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ADHD - A Disease of Modern Times?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), is a neurobehavioral condition that has risen to epidemic proportions in recent times. The symptoms include inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsive behavior.

Psychologist Enrico Gnaulati, of Pasadena, California, claims that ADHD is now “as prevalent as the common cold.”

The causes may not be known, but one thing is certain, the condition is running rife through the children of Western society.

“So many kids have trouble these days,” says long-time ADHD researcher L. Alan Sroufe, professor emeritus at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. “I doubt it’s a change in our genetic pool. Something else is going on.”

The disorder seems to be most prevalent in areas of specific geographic, ethnic and cultural peculiarities; for example, in the predominantly "blue" state of California, ADHD is relatively uncommon, yet North Carolina, a typically "red" state, the condition is widespread, with the state's children being 2.5 times more likely to be diagnosed.

The most typical ADHD sufferer is likely to be a middle class teenage boy, with up to 30 per cent of teenage boys in North Carolina having confirmed symptoms; however diagnoses in other categories, such as pre-schoolers, girls and adults, are steadily rising. Across the whole of the US, one in ten children have been tested and diagnosed with the condition.

Richard Scheffler, a health economist at the University of California at Berkeley and co-author of a new book entitled The ADHD Explosion, says "It's getting scary."

Scheffler and his colleague and co-author Stephen P. Hinshaw, a psychologist at Berkeley, have examined the causes behind the rapid rise in diagnosis rates across the country.

They examined demographics, health care policies, cultural values and other potential factors, before happening upon a school policy that Scheffler calls “the closest thing to a silver bullet.”

Incentive laws introduced in US schools to increase productivity and raise test scores are thought to be a factor in the high diagnosis rates in North Carolina, which was one of the first states to introduce them. The laws, which include accountability processes, and punishment/reward tactics for missing or exceeding targets, provide an incentive to highlight and support children who are under-performing.

This fact could explain the increase in diagnoses, but does not give a reason for the development of the condition. Is there a physiological reason, or could it be a mental health disorder created by a unique set of social or cultural factors?

The rate of diagnosis certainly varies from country to country, but this could be due to detection rates rather than prevalence of the condition. It has been found that the brains of those suffering from ADHD are actually different to non-sufferers. They appear to be slightly smaller, and short on the receptors required to activate the neurotransmitter dopamine. Beyond these limited observations, there is no way of conclusively diagnosing the disorder using a brain scan, so ADHD is generally diagnosed by checking a list of nine symptoms of inattentive behavior compiled by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM, from the American Psychiatric Association.

The DSM dictates that a sufferer should display the symptoms consistently in more than one type of environment.ADHD can also be mistaken for other health issues. A new book by Richard Saul, entitled ADHD Does Not Exist, lists 25 conditions that can appear to manifest as ADHD, including sleep deprivation, immaturity, particularly in boys who are often a year or more behind girls in basic self-regulation.

Other often-mistaken causes for inattentive behavior can be due to simple vision and hearing issues.

“Until you get glasses, it’s very hard to understand what [the teacher] is speaking about if you can’t see the board,” says Saul. “Same with hearing.”

Other conditions misdiagnosed as ADHD range from bipolar disorder to Tourette’s syndrome, but, despite the unequivocal title of his book, Saul admits that 20 per cent of those diagnosed are “neurochemical distractible impulsive,” and do have genuine ADHD.

A new study has provided some evidence that the onset of ADHD could be triggered by the use of a particular drug during pregnancy. Research by Liew et al into the effects of Acetaminophen (Tylenol) has recently been published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics. The study, which followed over 64,000 families in the Danish National Birth Cohort, found evidence to suggest that prenatal use of the drug could double the risk of behavioral disorders in children. Post-natal diagnoses of the hyperkinetic disorder (HKD), a severe form of ADHD, were recorded, and the number of prescriptions for ADHD medications (e.g. Ritalin).

Though there is not yet sufficient evidence for public recommendations to be made regarding the use of the drug, the findings appeared to reveal that Acetaminophen was strongly linked to an increased risk of ADHD diagnosis in the first seven years of life which was 30% greater than in those who had not taken the drug.

“When women reported having used acetaminophen for 20 or more weeks during pregnancy, the risk for HKD diagnosis in children almost doubled,” stated the paper.

Based on these results, the authors suggest that pregnant women should be aware of the risk and seek to discuss it with their physician. Acetaminophen can cross the placenta and travel to the fetus, potentially affecting the development of its delicate nervous system. The drug is a known endocrine (hormone) disrupter, being previously linked to cases of undescended testes in male infants.

The study authors propose that it’s “possible that acetaminophen may interrupt brain development by interfering with maternal hormones or via neurotoxicity such as the induction of oxidative stress that can cause neuronal death.”

The study does not provide definitive proof that ADHD is caused solely by Acetaminophen, merely a correlation between its use and incidences of the condition. Other genetic and environmental factors could also be influencing the results, so further research is required, but it would be sensible for pregnant women to avoid taking Acetaminophen until more is known.

As far as other causes for the development of ADHD, nutritional factors are also thought to be significant. Studies shown that those with ADHD may be deficient in some vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids. Symptoms were found to improve when patients improved their diets and took specific vitamin and mineral supplements.
Scientists have cited food additives, refined sugars, food allergies and impaired fatty acid metabolism as factors that could have adverse effects on behavior. A diet high in processed foods and soft drinks may lead to peaks and troughs in blood sugar, triggering periods of hyperactivity.

A review of research on adults revealed that “adequate levels of glucose in the blood facilitate attention control.” The researchers stated that “Acts of self-control deplete relatively large amounts of glucose. Self-control failures are more likely when glucose is low. Restoring glucose to a sufficient level typically improves self-control.”

Specifically for ADHD, there is some evidence for a role in increasing the intake of omega-3 fatty acids, found in oily fish (such as salmon, herring, mackerel, anchovies and sardines), flaxseeds and linseeds.

Dr. Natalie Sinn of the University of South Australia in Adelaide says that “the current evidence supports nutritional and dietary influences on behavior and learning in children, with the strongest support to date reported for omega-3 fatty acids.”

The cause of the disorder may well be multi-factorial, but its place in our society is unfortunately becoming increasingly well-established, and more research needs to be conducted in order to prevent it from escalating further. The prospect of a new generation of children with established mental health disorders must be a huge concern for us all. Share your experiences with us here at Unknown Country - subscribe today to leave your valuable comments

The most probable causes are cereal grains, refined sugars, caffeine, beans, dairy, and artificial ingredients. In short, the Neolithic Diet.

It's possible that Aliens introduced mankind to these poisonous food sources in pre-agricultural times in order to control and destroy us.

Really - aliens gave pre-agricultural humans refined sugar & empty nutrition processed foods? Might as well blame them for GMO's as well!

What has happened to the premise that we as humans can be self regulating & responsible for our actions & the consequences?

Surely the frenetic pace of life for many children contributes to ADHD. The demands on a child's limited time (homework, video games, smartphone use, etc) usually facilitate intense multi-tasking. The child's attention, drive and motivation is radically divided between activities and results in stressful "parallel" thinking and cognition. When the child tries to concentrate on a single task, or a small number of tasks, the brain has to shift from parallel processing to what it has really evolved for--serial processing. I wonder if these stressful shifts are at work in many cases of diagnosed ADHD.

Spooklog: I agree that constant interruptions in the thought process create instability and chaos in the emotional and mental state of humans. However, the root cause is cereal grains, which is the original impetus for the phenomena. Cereals create chaos in the mind, which manifests in the environment in machines, human knowledge, culture, politics. In short, cereals contribute to instability in all areas of human existence. Cereal grains are the fundamental cause, they are the root interruption. Humanity reflects the horrid impact of cereal grains in their diurnal activities.

Cereal grains are the bane of modern society; cereal pestilence is basically everywhere today, in most countries on Earth. That they are edible and safe is something that has been accepted by the majority of people for thousands of years. What better way to destroy a society, than by introducing something early on that would have profound effects upon the future of man? Aliens were in that position 10 thousand years ago. Surely Aliens knew that the introduction of a foreign food would have great impacts upon our genes and behavior. They could have ascertained this with their scientific brilliance. I believe they coaxed humans into consuming vast amounts of cereals, while knowing what effects would later appear.

Leem: the point is, the Aliens were advocating and promoting our destruction at a sensitive point in human history, one where we were ignorant of the consequences. That intent is actually malevolent. GMOs, processed foods, refined sugars, these are all products conceived by a mind in chaos, a mind influenced by cereal grains. The experiment or project of these Aliens could be to study the progression of humans feeding on a foreign food substance. In other words, we are lab rats.

If the aforementioned scenario is true, then it constitutes a very important reason for the Aliens continued concealment. If one envisions the Aliens as farmers, then we are the livestock. Controlling livestock through what they consume is a practice applied by humans upon their own livestock---pigs, goats and cows. Aliens may utilize this methodology as well with us. Aliens may benefit from our continued consumption of cereal foods, from the arrangement with humanity as it now stands. Perhaps they eat something resembling cereals, and for reasons of creating alien/human hybrids they want us to ingest them as well. It would make our genes more malleable for them.

Humans have so rationalized their involvement with cereal grains and disease that we don't have cures for many diseases. As stated in this article, "The causes may not be known". Get it? It's a big mystery! Surely our interaction with a complex foreign invader (in the form of cereal grains) has befuddled us no end. Unless we can come up with an "Anti-cereal grain pill", not many of these diseases will be cured, probably forever. That's because cereals are embedded deeply in our culture and cuisine. The disease is caused by something very prevalent in the bodies of humans---cereals. If we remove the cause, then we have a chance. But if Aliens are still promoting cereals and other foods in order to control our civilization, then we face a definite uphill climb.

so Mace, what is the alien's agenda? What do they want? Why are they doing this? Why do they want to control us so much?

If you have such a strong belief against them, you must have some facts about what they are up to. Please share. Or are you just another zealous religious fanatic passing the buck, unable to accept that maybe humans are not such a nice lot afterall. Who gets paid the dividends in wheat futures, pharma stock? Humans or aliens? Come think about it ... follow the $$$!

No. Humans are wholly responsible for the state of humanity, not the aliens.

Human greed is one of the major causes of the current human condition - greed and the need for profit. It's that simple. Out of that greed we've developed a civilisation that is mortally harmful.

WE are the ones responsible for the poisoned food and water supply. As a species, we should take responsibility for our actions and stop this nonsense of blame on another species.

We have one advantage right now and without it we might all be much worse off: we have created the internet, and with it a web of information that can help millions of people with their physiology, education, consciousness, is freely available for most people on the planet. If we are clear headed and calm as we search for solutions, we can solve the problems.

Science is progressing at incredible speeds, but it's up to each person to ACTIVELY search for his or her own private resolution.


I feel much of it is over-stimulation, beginning in the womb. We live in world that is never quiet, and our society is such that to just sit and be still deems us lazy. We are EXPECTED to multi-task. We also plunk our children down at ever younger ages and expect them to sit in a classroom, behave, and disassociate from nature and their own 'natures.' They are not even allowed to just be kids anymore by laughing, playing, and being creative all on their own. Everything is planned and organized. In addition, if a child is the least bit different from the pack, the school systems in our country feel obligated to slap a labels on them. "There must be something wrong, because this child is not like the other ones."

Note that the article states that "...the condition is running rife through the children of Western society." Western society...It is our society at issue here, and it goes beyond nutrition, chemicals, and other environmental causes. We have become a society of 'extremes', where even brands of chewing gum have the word 'Extreme' on the label. Reality shows are rife with examples of extreme behavior, and our society idolizes some of these people and follows their antics via TV, Twitter, and Facebook. Being 'extreme' is considered hot these days. So, is it any wonder that we now have a growing number of 'extreme' children?

Blue Wren: I put forth the proposition that Aliens interfered with us in the past by introducing us to cereal grains and a few other foods, such as beans, squashes and a few others. I consider it a plausible theory. Here's what I believe regarding the situation.

1. Primitive man by instinct avoided these foods during the caveman era and previously. Something interrupted that cycle.

2. Such a conspiracy was easy for Aliens to implement, and it was basically untraceable and unprovable. All they had to do was coax mankind into eating something new, at the proper moment in our past.

3. Once man realized these foods could be stored for periods of time, it improved his perception of these foods. Starvation was no longer as big a issue. There were strong reasons for keeping these foods around.

4. In the beginning, humans barely noticed they were getting new diseases. Once they consumed grains long enough, they forgot about their past degree of radiant health. Contamination by grains is an insidious process.

5. The experiment, once initiated, is self sustaining and would continue into the future. Humans would blithely perpetuate the experiment through their beliefs.

6.Most humans would rationalize their circumstance as they became more polluted by cereals. Denial is a reliable, obvious factor.

7. This devolution would lead to worsening conditions as new inventions were put on the market (GMOs, refined and processed products)

8. Humans would be made more docile, more easily controlled.

9. Human greed would be reinforced emotionally by a body in constant starvation mode. This would create more problems for the human race, causing strife and arguments.

10. Knowing they caused the problem, Aliens would remain hidden in order not to disrupt their agenda. The truth would not be discovered.

I don't purport to have all of the answers regarding an Alien Agenda. Notice that I said that this operation is basically untraceable and unprovable. That's the reason why it is so dangerous. One does not have to follow the money either. If this project is in play, predictable effects just naturally occur over time. All the authors have to do is wait patiently, making money is not a concern. Once the plan is deeply entrenched, it self-sustains. I see this as problematic.

I know this seems like a paranoid rant. However, I am aware of what cereal grains can do to health. A safe diet is a Paleolithic one, which means eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, eggs, and meat if you wish. Perhaps the Aliens introduced us to cereal grains, perhaps they did not. I put forth the idea for discussion.

There are reasons to avoid these foods.

The Aliens don't want money, it's irrelevant to them. What they want are real resources, human genetic resources. That's money to them.

Fruit, enjoyed in moderation, is the safest way to maintain glucose levels. It also encourages dopamine receptors to form.

I have to ask the question, if there is a conspiracy, and Aliens want us to be mired in a certain condition, why would they want us to feel less emotions? Dopamine is involved with emotional states of pleasure. The answer is this: emotions can create rebellious thoughts, and the Aliens want us to be compliant and conforming.

I am going to go out on a limb here and just state flatly that we cannot blame EVERY societal problem, human frailty, or flaw in our spiritual, emotional, or physical bodies on the 'New World Order', the 'alien agenda' or any other outside manipulation. Quite frankly, that lets us off the hook for taking responsibility for our own thoughts, deeds, and actions.

Ancient man was once hanging on by a thread several thousand years ago. They were not thriving physically either. Mankind was very close to extinction around 70,000 years ago---worldwide the population may have been as low as 10,000. The development of agriculture, especially cereal grains, led to a healthier human being and increased our numbers. It allowed more time for leisure and other activities, including creativity leading to the arts and writing.

We have reached a critical point in our development as a species. If you want to make the case that we have allowed food to determine our destiny, that there are way too many pesticides, herbicides, and genetic manipulation going on (fostered by our own greed, over-consumption and uncontrolled growth), it makes sense. At this point in history, it appears that our spiritual selves, our souls, are facing starvation. Aliens? No. We are our own worst enemies.

Cosmic: blame essentially comes down to one factor, the food supply. Especially cereal grains. That's the root cause of our ills. If Aliens needed a conspiracy, providing humans with cereals is about the most efficient one. Perhaps they did it for our own good, even. Nothing is beyond the realm of possibility. Maybe they are using it to help us evolve. Or maybe they are using it to help us devolve.

The consumption of cereal grains only increased our well being as far as individual survival went and increased populace. It added many diseases, ones which the cavemen did not have to endure. It led to more leisure time; man did not have to hunt as much as he did before. This is another reason why adopting cereal grains as a foodstuff is attractive, on the surface it appears to make sense. However, it leads to a progressive disintegration over time. Have you considered why music is conveying less and less emotion over time? It is because dopamine is literally being stripped from our brains by foods that do not sustain emotions. The brain itself is shrinking in response, due to a lack of neurochemical mediums. Evidence of this is becoming more apparent all the time.

I see you chose not to debate my points, on which there are many listed above. I worry about denial, how about you? Conspiracies thrive when there is denial. Certainly, it is comfortable for a human to sustain a diet they are comfortable with. Ask them to cease eating cereal grains, and you are asking them to cut off their own arm!

Our only hope is for us to decide we do not want these foods in our diet. I know that Steve Jobs was infected with cancer (his diet was not perfect) but look at what he accomplished as a Fruitarian. He certainly was on to something.

Cosmic: I agree that we should eliminate pesticides, herbicides, GMOs and other extraneous poisons. However, recall that the road that got us to this point has been paved with cereals and other poisonous foods (beans, refined sugars, dairy, squashes). I assert that they are the original cause of our problems.

Well written informative article which I was mostly satisfied until this paragraph:

"The cause of the disorder may well be multi-factorial, but its place in our society is unfortunately becoming increasingly well-established, and more research needs to be conducted in order to prevent it from escalating further. The prospect of a new generation of children with established mental health disorders must be a huge concern for us all."

It isnt just the cause that is multi-faceted -- its the disorder itself that is multi-faceted, and, imo, too often misdiagnosed. I find it a problem to view ADHD as a "mental" disorder. I tend to agree w/Mace that most cases of what we are often diagnosing as ADHD can be "cured" or regulated w/dietary and environmental changes alone. There are too many toxins in our food and environment. Its not surprising that it exacerbates "nervous system" (the body electric) disorders -- which in turn, knock other systems off. Some individuals diagnosed may need additional coping skills and some guidance w/habits and procedures that can navigate the individual through life. We have to stop trying to cookie-cutter our world. What is it that seems to drive us to uniformity? (or else there is something medically wrong with you). (There isnt much that uniform about earth and her inhabitants.) So why are humans moving in this direction? (Aliens?)

The drive in education is on for cookie cutter teachers, a cookie cutter curriculum (wouldnt want any teachers bringing up any non-approved concepts, ideas, procedures, etc). and cookie cutter data analysis of the children of tomorrow. Of course, this is all so that we can have a cookie-cutter world. Bon appetit!

I believe that much of we see as ADHD in children is pure boredom. Many of these children are so bored in school (and perhaps outside of school) that it literally drives them crazy. Lack of focus is often just the child's body rebelling at "fill the brain" kind of education. In some/many? cases, the child is so excited about what they are learning -- they are making connections, extrapolating, asking questions -- but the teacher is required to keeping moving, to keep the lesson within the assigned parameters -- that creative and exploratory thinking is discouraged or worse -- misdiagnosed as "inattentiveness". There are few opportunities in education today to explore, to consider, to experiment with, to develop a concept. Many teachers have been trained to create curriculum that encourages multiple intelligence growth -- but test/data driven education is making a mockery of intelligence and creativity. Add to that -- the US's pathetic knod to what passes for physical activity in most schools and its a recipe for disaster -- particularly with younger people whose bodies' major priority is working to achieve its maximum physical potential.

Most horribly -- putting young people on ADHD drugs "brings them down" emotionally -- not unlike the semi-blank stupor that you see on over-medicated elderly. I have yet to see an exception. In my opinion, this only handicaps them further during a period in their life where they need to grow emotionally with their peers as well as family members. It breaks my heart that, for many, due to misdiagnosis, the drugs do nothing to help them and everything to hurt them.

Seeing the change in children who move from being labelled "ADHD" to the medicine they are put on is sad indeed. Even in situations where it seems to "work" -- i.e., the child is able to learn better -- the personality change is dramatic. Mothers cry and lament -- where has their child gone? I cant say what the solution is for those who truly require medication -- but I dont believe the current solution is it.

There is a huge drive by the pharmaceutical companies to put people on "maintenance" medications. Their ads dominate the evening news and morning news shows. Mis-diagnosis and over-diagnosis seem to be rampant in every age group. While I dont believe that grains are "absolutely" bad for you, I do agree w/Mace that cereals (breads, etc -- sweet and non) are a huge culprit in many of the health issues our world is facing. We do eat way too much (as a civilization). I tend to agree that the proliferation of grains in the human diet probably began w/slavery. What if our "emergency food rations" suddenly (or not so suddenly) became our normal diet even without the disaster? I cant help but think of all those movies of poor people/slaves dipping their bread into milk (so as to precipitate some whole proteins). Whether the masters were other humans or aliens, I will not venture a guess. imo, grains are mostly good for calories -- but not a very efficient way of obtaining nutrients. Calories are a measure of energy to do work (they keep you going) -- nutrients help keep us healthy and are necessary to both grow and repair the body. Both are required, but which do you think you should eat more of if one plans on remaining healthy for the long run?

p.s. if you want kids to eat more vegetables and fruit -- buy the organic ones. They taste much better (and are much better for you). Baby carrots are relatively cheap and make a great fast food snack. Cut up a organic apple and cover with an organic nut butter. Buy your peanuts at the organic store, too. I think its the farming and processing that's causing many of the peanut allergies (as well as allergies to other foods that are infused w/pesticides during growth and processed w/GMO sweetners, etc.). Sunflower seeds are also relatively inexpensive at the health food stores. Try to find a place that sells grains, nuts, herbs, spices, etc. in bulk (without the commercial packaging). You can usually find the freshest goods at the cheapest price.

Blue: I agree with many of your comments. Surely we can agree that refined grains and other poisonous foods are deleterious to health. The quick release of energy from metabolizing a refined grain (glucose spike) jerks the cells around and throws the blood into disarray. Organic fruits and vegetables are also quite superior to the ones without the toxic chemical cocktails included, pesticides, fertilizers, etc. Fruits and vegetables have plenty of nutrients contained within them, they are a staple source for a healthy dietary plan.

When you look at the condition our world is in, it is wise to have some level of distrust about what the powers that be are telling us. If Aliens are involved as part of a deception, then why should we trust them? It certainly seems that any form of revolt has been quelled by conformist tendencies of late. We just don't seem to recently have the patience to accept ideas that are unfamiliar.


I appreciate your ideas, but making the assumption that I am "in denial" is off the mark. If you have read any of my posts in the past, you would be aware that I am not in denial, about high strangeness or even the Visitors, but perhaps just a different point of view than yours about this topic. At this point, this is about theories and ideas about the problem of ADHD and its root causes. We don't actually know, beyond a reasonable doubt, why this 'disease' manifests. I work in public health. I see so many physical, social, and emotional ills that have no pat answers. All I am saying is alien agenda (or not), we all must be self-aware and take responsibility for ourselves and make our own choices. I might add that we should take the time to be aware of how our choices may affect others, and not only people, but the entire biosphere.

Is it do-able, right now, to dump all cereal grains and switch a world of 7 billion people over to nuts, seed, vegetables and fruits? Or is that just reserved for those of us in the Western world? My point is that cereal grains are used world-wide, not just in the West, yet ADHD seems to be prevalent in the West, so there must be something else going on and beyond diet.

Mace, only some of your points I consider valid. The rest I dismiss as completely fallacious. You stand mightily against another species, and not for a moment do you consider that humans are wholly the culprits for the current state of affairs. Luckily for you, I don’t dismiss the alien phenomena. Anybody else who has not encountered them would consider the whole of your argument totally irrelevant. You are indeed an prime example of why the aliens should not make themselves known to humanity at this point. If most humans think like you, and judging by the way most humans behave they do, then humanity is in fact very very immature, and quite likely dangerous for them to be known to humans. Now in response:

1. There is no evidence that confirms prehistoric man’s ‘instinct’. There are no written records, only some cave paintings. How you can get ‘instinct’ from that is anybody’s guess. What we do have is evidence of their existence. At the moment we have evidence that man’s earliest consumption of grain can be dated back to approximately 100,000 years ago. I hypothesise that this date can be pushed even further back, but this can only be confirmed when the discoveries are made. As for ‘something interrupted that cycle’, ever heard of human innovation, resourcefulness, intelligence, ideas?

2. Your point is invalid because it is based on the assumption that the ‘something interrupted that cycle’ was alien intervention. My argument is far more plausible: that human intellect is wholly responsible for thinking of other ways to feed.

3. Agreed and in addition: man eventually realised the value of land and the new concept of ‘land ownership’ was birthed.

4. Implausible. Humans have been consuming grains for the last 100,000 years and are adapted to the old grains. I suggest you research genetic adaptation. It does not take very long for a small genome to alter. Modern wheat has been around for the last 40 years. Modern wheat presently affects millions of people worldwide. However, eventually humans will adapt to modern wheat too.

Infectious diseases, pestilence were the main causes of ill health in heavily populated areas, and those people that lived in rural and village environments lived much healthier lives, provided that their harvest was adequate.

5. Invalid point on the basis that you have again invoked your fanciful ‘alien intervention’ nonsense. There is no ‘experiment’. To blame another species, the gods or fate is pure fallacy. The evidence is clear that humans are responsible for the alteration of the food supply.

6. You have not made your point clear.

7. It’s possible that pockets of humans around the planet can be physically de-evolving when we compare that human to a previous human blueprint, but it is just as valid to state that humans are stronger, taller and healthier than their historical counterparts in say, 600 CE. Genetics and brain plasticity, plus other frontier sciences have to be researched as there are indications these sciences can greatly assist the development of human potential. But to state that the whole of humanity is de-evolving is unlikely if not complete exaggeration.

8. Perhaps you should look at humans wanting to control humans. Follow the money.

9. Refer to Point 8 above.

10. Sheesh! Another one based on utter nonsense. We don’t know their agenda. We know OUR agenda. Follow the money.

You excuse your nonsense argument on the basis that you have “ untraceable and unprovable” evidence. You are appealing to the emotional weakness of others like you who live in fear of nature, gods, demons, aliens, vampires, science, progress. You would fit perfectly well in Medieval Europe with your blind superstition.

You state a circular argument: you say ‘it’s unprovable so its dangerous’. What is provable Mace is that there exists a small group of highly aware humans who have the power to alter the way the rest of the population thinks, eats, sleeps, works, etc. It’s a cabal of power that sits in yours and my governments, and around the world in other respective governments, and it basically pulls the strings - all of them. Their agenda is money and power. That’s all.

As for the Palaeolithic recommendation, please ascertain which strata of Palaeolithic history you are referring to? And which Palaeolithic hominid diet you would like to suggest? If you think eating fruit, vegetables, and animals is Palaeolithic you should consult a little further with Anthropology and educate yourself. In addition, the ‘paleo’ foods you mention and that you obviously buy in your local supermarket are very far from " paleo". Take an apple. Do you really think that a primitive man had access to such sweet fruit? And in such abundance? Do you really think bananas have always been as sugary as they are in the market tray today? You do know that many world zoos have stopped serving fruit to their animals because they’re becoming diabetic don’t you? And you recommend fruit as an important addition to your convoluted idea of a ‘paleo’ diet?

And to finalise. I’m not participant of any diet. I have researched sufficient scientific resources and I follow my own formula for health. I am telling you this so that you realise that research is imperative for the individual to make decisions based on fact rather than emotional knee-jerk reactions. I only eat white rice every day, for the carbohydrate requirement. I consume animals for the moderate protein requirement. Dairy, especially butter for the fat that I require. I also consume dark chocolate for the stearic fatty acid that I require. Coffee, tea for the narcotic that I like. I avoid fruit because of the dangerous levels of fructose in modern fruit - I like my liver and arteries clean thank you very much and I don‘t particularly like the idea that my DNA is altered with every mouthful of fructose. My glucose derives from the carbohydrate in the white rice - that is it. As for vegetables, very little and I don’t consume it for the vitamins, but for the small amount cellulose that my gut residents love to consume and thrive. And when possible I choose organic products.

You admit yourself that you don't have experience with the Paleolithic diet (which consists of eating fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, eggs and meat). Why dispute something that you have no experience with? You do so from a position of ignorance. Experience is the best teacher. If you had perhaps adopted a Paleolithic diet for a period of several months, or a year or more, you would be arguing from a position of strength. I have blood tests that confirm I am in optimal health. I can confer with people whom have had experience with the diet to compare observations, my observations are not 100% subjective. I have years of experience on my side, I have been following a Paleolithic diet plan since year 2000. Recall that Science has nebulous answers when it comes to dietary recommendations. Contrary information comes out every day. Experimenting on oneself is a valid exercise, given the circumstances. It leads to knowledge and wisdom, not superstition. If anything, you are arguing from a superstitious basis; you have never tried the Paleolithic diet plan yourself. You are not an adherent. If you can fathom it, I have discovered a diet that makes my psychic abilities manifest strongly. I'll even share it here with you if you like.

Cereal grains cause many diseases. Research it if you like, but experience is the best resource. Grains directly affect biology.

A modern apple may not have been much like a primitive apple, but it is a question of degree. Cereal grains are almost totally alien, compared to a modern apple. It's a question of how viable a food is for consumption.

Instinct helps animals steer clear of dangerous foods. The ability probably resides in genetic memory, or a collective unconscious. Countermanding this tendency would not easily occur to a healthy caveman living in the wilderness, his instincts would restrict him. I'm suggesting that something else did, and that is not beyond the realm of possibility.

The advent of land ownership also led to the destruction and corruption of the land. These are not of benefit to humans. It does however, set up a basis for Alien domination of the land, assuming they maintained control.

Your "point" that mankind is 100% responsible for all of its problems is unproven. It is simply a "common sense" adage used for general guidance. I'm sure there are elite cabals that are subjugating mankind in many ways. But it is not too far to go to believe that an Alien master lies underneath the veil. Following the money is not a sufficient tool through which to unearth all the veracities regarding our past and present. Watch out for "Invisible Vampires", as Whitley has asserted.

The problem with Aliens revealing themselves is a problem. The problem with Aliens not revealing themselves is a problem. Something has to give.

I indicated from the inception that this idea is a theory. I do not have verifiable proof of the truth; I don't have a time machine. But If you believe that humans are 100% responsible for every single one of their problems you are living in mendacity.

Cosmic: you see how hard it is to change the scenario and convert to fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds? That's one reason why this topic makes sense as a conspiracy, it is hard to change an entrenched system. Now, more than ever.


You said: "You admit yourself that you don't have experience with the Palaeolithic diet (which consists of eating fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, eggs and meat)"

I did no such thing. You read what you want to read and not what I have written. For your further information I have tried the so-called "Palaeolithic" diet for 2 years. For the first 2 months I lost weight, looked great, felt great. I became a believer, a convert with only 60 days experience. Then the problems began and I slid down a slippery slide very fast. But I was resolved into making this 'Palaeo' diet work and for the rest of those 2 years I suffered constant diarrhea, vomiting, migraines, nightmares, hypoglycemia, and massive heart palpitations. It took me another 2 years to resolve the problems by adding starch for the carbohydrate and eliminating the toxins that I ingested from the large amounts vegetables and fruit. If you feel so fabulous eating so much fructose and cellulose then you and I are not of the same species. Good luck.

You said: "Experimenting on oneself is a valid exercise, given the circumstances. It leads to knowledge and wisdom, not superstition"

Agreed. I tried the mislabeled "Palaeolithic" diet and realised it was another stupid fad diet completely unrelated to anything primitive man would have ingested. It is folly to believe that modern fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, animals, are anything similar to the vegetation and animals of that past era. As far as psychic abilities, you can have them - if they mean so much to you.

You said: "Cereal grains cause many diseases. Research it if you like, but experience is the best resource."

Modern wheat is the culprit. Millions of people around the world are currently experiencing the ill effects of this grain. Prior to its introduction, humans were well adapted to grain consumption. You would not exist today if this was not the case.

You said: "Instinct helps animals steer clear of dangerous foods. The ability probably resides in genetic memory, or a collective unconscious. Countermanding this tendency would not easily occur to a healthy caveman living in the wilderness, his instincts would restrict him. I'm suggesting that something else did, and that is not beyond the realm of possibility"

... and I say that what occurred was man's ability to think. You have undermined man's ability to be curious, to observe, and to experiment. The Palaeolithic era is a very long era and there exists sufficient time for hominids to try, succeed and fail at new enterprises.

You said: " The advent of land ownership also led to the destruction and corruption of the land. These are not of benefit to humans"

I disagree. Such activity has benefitted humans enormously. We have a thriving civilisation, planetary wide. We are a dominant species. We have built majestic architecture. We have dreamt the impossible and we can now live in space. We are now at the brink of intersolar travel, even global war. And we did it all eating animals, bark, fat, vegetables, fruit, grains, mud you name it.

You said: "Your "point" that mankind is 100% responsible for all of its problems is unproven"

Really? Ever read a history book?

You said: " I'm sure there are elite cabals that are subjugating mankind in many ways. But it is not too far to go to believe that an Alien master lies underneath the veil. Following the money is not a sufficient tool through which to unearth all the veracities regarding our past and present"

Again, utter nonsense and not really worth responding too. But I do suggest you read some real history to see how messy this so called 'experiment' designed by this so called 'alien master' really is. You are a fanatic Mace. You believe in the devil. You even capitalise the word "Alien" just like christians capitalise the word "Devil". You live in fear that is of your own making. It's not a good place to be. You should trust in humanity's ability to overcome obstacles, in this case, our food supply, our science going bad, our greed for profit regardless of the outcome, and not lay the blame on another species that you don't know anything about. Unsubstantiated accusations based on fear and fallacy leads to dreadful results. The Salem witch trials are a good example. Humanity is a mish mash of events and circumstances, mostly led by the people in power, and mostly for profit. Unplanned circumstances have been exploited, mostly by people in power and again mostly for profit.

You said: "The problem with Aliens revealing themselves is a problem. The problem with Aliens not revealing themselves is a problem. Something has to give"

So much for reasoning.

You said: " I indicated from the inception that this idea is a theory. I do not have verifiable proof of the truth; I don't have a time machine. But If you believe that humans are 100% responsible for every single one of their problems you are living in mendacity"

Mace, you have access to an enormous library of fact available to you every day and every night. You are one of the lucky ones on the planet that can investigate and reason critically but you choose instead to spend your time attacking what doesn't exist. You've fallen for the hype, the superstition, and the fear that is popular on the internet, new agers and the religious, and this is based on only one assumption - that the aliens are evil and deceptive. Half a century ago they would have been called demons and the devil. You haven't even considered the possibility that there is more than one non-human culture observing our little corner of the cosmos, but have banded them all under one banner as an evil "alien".

I know nothing of their agenda, but I do know alot of the human condition. I study, research and think. I also think about thinking, and how I think, and why I think the way I think. Your accusation that I live in mendacity is therefore completely unfounded.

Blue Wren: Okay, I misinterpreted your statement,"I’m not participant of any diet". I thought it applied to the past as well as the present. I can admit when I'm wrong, I'm not that stubborn (I have found it's frequently not a good trait). If you tried the Paleolithic diet plan and had complications, then you were responsible to make adjustments. I still don't agree with your contention that modern wheat is the only cereal grain that is damaging.

With regard to land ownership, I submit that there are both pros and cons. My point was that it set up a scenario whereby Aliens could dominate the land, once man secured it for them.

I don't know why mankind MUST be responsible for all of its problems. Surely you are in the throes of denial when you talk in such absolutes. Such a statement will never be provable, it is inherently flawed. You are acting like a dictator when you decree that only mankind causes its own problems. You don't know the truth.

I deliberately capitalized the word aliens for the duration of these posts. I don't normally do so. I see that you missed the joke.

Calling the theorist a believer in the Devil is a common occurance throughout history. I suppose my theory is offensive enough to inspire such a condemnation from you? I'm guessing that the subject matter of my posts really infuriated you, incurring your ire. Wait, that is alliteration.

I don't mean to imply that all aliens are nefarious. Some may be, but the majority are probably innocuous. I don't know why you have to resort to personal attacks regarding these theories. One alien race may have been enough to induce this scenario, at a particular epoch in time. I think it really bothers you that aliens could be thought of as evil. Perhaps such irrational behavior by aliens irritates your critical faculties. Opportunist aliens may exist. You have to ask the question, why are they hiding? Invisible vampires may operate the most efficiently in the dark; there is a reason why the legend of the vampires tells of them stalking prey by nightfall.

Why must we call them evil aliens? Perhaps a better term would be "lower astral people". Evil aliens are people too.

I consider the theory I outlined a good question to ask. To not ask it may indicate a mind in denial.

Thinking is often not enough, experience is the better educator.

Good reply, Mace. I had missed the emphasis on aliens in your posts, except in reply for further detail/speculation due to a question. I guess we all key in on different points.

My own experience validates your position on cereal grains. Even today, altho I have cut down on grains quite a bit -- when I eat too much of them (and that amount seems to steadily decrease) I think I do become more confused and to some extent -- more beligerant. However, I am still not certain if this is everyone, just me, some of us, a lot of us, or all of us ~ and just a matter of time. I find it difficult to believe they are all bad all the time (anymore than any other food), but I do think we overeat them -- and also that the current GMO meddling w/some of our grains has exacerbated the issue.

I agree w/ your point about the possibility that a particular food could be introduced/emphasized within a population slated for enslavement -- seducing them first by introducing something fast, easy, and not good for them. If it confuses their minds -- so much the better. Many people today still subsist on grains. I have no doubt they think Americans are crazy not to eat more nuts, fruit and vegetables when they are so plentiful. On the other hand, I think children intuitively shy away from these foods when they are laden w/added chemicals and/or grown in soil which produces little nutritional value. And to add insult to injury -- the non-organic kind, imo, dont even taste good!

I totally agree that valid cases of ADHD may be primarily caused by changes in the environment and our food supply both prior to conception, throughout pregnancy, and early childhood. Vaccinations add another layer -- and its hard not to implicate them as part of the toxic mix adding to increases in ADHD.

However, I think most cases of ADHD are misdiagnosed. Some of these children have a different kind of issues (autism/Ausgergers, bi-polar, etc.) But for many, I think we need to rethink the environment we are imposing on our children. I have often thought that many of the children diagnosed w/ADHD are the kind of individuals that cld potentially grow up to be explorers -- the real risk takers in our world -- those who are not afraid and have enough energy, self-esteem, and ability to think/act outside the box. These are the kind of children who can potentially grow up and volunteer to do things that most of us just sit back and wonder at. OR -- they can become addicts and criminals -- or simply indviduals that society did not allow to reach their potential. Something to think about . . .

now to my question, Mace. Why beans? What is it about beans that puts them on your list of foods toxic to humans?

Blue: If I eat grains over an extended period of time I begin to experience mental pain. Corn is particularly corrosive for me, even though it does not contain gluten. Stress is caused by eating grains, which may lead to adrenal failure in the long run. ADHD may be the process of overstimulation as experienced by one under the influence of cereal grains.

Organic food is a clean and healthy way to enjoy feel-good fare. It is food that functions.

I raise the question about alien intervention because tampering at an early point in our history may have escaped our perception. Humans exploit animals for gain, why is it unreasonable for an alien race to treat humans in a similar manner? They may not consider it evil, they are just harvesting a resource. Given the circumstances with worldwide health concerns, it is valid to look for answers and solutions. From the perceptive of an exploitive mind, the arrangement with humans providing genetic information and other gifts may be a happy one. Species exploit other species on Earth. It is not an enlightened viewpoint, but it happens. I know my theory is imaginative and a bit paranoid. But the scenario is probable, given how nature as we know it works.

I urge people to lessen their grain intake, then to see how they feel.

Beans contain some toxins. If you are going to eat beans then sprouts are probably the safest. Cooking degrades food in general, and beans are often cooked in order to make them more palatable.

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