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November 2004

Mt. Ranier Earthquake Swarm

Mt. Rainier is experiencing an earthquake swarm that hasincluded a 3.2 earthquake a mile beneath the surface, thatis the largest earthquake ever recorded under the mountain.

Volcanologists do not believe that the current earthquakeswarm is being caused by the movement of magma beneath thevolcano, but nevertheless the earthquakes are...

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Do Not Ignore Cellphone Danger

The case against the cellphone continues to grow more and more serious. Swiss researchers in a sleep laboratory at the University of Zurich have found that exposure to digital mobile phone radiation while awake causes changes in brain function even hours later during sleep.

The Swiss researchers conclude that "the changes in brain...

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Texas Biologists 'Identify' Mystery Animal

Texas biologists have stated that the strange animalslocated in Lufkin and Elmendorf, Texas earlier this yearwere coyotes with mange. They did no DNA studies of theanimals, and made no effort, beyond looking at somephotographs, to determine why, if they are coyotes, thedisease they have has altered the configuration of their skulls.


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Antarctic Catastrophe Threatens

A catastrophe threatens because of the rapid warming of theAntarctic. Melting ice and a rapid increase in temperaturesin the Southern Ocean have caused a horrendous drop in thenumbers of Antarctic Krill, which is the key food source atthe bottom of the Antarctic food chain.

In the past, every time the base of the oceanic food chainhas...

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California May Ban Mercury in Vaccines

With the frightening rise in autism over the past ten yearshas come an increasing concern that thimerosal, amercury-based preservative used in vaccines, may be responsible.

Thus far, most medical studies have not revealed aconnection between thimerosal and autism, and the vaccineindustry continues to use the preservative in vaccines...

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Anne Strieber Update

As of November 10, Anne Strieber has licked her infectionand is again on the road to recovery. She is resting well,but bored with life in an Intensive Care Unit and hopeful,if her illness does not take any more difficult turns, to bereleased from ICU care in a few days.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site...

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Not Another UFO Flap? This Time It's Uh...Halloween

2004 is going to go down as one of the great years for UFOsightings worldwide, and now George Filer reports on yetanother UFO flap, this time in Illinois.

On the night of October 31, 2004, hundreds of peoplereported seeing three strange red lights traveling information over the South Chicago suburbs of Tinley Park,Orland Park, Oak Forest...

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Anne Strieber Update

Anne Strieber is back on a more steady road to recovery. Itis hoped that she will leave intensive care within 10 days.Her pneumonia is now behind her and efforts are being madeto determine other sources for her fever.

She has expressed her gratitude for your prayers andhealing, and we have read her many of your letters, whichhave given...

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Why Women are More Religious than Men

Sociologists have long known that there are more religious women than men. Professor Rodney Stark thinks we should not ask why women are more religious, but why men are less interested in religion. "When you turn the question around it starts to get us somewhere and the evidence pretty strongly points to physiology, not socialization," he says...

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Another Unexplained Ice Block Crashes Through a Roof

For the past two years, has beenfollowing the ongoing story of ice blocks falling from thesky. Spanish scientists who first studied the phenomenonhave dubbed the ice blocks "megacyrometeors," AstrobiologistJesus Martinez-Frias has said stated that he's concernedthat large blocks of ice are forming where they shouldn't.

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Ohio Remains Undecided

Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell has said thatthe vote count in his state is not yet official, and willnot be official until all provisional ballots are counted,which will not take place until ten days after the election.

At present, President Bush is 136,483 votes ahead of JohnKerry. There are 175,000 known provisional...

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Sun Continues Active After Solar Max

A large and moderately complex sunspot group, NOAA Region696, wasresponsible for a series of eruptions on the surface of theSun knownas solar flares, including a significant eruption on 7November 2004 at9:06 a.m. MST. A radiation storm, currently at the moderate(S2)level, began soon after the eruption was observed on theSun. Solarflare...

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Anne Strieber's Recovery Status

Anne is not as alert as she has been, but her doctors arehoping that, once her fever has broken, she will become morealert. She has had a temperature of between 99 and 102 forfifteen days, and this, plus the difficulty of deep sleep inthe ICU, has, they believe, made her consciousness declinetemporarily.

However, they are still...

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Movie Fakery in High Gear

In the film "Simone," Al Pacino created a computer-generated actress he passed off as real. Now this is no longer fiction: for his two sequels to "The Matrix," director JoelSilver mixes real actors in the same scenes with computer-generated images and you can't tell the difference. And now"Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" has been made...

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God Particle...or God Himself?

The legendary particle that physicists thought explained the basic question of why matter has mass, often called the ?God particle,? probably does not exist, and now a few scientistsare beginning to consider the idea that what might be thereis not a particle at all, but some sort of consciousness orintelligence, that would mean that the...

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Bizarre Radar Effect Over Washington

It was very windy in the Baltimore-Washington area onNovember 5. But wind does not account for the bizarre radareffect that appeared on weather radars over the area thatevening.

A radar expert consulted by said thatthere could be two main possibilities that might explainthis strange image: it is a result of tampering...

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Anne Strieber Recovery Update

Anne Strieber continues to recover, but is still battlingpneumonia. The disease is not believed to belife-threatening, but she is improving only slowly.

She is out of neurological danger and now able to sleepwithout being tested for neurological signs every hour, soit is hoped that she will gain the strength to heal.

Your prayers...

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New Warning About Invisible Comets

Scientists now warn that with even the most sophisticatedastronomical scanning technology, dangerous meteorites arebeing missed and could possibly hit the earth with no warning. Professor Wickramasinghe of the Cardiff University?s centerfor Astrobiology claims that we can no longer assume that wehave decades or even years of warning for certain...

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Apollo 15 Image Mystery

Apollo 15, was the first of three advanced lunar missions.It was launched on July 26, 1971 and carried astronautsAlfred Worden, James Irwin and David Scott. It was also thefirst mission to include the Lunar Roving Vehicle, andinvolved exploration of a part of the Hadley-Apennine regionof the moon. The mission brought back 76kg of lunarmaterial...

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Headless 'Organ Bank' Bodies Now Possible

Indian scientist P. B. Desai suggested in a speech last weekthat it should be possible to remove genes from embyros thatcould be used to create harvestable organs for adults inneed of organ transplants.

The organs would be grown in "bodies," that would mimic thematuring effect of a normal human body, but would lack abrain or head. These...

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New Mad Cow Cases in New York?

State officials are currently investigating an unusualcluster of possible Mad Cow cases in upstate New York. Currently five separate cases of the fatal Creutzfeldt JakobDisease have been diagnosed in Ulster County and surroundingareas alone, a surprising number given that the diseasetypically effects only one in one million people.


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First Human Face Transplant

On October 15, physicians at the Cleveland Clinic receivedreview board approval to begin screening patients for thefirst ever human face transplant.

In the first few procedures, they only plan to use facialskin and the connective tissue underneath. Patients wouldretain their own underlying muscle, so they wouldn?t looklike their donor....

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Anne Still Has Pneumonia

November 4, 2004: Anne Strieber is not believed to be indanger at this time, but doctors are struggling to defeat apersistent but relatively low-grade pneumonia that has kepther on artificial breathing support since Tuesday.

Your prayers to defeat Anne's infection would be mostappreciated, and always remember to pray for all sick...

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New Bird Flu Danger: Healthy Ducks

Bird Flu is an extremely dangerous disease in human beings,with a 70% death rate. The entire world health community hasbeen watching for two years to see if the disease shouldmutate and become transmissible between people. Now theWorld Health Organization reports that seemingly healthyducks can carry the disease and humans can catch it fromthem...

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Explorers discover Sumatran Yeti

Explorers returning to a remote village near the Bukkantingiregion of Sumatra have found additional evidence pointing tothe existence of a type of ape that is claimed to walkupright like a human. Villagers reportedly saw an animalknown as the ?orang pendek? feeding on soft fruit on a farmon the outskirts of the village.

Witnesses also...

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Is Contact Under Way in India?

Persistent stories out of India indicate that somethingextraordinary is happening there involving UFOs. An Indianengineer working on antigravity propulsion has describedstudying advanced technology in "package" form--technologiesready made to be analyzed and duplicated. But where are theyfrom?

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Quadriplegic man sends email with his mind

A 24 year old quadriplegic man plays computer games andchecks his email just by thinking about it thanks to a smallsensor surgically implanted into the man?s motor cortex.The tiny chip monitors signals sent from up to 100 neuronsat a time.

Cyberkinetics, a Massachusetts company, developed theminuscule BrainGate chip as an alternative to...

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Cancer study proves cell phone risk

The first study ever to prove that using a cell phoneincreases the risk of cancer has concluded in Sweden. Thestudy is considered relatively small, though it is thelargest of its kind ever to prove the connection betweencell phones and cancer.

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9/11 Victims Petition NY Attorney General for Criminal Investigation

On Thursday October 28, 2004, an assembly including thefamilies of 9/11 victims, survivors, and advocates delivereda complaint to the office of New York Attorney General EliotSpitzer asking for a complete criminal investigation of the9/11 terrorist attack.

Dissatisfied with both the 9/11 Commission Report and the2002 Joint Intelligence...

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Titan far more complex than previously thought

Saturn?s moon Titan is electrifying the scientific communitybecause it appears to be ?geologically alive,? that is tosay, involved with complex chemical processes, weather andother changes that could be very much like the changes thattook place on earth as life was just beginning.

On October 26, the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft, a project...

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