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An Amazing Experience

Anne writes in her new Diary: We just had a classic LA experience: We went to a screening on the Warner Brothers studio lot. This is the kind of experience that makes you feel like a movie biz "insider"?especially if you're not. But here?s the most amazing part: It was a UFO documentary.

We saw The Phoenix Lights, the wonderful film produced and directed by Dr. Lynne Kitei, who has been a guest on Dreamland Radio. While I was familiar with the film, since we sell the DVD on our store, I was thrilled to see it on the big screen. I was delighted all over again at how convincing it is. Chris Owens, of Warner Brothers, arranged the screening. He discovered the Phoenix Lights because he's a fan of

Dr. Lynne is a scientist and as such, she takes a healthily skeptical approach to the strange lights that she, and hundreds of other people, saw in Phoenix. And new footage added to the end of the film shows that they're still seeing them!

This documentary is light years away from the usual kinds of stuff you see on TV, with one scientist pointing out a light in the sky with a stick and extolling it, while another debunks it by explaining it away as a comet, experimental aircraft, etc. We've all become bored by this type of thing.

Kitei hit upon the idea of interviewing ordinary witnesses who saw lights. They chose creditable people, such as scientists, politicians and medical professionals, the kind of people who have no reason to want to attract attention to themselves in any way. In the film, a military man, with face blanked out and speaking through a voice changer, states definitely that no aircraft were being tested in the area on the nights when the huge black triangle craft was seen slowly crossing the sky above the city. Steve Lantz recreated these effects beautifully.

The witness testimony reminds me of something Msgr. CorradoBalducci of the Vatican said to Whitley once. He pointed out that one of the most important events in human history, the crucifixion of Christ and his subsequent resurrection, is believed in by millions of people thanks to the testimony of only a few ordinary witnesses. We published The Communion Letters because we believe in the power of ordinary witnesses.

The UFO mystery won't be solved by government revelations. It will be solved when enough of these witnesses get together and say, "I saw it too." Some will even have the courage to tell about their personal experiences with the Visitors.

Many people came up to us at the screening and told Whitley how much they love his books, as well as our website. It made me realize that the best thing I ever did in my long career of being a muse for my husband (and eventually a writer myself) is this: I believed him when he finally told me about his Visitor experiences and I convinced him, when he wrote Communion, not to try to answer the question of why they're here or what they're doing, but to leave the question open. Someday we'll know that answer, but we have a long road to travel first, not only through contact but also through new discoveries in quantum physics about how the universe really works.

Right now too many of us are stuck in the "good versus evil" dichotomy, which obscures the truth. The Visitors are neither good nor evil, they just ARE?but what are they? But the human race has always marched inexorably onward, and we'll get the answers to our questions eventually.

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