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December 2004

Volcano Erupts in Earthquake Area

India's only active volcano, known as Barren-1, which islocated in the Andaman Islands chain about 80 milesnortheast of the capital, Port Blair, has begun erupting inthe aftermath of last Sunday's mega-quake.

Lava is flowing down the sides of the volcano, and lava andsteam are being emitted from the crater. While the volcanois not a...

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A Survivor's Account of the Tsunami

A survivor of the tsunami has written a riveting andinspiring firsthand account of the tragedy that we areposting as an "Insight" article on Unknowncountry. "I lookedout and sawthe ocean suck out and this wave started to form a couple ofhundredfeet out and it just got bigger and bigger. My heart stoppedand I stoodthere saying Oh My God!


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Over a Hundred Thousand Dead...but NOT THE ANIMALS

Aid officials are beginning to say that over a hundredthousand people probably died in Sunday's Indian Oceantsunamis, but there are few animal corpses being found.Apparently the animals had forewarning of the oncoming wave,and sought higher ground before it struck.

Sri Lanka's Yala National Park was partially inundated bythe fast-moving...

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Los Angeles Storm Eerie Reminder of Strieber's Predictions

In an eerie reprise ofthe ComingGlobal Superstorm andthe DayAfter Tomorrow, the Los Angeles area has experienced one ofits worst storms of the past hundred years. The storm, whichincluded a verified tornado in Van Nuys that took the roofsoff of houses and uprooted trees, flooded the city withupwards of five inches of rain. Downtown Los Angeles...

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Earthquake Swarm Strikes China

China's earthquake prone Yunnan Province was struck by atotal of 47 earthquakes on Sunday. Reports from the arearemain sketchy, but one person has been confirmed killed and23 injured.

The quakes struck over a 17 hour period from Sunday and intoMonday. A number of the quakes exceeded 5.0 on the RichterScale.

In August, Yunnan was...

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Volcano May Cause Atlantic Tidal Waves

In August, published a story about thedanger that an unstable volcano in the Canary Islands posedfor the United States, Canada, much of the European AtlanticCoast and the Caribbean.

Now scientist Bill McGuire of the Benfield Grieg HazardReswearch Center has told reporters that the danger posed bythe Cumbre Vieja...

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Are Cosmic Rays Changing Our Weather?

Something is changing earth's weather far faster than globalwarming models indicate. The extremely violent hurricane andtyphoon seasons of 2004 have been followed by ferociouswinter weather, and now yet another tropical cyclone hasformed in mid Pacific, with winds in excess of 100 MPH.

In early December, an unprecedented blizzard dumped...

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UFOs Over Iran: Gov't Issues Shoot-Down Order

The Iranian government has announced that it has ordered itsair force to attack UFOs which are being seen near Iraniannuclear facilities in substantial numbers. Air Force ColonelSalman Mahini has said "all anti-aircraft units and jetfighters have been ordered to shoot down the flying objectsover Iran's airspace."

UFO fever has swept Iran...

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'Great' Quake has Earth Vibrating

The 9.0 mega-earthquake that struck the Indian Ocean Sundayhas caused the entire planet to begin vibrating. EnzoBoschi, the head of Italy's National Geophysics Institutestated on Italian television on Sunday evening that "all theplanet is vibrating" because of the quake, and that it haddisturbed the planet's rotation.

This is the fifth...

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Kerry May Withdraw Concession

Democratic Presidential Candidate John Kerry is exploringhis legal options after learning that there are seriousquestions about the validity of the vote count in Ohio. OnDecember 23, Senator Kerry's Ohio attorney Jerry Hoffheimerstated on MSNBC's Countdown that the Senator will be seekingto obtain evidence being presented in a recount suit...

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Strongest quake in forty years rocks Asia

An earthquake measuring 9 on the Richter scale struck off the coast of Sumatra at 8 AM local time today. Coastal areas in Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, The Maldives Islands, and Bangladesh have been hit by tsunamis ranging up to 30 feet in height. 6,300 people are known dead at this time, but the numbers are expected to rise...

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World's Largest Quake in 4 Years Hits Off Tasmania

A massive earthquake measuring 8.1 on the Richter Scalestruck 600 miles off the Tasmanian coast this morning. Itwas the most powerful earthquake recorded on the planet inthe past four years.

The strongest quake ever recorded measured 9.2 on theRichter Scale. It struck Chile in 1960, killing 22,000.

The quake was felt throughout...

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12 Conditions of a Miracle for Christmas

As Dreamland's Christmas show, Whitley and Anne Strieberoffer 12 Conditions of a Miracle, a discussion of ToddMichael's exceptional book about the Miracle of the Loavesand Fishes. The Striebers believe that the wisdom in thisbook played an important role in the nearly impossible eventthat has made this the best Christmas of their lives: Anne'...

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High Strangeness Mars Image

NASA has been quietly posting some extremely strange imagesfrom Mars. The ones of cirrus clouds in the Martian sky havebeen extensively commented on, but the image reproduced hereawaits comment.

Clearly, there is either a free flowing or frozen liquidclinging to the base of these large stones. From thephotograph it might be possible for...

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Problem of Dangerous Superbugs Solved

BBC reports that doctors at Christie Hospital in Manchester,England have solved a problem that has made hospitals allover the world dangerous places to be. The problem: Whenthey treat dangerous bacteria, hospitals create somethingeven more dangerous---superbugs which cannot be killed. Thismeans you can come out of the hospital even sicker than...

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Unexpected Cleaning Keeps Rover Rovin'

Something (or somebody??) has been regularly cleaning theMars rover Opportunity's solar panels during the night,enabling the device to continue to work much better and longer.

NASA rover team leader Jim Erickson has said that theunexplained cleaning events have kept Opportunity's solarpanels operating close to their maxiumum daily...

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Will We Soon Be Able to Create Life?

Only God can create life?or will we soon be able to do ittoo? Roland Pease writes for BBC that for the first time,U.S. researchers have created a form of artificial life.Their creation is nothing more than a group of crudebiological cells at the moment, but this could be the firststep in creating real life.

They made the cell walls from...

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New Anne's Diary: Do Animals Have Souls?

After her Saturday appearance on Coast to Coast AM, AnneStrieber was flooded with emails about peoples' experienceswith their animals coming back after death, and meetingtheir animals in near death experiences.

She has collected a sample of these beautiful and inspiringemails and woven them into her latest diary entry, Do Animals Have...

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US Gov't Study Proves Acupuncture Works

After years of controversy, acupuncture has been vindicatedin a study sponsored by the US National Institutes ofHealth. The study involved 570 patients with arthriticknees. Patients treated with acupuncture showed a 40%decrease in pain and a 40% improvement in knee mobility.

Patients in the study were treated four ways: some...

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India and UFOs: What is Going On?

For some moths now, there have been rumors of extensive UFOactivity in India and western China, and of contacts betweenIndian officials and ETs.

These events are said to be centered on the Ladakh Valley,which lies between the Himalayas and Karakoram Mountains.Its average elevation is 14,000 feet, and the area is knownfor its climactic...

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Explosions over Jakarta

On December 13, Unknowncountry reported aUFO explosionover the Chinese city of Lanzhou, and similar explosionstook place over Jakarta last night. In both cases, it hasbeen assumed that the objects were meteors, but it is unsualthat the same general area of the planet would be struck byexploding meteors over a week period. Normally,...

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EU Pleads for Global Warming Agreement--US Says No

Twelve days of talks on the future of earth's climate endedin failure in Buenos Aires yesterday as the European Unionsaid that the US has blocked all efforts to come to even amodest agreement to reduce worldwide emissions after theyear 2012 when the Kyoto Treaty expires.

This made it certain that there would be no...

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Anne & Whitley on Coast with Art Bell Tonight

Anne &Whitley Strieber will be on Coast to Coast AM with ArtBell tonight (Saturday, December 18) from 10 to 11 Pacifictime. Besides tellingabout her near death experience, Anne willalso talk about her new novelAnInvisible Woman, anexciting thriller which isbased on something that really happened to her--she reallydid become invisible in her...

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Fierce Winds Kill 6 in France

Hurricane force winds struck Paris and northern Francewithout warning today, causing extensive damage and killingsix people. The storm lasted only a few minutes, but struckParis with 80mph winds.

The event was associated with a fast-moving cold front, butwas not anticipated and is not understood.

At Versailles, trees were...

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Superstorm Confirmation--It Has Happened Before...and May Again

5,200 years ago, the weather went wild. On November 9, 2003,Unknowncountry.comreported thatevidence had been discovered that past climate changehappened in hours.

This evidence was found in Peru, when cores drilled to thebase of a glacier uncovered plants that had been frozen sofast that their cellular structure remained intact....

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More Mystery Booms is continuing its reporting on the big booms that have been heard along the East Coat recently. They?ve been especially loud along the coast of North Carolina. They have been heard since the 1800s, when author James Fenimore Cooper called them ?Seneca Guns? in one of his short stories. Officials have determined that they are...

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New Moon Orbiting Earth?

Ed Note: This article was placed in error. The "new moon"was determined by NASA to be a Saturn rocket stage inOctober of 2003. We erroneously used an old reference inthis story.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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Violent 2004 4th Warmest Year on Record

2004 was one of the warmest, wettest and most violent yearsin the history of weather forecasting. The National Oceanicand Atmospheric Administration report is based on data goingback to 1895.

As predicted in global warming models, Arctic temperaturesrose the most dramatically, with an approximate 1.8 degree Fincrease in Alaska above the...

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Indian Remote Viewers in Intelligence Coup

India's intelligence agency, the Research and Analysis Wing(RAW), its equivalent of the CIA, has arrested a largenumber of Pakistani intelligence agents in recent days, andremote viewing has played a significant role in the effort.Working with the Central Bureau of Intelligence, India'sequivalent of the FBI, RAW has apparently scored...

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Gigantic Iceberg Menaces Wildlife, McMurdo Base

A massive 1,200 square mile iceberg threatens to block thebreakup of ice in the Ross Sea and prevent resupply of theUS's sprawling McMurdo base in Antarctica.

The iceberg broke off the Ross ice shelf in 2000 and hasbeen drifting since then. It is the largest iceberg everrecorded. On Wednesday, it ran aground against Ross Islandand is in...

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