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Anne Strieber to Attend Revelations Symposium

Anne Strieber's recovery has proceeded far enough to enable her to attend the Revelations Symposium where she and Clare Henry will present a program on angels in their lives. Until today, Anne's plans were unsure, but her doctor has cleared her to make the trip, so we're going to enjoy a wonderful presentation that will open our minds to one of the most inspiring but denied realities of our time. As always, Anne is eager to meet attendees personally who would like to discuss their close encounter experiences and share with her the joy of prayer.


Wonderful...wish I could be there!

Well done, Anne! I too, wish I could be there! Hope to see you next year!

I'm glad she feels well enough to go. That's super news!!!!

Very wonderful to hear that! I know she tolerated my disorganized writing so many years ago. I really wanted to go to this conference, but I have an art opening on the 18th in Bisbee, half continent away. It will mean a lot to one day attend one of your conferences, especially one which might broadly lean toward aesthetic issues and the unknown, and having read Graham Hancock's Supernatural, I know that is a great possibility.

I am so grateful for your speedie recovery Anne and look forward to more interviews and love when you share your knowledge from all the letters you have read over the years. THANK YOU so much for the education you provide.
You and Whitley were in a dream of mine and you both shook your heads and said why are you still moving those material things when you need to join on the path. Hopefully one day I will meet you consciously.

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