Meditation Group
Meditation Group

We try to meditate together at 9PM Pacific Time on Thursday nights for 15 minutes, but you can use the meditation at any time. This meditation will conclude this sequence. We hope to begin again in mid-2015.

Theme for December 1--December 31, 2014
: Finding What is Permanent Within Us

Last month, we attempted to look to the very small to find those exquisite instances of beauty that so often go unnoticed. The purpose of that mediation was to prepare for this one, which will be the final one in the meditation group. If it is resumed, you will be informed by email, as long as you have left your email address with the group.

We live in a state of constant movement, and, in this electronically driven and instantaneous world, most of us are lost to such practices as meditation, as our various devices lock us ever more tightly into the vast mechanical illusion that we have built to distract ourselves from our birth-aim, which for every human being is to find the holy ground upon which he will stand at the moment the body releases the soul.

How can we come to taste of what is permanent about ourselves, our essence, in a world grown so noisy as to drown out the voice of the soul and, in all to many cases, forever end our chance to be embraced in eternal being?

There is no simple answer, no easy practice. We must find a way within ourselves to step back from the gaudy hurly-burly of life, to see, if only for a moment, the true strangeness and inhumanity of our world.

Get into a meditative state, let your breath flow, let your mind be silent, concentrate your attention on your physical body. Ask yourself: grant me the silence I need. Do this again and again, day after day, year after year. Do not stop. You will find what you need. Nothing is lost.

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The Meditation Group is for Unknowncountry participants who have an interest in meditation designed to expand awareness and evolve contact. Many of us have direct experience of the effectiveness of meditative states in communication with our visitors.

The Meditation Group meets virtually two to four times a month, and attempts to meditate as far as possible at the same time on the same theme. Group members are NOT informed of themes and times via email, although occasional emails are sent to the group.

To participate, it's necessary to take an active role: make a resolution to visit this page every two weeks. Put a reminder on your calendar, whatever it takes. And meditate with the group as you are able.

You can join the meditation group by leaving your email address here.

To follow the audio meditations designed by Whitley Strieber, Unknowncountry subscribers should go to Whitley's Room and click on subjects in the subject cloud to the right that include the word 'Meditation.' These meditations reflect his own work with the visitors, and are the result of 40 years of personal meditation, and 11 years of meditation with them.

Whitley is always ready to answer questions at

Whitley, for me, this was not the usual meditation tonight. I had trouble getting past 'Typhoon Haiyan' moving over the Philippines tonight. So much misery and suffering that will surely follow this storm.

I could imagine an angry Poseidon rising out of the water, there are flashes of lightning streaming out of the trident he is holding. Is he trying to create another deadly storm, or is he trying to calm the sea?

I am in a pretty good meditation when I see myself sitting on a chair/stool; Mickey and Minnie Mouse are with me. They are both much larger then I am and both have on white gloves. Minnie is on my right, she cups her hands over my ear and whispers (restore). Mickey is on my left, he cups his hands over my ear and whispers (remember).

They now spin the stool where I am sitting; the spin is so fast that my body becomes a blur.

The spin stops, I am alone and this thought crosses my mind…..”And you will (must) pass under the rod.”

Not sure about the Minnie and Mickey images unless the meditation has been influenced by Halloween and costumes???

I believe this is about a gift or opportunity, another lifetime, to hopefully right some of my wrongs. Making the self worthy of restoring/remembering the divine nature and abilities we ALL share as humankind. Keeping the self humble.

I like these next two meditations. Going to be good on halloween night tonight. :-)

The fool & his tools spread out becomes the magician...I need to reread the Path

I entered the meditation contemplatng, who am I, if not me? My sensation grew and I felt like I was floating. I tried to see my life for what it is, greater than the experiences that have filled it. As I did this, the energy in my sensation increased even more and I felt a unique connection with the group. At the level of the soul, we are all connected, all conscious beings. Everywhere, there is a web of energy. We are part of it, but don't easily perceive it because the brain filters it out. In meditation, when we connect with the soul, our very being, we can taste the truth. Surrendering is the key.

"We seek into the region of innocence that lies above the land of life.".......

I am weary tonight (good weary but a very long day). Not wanting to miss the meditation, I ask for something to soothe the soul. This came flowing though my mind.

Another powerful meditation. In my mind's eye, I saw a rotating red cube. Then I saw many Visitors encircle it and each one reached in to the center of the circle reaching for the red cube.

My meditation was strongly about my loss of innocense and trust and about how by using my heart and mind centre I would make better decisions in the things I do.In that way, only, would I regain my trust not only in myself but also in the people I deal with.My first vision many years ago was of a golden being standing to the left of a magnificent rainbow and the love I felt was so immense and unworldly that I would have gone through anything just to be with him.Lately in my meditations he steps out of the matrix and comes to me and tells me to remember who I really am, and how powerful, and to never forget!Thank you once more.

This week, a contemplative meditation: who am I, if not 'me'?..........

The thoughts that came during meditation.

"I am the point over the (i) (eye)."

Then, hoping this is a positive comment.
"It is the wolf that brings back the prey."

I am trying to be as detailed as possible, explaining exactly what I am thinking and how I feel during meditation.

This meditation was extended. I started slightly early, maybe 15 minutes before the scheduled time, getting into sensation and exploring the sensation. I recalled what I did when I was young, a form of meditation, not involving the entire body, but just sensing my hands and feet. I opened myself up to having a lesson taught to me. I experienced that the sensation I do now is that, sensing the body, but the sensation is much, much more than the body. It is the soul, or conscious energy. Emotions and thoughts subtly change this sensation. Becoming aware of the sensation in itself as opposed to just letting it be is the beginning to understanding and developing conscious energy and inner light. I was aware of my emotions, memories and sensation. It all melded together as one. At one point, I seemed to focus on memories with my sensation. As I continued doing this, it was like igniting a fire within myself and at once I began to feel ecstasy and it grew and grew. I understood why I so desire to experience life around me, especially when I am in an objective, meditative state. Because from this pure conscious experience comes ecstasy.

I joined the meditation group and contemplated the question, "Who am I, if not me." I focused on the sensation that I am. At one point, I swept my attention out over the group. I sensed close to 30 individuals and then I returned my sensation to my body, while trying to focus on the sensation, trying to just let it be. I went out again to the group and tried to sense the question as the group meditated on it. Briefly, I felt a surge of energy as though I was caught up in a vortex of conscious energy, spiraling upward toward ecstasy.

Toward the end, I imagined a Visitor. Unusually, this time, I felt resistance, whether somebody had a shield up, or if out of fear, a block was up. Instead, I focused on the sensation that came to mind, which was a non-defined presence, wrapped in question. Trying to focus on it was like trying to clearly see something in your peripheral vision. You can detect it, but it just doesn't come into focus. It could not pass through the barrier, so in a very weird way, it dissolved and almost like a fog or a smoke, it poured into my sensation. I relaxed again and ended the meditation.

Another very powerful meditation there was a great deal of violet light and I was in it and surrounded by it and was told we are just energy which can be changed by the things that affect us if we let them,for good or bad.On death the energy doesnt change just the physical body so therefore there is no death of self how can there be.The more I meditate the more I want to be in that state,the calmness and happiness I feel is beyond words.The only other time I felt such peace was when ,after many years,I had my daughter,and when I cuddled her I felt the same.Needles to say she wasnt off my lap much.Thank you once more Whitley .

Around 7 or 8 minutes into the meditation, there appears a large translucent, 3 dimensional Star of David, Merkaba. A white bird with the face of a man flies out of the raised center. The Merkaba fades out as the man/bird moves away from it. This image came and went quickly/in a few moments. found this website, it includes a Star of David, Merkaba.

Then…..A thought.....Adam’s rib, an open door.

Thursday's Meditation: At 12:30 I went to bed and was so charged & high. The insects outside my home were way louder than usual & I could hear distinctive voicing's of crickets & the last gasps of the summer Katy-dids. LOUD...then a ground view up view of a immense Beech tree with fall leaves falling & spinning down and beechnuts & twigs hitting near me. In the treetops were 100's of migrating birds feeding on the tree in a frenzy. I got the distinct sad ,sad feeling that we were in the autumn of our world and it was dying.
This "appeared" to be another environmental message...intense.

Hello Whitney, I have a question which at some time you probably already answered, but I need to ask. First, I purchased Communion years ago and read it. After I did, I gave the book away. I didn't even want it on my book shelf. Anyone, including aliens that abduct and perform test or what ever on another person is evil in my book. And you had many things done to you. I like the information on your sight, but, until I know how you feel about the grays or any other creature that performs tests on one of us, I need to understand why you seem to be on such friendly terms with them still. I would want to kick their posterior rears out of the galaxy. Until I know about you, I can't meditate with you. Carolyn

Carolyn, you have missed the mark with me. We all need a comfortable space for meditation, yes, but a level of unsureness is also helpful. If you don't want both, I would suggest that you look elsewhere.

Best to you, Whitley

This time I was told how powerful we are as we are a hologram of perfection and at this time have the tools to be who we really want to be and by combining the power of the heart with the mind with absolute love everything else will follow.

First.....I am aware of a field of golden corn, swaying gently with the breeze.

Then.....I am the observer and watching people running, running, running into a cloud/mist/vapor. The cloud/mist/vapor is a beautiful shade of Aqua Blue, filling the whole landscape, sooo peaceful. Are these people running from something or simply anxious to enter into the mist?

Then.....A voice says, "I am and have been, many things to many people, but, never a GURU."

The last image was a huge fork in the middle of a road. (A cartoon from YEARS ago).

I would ask that the meditations continue.

Connecting with mental silence on the exhalation, for me, tends to be fairly challenging. However, after trying this several times, I experienced a moment where everything seemed perfect, just as it is, and there was nothing to struggle against.

The following is an account of my meditation from last night and the thoughts that followed it.

I started the meditation as any other meditation. After taking a breath and releasing it, I went to a silent place filled with happiness. While trying to keep my mind blank, I soon noticed a small light in my third eye. I tried to focus on the light while keeping my mind blank. Impressions and thoughts raced through my mind. At once, I recalled the cover of The Key(the original cover), in another moment, I got the sensation and idea of a waterbed. I returned to the silence and keep my mind still.

While focusing my attention, I recall something from "The Grays". I imagine a Visitor in its full form. I think of the power and purpose of imagination as a tool, not just a distraction and plaything. I think to imagine is to call forth. They came.

The Visitors show me who I am. It is a small essence devoid of much. The intense emotions and fear present with the Visitors are what drives away all but the simple form that I am. Life is illusion. Everything in life is absorbed and changes and shapes who I am. It is vital to work from the self because so many effects that are literally subconscious play a role in what we think and how we act. It is imperative to see ourselves. The emotion drove me to a point where I felt that I was floating. What the Visitors are is what we want to see. What they are is really unknown. They have form because it is needed that they have a form to be able to exist to us. In truth they are the nothingness, the unknown that lurks, that thing we don't even recognize because we cannot see it, because we cannot know it. That is where their power lies and our blindness begins. When we see things it is what the mind can comprehend. When we gaze upon a box, we see a box. What it really is, what it contains is not seen by us. We need to begin to recognize this truth then we can start to see.

It is the small things in life, the things we do that give us the essence of our souls. To abandon that journey is ultimately death of the self, which cannot happen. Why? Because the Visitors are with us and without us, they cannot survive. Why death? Because it is the moment we reason that all shall end. But what is at the moment of death and beyond? A moment of self realization, something we long for, yet cannot have because it would mean we can know who we are but not what we can become. Why is that a problem? Because we are at all times existing in some form. Memories are that, a taste to a different time, They linger as we do, ever changing. Therefore we cannot grasp a moment in time forever. The changing, the passing of time is what gives us the ability to change, but it is an illusion. Our essence, our souls are outside of time but yet they are aware of all times. To be alive is to change, to be inside of time, but our truth lies outside this realm, in an undefinable point that is not perceived. Therefore, life exists in a different phase than death. At death, we cease to exist as we now know it, but become something that we have always been. That is why there are no words to describe who we are, because words and that thing we truly are doesn't exist in the same way our lives do. As much as a one dimensional object cannot exist in a three dimensional space, our true higher dimensional selves upon which our lives are rooted upon continue to exist after the life that surrounds it has been sloughed off by death. Our actions, our thoughts, are carried along by the self in a ever changing dance through time. These moments are transmuted to the self in only a basic way, as a shadow of themselves. That is the essence of the soul.

It is through meditation and other practices that we are able to expand our three dimensionalilty to begin to comprehend something greater. In meditation, we hold onto not only ourselves but to that which we truly are.

'Life is an illusion." What does that mean really? Is my pain an illusion? My stubbed toe? It seems very real to me. So what does this mean?


This is a wonderful post. I hope more meditators post their experiences, even if it seems silly. That is OK…..Do it anyway.

I had another very powerful meditation I didnt really want to return I was being given so much love.My parents came, my father with his arm around my mother,both looking young and happy ,with wonderful words of comfort for me.My mother died at 97 and my father at 92!I had a wonderful safe and happy childhood so no wonder they came and I didnt expect them at all.I had many beings showing me things,one an e.t. who said they would help me with my awakening, and just before the end my hands were raised palms out and golden light was pouring out from the whole of my body.I felt very peaceful and safe. Thank you Whitley.

Whitley, I hope the meditation group will continue. My personal belief is that those who practice meditation and other energy healing arts generate and reflect the positive vibrations that we desperately need to counteract the extreme negativity we are experiencing at this time on the planet. I am a member of the website and have known about the group for awhile, but will be doing my first meditation with the group next Thursday. I am currently a caregiver and time doesn't permit me to join in local meditation groups or leave the house for hours at a time, so I look forward to participating and can't think of a better teacher and facilitator for meditation. 9:00 p.m. PT is a perfect time for me as well, with everyone having gone to bed by that time and giving me the uninterrupted quiet needed for meditation. I've recently returned to practicing Reiki and am a little nervous about possibly connecting with the Visitors. However, we need all the help we can get as a species before we inadvertently (or maybe not so inadvertently) annihilate ourselves. ~Namaste

WS- The meditation has great value for me also, IF I am not tired and can't stay up till 12 EST. I guess there is no way to do it 1 hour earlier with time changes & all.

Is a group med more powerful than solo practice?

I 'd like to know what peoples schedules are?


I had a lovely meditation with the group there were many beings with me encircling the earth and golden flames were coming out of her from all the people meditating and then I could see golden light from other planets joining ours and the earth became a golden globe.It made me realize how powerful meditation is and if we do it all together, in love, all the planets respond .Keep the group meditation going please it is very important at this moment in our history.

Whitley, this meditation group has great value for me as well.

Tonight I had some trouble finding that safe space but will be trying to change that in the future meditations. Sometimes thoughts just pop into my mind, especially when I relax and have my mind clear and open.

Tonight there is the image of a very old looking lighthouse, the keeper is at the top looking out onto the ocean; he has on a hat.

The ocean starts to heave, it is a tectonic earthquake. Coming up from the ocean floor I can see jagged pieces of rock/land pushing up against one another as though in battle.

This is close to the image of the lighthouse.....

Hello All,

Whitley, yes, this meditation group has great value for me, and I appreciate you asking the question. My alarm just went off reminding me that it's time for the meditation, so I'll just say thank you for holding the space for this weekly gathering. And tonight is the full moon, too.

"For the next three weeks, we explore happiness. Every happy moment asks to be taken to eternity."

I have been struggling as to whether I should post this. It did not happen last night but actually during my Thursday morning meditation. I have decided to post it.

There are lots of moments in the video below but not exactly what I had hoped for in the meditation.....Perhaps happier thoughts next week.


I did a meditation this morning (Thursday) that I am posting tonight. In the meditation, thoughts drifted through my mind and I became aware of these two lines. After writing down the words I wasn't sure if I wanted to post them until I received the e-mail below from a friend, late this afternoon. Her video seems to resonate with these few lines.

Words in my meditation.....
Weary traveler flying though space
The blue ship is bulging, all is displaced.


World History in 2 minutes

Click on the link below and 500 images

will flash before you in two minutes.

That's a little over 4 images per second.

You will not have an opportunity to see and understand each image.

Just look and allow the images to sink in ....

it is quite an experience.

Two minute history lesson. Don't blink!!

Click Here

Hi, i just joined. The word "arcadia" means everything to me. I have always considered it to be rife with spiritual/ufo activity. It is where I saw my rainbow cross upon asking for a sign when I was 12, its where I saw the orb very clearly that passed me and my stepfather. Still to this day I have read of people having visions there, not to the extent of what i saw, but I have read that people were seeing white crosses near windows. I saw a rainbow cross when I looked out the window. I will never forget it. It stayed in front of me for five minutes.. before it began to disappear in patches. It was the best thing Ive ever seen. From that day on I became less religious, and much more metaphysical. I have always thought it was et's that gave me that sign. They had started to show me signs when they sent breezes my way, to blow the curtains in my parents bedroom where I was, when I asked to "show proof there is an afterlife, give me a sign".. and then there was a wind as the window was open, it gently blew the curtains Then I said "do it again", and the wind came again, and blew the curtain Then I thought "this could be just the wind going by, I will wait so that if its just winds coming by at timed intervals, it should come now". I waited and nothing happened Then I said "do it again", and the wind came again. I then said "you know.... I will grow up and I know I will think that is a coincidence, I want something incontrovertible, something I will never doubt, something I know is real that I cant question". I thought some more, then for no conscious reason, I went to the window, and moved the edge of the curtain to the left, and knelt on the brown chair by the brown desk in the corner of the room, to get a view outside. I didnt expect to see THAT.. but there it was, a cross, about two ft tall and proportional in width, comprised out of the rainbow.. sitting in the air, about six feet away, beyond the wooden fence that separated my apartment from next door. It was above the carport. noone was around. I just sat and stared, and wondered where my camera was. I was afraid it would be gone if i left to search for it, so I stayed, wondering how it would end. Then I began to see it vanish piece by piece, and that was such an interesting thing to see.. "So thats how you will go".. it seemed very intelligent. No blinking out, no mass transparency and woosh it was gone. Just an intelligent, Im leaving, piece by piece..and then there was noone. Then, I stared at empty sky, as though it were never there. Ahhhh it was a great sight. Arcadia means everything to me. The city of Arcadia, California.

I tried to relax into the meditation tonight but my mind had trouble settling down, jumping all over the place with several quick images. Still, I believe it is important to post what happens during the meditations.

Saw the words.....Bulldog/Red.

Saw the word.....Arcadia.

Saw the Norway Spiral spinning in the blue color.

Very quick but saw what looked like a brown uniformed arm with a state forestry patch. (Brown and Green pine trees on the patch).

There is a colorful neon sign that says, SUNDANCE.

Now an image of a bearded man approaching from the left, he is pale/ghostly looking, has a white beard and white hair. His image starts to multiply, filling my line of vision. He says, "see, I am everywhere!"

Shift.....Now we are both standing in front of a mirror/mirrors; a fun house maze of mirrors. He says, "see/understand we are a point of light reflected back into and from these mirrors. Our true point of light is currently here where we are standing but can be reflected in other forms and in other dimensions." Now his image blinks out but I can still hear his voice, he says, "when this central point of light has been removed (the God self) none of our other reflections can exist." I look around and the only image I can still see is my own reflection in the mirrors.



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