Meditation Group
Meditation Group

We try to meditate together at 9PM Pacific Time on Thursday nights for 15 minutes, but you can use the meditation at any time.

Theme for July 10--August 10, 2014

Activities fill life. Our time is passing, the moments flowing away, seemingly forever. And yet nothing is lost in energy. Every slight change that living things make is eternal, and this is true as well of everything we do. So how do we recover lost time, or does it matter? Should we?

It is about bringing ourselves to life in a new way. Normally, we experience passing time through the slit of the immediate moment. But we cast a long shadow, which is, in fact, not only alive but also outside of time, so it is cast both into the past and the future. This is the true meaning of our place in eternity. It is why it is said that we don’t die. It is also why life has both meaning and consequences. Energy cannot forget, and when the filters built into the brain drop away at the death of the body, there is a profound shock.

The whole aim of becoming conscious of one’s long time when still encased in the body is to prepare for this shock, in hope of making it as rich as possible, so that the energy generated will propel us into ecstasy, and we will not be impeded by the weight we have gathered, the things we should not have done, the things we should have but didn’t, and the things left undone.

The very heart of compassion is compassion toward oneself, but it is far more difficult to accomplish this than we imagine. Letting go in the way we need to let go feels to the ego like death. To love ourselves truly is to die to ourselves.

What of us really matters—the births, the deaths, the loves, what we have found of the truth—these are all light enough to rise with us.

In this meditation, we try, with compassion toward ourselves, with humor and understanding, to really face the burdens of guilt and anger that we carry with us, and to bring the energy of forgiveness to ourselves for the wrongs we have done, and to others for the wrongs done us. To do this, we allow ourselves to relax into acceptance.

Let it be.

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The Meditation Group is for Unknowncountry participants who have an interest in meditation designed to expand awareness and evolve contact. Many of us have direct experience of the effectiveness of meditative states in communication with our visitors.

The Meditation Group meets virtually two to four times a month, and attempts to meditate as far as possible at the same time on the same theme. Group members are NOT informed of themes and times via email, although occasional emails are sent to the group.

To participate, it's necessary to take an active role: make a resolution to visit this page every two weeks. Put a reminder on your calendar, whatever it takes. And meditate with the group as you are able.

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This 'living silence' meditation can be very, very profound. I wish all of you the best of experiences with it. Anne and I are suffering now. In your prayers for the suffering of this world, do include us.

Tonight, as usual, I started early so I could get in a longer meditation. Tonight, however, I could not keep my eyes open and kept drifting in and out of this meditation. This is more then a little weird but still feels I should post the experience as I have done in the past meditations. All of this appears to be disconnected?????

I see the…..Jolly Green Giant.

Inside my thoughts, hear the words….. Beth-El.

Inside my thoughts hear the words…..The45th parallel.

Finally, I see a white door with a gold door knob, the door is closing.



The several of you who were reaching out your hands to me, a chain of us in a circle, I reached out to you, too. I couldn't see everyone, the circle stretched way beyond my peripheral vision.

Tonight I heard this music.....

Another powerful meditation. I took this meditation from where I left off from the previous weeks' meditations. I felt the question and my increased sensation. I began to expand from myself, from the earth. At one point I almost felt like I was floating. I didn't notice anything at first, but then there was another presence there again, the one that seems to guide us. After interacting with this presence, I developed a new sensation. I felt like my sensation was flowing around me. It was if I was in a stream of energy, some areas stronger, others weaker. Instead of a constant sensation I am used to, there were areas that were almost tingling. There was an ebb and flow in sensation.

I began to focus on the question and at the end of the question, I was shown that I was concealing something, deep within me, something I could not see, but it felt like death, or the knowledge of being dead. The guide told me to embrace it and I did. While I could not see or experience it directly, I felt a very strong emotion, something I would liken to what it would be to die. Before I was overcome with it, I just embraced it where I was and then I ended my meditation

This was a long meditation, starting at 10:30; this allowed me more time to dialog with my imagination.

Beside my bed I have a statue of HORUS in the form of a FALCON and as I closed my eyes this is who I dialoged with, he just sort of appeared and was sitting on a tree branch. Most of this was through thought, not words.

"It asks darkness for knowledge, light for insight." .....Now in a deep meditation I see a human brain, it is a conduit for human consciousness. The left side is bulging with primordial matter, very dark, stormy, agitated. There is a separation between hemispheres, known as A VEIL, it separates the two forms of being.

Any or all of this primordial matter can be transmuted into light (the right side of the brain hemisphere holding that consciousness) or it can be used for self serving/stagnant purposes. ALL is choice. Enlightenment/insight comes like a bolt of lightning, penetrating the veil that separates the hemispheres of consciousness. It comes because of balance, goodness and the desire for goodness. It comes from divine love within as well as without. As above, so below.

It is over, I look up on the branch where Horus/Falcon is sitting and a Uraeus has been placed on his head, THEN, he disappears. By this action I feel he is showing ALL of us the human potential.

A symbol of kingship in Egypt represented by a cobra in an upright position worn as a head ornament or crown. The symbol protected the king and was an agent of his destructive powers, spitting fire and associated with the goddess Wadjit.

"The goddess Wadjet comes to you in the form of the living Uraeus to anoint your head with her flames. She rises up on the left side of your head and she shines from the right side of your temples without speech; she rises up on your head during each and every hour of the day, even as she does for her father Ra, and through her the terror which you inspire in the spirits is increased ... she will never leave you, are of you strikes into the souls which are made perfect." (Book of the Dead).

I too felt deep roots, but with connection. I also felt eyes that could see around the world. Overall, I felt embraced by a rich and passionate lover who gives all, but who will discard me like so many in the past if I am not loving, considerate, respectful, and intelligent about this relationship and my place here.

Though I'm an old meditator (40 years now) I'm new to your site. I've read several of your books and now look forward to participating in your virtual meditation group. I have created a monthly calendar of meditation groups in my area (Stockton, CA) and am willing to put your meditation time on the calendar also-if you so desire. Blessings, jj (which stands for Joyful Judy)

Yes, do post it, certainly, Judy. Thank you.

I gave this meditation 45 minutes, something I wanted to do.

With eyes closed, the image of our planet comes to mind and I see myself standing on the surface. I can see that my feet have morphed into tree roots and I cannot move from this spot, the roots go extremely deep. I can feel myself starting to hyperventilate just knowing that I am imprisoned here. How do I/WE get past/overcome this?

I take this statement from the current meditation and release it as I see it float up and away.

"Then we take this wordless question to the living universe around us, and offer it, placing no conditions on this act, to whomever can help us the most."

Next I see Buddha sitting in front of my feet, tree rooted self (he is clothed in an orange robe). He presses his right thumb into my forehead, I no longer feel the panic or hopelessness.

I did a little search and found is a nice read.....

During last Thursday's meditation, I "saw" an eye looking back at me. It wasn't human, though not like anything I've seem before.

Here's an interesting movement:

I had the oddest experience during the meditation on the 18th. I felt like I jumped into the mind of something out there. All of a sudden I wasn't in my bed room. I was in a "forest" staring at a "tree" that looked like a cross between a palm tree and a giant artichoke. The "artichoke" section was at the bottom and the leaves looked wicked sharp. For some reason I felt like I was supposed to climb the thing to grab fruit from the top. I was thinking "how the hell am I supposed to climb that thing" when I got booted back to my room. It was like was in something else's mind and as soon as I had that thought it noticed me and booted me out. Super vivid. I wasn't able to get back into the mediation afterwards. Too excited.

“When we meditate this Thursday, let's experiment with visualizing that room and the entities in it. In my years of doing this, I have gained a lot of contact in just this way. It has never been hostile or negative in any way, and I think that's because negative energy just isn't strong enough to sustain something like this.”

As I tried to enter this room there were a few images that came to mind.

This first image was of a long knotted rope. I looked online and this is fairly close to what I saw; the image I saw was not wrapped around anything.

Then, lots of tan colored mushrooms that smelled like a damp basement. The texture was spongy and skin like.

Where to begin? I started the meditation as suggested, getting a good sense of my third eye and letting sensation fill my body. Soon, I was seeing small flashes every so often. I kept patient and thought of the earth and our conscious planet. I began to get more flashes and soon was seeing glimpses of many different worlds. Some at night, others during the day and one with a deep red sky, presumably at sunset or sunrise. At that point, I asked for whoever could help us the most to help us now and the energy of the meditation increased immensely. I thought again of the earth, of our group and our effort.

At once, I became aware of the universe that we live in and how it is filled with a network of consciousness. I felt immense compassion for the universe and that we are simply conscious beings ready to explore. I got the words "be free now" and as my vision expanded across the vastness of the universe, I realized that the great expanse of the universe was filled with consciousness. It was a humbling feeling to be a part of this. I got the impression that consciousness from other worlds connected with us and sent their energy back to earth. I am looking forward to this next phase.

Font, I sensed this other presence, the one that always watches, a little while in the meditation. It was watching me in the last few minutes of my meditation and showed me the universe as I decribed seeing it above.

So glad I could join in last night - though I was almost 10 minutes late, I stayed in meditation up to 12:30 EST. I had a little trouble with my breathing, but once I settled into the meditative state, my breath calmed and I became aware that something (a new presence - perhaps a distant sentient being?) was observing the action of my lungs. My impression was that this was a learning experience for the observer - that they had never connected with a being that breathes air through lungs. After about 5 minutes of this - just me breathing and the remote observer observing, the usual benevolent being (he always joins in on the meditation) was there. Not sure who/what this being is that always shows up, but he sort of stepped aside and allowed the other distant observer to learn about the breathing.

Wonderful tonight. Yes I would like to see meditation continue.The Earth needs healing...we need healing

I actually experienced this during a meditation this morning but felt it related to the group meditation tonight. What came to mind is, SOPHIA, SOPHIA!!!!! It had the feel of a supplication.

Who is Sophia in Greek mythology?

Sophia was the goddess of Wisdom.

I also wish to add my voice to those asking that the meditations continue. I consistently feel an effect and an energy in the present moment when doing these. And although that effect or energy may not necessarily be something that I understand or find comfortable at that moment, it does seem that something real happens when we do these.

Keep up the good work.

Se debe continuar...

Using my imagination while trying to become one with earth, I found myself moving down into the spine/backbone or center of our planet. There was a pleasant sound/vibration followed by a shrieking (unpleasant sound). The iron itself was transmuting into a more crystal like structure. Moaning and birthing. The process looked as though it was just beginning. I stayed there for a while making sure this is what I was feeling/seeing in my imagination.

I see no reason to give up on the effort.

May the meditations continue.

Press on with the meditations...

I would like the meditations to continue. (I did not submit my email, I didn't see why that was necessary. If it is then I will do so.)

From Whitley's .....Finding Ourselves in Laughter....."A dog lives for love, wanting nothing but his food, his work and the affection of his master. Similarly, God will go anywhere for love."


You'll love this one. (From a friend).

Melting our Assumptions:

This meditation was very strange. I evoked thoughts of my wife’s cousin who died just over 2 years ago in late 2010. I had memories of good times. Then began talking about how much I loved her, we loved her, and how we all miss her and how I see so much of her in her girls every time that I see them. I felt a brief connection with something that I saw and felt at the same time with my eyes closed. I felt a strange tug literally go down the right side of my body through my head then out my right hip bone as if a string of being connected with me. All I saw was a white string like force rush through my body. It felt very natural which was odd. Then at one point my body began to spin on itself in a circular motion in a counterclockwise motion. I then felt as in a previous meditation a string like almost electric charged wormlike hair just seem to grow out of my forehead in the center just below my hairline. It felt as though I was connected somehow to something. But that something I couldn’t sense. It felt as if the energy was growing out of my forehead. I then spun forward awake. I saw it was 10:12 on my phone and went back into meditation. I began talking to my wife’s cousin again. I loved her; we all love her and miss her. Then I explained even though she left us unexpectedly that I prayed that she was happy and should be happy because her girls love her and miss her. I said I missed her and wished she was still here with us but then it clicked that we are all here together (after reading The Key) we just need to learn to make that connection and be at one with everything and not be afraid of what we discover in the unknowncountry!

Whitley and everyone.....I wanted to see my mom in this meditation, so when I closed my eyes she was there. I LOVED HER VERY MUCH. When she appeared, it came to me that I could ask a question. I asked her to share something new.....My brain/mind heard, "The eye will soon be able perceive a new color in the spectrum of colors." (All humankind will be able to do this).

As hard as I try not too, words just slip in sometimes when I am meditating, even when I am NOT asking a question.

As I was coming out of this meditation another thought entered my mind. HOWEVER, there is a real possibility that the following was stuck in my thoughts because of the interview that William Henry had with Anthony Peake. I did listen to it today BUT wanted to include the following anyway. (I know this is sort of silly but then again it feels important to include all thoughts when they enter in).

"Luke Skywalker, get out of the control room."

May have to sit this one out.

Edit: I've decided to try for someone who I may have known, oh say in another life maybe, and work with that.

"we choose someone we loved in life, who is now departed..."

What if we have no one like that, someone who has died?

I think that meditation outside of group time is starting to become effective as well. Or it might be that doing a meditation on a good strong vibe according to your day is just as helpful, I dunno. In any case, its been good.


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