Meditation Group
Meditation Group

We try to meditate together at 9PM Pacific Time on Thursday nights for 15 minutes, but you can use the meditation at any time.

Theme for March 15--April 14, 2014

Last month, we returned to the basic of meditation: sensing oneself physically. Now we build on that foundation, extending sensation from the density of blood and flesh into less dense aspects of the body.

It is sometimes difficult to find the foundation of this higher level of search. Is it meditation, contemplation, prayer, reading? Actually, the journey begins in compassion, and it starts with the search to find compassion for oneself. We have addressed compassion before, saying that it isn’t a matter of simply being kind, but that it has another, deeper, dimension. Compassion is about understanding and giving what is needed the most. So, how do we start?

There is inside each one of us a built-in master who stands willing to assist us in our journey. This part of being lies at the borderland between oneself and the conscious energy all around us. To gain access, engage in the sensing exercise, quiet your mind, then ask, ‘tell me what I need the most?’ Sooner or later, an answer will come, most often in a dream. Once that happens, you have begun a wonderful, lifelong journey of discovery with your inner master. This master is, in part, what we call ‘conscience.’ It is deeply moral, truthful and honest. It is joyous, innocent and wise. It is you, and also all of consciousness reflected within you.

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The Meditation Group is for Unknowncountry participants who have an interest in meditation designed to expand awareness and evolve contact. Many of us have direct experience of the effectiveness of meditative states in communication with our visitors.

The Meditation Group meets virtually two to four times a month, and attempts to meditate as far as possible at the same time on the same theme. Group members are NOT informed of themes and times via email, although occasional emails are sent to the group.

To participate, it's necessary to take an active role: make a resolution to visit this page every two weeks. Put a reminder on your calendar, whatever it takes. And meditate with the group as you are able.

You can join the meditation group by leaving your email address here.

To follow the audio meditations designed by Whitley Strieber, Unknowncountry subscribers should go to Whitley's Room and click on subjects in the subject cloud to the right that include the word 'Meditation.' These meditations reflect his own work with the visitors, and are the result of 40 years of personal meditation, and 11 years of meditation with them.

Whitley is always ready to answer questions at

Thank you Whitley..I needed a good laugh.

Whitley, I want to share this and am NOT saying it is true for everyone but it does resonate for me.....

"Where is this silence? Is it in my body or my brain, in memory or in mind?"

When going into meditation and if it is a deep meditation, there is a stirring/tingle in the PINEAL as well as the PITUITARY. It feels like a pendulum moving slowly between the two energy centers, then the movement stops bringing silence. As I thought about this it occurred to me that thought might also be stored here, the kind of thought that is really us and not what we want the world to believe we are; the thoughts that make up our REAL self.

"And we come, through this exploration, to a new question: where am I not only in space, but in time? We end by opening the door to the long shadow that stretches behind us, the true time of our soul."

EARLIER today I decided to go into meditation and sort of observe myself at the same time. I was fortunate in that I was able to go pretty deep (not always possible for me) BUT in spite of it all there was still a little voice I could not control and was not able to continue. I wrote down the words phonetically, took a walk in the park to clear my mind, came home then tried to unravel what I had written down.....The words sounded like..... TORAH KAL GLOW.....This is one of the first websites that came up and the one that made the most sense.

Chapter 8

2 When you kindle the lamps: Spiritually, lighting the lamps of the menorah means igniting our own souls and the souls of others, as King Solomon says, "The lamp of God is the soul of man." The flame of a candle constantly flickers upwards, as if yearning to leave the wick behind and ascend to the heavens. The soul shares this nature, constantly striving to break out of the boundaries imposed on it by the body and the physical world and reconnect with its spiritual source.

At times, however, this nature recedes and becomes dormant. The soul is so blinded by its surroundings that it forgets its natural thirst for Divinity. This is why the lamps must be kindled. They must be reminded of their innate desire to ascend.

The seven lamps signify the seven basic types of souls, each having its particular path in accomplishing God's purposes based on one of the seven basic emotions. Just as the seven lamps are all part of one candelabrum, all the diverse types of Jews form one collective body. Still, because our Divine mission is the purpose of our existence, our separate paths in achieving it make us separate "lamps"; what we do defines who we are.

However, there is a deeper level of the soul, where it has intrinsic value beyond its Divine mission. At this level, the soul is an end in itself rather than merely a means to an end, and there is therefore no differentiation of souls based on the differences in the way they achieve their Divine mission. The Torah therefore first refers to the lamps in general, rather than to a specific number, for the elevation it requires us to seek is intended to reach the level where we are all one.

During my meditation on the 29th of November, I had a hard time concentrating on the silence too. I had good sensation of my body but when I tried to quiet everything else down as I had done the previous week, the silence wasn't there. I wasn't aware of any words in particular. Instead of fighting it, I just sensed my body and imagined the group working together and felt the connectedness of the group.

Carollee, maybe the work you had done earlier on the 29th was present in the group because the work done during meditation is really timeless and at some deep level we are all one?

Just liek to say something down to earth here:

Why can't this message board put the most recent comments at the top instead of at the end?
The first post is from August the 14th 2012!!!

During this meditation there were soft voices chattering all around me BUT from the moment I closed my eyes this song kept playing though my mind.

Barbra Streisand - People

Leaving oneself behind is the beginning of meditation. We are named so early that we never get the chance to experience the simple mystery of being. That's why detaching from our names can be so useful. Beneath the name, there is a rich and original presence, full of mystery and humor and question. False self seeks. Real self is already there.
Leaving oneself behind is the beginning of meditation. We are named so early that we never get the chance to experience the simple mystery of being. That's why detaching from our names can be so useful. Beneath the name, there is a rich and original presence, full of mystery and humor and question. False self seeks. Real self is already there.

There is a previous meditation here on site about group meditation. It involved purple light, if that should jog the memory. Incredibly the date of that meditation is 2005. Seven years ago!

Its a must listen.

Both the 7th and the 14th are Wednesdays, not Thursdays.

Thinking about this, a few things come to mind. One, I have the attention span of a gerbil. I really ought to try studying and memorizing the intention before I start. Overkill? But I would be honoring the aim of all this and taking it seriously an all, and because, you know, gerbil.

Another thing, this was discussed at chat the other day, why is it that the meditation should happen at a specific time. Is it to strengthen a beginner's efforts, is it a placebo technique? It certainly makes me anxious to meet the start deadline - and in effect builds up a certain nervous energy, helpful to the effort now that I think about it. Is this attracting attention which is what that flume of awareness was - an eye sweeping onto my effort watching me flutter in surprise? and being very nice about it too, by not pronouncing - as I would probably question my sanity if I had actually heard something.

I don't expect an answer about this. I'm just wondering.

This was my experience. I was tired but looking forward to this. The major high point for me: after the sensation run-through I started repeating my name over and over until I flittered to a stop, basically forgetting what I was doing. I had to remind myself something about being a child, was it? Did so. Then what? I just stayed there, not thinking of anything, flickering to parts of the body, my feet, my spine. Then just staying still and calm, nothing in particular. I think I was about to tip over into boredom or sleep when quite suddenly , a flow, or burst rather, of warmish light and lightness drenched, just bloomed through me.

I gotta tell you its very startling, so very sudden that it puts you at attention just like that. In fact it was because of this suddeness that l got lost. Okay, okay, what, what do I do now? I forget what I'm supposed to do. I lingered in the sensation, I mutter a few thoughts, hi, hello, I forget what. I imagine an image by Picasso of a woman holding a child because I can't imagine myself as a child, I imagine the soothing words of a mother, my mother's words in my thoughts. I completely forget the details of the intention.

Oh well, I have to get used to that instantaneousness flame of... whatever the heck that was. (Can that happen every time? Will it happen outside of group mediation, on my own? What IS happening when that happens?)

God, this is great, ha. It really is. You gotta give it a try. Who knows what it will be like for you - something completely different. I ended the meditation at 23 after the hour. Went to bed energized, full of well-being, said I love you to my parents in their distant place, went to sleep.

Hello everyone. I must confess that I started this meditation early so as to get into the full spirit of it and let my imagination go where it would.

After erasing my current name I went inside my body, climbed a ladder, opened the window of my mind's eye and viewed the outside world through the eyes of a child. From here I slipped out of body to find the many meditators. I wanted it to be an early childhood place but it felt more like a stop before entering our physical birth. There are many small children here dancing, laughing and simply being young children. It also felt like a place where memories are gradually erased in preparation for the new selves. The light here is more of a gold, not bright but not dark either. There is a line of children holding hands and connected in a deep way BY the holding of hands. There is a school house I am curious about so I go inside, standing there is a woman. Before I ask a question, she has the answer and says, “You have a task to complete when you leave this place, all of you do.” This is good (I think) or at least it does not concern me at this time. I ask her if she will give me a gift that I can take back to the other children? She places something in my hands, I open my hands to see what she has placed there. The gift is glowing, she explains that the gift is called …..Conscience….. an aptitude, faculty, intuition or judgment of the intellect that distinguishes right from wrong..... Now the other children are in boats as I join them BUT there is no water, they seem to be riding on invisible waves and all going in the same direction. We will enter the physical bodies at different times. I notice a boy child and tell him his name is NOT Walter, his real name is PURPOSE.

Thinking here that we all have our own purpose and task to complete.

I missed the group last Thursday but I did participate in the one before on feelings sensations. It was excellent. I was rushed to a void place where swirling warm gold light was. I saw Whitely smiling in the center of warm golden light. Then I was back in my own home in my meditation room still feeling the golden light and happy smiles from head to toe. Yummy!

I didn't really need to go through the process of feeling each part of my body. When I began the meditation, I immediately felt sensation throughout my body, especially my spine. My spine felt like it was warm and glowing. I went through the process of visualizing my heart as an orb of light and extended compassion and love to those listed in the meditation directions. When I got to extending love and compassion to those that do good and the good, I thought of those helping our environment and helping people in third world countries struggling from the aftermath of earthquakes and hurricanes. It felt as if someone tugged at my shirt sleeve and asked "What about Haiti?" I extended my compassion and love there and immediately saw people living in small shanties in extreme poverty. My chest felt really warm and ached. I moved on to extend compassion and love to those that do evil. Politicians came to mind:) When I extended love and compassion to evil in my mind's eye I saw a small night animal hiding from the light. It was then that I could feel tears rushing down my face. My chest felt warmer than ever and really ached. I felt such compassion for my symbol of evil. I was overwhelmed. I was silently crying so hard that I stopped a few minutes early. I am really surprised by my response. Usually I am trying hard to feel my body and bring my attention back to it. I was able to give into that very easily this time and found that I have a pretty good imagination. I am looking forward to the next group meditation and hope that Whitley is healing quickly, feeling less pain, and will be able to participate. Thanks Whitley for the opportunity to be part of a group meditation. Because of the group sessions, I am encouraged to meditate on my own more.


Would it be possible to either post a meditation schedule of future dates and times for the coming months, or make the meditation on the same day and time every week. Also an email reminder a couple of days before the event. These things would certainly aid those who want to make time to join in.

Also, as I am based in the UK would it be possible to have a few meditations at a friendlier time for us.


Oct 11th...
Nothing...My Maine Coon Cat "Buddy" kept jumping on my chest and walking behind me and then meowing, he was interrupting the entire med...

Its great that Whitley is feeling a little better! Whew. Let's hope things clear up fully in a short time.

Someone was coughing in the next room, someone shuffling through the hallway. Meditatus Interruptus. wait... I sense... i sense we need to get our own meditation rooms, is what I sense.

The same thing always happens to me,just as i'm in a place that is neither here nor there,there will be a bang outside or the cops sirens will go off or my mrs will start snoring.I started to feel it was being done intentionally as a few more seconds in the state i had achieved my have given me great insight on something.
I was meditating once and i hit a state whereby i was half way out of my body,only my shoulders and my head were anchored to the bed,i felt i needed some help to get all the way out when a pair of hands grabbed mine and started gently pulling me further out,as soon as i became fully aware of what was going on i was snapped back and came back to this state.
Anyway stick at it,there are great rewards and the times when it seems the hardest is probably the time you will reap the most rewards.
Try focusing on your body more than your mind.As you breathe in tense your whole body and then when you breathe out relax after a few minutes of this you will become greatly relaxed and meditation becomes easier,even with all the noises.

The interruptions are actually part of the process, annoying as it may seem...

I have a cat and a dog, and both want attention. Just work through it, and you may find a day will come when they sit with you and get into the flow along side you. (It does happen occasionally, and is also special!) We can't all be monks sitting on a mountain-top without the distractions of every day life. For us, meditation requires work, and that in and of itself is important. It IS about the work, the path, the journey, or whatever you want to call it. When the world is crashing down around you is when you will need the ability to get to let go of the distractions and just be. Consider your pets, the noisy neighbor, and other assorted sounds as your teachers who are there to push you along to where you need to be.

When you do find yourself in a totally quiet moment, embrace it, appreciate it, and give thanks. Hours or minutes of quiet hold no more for you than those brief moments of peace. Letting go of the notion of time constraints really helps, since time really has nothing to do with it.

Not much for me really.The only thing of note was i felt more physical sensation in the top of my brain and at the back.

I am wondering whether group meditation actually refines or helps to define one's body sensation. Perhaps the extra attention, perhaps the focus of others assists in your effort. Well, I gotta say, THIS IS SO COOL!!

I absolutely did not know and do not know what to expect but I am very much looking forward to the next one. Heck, I'm doing this every day no matter what. (Heehee! What an adventure we got going here!)

When I meditate alone, I feel it becomes an effort and a struggle to come to sensation. Sometimes, I feel sensations that are very uncomfortable and dull. But when I do the group meditation, I feel light as a bird and more energetic than before. I wonder if we can also meditate with other groups doing this same thing on other worlds or with visitors doing this type of meditation even on this world as well.

First time I have meditated in almost 30 years. Think I did ok. I'm not Jewish, but the word Shalom kept coming to me. I think it means God's peace be with you. So I went with it and put my hands in prayer and from my heart and mind I said "Shalom" then extended my hands outward. Looked and it was just past ending time of meditation. Woke up feeling wonderful and feeling as though the world was wounderous! Will try to send healing to Whitley tonight. Anxiously await next session.

I did the usual instructions for the group mediation and immediately, I sensed a surge of energy that I have usually felt during these type of meditations. I didn't hear anything, but in the darkness, I saw within the dull neural yellow lights that we see when we close our eyes, faces of gray aliens forming and appearing in and out using the neural yellow light itself to form an image, sometimes appearing from far away. sometimes...not so far... Seeing those eyes made my skin light up in electric sensation while I meditated. Despite the strangeness, I told them in my mind that seeing them made me stronger. I started late around 11:06pm and ended at 11:21pm central time. I could have sworn only 5 minutes had passed!

Marla Frees posted an update on Facebook today saying that Whitley has hurt his back and is in pain. Anyone who wants to, please join me at 8:00 CST tonight for a 15-minute meditation to send healing to Whitley. Thanks!

Sounds like a great idea. Count me in.

I missed last night's meditation. I was all set to go at 11pm central time, but I closed my eyes, and the next thing I knew it was 4am.

My first group meditation...I started at 11:45 and went to 12:38.EST Nothing coherent reallyuntil At one point I saw (quite vivdly) my feet, with hair all over them trodding through a wooded area. It was from teh viewpoint of me wallking while looking down at what I was stepping on. There were unregogniziable lime green leaves lite by dappled sunlight. I noticed holes in them, where soem Insect (?) had mucnched through them. I was moving through a forest on some path and gently brushing the bush leaves past. I held that vision, but of course as soon as I zoned in on it for more details. It faded. Mid meditation around 12ish, I moved to a comfortabel chair off the carpet because my back , which never hurts started hurting me. I tried to imagine who I might know on this web site and reach out to touch them. I just learned today that WS hurt his back! I wonder if i tapped into his pain at some level? I never had nor have back pain.
Look forward to the next group meditation.

I started the meditation about 10pm. I sensed many presences, easily in the hundreds. As I contined, the group's focus in meditation felt like a breathing of sorts as the energy traveled through it and me. I felt an extremely emotional response, one of sadness but overwhelming joy. Shortly after that, most of the presences dropped out. This was about 10:12 or so, I checked because I wondered why everyone was leaving. Then there was only one main presence with another one very faintly there, just as an observer. I had to focus on it to even detect it. The main presence felt calm and relaxing. I felt a connectedness with it and then became aware that other presences existed, but they were a part of this main presence. I stayed like this for about another 10 minutes then I stopped.


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