Meditation Group
Meditation Group

We try to meditate together at 9PM Pacific Time on Thursday nights for 15 minutes, but you can use the meditation at any time. This meditation will conclude this sequence. We hope to begin again in mid-2015.

Theme for December 1--December 31, 2014
: Finding What is Permanent Within Us

Last month, we attempted to look to the very small to find those exquisite instances of beauty that so often go unnoticed. The purpose of that mediation was to prepare for this one, which will be the final one in the meditation group. If it is resumed, you will be informed by email, as long as you have left your email address with the group.

We live in a state of constant movement, and, in this electronically driven and instantaneous world, most of us are lost to such practices as meditation, as our various devices lock us ever more tightly into the vast mechanical illusion that we have built to distract ourselves from our birth-aim, which for every human being is to find the holy ground upon which he will stand at the moment the body releases the soul.

How can we come to taste of what is permanent about ourselves, our essence, in a world grown so noisy as to drown out the voice of the soul and, in all to many cases, forever end our chance to be embraced in eternal being?

There is no simple answer, no easy practice. We must find a way within ourselves to step back from the gaudy hurly-burly of life, to see, if only for a moment, the true strangeness and inhumanity of our world.

Get into a meditative state, let your breath flow, let your mind be silent, concentrate your attention on your physical body. Ask yourself: grant me the silence I need. Do this again and again, day after day, year after year. Do not stop. You will find what you need. Nothing is lost.

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The Meditation Group is for Unknowncountry participants who have an interest in meditation designed to expand awareness and evolve contact. Many of us have direct experience of the effectiveness of meditative states in communication with our visitors.

The Meditation Group meets virtually two to four times a month, and attempts to meditate as far as possible at the same time on the same theme. Group members are NOT informed of themes and times via email, although occasional emails are sent to the group.

To participate, it's necessary to take an active role: make a resolution to visit this page every two weeks. Put a reminder on your calendar, whatever it takes. And meditate with the group as you are able.

You can join the meditation group by leaving your email address here.

To follow the audio meditations designed by Whitley Strieber, Unknowncountry subscribers should go to Whitley's Room and click on subjects in the subject cloud to the right that include the word 'Meditation.' These meditations reflect his own work with the visitors, and are the result of 40 years of personal meditation, and 11 years of meditation with them.

Whitley is always ready to answer questions at [email protected]

Whitley, I too would like to thank you for these wonderful meditations.

[What is meditation?]
It is not musing, not daydreaming; but as ye find your bodies made up of the physical, mental and spiritual, it is the attuning of the mental body and the physical body to its spiritual source.
Cayce Reading 281-41 (Edgar Cayce)

Thank you for the meditations! They have been really, really inspiring for me. Pointing out new directions, helping me turn my head and look in a different direction. I don't know if putting the meditations out is discouraging when there is not much discussion here. But for my part, the insights from these meditations are so intimately tied to my life, I'd need to expain a lot to make the change/new perspective I've gained understandable. And frankly, I don't think anyone is really that interested in how I think. That moment, lasting two seconds, when I go about my tasks of the day in a mad rush, and I remember to look at myself. For one breaths duration, I'm out of it, finding I love it, and go on. The way those moments have expanded and now it seems as if I got some kind of permission to enjoy my life, whatever goes on. Feelin' good, as Nina Simone Relevant for me, but not that informative to anyone else, I'm afraid.

The word tenebrae has been popping into my mind lately. Fom wikipedia "The principal Tenebrae ceremony is the gradual extinguishing of candles upon a stand in the sanctuary called a hearse.[2] Eventually, the Roman Rite settled on fifteen candles, one of which is extinguished after each of the nine psalms of Matins and the five of Lauds, gradually reducing the lighting throughout the service. The six altar candles are put out during the Benedictus, and then any remaining lights in the church. The last candle is hidden beneath the altar, ending the service in total darkness. The strepitus (Latin for "great noise"), made by slamming a book shut, banging a hymnal or breviary against the pew, or stomping on the floor, symbolizes the earthquake that followed Christ's death, although it may have originated as a simple signal to depart.[3] After the candle has been shown to the people, it is extinguished, and then put "on the credence table," or simply taken to the sacristy. All rise and then leave in silence.(Adrian Fortescue, The Ceremonies of the Roman Rite Described, 1917, page 288)."

I have no dark forebodings. There is some beautiful symbolism in this ritual of transition into darkness that precedes the light. I trust we all go well into this new year and have the presence to embrace life as it unfolds. Thank you for the meditations, Whitley!

Would it be worth considering a new series of meditations based on recent crop circle formations? I realize that the pace of interesting formations has slowed a bit, but surely there have been some interesting formations in the last few years. Also, it may be that the creators of the crop circles respond to the level of interest shown in them.

In any case, I found the original crop circle meditations to be beautiful and to be gateways to new experience for me.

I had this image float through my mind and had a strong sensation that I was there watching/listening and celebrating.

Jolly Flatboatmen in Port 1857-George Caleb Bingham

As so often happens, in the last few minutes of this meditation the constellation SERPENS crossed my mind.....

I fell asleep on the couch and woke up 10:47 PM (a few minutes before meditation with this dream).

I see what I think is a much younger me standing inside a house located on a mountain. There are a few other people in this house with me but very few words are spoken here, mostly we just know what the other person wants or needs to communicate. I climb up a flight of steps that take me to an upper floor; I open a closed door. There is a rumpled bed with all blue bedding so I know that someone has been sleeping here and the people living here appear to be living a life I am familiar with.

I am now back on the first floor and aware of new people entering the house. There are not a lot of individuals here and it seems they come across this mountain house by chance. It is nice to see new people.

There are sliding glass doors leading out onto a balcony. I go out, look over the railing and look over this mountain place, all of what I see is covered in snow making this house totally invisible, yet, there are still people stumbling upon it.

While standing on the balcony I see two lost men with grey uniforms. First they see me, THEN the house. They come to the door, do not knock but simply enter in. The feeling or atmosphere in this house changes, these men are being hunted and have escaped from prison. Although they could be dangerous they do not harm anyone. The door opens on its own and the men leave. (Something has happened here I do not understand that will not allow them to be in this house).

I am thinking, “Be careful as to what you invite into your home.”

I walk back out onto the balcony to see them walking away and also see/feel that the whole mountain has blossomed into springtime. It is breathtakingly beautiful here and totally hidden from most of the world. Here is where I wake up in time for meditation.

May I just elicit a few of my current worries which are currently taking place in my "time of trouble": job security, health (recent heart attack), aging. Whitley, I know from my current reading of your book "Miraculous Journey" that you and your family face similar worries; we all do. Let us also add a short prayer to our meditation that we can proceed through our day without fear; we are not truly in any danger.

Whitley, I will meditate with the group tonight but wanted to post this now since it just happened…...

(OH, HECTOR)!!!!! This is what came to mind during the first few minutes of my meditation at 9:35 this morning. I felt such a profound sadness but then just as quickly as the feeling came it was gone. It simply swept over me.

So, perhaps this meditation is simply about metamorphosis/change for humankind.

In this meditation I am being lifted up into space and cannot breathe properly. My mind is following the images in front of me. I have become a fish, the thing is though, I am not in water but swimming in space. Trapped, cannot breathe, will I die here?

Others like me are here too but now I see they are all in the process of becoming something else, we are not fish. We are changing from one life form into another but both forms coming out of the same body. We are in the process of becoming. We are to be frogs, each of us in different stages of development.

Whitley's comment on JOY last night in the chat room stuck in my head. I increasingly found it quite profound and kept coming back to it within my mind. I find that aside from interactions w/loving people -- music (composing, playing, dancing, singing, listening) brings enormous amounts of joy to my life. I particularly like watching videos/collections of videos which mix both the joy that I find in the human condition and music which touches my heart and soul. This morning I found myself listening/watching one of my current playlists on youtube -- but this time I took note of the overwhelming joy I was feeling and felt in the moment the absolute truth of what Whitley had posted. Not sure how to express this -- but in that moment of realization I felt as tho the JOY within me was something I cld share w/the whole world -- and I did.

In this meditation, we try, with compassion toward ourselves, with humor.....

Well, it was a nice and deep meditation tonight.

I have no idea where this came from, I certainly had not planned on this BUT in my line of vision there were RED and GREEN MILLS (currency) that I remember from my childhood. It made me laugh and wanted to post it.

It has been more than a few weeks since I've joined the meditation, and last night was a wonderful return! I did almost 30 minutes - towards the end sleepiness crept in.

(Just to clarify....I don't look for anything to 'happen' when I meditate. Quite often, I simply stay in sensation, and very little changes from one minute to the next. But when something occurs, I do feel I should share that with the group :) )

Anyway, last soon as I was stilled and in physical sensation only, my head and neck (as has happened in the past) were 'taken over' by the benevolent presence that usually shows up during these group meditations. I think he (the presence feels like a male) is now able to meld with my energy and make himself smaller. Previously, it felt as though he was struggling to rein in his own bigger energy field into my smaller physical field.
In any feels as though he is getting in tune with me. My head lolls around somewhat, and there is a lot of neck stretching that is definitely being experienced by this being through my physical body. Almost as though he is learning about our physicality, and enjoying the freedom of moving the head about.
And last night, I had the impression he is syncing with all the meditators' energy fields (whether they're aware of it or not) and he is like an orchestral conductor, playing our energy patterns and sending out a lovely symphony to the universe.
I told a friend about this meditation, and he was interested to try it. At around 12:10 (EST) I sensed the being had left me. He returned around 12:20. When he left, I 'saw' him standing over my friend (and 'saw' my friend seated in a chair). Well, this morning, I freaked out my friend by asking if anything happened at 12:10. He said he'd been at his computer, but at 12:10 decided to still himself and begin the meditation. He didn't sense the presence of the being, but he stayed with the meditation until 12:20.
As I mentioned way back, I am extremely cautious about channeling. But this being that shows up feels wise, and loving. I got the message that when we die, all our earthly struggles and pain are a blessing because they will make the taste of joy so much sweeter. You move into a higher (joy-filled) vibrational level with ease once you accept that these Earthly incarnations are a blessing.

In my imagination and trying to relax into this meditation. An image from the old Onmi Magazine comes to mind. (I SING THE BODY ELECTRIC). I want to step inside the image and travel back to my beginning BUT a caul or membrane is covering the opening and blocking the way. In the distance I hear a bell ringing/tolling, the vibration from the bell is reverberating from inside this doorway. How do I move forward?

This is not the first time this image has come to mind.

I sing the body Electric
I celebrate the me yet to come
I toast to my own reunion (my own reunion)
When I become one with the stars

I found what looks like the symbol….The Phoenician letter for (g). (Gimmel).

After sleeping on this meditation from last night, I have decided to post it. My e-mail has gone down twice in the last few weeks and I am still unable to send or receive messages or I would have sent this as an e-mail and NOT posted it. However, it feels significant so here it is. Always get a little worried that I have not understood the images that sometimes come during meditation??????

Should a strange CROP CIRCLE appear that looks mechanical or machine like THEN that is what it is. Do not try to understand it in any other way. Try to interpret the grain formation from that point of view…..A symbol that resembles 7 (with the upper part of the number bent down in front then the lower half of the 7 flaring out to right could be incorporated in the design).

In this meditation I can imagine that I am rising above our planet. When I get to where I want to be, I see a blue tapestry hanging in space. The background is dark blue with gold and red symbols embossed on the fabric. Standing in front of this tapestry is Indra, dancing in/out and through gold rings or hoops.


Indra now throws the gold rings high up into the night sky. The rings fall back to Earth and as they do, Indra's face has morphed into the face of an elephant; the (grey not white) trunk is being held upward and catches all of the gold rings.

.....And don’t forget to laugh: some of it will be funny, and when you laugh at yourself, you laugh with God.....

I fell asleep shortly before the meditation (did not think I needed to set the alarm clock) but did have this short dream that I am posting.

There is a small chimpanzee sitting in a chair and being shown a photo album. A male voice is talking to the Chimp and calling the chimp (TUCKER). The male/man is turning the pages of this photo album for Tucker to view. The first photo is of Tucker. The chimp points and apparently recognizes himself. The man turns to the next photo in the album and it is a photo of a young boy. The male voice says, “the boy." Tucker is very excited and is pointing at the boy. Then, the last photo is of an older man with a beard. The male voice says, "the man." As soon as Tucker sees the man in the photo, he goes wild with excitement; he grabs the whole photo album and holds it next to his heart. There is total recognition on Tuckers part and apparently lots of love.

I am peace tonight during this meditation and trying to float above the earth in quiet solitude. Before entering into this meditation I took a few minutes to look up at the night sky. JAINISM came to mind and then again during the meditation. I found this to be interesting.....

A Tirthankaras in Jainism, is a savior who has succeeded in crossing over life's stream of rebirths and has made a path for others to follow.

Each cosmic age produces 24 Tirthankaras; the first are (GIANTS), but, as the age proceeds, they decrease in stature and appear after shorter intervals of time. Of the 24 Tirthankaras of the present age, each of whom is represented by a symbolic color and emblem, only Parshvanatha and Mahavira are considered actual historical figures. The Tirthankaras are not worshiped as gods but rather honored as exemplars.

When I imagine that I see myself, its from above looking down, so its rather a boring view - the top of a head. I'm curious how others are trying this. I'll try the mirror thing. And hope i don't spook myself out.

This meditation starts with one word coming to mind (Kasbah). Then a short series of images.

There is a sensation then an image of white gauze curtains attached to an open window. The curtains are moving and I can smell a sweet scented breeze. Very quickly now as though watching a slide show there is an image of the Sphinx leaping from its platform then disappearing into thin air.

Next image is either a Crocodile or Alligator??? All I can see are yellow eyes slightly above the water line.

The last image is a hand holding a beautiful mother of pearl clam shell.

I have decided to post this experience; as it happened and in truth as I am to understand it through my own conscious AND dreaming mind. (This experience was followed by a dream). This happened one half hour before our GROUP MEDITATION on Thursday night. I am posting it here and in the group meditation section.

Tonight was my night to host our little dream group. After they all left and I straightened up a bit, I stepped outside onto my deck. My neighbor moved out of her house yesterday so I was curious to see if there were any lights on in the back of the house which would indicate that the new neighbors were there. (It was between 10:33 and 10:35 PM). I look up and passing over my house there is a bright round orange orb/light/sphere. This night is cloudy so perhaps the object was distorted? BUT as crazy as this might sound, it looked like it had something attached to the backside of it (as I viewed it going past my line of vision). The something looks like an orange transparent sack/bubble; like the UFO/ORB was pulling or dragging it. I ran inside the house to call friends but decided it was too late THEN went back outside only to see another one passing over my house. This time I did call a friend on the cordless phone. She went outside but was not able to see it. The first one to pass over my house looked like something was attached but the second one did not. Both are a glowing orange. The first one was so bright I thought it was going to crash and that the appendage was actually on fire. Apparently I was wrong since I watched it move out of view. Both were silent and moved at the same speed as an airplane. I would say they were airplanes distorted by cloud coverage BUT they were such a bright burning orange, completely silent and with orange being the only visible color... There might have been one before I stepped outside but missed it. When this happened back in September there were three of them. TONIGHT their direction went from WEST to EAST (both of them).


DREAM: I am with a SMALL ASIAN woman inside what looks like a department store. Sitting on top of this clear glass display case and on a stand is an e-reader. (It looks similar to a Nook or Kindle). The big difference is that it opens like a book, (two sided) displays in 3-D and instead of words it projects images.

There are items of clothing on the pages being displayed. She points to these items but her eyes never leave this device. She is speaking and I am trying to understand her but am not familiar with her language or dialect. There are two items she keeps pointing at but it is not clear if this clothing is a uniform or a dress, it could be either?????

I want to help but do not know how. Does she want to try on clothing? How do I/we go about getting what she is wanting? A sales lady standing behind the glass counter (actually standing over the glass case displaying gem stones/crystals) is trying to calm the Asian woman down. By now she is screeching and pointing frantically to the reader type object with the images of clothing. Can no one in this store communicate with this woman?

I am frustrated, the Asian woman is frustrated and as much as I want to help I do not know how. Maybe we are just too different and communication is not possible.

Now I have been taken to a small dressing room. There is a woman from India here with me. (Have no idea who she is) BUT we are talking about a mutual friend (…) (My friend is from India and the age fifty nine and a half comes up as we speak. This is not (…) current age. Where is (…) and why are we discussing her? (My friend (…) is also a small woman).

Let us add the intentions John Hoque and Whitley spoke about last week about the New Cold War. So many of us can bring this to higher consciousness!

"We have addressed compassion before, saying that it isn’t a matter of simply being kind, but that it has another, deeper, dimension. Compassion is about understanding and giving what is needed the most."

The meditation tonight.....

The first thing I experienced was this thought...

.....A Clear and Present Danger.....The book/movie below came to mind.

THEN, after this thought there is a visual. I can see a LIFEGUARD perched up on his tower. The thing is, he was out much further in the water then normal, viewing the water and watching out for danger. I can see land behind him. He is holding a round white rescue ring buoy.

For me the message here is, "in all the danger and uncertainties in our world, there will always be someone/something guarding life. There is always a rescue ring at hand."

I rejoined the meditation group after many many months of not meditating at all. I will always be late as don't have an opportunity until (your) Friday. I loved the question and felt enclosed in a warm atmosphere even though the room was cold and my smoke alarm was cheeping for a new battery. 'What do i need the most?' Of course, that is the question of questions. To be continuted.

Whenever possible I like to start my morning with a prayer, followed by a short meditation. I would like to post my experience this morning THEN the meditation experience tonight.

After my morning prayers and while in meditation, I had a quick but very clear thought of the Beatles-Yellow Submarine. This song stayed with me for much of the day.

In tonight's meditation and in my mind's eye, a man appears, approaching from the right. He is clean-shaven. On his head he wears a dark velvet Kippah (beanie type prayer cap). I simply watch as he then bows several times before making a quarter turn to the right. He is now facing the Wailing Wall; his forehead is against the stone while his arms are stretched out against the wall. He is in prayer.

I believe that during a Mars -Earth opposition it is the best window to establish contact during a meditation. I did this in August /2003 from a recomendation from this site and I did indeed make contact with what I can only assume was the visitors or the dead. Upon reflection, perhaps it was a procession of Earth & Mars? It happens infrequently.

Whitley...may we attempt this in a group meditation?

Very peaceful with a powerful prescence and when I asked the question the answer came back quickly to withdraw more from the wordly and concentrate on things of the spirit.I have felt this being strongly recently I feel a pounding feeling in my head almost like the pulse of someome and when I asked who they were I saw a male being of light in a long straight gown with a tunic over the top who said his name was Atar.I went to my monthly meditation group last night and was taken to a city of light everything was full of white light and all the people that I loved and had died came to greet me generations of people from my family were there and they were all helping me in my work.I wasnt walking but floating and there was so much love I didnt want to leave .

Interesting question to knead and turn in ones' mind - what do I need most? This morning when I woke up I knew that I make a choice every morning to come here, to be this person. Some kind of stone had some connection with this, a half-sphere with blue inside and clear glass outside. Those stones in Lord of the Rings come to mind. A frustrating thing to see: this life is what I need.

.......Quiet your mind, then ask, ‘tell me what I need the most?’

This was a good meditation and I was able to relax into it.

All I could hear tonight was music. If this is what I need the most, at least for this moment in time, then I will be watching (The Tale of Tsar Saltan) (Skazka o Tsare Saltane) in the next few days.

Hm, going off in lalaland...I think in the Native American tradition there is something called vision quest - hardly a consumer activity. And in the western tradition C.G. Jung put extremely high value in a process he called active imagination. This I see as a way to interrupt the ordinary thought-process to let other insights come in. As Patanjali's Yoga Sutra says: "Habitual thought-streams stand in the way of other impressions." How can we talk about non-ordinary states of consciousness, the other impressions? No doubt it will sound much like lalaland to a normal person - and that is why many keep these things secret and never put them into words. Yet, in my experiences in shamanic journeying and other communal activities that reach out for non-ordinary states of consciousness, the sharing has been always extremely useful. Many, many times it has been as if everyone got a bit of the messsage that makes sense only when pieced together with what others got. I also have sometimes felt what someone says in sharing is not really relevant or authentic. But they may be as authentic as is possible in their situation. They have their journey to make, and mine will look to someone else totally false. In the end it is totally irrelevant how my investigations in the non-ordinary states of consciousness look to someone else - what I am investigating is my consciousness. As it seems there can be shared elements in that consciousness, I always find it extremely interesting to read others' inner experiences. It may be that these inner experiences will always differ, and a functioning group actually has to have different individuals having different inner experiences to get a perspective of sorts. The extremely inspiring meditation themes Whitley provides have really kicked my meditations into new realms. For me the realms have been about insight, a new/different perspective. I am very grateful for that, and for all the people who take the time to report about their meditation. If that is wrong, I am happy to be there.


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