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November 2004

'Key" Moon Prophecy Appears True

In Whitley Strieber's book the Key, theMaster of the Keystates, "You can save yourselves by a number of means...Gaincontrol over your moon, which contains an isotope of heliumthat will become extremely valuable to you if you can devisebetter uses of energy. Otherwise, this will continue to bemined by others."

Now scientists are saying...

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Everyone can be a Spy says Canadian Inventor

Canadian inventor Vincent Tao has developed a method bywhich anybody with a web browser can become a high tech spy.

The engineer at York University in Toronto says that hismapping and surveillance tool can produce images so sharpthat the makes of cars can be discerned, as can the clothingpeople are wearing, although not the details of...

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Is Our World Real? Maybe Not...

The question of whether or not our world is real has beendebated since the time of the ancient Greeks. Recently,films like the Matrix have suggested that 'reality' could bean entirely artificial construction.

Now two scientists are saying that it might just be true.Physicist Martin Rees and mathematician John Barrowspeculate that the...

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Volcanos May Hasten Climate Change

Volcanic eruptions are more likely to cause world weather changes than possible impacts from comets, a team of scientists told the American Geophysical Union. Massiveeruptions of magma, ash and gas, which are spewing out of Popocatepetl near Mexico City right now, can have a severe and lasting impact on the world?s climate. Andvolcanic activity...

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DNA Proves Extinctions not Due to Man

The book theComing Global Superstorm was criticized for making the casethat mass extinctions of various types of bison, mammoths,horses in the Americas and many other large animals aroundthe world, were due to sudden climate change.

The conventional wisdom was that these extinctions were dueto mass slaughter by human beings. Now it...

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Another Stonehenge Found in Russia?

Russian archaeologists believe that they have discoveredanother Stonehenge. The 4,000 year old structure appearssimilar in construction to Stonehenge, and means that theculture that created the famous British site might have beenestablished across a vast area of the world in prehistory.

In addition to the remains of the structure found...

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Dolphins Save People from Sharks

Strange animal behavior has been on the rise, and now a podof dolphins, acting in an organized way, has saved a groupof swimmers from a great white shark.

The pod of dolphins circled the swimmers off the coast ofNew Zealand, herding them in a tight circle, then swimmingaround them. The swimmers soon noticed that there was agreat white...

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Whitley Back on Dreamland

Whitley Strieber returns to Dreamland this week with anexplosive interview with Loren Coleman about his white-hotnew book,the CopycatEffect. Loren's research proves that the media is one ofthe primary engines causing ultra-violence in our society.

Loren will present case after case of ultra-violence thatactually started with lurid media...

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Richmond Booms May Be Explained

Richmond police announced today that several 'pressureproducing devices' had been found in a neighborhood in NorthRichmond. Fire Captain Mike Martin told assembled reportersthat the devices had been found both above and below ground.

Police cordoned off an area of North Richmond whileinvestigating the devices. They said that there was no...

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Quakes, Typhoons Scare Japanese into Gold

After an incredible season of earthquakes and typhoons,nervous Japanese investors are buying gold despite the factthat its price is at a 16 year high and the Japanesetraditionally sell gold into high markets.

The buying is coming because of a growing perception inJapan that the earth's climate is changing fast, and therewill soon be...

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Strange, Powerful Storms in US

A highly unusual snowstorm blanketed Southern Californiamountains with up to three feet of snow, and even dusteddesert areas.

At the same time, extraordinary rainfall across central,southern and eastern Texas caused extensive flooding, andwas contiuning as this was being written.

Flooding in Texas has been far more extensive than...

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Vast Extinction Crisis Looms

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEW) will publisha report on Wednesday stating that more than 11,000endangered animal and plant species, including more than1,000 mammal species, or 1/4 of the world's total, arelikely to go extinct over the next few decades. 12% of birdspecies and over 5,000 different plant species are alsolikely to...

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Mark Macy Subscriber Chat

Mark Macy of is oneof the world's leading exponents of spiritualtranscommunication using technological devices such as taperecorders, televsion and radios.

His interview for our subscribers has been extremelypopular, and we are presenting the text of the live chat hedid on Saturday in the subscriber section for everybody...

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Fierce Storm Whips Across Europe

As predicted by global warming models, Europe continues tobear the brunt of unusually ferocious seasonal storms. Thelatest devastation took place over the past 48 hours when awinter storm generated sustained winds of over a hundredmiles an hour in many areas, leading to extensive damage andat least fifteen deaths, mostly in road accidents...

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Bizarre Israeli Intelligence Failure

To the astonishment of the world intelligence community,Israel failed to intercept a Hizbollah drone that flew overthe northern Israeli town of Nahariya on November 8.

The reason was that a Patriot Missile battery that couldhave shot the drone down had been removed from the westernGalilee area had been removed on that day. Hezbollah...

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Mystery Booms in US and UK

Mystery booms are being heard in Ft. Wayne, Indiana,Richmond, Virginia and in England. As reported in September, Ft. Wayne has experiencedthe sounds before.

The sounds have the "snap and roll" characteristics of sonicbooms made by high speed jets when they fly at supersonicspeeds, but so far there has been no...

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We Almost Went Extinct

We almost went the way of the dinosaur. Humans came close to extinction 70,000 years ago, when genetic research shows that there were only about 2,000 of us alive. Just one major disease or environmental disaster (like the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs), and we wouldn't be here today. Unlike chimps, who are our closest relatives, all...

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Possible Second Mad Cow Case in US

The US Agriculture Department has announced that a secondpossible case of mad cow disease has appeared in the UnitedStates. Officials would not say where the possible case wasdiscovered, but earlier information suggested that such acase might be taking place in or near Ulster County, NY.

However, until an official determination is made...

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Strange Cloud in China

A gigantic cloud 26,000 feet high turned day into night overLiaoning Province in northeastern China on November 12. Thecloud, which appeared around noon, kept parts of theprovince in total darkness for up to half an hour.

The cloud was accompanied by fierce lightning, but no wind,hail or rain was reported. The phenomenon emerged when...

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Air Force Looks at Teleportation

The US Air Force is exploring a radically new method offlight: teleportation. Eric Davis of Warp Drive Metricsdescribes his Teleportation Physics Study in this way:

"This study was tasked with the purpose of collectinginformation describing the teleportation of materialobjects, providing a description of teleportation as itoccurs in...

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Anniversary of 1st UFO Sighting

Contrary to popular belief, the first UFO was not seen bypilot Kenneth Arnold in 1947. The first UFO sightingrecorded in modern times took place on November, 17, 1882when the British Royal Observatory at Greenwich described "astrange celestial visitor--a circular object glowing green."

The observatory offered no theory regarding the...

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Anne Strieber On the Road

Anne Strieber has left intensive care and is beginningstrength rehabilitation. She has lost strength due to amonth of medically necessary bed rest, and must engage inspecial exercises to regain it. She has no neurologicaldeficits, and is expected to make a full recovery.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site...

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Nanotech May Make Alzheimer's Test Possible

A tragedy of modern medicine has been doctors' inability todiagnose Alzheimer's disease. Now a stunning newnanotechnology process might make early diagnosis possible.Along with new treatments in testing, this could lelp savemillions from the living death of this disease.

A process called the Bio-Barcode-Assay can recognise ADDL,the...

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Bear Fossils Hint at Much Earlier Human Presence in Americas

For years, paleontologists have believed that ice blockedoverland migration from Asia to the Americas until 13,000years ago. As a result, the profession has routinely ignoredevidence of a human presence in the Americas prior to thisdate, no matter how compelling.

Now brown bear fossils in Canada reveal that migration waspossible at least...

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Underwater City off Cyprus Could be Atlantis

Underwater archaeology is in its infancy, and highlycontroversial, but now a new sunken city has been found in1,600 meters of water about sixty miles off the coast ofCyprus. Given its depth, this city must have been submergedat least 11,000 years ago, meaning that the whole history ofcivilization in the Mediterranean will need to be rewritten...

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Indonesia Fires Major Global Warming Problem

Peat burning in bogs in Indonesia may be the explanation forthe sharp rise in atmospheric CO2 that was observed lastyear. CO2 is the main gas responsible for atmosphericwarming, and it has been rising since record keeping beganin 1950. The rate of increase has risen from around 0.8parts per million per year in the 1960s to around 1.5 ppmper...

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Dire Al Qaeda Threat Amid CIA Turmoil

As a new and dire warning appeared from Al Qaeda, theCentral Intelligence Agency has been thrown into what formersenior CIA officials are describing as ?turmoil? by thefriction between newly appointed CIA Director Porter Gossand career CIA personnel, especially key senior officers.

Meanwhile, a smallArabic-language website is reported to...

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Whitley's Journal: I've Got My Girl Back!

Whitley Strieber has written another beautiful journal entryabout the ordeal he is sharing with his beloved wife Anne.This one speaks of the great triumph that is unfolding intheir lives--Anne is coming back, she's waking up. AsWhitley puts it, "I've got my girl back!"

To read it, click here.

Did you know that Anne Strieber is...

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Anne Strieber in Strong Recovery

Anne Strieber has left intensive care and is making a strongand full recovery from her recent intercranial bleed. Shehas licked all of her infections and is on an excellent roadto complete recovery.

Anne says thanks for all your prayers and healing. Shefirmly believes that you were a silent but powerful partnerwith her superb medical...

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Arctic Melting Far Faster than Expected

Yesterday we reported on a developing antarcticcatastrophe--rapid warming of the area that was setting thestage for mass extinction.

Now it appears that the arctic is melting so fast thatcoastal areas of the United States are liable to becompletely under water by the end of the century, and tosuffer serious and ongoing tidal damage long...

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