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Meditation Group

We try to meditate together at 9PM Pacific Time on Thursday nights for 15 minutes, but you can use the meditation at any time.

Theme for March 15--April 14, 2014

Last month, we returned to the basic of meditation: sensing oneself physically. Now we build on that foundation, extending sensation from the density of blood and flesh into less dense aspects of the body.

It is sometimes difficult to find the foundation of this higher level of search. Is it meditation, contemplation, prayer, reading? Actually, the journey begins in compassion, and it starts with the search to find compassion for oneself. We have addressed compassion before, saying that it isn’t a matter of simply being kind, but that it has another, deeper, dimension. Compassion is about understanding and giving what is needed the most. So, how do we start?

There is inside each one of us a built-in master who stands willing to assist us in our journey. This part of being lies at the borderland between oneself and the conscious energy all around us. To gain access, engage in the sensing exercise, quiet your mind, then ask, ‘tell me what I need the most?’ Sooner or later, an answer will come, most often in a dream. Once that happens, you have begun a wonderful, lifelong journey of discovery with your inner master. This master is, in part, what we call ‘conscience.’ It is deeply moral, truthful and honest. It is joyous, innocent and wise. It is you, and also all of consciousness reflected within you.

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The Meditation Group is for Unknowncountry participants who have an interest in meditation designed to expand awareness and evolve contact. Many of us have direct experience of the effectiveness of meditative states in communication with our visitors.

The Meditation Group meets virtually two to four times a month, and attempts to meditate as far as possible at the same time on the same theme. Group members are NOT informed of themes and times via email, although occasional emails are sent to the group.

To participate, it's necessary to take an active role: make a resolution to visit this page every two weeks. Put a reminder on your calendar, whatever it takes. And meditate with the group as you are able.

You can join the meditation group by leaving your email address here.

To follow the audio meditations designed by Whitley Strieber, Unknowncountry subscribers should go to Whitley's Room and click on subjects in the subject cloud to the right that include the word 'Meditation.' These meditations reflect his own work with the visitors, and are the result of 40 years of personal meditation, and 11 years of meditation with them.

Whitley is always ready to answer questions at

WS- The meditation has great value for me also, IF I am not tired and can't stay up till 12 EST. I guess there is no way to do it 1 hour earlier with time changes & all.

Is a group med more powerful than solo practice?

I 'd like to know what peoples schedules are?


I had a lovely meditation with the group there were many beings with me encircling the earth and golden flames were coming out of her from all the people meditating and then I could see golden light from other planets joining ours and the earth became a golden globe.It made me realize how powerful meditation is and if we do it all together, in love, all the planets respond .Keep the group meditation going please it is very important at this moment in our history.

Whitley, this meditation group has great value for me as well.

Tonight I had some trouble finding that safe space but will be trying to change that in the future meditations. Sometimes thoughts just pop into my mind, especially when I relax and have my mind clear and open.

Tonight there is the image of a very old looking lighthouse, the keeper is at the top looking out onto the ocean; he has on a hat.

The ocean starts to heave, it is a tectonic earthquake. Coming up from the ocean floor I can see jagged pieces of rock/land pushing up against one another as though in battle.

This is close to the image of the lighthouse.....

Hello All,

Whitley, yes, this meditation group has great value for me, and I appreciate you asking the question. My alarm just went off reminding me that it's time for the meditation, so I'll just say thank you for holding the space for this weekly gathering. And tonight is the full moon, too.

"For the next three weeks, we explore happiness. Every happy moment asks to be taken to eternity."

I have been struggling as to whether I should post this. It did not happen last night but actually during my Thursday morning meditation. I have decided to post it.

There are lots of moments in the video below but not exactly what I had hoped for in the meditation.....Perhaps happier thoughts next week.


I did a meditation this morning (Thursday) that I am posting tonight. In the meditation, thoughts drifted through my mind and I became aware of these two lines. After writing down the words I wasn't sure if I wanted to post them until I received the e-mail below from a friend, late this afternoon. Her video seems to resonate with these few lines.

Words in my meditation.....
Weary traveler flying though space
The blue ship is bulging, all is displaced.


World History in 2 minutes

Click on the link below and 500 images

will flash before you in two minutes.

That's a little over 4 images per second.

You will not have an opportunity to see and understand each image.

Just look and allow the images to sink in ....

it is quite an experience.

Two minute history lesson. Don't blink!!

Click Here

Hi, i just joined. The word "arcadia" means everything to me. I have always considered it to be rife with spiritual/ufo activity. It is where I saw my rainbow cross upon asking for a sign when I was 12, its where I saw the orb very clearly that passed me and my stepfather. Still to this day I have read of people having visions there, not to the extent of what i saw, but I have read that people were seeing white crosses near windows. I saw a rainbow cross when I looked out the window. I will never forget it. It stayed in front of me for five minutes.. before it began to disappear in patches. It was the best thing Ive ever seen. From that day on I became less religious, and much more metaphysical. I have always thought it was et's that gave me that sign. They had started to show me signs when they sent breezes my way, to blow the curtains in my parents bedroom where I was, when I asked to "show proof there is an afterlife, give me a sign".. and then there was a wind as the window was open, it gently blew the curtains Then I said "do it again", and the wind came again, and blew the curtain Then I thought "this could be just the wind going by, I will wait so that if its just winds coming by at timed intervals, it should come now". I waited and nothing happened Then I said "do it again", and the wind came again. I then said "you know.... I will grow up and I know I will think that is a coincidence, I want something incontrovertible, something I will never doubt, something I know is real that I cant question". I thought some more, then for no conscious reason, I went to the window, and moved the edge of the curtain to the left, and knelt on the brown chair by the brown desk in the corner of the room, to get a view outside. I didnt expect to see THAT.. but there it was, a cross, about two ft tall and proportional in width, comprised out of the rainbow.. sitting in the air, about six feet away, beyond the wooden fence that separated my apartment from next door. It was above the carport. noone was around. I just sat and stared, and wondered where my camera was. I was afraid it would be gone if i left to search for it, so I stayed, wondering how it would end. Then I began to see it vanish piece by piece, and that was such an interesting thing to see.. "So thats how you will go".. it seemed very intelligent. No blinking out, no mass transparency and woosh it was gone. Just an intelligent, Im leaving, piece by piece..and then there was noone. Then, I stared at empty sky, as though it were never there. Ahhhh it was a great sight. Arcadia means everything to me. The city of Arcadia, California.

I tried to relax into the meditation tonight but my mind had trouble settling down, jumping all over the place with several quick images. Still, I believe it is important to post what happens during the meditations.

Saw the words.....Bulldog/Red.

Saw the word.....Arcadia.

Saw the Norway Spiral spinning in the blue color.

Very quick but saw what looked like a brown uniformed arm with a state forestry patch. (Brown and Green pine trees on the patch).

There is a colorful neon sign that says, SUNDANCE.

Now an image of a bearded man approaching from the left, he is pale/ghostly looking, has a white beard and white hair. His image starts to multiply, filling my line of vision. He says, "see, I am everywhere!"

Shift.....Now we are both standing in front of a mirror/mirrors; a fun house maze of mirrors. He says, "see/understand we are a point of light reflected back into and from these mirrors. Our true point of light is currently here where we are standing but can be reflected in other forms and in other dimensions." Now his image blinks out but I can still hear his voice, he says, "when this central point of light has been removed (the God self) none of our other reflections can exist." I look around and the only image I can still see is my own reflection in the mirrors.


The 'I Am' meditation seems difficult, but it is actually much easier than maintaining presence in the time stream. The labor necessary to do this is why the body ages and why it dies. Letting go of time is a journey back to innocence. It is falling and flying at the same time.

Into the meditation there is darkness.

A turning leaf (in color) is floating down onto the ground, it is in the shape of a three toed animal; I am also aware of a spicy but sweet aroma.

There is an image of a carrot like stick figure (no arms) with thin hair protruding from the top of the head. All of this is reminding me of a Polaroid photo being slowly developed and coming into focus against a dark background.

Now there is the sound of a DIDGERIDOO. (I have taken a lot of time trying to find an image or something of what I felt when I heard the sound but have not been successful). I have however included this short YouTube.

Note.....The first thing I was aware of in this meditation was the appearance of cat eyes that looked like this.....


Something you all might like to give a try as you meditate with Whitley and the group.....I discovered this after doing the Thursday, July 18 meditation.


The Universe Is The Flesh Of God.

This is the first time I joined the group. I introduced myself to you Whitley and I saw you in my mind's eye looking like you did at the Revelations Symposium in May. Then I got an image of the ocean's edge, a sandy beach with waves rolling in and being puled out in an ongoing cycle of energy. Then I saw/felt a wave of purple light/energy wash over me. I also got an image of grapes, painted on a glazed ceramic tile. But the color's weren't traditional - they were painted in blue with gold highlights.

"We pray not to any specific deity, but to that which draws the human soul to prayer, without placing the barrier of a name between us."

Tonight I could not get past these few words. (C Sharp, sing it, hum it).

This was very confusing as I tried to figure out all of the choices of C Minor or Major. When, 'Chopin - Nocturne in c sharp minor/the pianist 2002' came up as a choice, we connected. For me this meditation tonight is saying, 'PRAY THAT HUMANITY NEVER FORGETS IT.'

This evening I did read that Master Nazi hunter Peter Levenda will be interviewed on Dreamland this weekend.


The earth-year note corresponds exactly with "Sa" or "Sadja" the basic note, in Indian music Since thousands of years, the frequency of foetal note has never changed in Indian music. The Indian music guru teaches his disciples the note of 136 Hz, ("C" sharp). The aspiring young musician plays and sings this note, this vibration, over many years, so that it becomes a central element, and central vibration, of his or her whole being. She/he will never forget this note or play it wrongly. Anyone who has worked with Indian musicians will know how seriously they consider this fundamental aspect of their practice.

'Then extending that sensation to include the whole planet, we look into it, finding there a vast silence that is the most vividly alive presence a human soul can touch.'

Now in a deep meditation, I am aware of a man to my left; sitting in a chair and looking as though he is trying to make a decision. I am sitting in a chair at his right. With my mouth open, he slips in a piece of tin foil, it is bitter and my jaw clenches, the taste is unpleasant.

Shift…..Now in an American rocky desert location, on a mesa or mountain, with this same man and looking into a small opening.

Shift, he says, "look at the Emory Museum in Atlanta for the PECOS MAN."

It ends here, so I typed in and could not find anything. THEN, continued on to find this…..

Signs of the Seers.....

To test the idea, she began immersing herself in the scientific literature on the religion. Among modern shamanistic cultures from Siberia to Chile, she discovered, people told of a time long ago when the earthly and the spirit worlds had been one. At some point, however, the two realms had splintered apart, and humankind had lost its ability to commune with gods and supernatural beings. Only a chosen few, the shamans, were still capable of crossing the great divide between the worlds: Their method of transport was the trance. Forsaking their earthbound bodies in an induced state of rapture, they called on the help of certain guardian animals and embarked on the perilous voyage to the otherworld. There they confronted deities and waged supernatural battles in order to see into the past, divine the future, cure illness, and escort the souls of the dead to their final home. “I like to call them supramen,” says Turpin, “because they were over everything, by the very fact they could die and be reborn.”

Dodging hostile forces, which were often represented in the rock art by a rain of spears, the shamans described their entrance to the sacred realm through a small circular portal. “See that hole over there?” Turpin asks, walking to the back wall of Panther Cave and pointing at a large painted red dot. “See the circle with the lines coming out and the bird rising out of that? That’s what I think is the hole of the universe, the portal to the divine.” Recent psychological studies, moreover, suggest that such an image stems directly from human neural wiring. When entering deep drug-induced trances, subjects of experiments consistently report the sensation of being drawn through a deep hole.

I was well into a half hour before I was able to see these two images.

Image one.....A small statue of the god Janus.
He is usually depicted as having two faces, since he looks to the future and to the past.

Image two.....Flashes of lightning, arcing and connecting one to another as though there were poles but I did not see any visible poles or power lines, only bolt like flashes. The flashes appeared to be circling our planet but staying on the same parallel. (Perhaps the 45th).

Meditation June 27: Carollee, interesting you should see flashes around the 45th parallel (N or S). What I saw were gray bands stretching from the earth outward into space, stretching to other planets in our solar system, as though connected one to another. I wish I could say that the bands were vibrant, white, sparkly, energetic bands of light connectivity, but they weren't. It felt as though the connections were a kind of rubber band of energetic tensile strength. How to express unknown concepts using only known language. It was as though I was in space, looking at a map of our solar system in real time, with all these bands connecting from the earth to our other planets, and then connecting one to another in a sweeping fashion.

This 'living silence' meditation can be very, very profound. I wish all of you the best of experiences with it. Anne and I are suffering now. In your prayers for the suffering of this world, do include us.

Tonight, as usual, I started early so I could get in a longer meditation. Tonight, however, I could not keep my eyes open and kept drifting in and out of this meditation. This is more then a little weird but still feels I should post the experience as I have done in the past meditations. All of this appears to be disconnected?????

I see the…..Jolly Green Giant.

Inside my thoughts, hear the words….. Beth-El.

Inside my thoughts hear the words…..The45th parallel.

Finally, I see a white door with a gold door knob, the door is closing.



The several of you who were reaching out your hands to me, a chain of us in a circle, I reached out to you, too. I couldn't see everyone, the circle stretched way beyond my peripheral vision.

Tonight I heard this music.....

Another powerful meditation. I took this meditation from where I left off from the previous weeks' meditations. I felt the question and my increased sensation. I began to expand from myself, from the earth. At one point I almost felt like I was floating. I didn't notice anything at first, but then there was another presence there again, the one that seems to guide us. After interacting with this presence, I developed a new sensation. I felt like my sensation was flowing around me. It was if I was in a stream of energy, some areas stronger, others weaker. Instead of a constant sensation I am used to, there were areas that were almost tingling. There was an ebb and flow in sensation.

I began to focus on the question and at the end of the question, I was shown that I was concealing something, deep within me, something I could not see, but it felt like death, or the knowledge of being dead. The guide told me to embrace it and I did. While I could not see or experience it directly, I felt a very strong emotion, something I would liken to what it would be to die. Before I was overcome with it, I just embraced it where I was and then I ended my meditation

This was a long meditation, starting at 10:30; this allowed me more time to dialog with my imagination.

Beside my bed I have a statue of HORUS in the form of a FALCON and as I closed my eyes this is who I dialoged with, he just sort of appeared and was sitting on a tree branch. Most of this was through thought, not words.

"It asks darkness for knowledge, light for insight." .....Now in a deep meditation I see a human brain, it is a conduit for human consciousness. The left side is bulging with primordial matter, very dark, stormy, agitated. There is a separation between hemispheres, known as A VEIL, it separates the two forms of being.

Any or all of this primordial matter can be transmuted into light (the right side of the brain hemisphere holding that consciousness) or it can be used for self serving/stagnant purposes. ALL is choice. Enlightenment/insight comes like a bolt of lightning, penetrating the veil that separates the hemispheres of consciousness. It comes because of balance, goodness and the desire for goodness. It comes from divine love within as well as without. As above, so below.

It is over, I look up on the branch where Horus/Falcon is sitting and a Uraeus has been placed on his head, THEN, he disappears. By this action I feel he is showing ALL of us the human potential.

A symbol of kingship in Egypt represented by a cobra in an upright position worn as a head ornament or crown. The symbol protected the king and was an agent of his destructive powers, spitting fire and associated with the goddess Wadjit.

"The goddess Wadjet comes to you in the form of the living Uraeus to anoint your head with her flames. She rises up on the left side of your head and she shines from the right side of your temples without speech; she rises up on your head during each and every hour of the day, even as she does for her father Ra, and through her the terror which you inspire in the spirits is increased ... she will never leave you, are of you strikes into the souls which are made perfect." (Book of the Dead).

I too felt deep roots, but with connection. I also felt eyes that could see around the world. Overall, I felt embraced by a rich and passionate lover who gives all, but who will discard me like so many in the past if I am not loving, considerate, respectful, and intelligent about this relationship and my place here.

Though I'm an old meditator (40 years now) I'm new to your site. I've read several of your books and now look forward to participating in your virtual meditation group. I have created a monthly calendar of meditation groups in my area (Stockton, CA) and am willing to put your meditation time on the calendar also-if you so desire. Blessings, jj (which stands for Joyful Judy)

Yes, do post it, certainly, Judy. Thank you.

I gave this meditation 45 minutes, something I wanted to do.

With eyes closed, the image of our planet comes to mind and I see myself standing on the surface. I can see that my feet have morphed into tree roots and I cannot move from this spot, the roots go extremely deep. I can feel myself starting to hyperventilate just knowing that I am imprisoned here. How do I/WE get past/overcome this?

I take this statement from the current meditation and release it as I see it float up and away.

"Then we take this wordless question to the living universe around us, and offer it, placing no conditions on this act, to whomever can help us the most."

Next I see Buddha sitting in front of my feet, tree rooted self (he is clothed in an orange robe). He presses his right thumb into my forehead, I no longer feel the panic or hopelessness.

I did a little search and found is a nice read.....

During last Thursday's meditation, I "saw" an eye looking back at me. It wasn't human, though not like anything I've seem before.

Here's an interesting movement:

I had the oddest experience during the meditation on the 18th. I felt like I jumped into the mind of something out there. All of a sudden I wasn't in my bed room. I was in a "forest" staring at a "tree" that looked like a cross between a palm tree and a giant artichoke. The "artichoke" section was at the bottom and the leaves looked wicked sharp. For some reason I felt like I was supposed to climb the thing to grab fruit from the top. I was thinking "how the hell am I supposed to climb that thing" when I got booted back to my room. It was like was in something else's mind and as soon as I had that thought it noticed me and booted me out. Super vivid. I wasn't able to get back into the mediation afterwards. Too excited.


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