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140 Year Heat Wave Melts Shanghai

An reader reports from Shanghai, "It is hell here. It is far worse than they are saying. The heat is unbelievable, the streets are melting." He goes on to say that the hospitals are clogged and the government is not admitting the truth of just how many people are being affected by Shanghai's worst heat wave in the 140 years that temperature records have been kept in the city.

Shanghai's extreme heat wave joins dozens of other weather extremes, ranging from violent storms to flooding to heat waves and drought from around the world that have characterized Earth's climate in 2013. Today's temperature in Shanghai reached 105.4F, and it is expected to reach 106. Meteorologists anticipate that a cooling trend will set in later in the month.

I am living in Thailand and earlier in the year (april - may) most of Thailand was having almost unprecedented heat. Broke 100 year records. There was about a week in may where the temp where I am living (central Thailand) was 41 - 43 degrees celsius everyday. For us Americans that is 105.8 - 109.4! I have never experienced heat like that before. Add to that tropical humidity it was unbearable. Sadly America does not get to much news from the rest of the world except for the middle east which we get too much of.

Thanks for the report from Thailand. I'm in New Hampshire and the weather here is moderate, no hotter than you'd expect for August. Climate change is real but unfortunately most people decide that if the weather is moderate or a little cool where they happen to live then this "proves" that global warming is a fraud. The costs of dealing with global warming are so high (the entire world economy depends on fossil fuels) that people prefer to be in denial about it.

Most people, liberal or conservative, believe what they want to believe, not what the objective evidence would indicate.

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