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December 2004

Day After Tomorrow Popular with National Geo Readers

Most of the general media laughed off the movie "The DayAfter Tomorrow" as "too extreme." But better informed mediawere not so dismissive, and the National Geographic was noexception. They wrote, "to environmentalists, there is morethan a kernel of truth in the catastrophic scenariosdepicted..."

Now, their story has proved to be number...

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Towers Engineer Disputes Collapse Story

The official story is that the Twin Towers collapsed as aresult of damage done by the two aircraft that struck them.However, that may not be the whole story.

Mike Pecoraro was working in the 6th sub-basement of theNorth Tower when it was hit by the first plane. He and aco-worker were disturbed by a flickering of lights, whichcould have...

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UFO Appears to Explode in China

UPDATE: 12/13/04 0900 Pacific:XinhuaNews Agency reports that witnesses saw a strange, shiningobject cross the sky at 11:36 PM Saturday night, followed bytremendous booms. Over 700 witnesses have reported seeingthe phenomenon. Police are searching for debris in the areawhere it fell. The earth trembled across a 70 square milearea around the...

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Quake Swarm Under San Andreas Concerns Scientists

Geologists are recording continuous tremors deep under theSan Andreas Fault, according to an article published in thisweek's edition of Science Magazine.

A cluster of these tremors was observed before a significantquake last September, raising the possibility that they maybe precursors of larger events, and therefore a possiblepredictive...

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Mystery of the Lone Whale

A lone whale that makes sounds unlike any known species has marine biologists baffled. The whale has been wandering the Pacific for 12 years, but scientists have been unaware of it because its voice was only being picked up by classified US Navy equipment.

Using declassified data, marine biologists have determined that the whale's voice...

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Text of Anne Strieber Chat Available

Normally, the text of live subscriber chats appear only in our subscriber section. However, Anne Strieber especially requested that her chat be placed in the public area of the site. You can read it by clickinghere.

Please also subscribe to our site. We need you and you need us, because there is no other place like Unknowncountry in the...

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Now Prairie Dogs Found to Have Complex Language

There are parrots with large and complex vocabularies, apesthat can sign, and a pod of dolphins that recently saved agroup of human swimmers from a shark attack.

Now, it seems that prairie dogs don't just yap a fewsignals, they have a complex language that evolves withtime, has dialects, and contains hundreds of words.


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Anne Strieber Tells Subscribers a Secret

Anne Strieber has returned home, and she's back with apowerful and profound message about what it is really liketo go as close to death as possible, but not cross over. Sheoffers our subscribers a fifteen minute interview duringwhich she describes the experience of coming close to death,and discovering the secret of the afterlife.


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William Henry Explores the Secrets of Ancient Lore on Dreamland

This week, William Henry interviews one of the world?s mostunusual people,Nicholas Devere, the author ofThe DragonLegacy, which explains and reveals the nature of dragonsymbolism, and traces its origins and the origins of theGrail bloodline deep into prehistory.

Nicholas is uniquely qualified to do this work. As aproponent and scholar of...

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The Cat Came Back--Wa-a-ay Back!

Kuzya was taken to Yakutsk. Didn't care for it--too noisy,too dusty, to unlike his beloved village home of Olenyok. SoKuzya took off, much to the distress of the Efremovs, whohad come to love their little friend of two years.

Despite all their efforts, they couldn't find Kuzya.Finally, they had to return home. Sadly, they left Yaktuskfor...

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Bird Flu Frightens Officials

Bird flu persists in Asia, and that worries health officialsworldwide. The H5N1 virus is so lethal that it is believedthat it could kill fifty million people if it mutates andbecomes transmissible from human to human.

In 1997, virologists did not believe that the virus could betransmitted from birds to humans, but the deaths of 6 of...

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Human-Animal Chimeras a Reality

Mice are being grown with human brain cells in their brains.Pigs are being raised that have human blood. Sheep withhuman hearts and livers have been created in a Nevadalaboratory. These creatures are called chimeras,human-animal hybrids.

In Europe, China and Japan, even more complex chimeras arebeing created in laboratories that are...

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Anniversary of Early UFO Sighting

The first UFO sighting recorded in the English-speakingworld took place on this day in the town of Fleet in Dorset,England, in 1733. James Cracker of Fleet saw a silvery diskfly overhead during daylight hours.

He described his sighting this way, "Something in the skywhich appeared in the north but vanished from my sight, asit was...

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High UFO Strangeness in Australia, Canada

A UFO hovers over populated areas for hours, strange boomsand rumblings are heard, an amateur astronomer captures abizarre image of an object seemingly plunging into a bay.

Three ball shaped spheres flashing blue, red and whiteappeared over Darwin last Saturday nightand took their time crossing the sky before hundreds ofwitnesses. The...

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New Anne's Diary: the Love that Led Me Home

Anne Strieber offers her first diary entry since hercerebral accident, and it is a powerful and totallyunexpected tale of a journey into the afterlife. Anne hasgone on a true shaman's journey, with no guarantee of returnand every chance that she would not return.

But she has returned, in many ways her old self, but not inall ways. Her...

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Bizarre Weather Slams Japan Yet Again

Seventeen typhoons in one season followed by earthquakeafter earthquake has caused frightened Japanese to drive upthe price of gold because they are buying it against hardtimes ahead.

Now more extreme weather has struck the island nation,bringing gale force winds and a sudden extreme temperatureincrease that is unprecedented in the...

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BBC Drama Says Yellowstone Could Kill a Billion

A new BBC drama claims that the Yellowstone supervolcano isunstable and could explode, and if it does, subsequentdisruptions of the earth?s climate will lead to the deathsof a billion human beings. Although the film is not adocumentary, its producers claim that it is based on actualdata gathered with the help of US Federal EmergencyManagement...

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Is an Economic Catastrophe on the Way?

First, a prominent economist predicts an economiccatastrophe. Then, an OPEC announcement states that the oilconsortium anticipates a massive decline in oil consumptionin the second quarter of this year.

Morgan Stanley?s chief economist, Stephen Roach, is a wellknown economic pessimist, but even he doesn?t usuallypredict anything close...

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Powerful UFO Case on Dreamland This Week

Update: Read the transcript of Mark's live chat subscribers.Clickhere. And while you're at it, get in on the fun andsubscribe!

Dr. Mark Olson is almost unique among close encounterwitnesses because he not only has experiences and is amember of a family with a long history of them, he has seenand videotaped UFOs...

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Ferocious Summer Heat Ahead

Despite the fact that the brutal summer of 2003 brought withit the highest weather-related death toll in Europeanhistory, the catastrophe was largely ignored by the USmedia. Estimates of the dead range from 22,000 to 35,000,and now a scientific group is warning that such summerscould become the norm, and not just in Europe.

Until now, it...

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Mystery Tremors in US, Australia is one of the few news sources in theworld that is able to assemble similar unusual stories fromdifferent areas, and now it appears that mystery tremors,like the mystery booms reported last week, are taking placein diverse areas.

Like the booms, the tremors are being explained as localphenomena, but, when they occur in...

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Himalayan UFO Story Won't Quit has run two stories about an unusual UFOsituation in the distant Himalayas, and our subscribers haveenjoyed an interview with Skywatch International's JimHickman in which he states that contacts of his in India aretelling him that there is definitely something strangehappening in the region.

Now India Daily has...

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Another Mozart Appears

12 year old Jay Greenberg is believed by his teachers at NewYork's famed Julliard School of Music to be the greatestmusical prodigy in 200 years, the equal of Mozart, who isbelieved to be the greatest musical prodigy of all time.

Composer Sam Zyman says that Jay, who prefers the nickname'Bluejay' because he identifies with the noisy...

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