the sun in animage taken by NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory.The object was dismissed by NASA first as a system artifact,then as a star or space debris.

Now, almost exactly a year later, another such object hasappeared in a new...

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Strange Lights, Explosions: Now It's the US

Two weeks ago, we were reporting unusual lights andexplosions over Indonesia. A month ago, the phenomenonappeared over China and Australia. Now, the phenomonon isbeing reported over Wisconsin

In all three [previous cases, the events were attributed tometeors. In all three cases, they were followed byearthquakes. Last Sunday, an...

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Rare Storm Unlikely to Develop

UPDATE: 01/07/05: The Pinapple Express is slamming intoCalifornia, but fortunately it's 24 hours too late to set upthe conditions necessary for a three-front faceoff over thecentral US. Thus the rare event that appeared to pose aserious weather hazard in that area will now either nothappen or be delayed until next week.

If it does happen...

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UFOs Over Mexico City Airport

We have received the following report from Scott Corrales ofInexplicata theInstitute of Hispanic Ufology:

Aviation technician and UFO researcher Alfonso Salazar Mendozahas reported the following sightings:

On December 20, 2004, the staff at the Mexico City InternationalAirport witnessed a strange flying object shaped like a black-...

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Elephants to the Rescue

Elephants in Sumatra felt the tsunami coming and startedtrumpeting, alerting local people to the coming danger.Tourists were riding about a dozen of the elephants, whichsuddenly turned and ran away from the beach. Others brokethe heavy chains on their legs and stampeded, but somestopped and picked up people with their trunks, depositingthem on...

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Laser Pointers a Terror Weapon?

There have been numerous incidents recently of laserpointers being flashed at the cockpits of landing aircraft.So far, these have only distracted pilots, and in one casecaused a retinal burn, but the use of common laser pointersmodified for high power output could become a dangerousterror weapon.

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Amazing Tsunami Tales

Some amazing rescues occurred during the recent tsunamis. A10-year-old English girl saved her entire family because sheremembered a geography lesson she?d learned in school. And agroup of gypsies used their ancient knowledge of the sea tosave themselves.

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Prayer Group Prays for 2005

Every month, about six thousand people visit our prayergroup. That's an impressive number--but not out of over amillion monthly visitors to the site! We believe in prayeron thiswebsite. We believe that one of the reasons you are seeingthis fine new diary entry from Anne Strieber is because ofprayer. Even the doctors expected it to take six...

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Searing New Anne's Diary on Scientists Whose Warnings are Ignored

Anne Strieber's new diary tells the horrifying story of agroup of scientists who knew hours before the tsunami struckthat it was going to be extremely dangerous, but were unableto communicate their knowledge to the proper authorities inthe countries involved.

Then she discusses the work of Dr. Lonnie Thompson that isreported by Linda...

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Where to Contribute: Suggestions from Whitley Strieber

Whitley Strieber offers a new journal entry with someuniquely useful ideas about good places to contribute to thetsunami relief effort. He has found a large charity with anextensive existing infrastructure in the area, a mediumsized one with a unique guarantee about how funds donatedwill be used, and a small one in India that is...

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