Meditation Group
Meditation Group

We try to meditate together at 9PM Pacific Time on Thursday nights for 15 minutes, but you can use the meditation at any time.

Theme for March 15--April 14, 2014

Last month, we returned to the basic of meditation: sensing oneself physically. Now we build on that foundation, extending sensation from the density of blood and flesh into less dense aspects of the body.

It is sometimes difficult to find the foundation of this higher level of search. Is it meditation, contemplation, prayer, reading? Actually, the journey begins in compassion, and it starts with the search to find compassion for oneself. We have addressed compassion before, saying that it isn’t a matter of simply being kind, but that it has another, deeper, dimension. Compassion is about understanding and giving what is needed the most. So, how do we start?

There is inside each one of us a built-in master who stands willing to assist us in our journey. This part of being lies at the borderland between oneself and the conscious energy all around us. To gain access, engage in the sensing exercise, quiet your mind, then ask, ‘tell me what I need the most?’ Sooner or later, an answer will come, most often in a dream. Once that happens, you have begun a wonderful, lifelong journey of discovery with your inner master. This master is, in part, what we call ‘conscience.’ It is deeply moral, truthful and honest. It is joyous, innocent and wise. It is you, and also all of consciousness reflected within you.

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The Meditation Group is for Unknowncountry participants who have an interest in meditation designed to expand awareness and evolve contact. Many of us have direct experience of the effectiveness of meditative states in communication with our visitors.

The Meditation Group meets virtually two to four times a month, and attempts to meditate as far as possible at the same time on the same theme. Group members are NOT informed of themes and times via email, although occasional emails are sent to the group.

To participate, it's necessary to take an active role: make a resolution to visit this page every two weeks. Put a reminder on your calendar, whatever it takes. And meditate with the group as you are able.

You can join the meditation group by leaving your email address here.

To follow the audio meditations designed by Whitley Strieber, Unknowncountry subscribers should go to Whitley's Room and click on subjects in the subject cloud to the right that include the word 'Meditation.' These meditations reflect his own work with the visitors, and are the result of 40 years of personal meditation, and 11 years of meditation with them.

Whitley is always ready to answer questions at

I rejoined the meditation group after many many months of not meditating at all. I will always be late as don't have an opportunity until (your) Friday. I loved the question and felt enclosed in a warm atmosphere even though the room was cold and my smoke alarm was cheeping for a new battery. 'What do i need the most?' Of course, that is the question of questions. To be continuted.

Whenever possible I like to start my morning with a prayer, followed by a short meditation. I would like to post my experience this morning THEN the meditation experience tonight.

After my morning prayers and while in meditation, I had a quick but very clear thought of the Beatles-Yellow Submarine. This song stayed with me for much of the day.

In tonight's meditation and in my mind's eye, a man appears, approaching from the right. He is clean-shaven. On his head he wears a dark velvet Kippah (beanie type prayer cap). I simply watch as he then bows several times before making a quarter turn to the right. He is now facing the Wailing Wall; his forehead is against the stone while his arms are stretched out against the wall. He is in prayer.

I believe that during a Mars -Earth opposition it is the best window to establish contact during a meditation. I did this in August /2003 from a recomendation from this site and I did indeed make contact with what I can only assume was the visitors or the dead. Upon reflection, perhaps it was a procession of Earth & Mars? It happens infrequently.

Whitley...may we attempt this in a group meditation?

Very peaceful with a powerful prescence and when I asked the question the answer came back quickly to withdraw more from the wordly and concentrate on things of the spirit.I have felt this being strongly recently I feel a pounding feeling in my head almost like the pulse of someome and when I asked who they were I saw a male being of light in a long straight gown with a tunic over the top who said his name was Atar.I went to my monthly meditation group last night and was taken to a city of light everything was full of white light and all the people that I loved and had died came to greet me generations of people from my family were there and they were all helping me in my work.I wasnt walking but floating and there was so much love I didnt want to leave .

Interesting question to knead and turn in ones' mind - what do I need most? This morning when I woke up I knew that I make a choice every morning to come here, to be this person. Some kind of stone had some connection with this, a half-sphere with blue inside and clear glass outside. Those stones in Lord of the Rings come to mind. A frustrating thing to see: this life is what I need.

.......Quiet your mind, then ask, ‘tell me what I need the most?’

This was a good meditation and I was able to relax into it.

All I could hear tonight was music. If this is what I need the most, at least for this moment in time, then I will be watching (The Tale of Tsar Saltan) (Skazka o Tsare Saltane) in the next few days.

Hm, going off in lalaland...I think in the Native American tradition there is something called vision quest - hardly a consumer activity. And in the western tradition C.G. Jung put extremely high value in a process he called active imagination. This I see as a way to interrupt the ordinary thought-process to let other insights come in. As Patanjali's Yoga Sutra says: "Habitual thought-streams stand in the way of other impressions." How can we talk about non-ordinary states of consciousness, the other impressions? No doubt it will sound much like lalaland to a normal person - and that is why many keep these things secret and never put them into words. Yet, in my experiences in shamanic journeying and other communal activities that reach out for non-ordinary states of consciousness, the sharing has been always extremely useful. Many, many times it has been as if everyone got a bit of the messsage that makes sense only when pieced together with what others got. I also have sometimes felt what someone says in sharing is not really relevant or authentic. But they may be as authentic as is possible in their situation. They have their journey to make, and mine will look to someone else totally false. In the end it is totally irrelevant how my investigations in the non-ordinary states of consciousness look to someone else - what I am investigating is my consciousness. As it seems there can be shared elements in that consciousness, I always find it extremely interesting to read others' inner experiences. It may be that these inner experiences will always differ, and a functioning group actually has to have different individuals having different inner experiences to get a perspective of sorts. The extremely inspiring meditation themes Whitley provides have really kicked my meditations into new realms. For me the realms have been about insight, a new/different perspective. I am very grateful for that, and for all the people who take the time to report about their meditation. If that is wrong, I am happy to be there.

This is a wonderful comment, thanks for it! Your Lalaland is the real world. The world people think is real--the linear, time haunted material world--is Lalaland! "In the end it is totally irrelevant how my investigations in the non-ordinary states of consciousness look to someone else - what I am investigating is my consciousness." A fine thought.

Hi Whitley, I was a regular on thurs. nights but got frustrated because what you where offering and what people where doing with it was like two different worlds.So many people just seem to want "an experience" & seem to disregard any instructions you give. Not trying to judge.. but people please take advantage of whats being offered instead of going off in lala land. Hope to rejoin soon.

This is a consumer society and we are all hypnotized into wanting an experience. If you concentrate on physical sensation, you automatically bypass this energy leak. Looking for experiences during meditation is a waste of time. To engage in real search, we have to leave the consumer behind. But certainly, it would be tragic to throw away one's own search because of a dislike of what others are doing. To really engage, it is important to give up things like judgement, which is also a great waste of one's energy.

My mind could not relax during the meditation last night. It just seemed to be going over every single event during my day. HOWEVER, and this is a pretty scary thought, I woke up with the word PANDEMIC in my waking mind. Do not know if it was part of a dream that I cannot remember or hopefully, something I might have read or saw yesterday???

Apologies for the dishevelled post, but it seems I want to report. Although I wasn't even doing the meditation - had to feed the horses&rush to work, but while driving, these insights kept popping: You'all know the Stanford Prison experiment? Where persons assigned to positions of power tend to abuse those assigned the position of powerlessness. How this drama keeps unfolding in real life. Those getting into positions of power showing in their actions who they really are. And what amazing opportunity it is to interact with horses. They are the creatures who dangle the opportunity to grab power in front of our faces. Take to force/violence, bring forth the baseness. Or learn to step back and consider how can we do this together? A masterclass in the process of making insides visible. To learn and transform. And how this pattern of forcing people experience disempowerment in all possible ways - software design for example - is an interesting way to rub our faces into the pattern of victimhood. How the very existence of psycopaths has led many to embrace empowerment - seeing how one has facilitated one's own disempowerment is an almost spiritual awakening - owning what it is I am involved in.

First I need to say that I am not Mormon, so, it makes this meditation seem odd. I have just looked up some things on the web and have included the websites since I have little background in the MORMON FAITH.

Tonight’s meditation started with this thought running through my mind…..

Are you ready for change? (Not just me on a personal level, but the world in general).

A man appears in my line of vision. He is holding an old/ancient gnarled wood, (T) shaped wine spigot.

I do not know how I know this but I identify him as the Angel Moroni. I do not actually see the GOLDEN TABLETS but he is impressing the idea of the reality of them into my thoughts.

Perhaps I am now injecting part of my own understanding of the world around me, but, I am thinking of the similarity of this Angel Moroni to the Tarot Card of Temperance.

One last thing. At the very end of this meditation, he hands me a silver ball that is larger then a softball. It is vibrating, the whole physical body hums with it.

Lovely meditation firstly a healing took place in a huge crystal,which was pyramid shaped ,and my friend was inside .There were beings of light around it and huge golden rays were making a pattern over him.I had the distinct,feeling that there are beings or E.T.s who at one point did not think we were worth saving but have seen the massive change in consciousness that has occurred in the human race and is willing to help us.Keep your fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!! much love and happiness to all.

As usual, I began this meditation early and it was silent/still until the last few minutes. I was hoping for more in the way of a dream during the night to clarify but it did not come, so, I am posting this from last night’s meditation.

I was about to come out of the group meditation when there is an image of a large opening in the earth. Above this hole there are men with shovels; they have created or expanded this opening to accommodate a living heart resting inside. (Deep inside the earth). Something is wrong, the heart is enlarged, the rhythm/beat is off, it is sick and suffering. I can actually see the heart struggling inside this large opening.

After this meditation I was hoping the image could be changed to an increasing love for the planet. However, it is not how the meditation felt. More like something is about to erupt.

I was hoping for a more positive outcome from a dream.

Isaw myself again pulsing out energy and then I was watching a scene by a river where men were repairing canoes and woman were doing their washing and there was much laughter ,and insults were going back and forth.They were Indians and the river was surrounded by pine and many other types of trees and it was a lifetime I had enjoyed immensely.I could see huge beings of light watching also and the Indians were quite aware of them,there was such peace there .I had the feeling they grew hemp and wove it into material and that I would do something like that.Then a great being suddenly appeared and told me to start reading my herbal books again because I would need to know what to grow and would live a similar life again,and would need to teach my grandaughter.(who, incidently,has not arrived yet!.)It has left me with a feeling of great hope for the future of the planet.

I am aware of three obelisks in this location, they are set in a very sandy/desert like environment; they are leaning against one another whether by age or design, I do not know. The black obelisk has a glossy sheen while the other two are clear, like smooth glass or crystal.

I sent out prayers for the areas on earth that needed rain and for those that needed the rain to stop and I could see myself as you described with pulsing waves radiating out from my body and they were going out so far and I felt so powerful,my heart area was expanding and my arms were outstretched and my hands were full of a powerful energy also and felt as if they werent there.Wow it was wonderful and I was told the energy was not only being used for what I asked but was my protection also.

Sitting uprightin a chair, I began at 11:45pm EST Came out at 12:45... 1 hour of bliss & POV from above.

In this meditation, I had thoughts and the feeling of a Queen Bee; I could feel her close to me in this meditation…..Here are the thoughts that came to mind.

She helps maintain a delicate and well organized environment/colony.

She is single minded as are all the bees, knowing their functions/responsibilities as worker bees and drones.

Then, inside my head, I hear a kind of buzzing and realize this must be the unique sound/music or vibration of a particular hive. (Our own planet must be unique in this way too).

Healthy honey comes from a healthy hive.

So, is this meditation about the health of our own Mother Earth and her delicate balance?

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters

A very special cell that hangs vertically downwards is used to produce new queens. A colony producing queen type cells warns the beekeeper of an impending swarm.

A male drone bee has no father but does have a grandfather!
A healthy queen bee is continually emitting pheromones (a bee perfume) that only the bees in the hive can smell.

These pheromone odors tell the bees in the colony that the queen is still with them and all is well in the hive. This chemical pheromone communication is quite sophisticated and the ‘personality’ of a beehive will change if the beekeeper changes an old queen for a young one. Just as the personality of the beekeeper might change if he swaps his old wife for a young one. In this way a beekeeper has some control over the temper and enthusiasm of a colony.

Very peaceful I saw my energy connected to others we dont have to like them as long as we can love them.Once again I saw myself meditating without emotion .During the day I am very aware of my thoughts and am amazed at how the negative ones slip in and have realized that as a child and even a teenager I never had such thoughts.I am very much aware of how important it is to live in the now and forget all the negatives things that happened in the past they no longer serve me.I am grateful for the things I DO have.Lovely to hear Anne back again love to you both.

Ended up flying around a bit as my "observer". I wonder if it should have a name? As I was returning, I gave a hug to the "me" on the sofa, she seemed such a cute and endearing creature. Outside the meditation, keeping the observer perspective with me has brought a deep sense of peace. Just checking with it enables me to take a breath and take in the moment, and stop with the pushiness I tend to have, always going for the next moment. It will come of it's own accord, I know, but seem to keep forgetting.

I find myself looking down on myself in some meditations and during the week I actually observed myself as if I wasnt me and meeting other beings who were discussing my progress it was very strange and very real.I felt not emotion about the person who was me sitting on the couch.This morning it was a lovely meditation shorter than usual as I go over the 15 minutes. I felt as if I was holding a ball of gold light at my heart centre and clearing out old unwanted memories there was so much energy in my left hand and in both thumbs ,very strong.

Very powerful despite the fact that my alarm kept going off.My phone is new and I havent worked it out yet!I was told never to judge a rich man as I didnt know how he used his money or how he used his heart,and we can all be the same,have the same abundance, we have the ability to change and become whoever we want to be,nothing is written in stone.The most important thing is love.In fact never judge anybody as we have all chosen our journey and the people in it and knew before we came what we were in for. I saw many different textures a lot of white very like plaster but I dont think it was and many shapes of gold light that were not clear and when I asked why was told that as my pineal opened more I would see the clearer picture.I felt surrounded by such love.

I got a late start to this meditation tonight, but as usual, feel it is important to post what comes to mind.

I had a strong impression of Harry Houdini.....

THEN, the impression of Falstaff.....

This time more like a normal meditation, no visions. A mild, but very clear joy lingered.

But the text for the meditation contains such sublime insight I collapsed in tears reading it. The filtering function of brain - an insight that forever changes how I look at it. Yesterday evening after reading the text I could see that there is some dimension in me that is scared of the world (of vastness) beyond brain. Shrinking in fear. Trying to comfort that part - vital because, as the text says - the soul is the whole system. The whole system has to permit the filter to relax (one dream some time ago expressed that this journey is only available for volunteers - any residual resistance will be barring the way). So far, in my experience, the most expansive and explosive states of joy come in dancing (no steps, free dance, these states come after about 3 days into a workshop). Seems my brain gets flooded enough by music that the wider being can emerge to consciousness. But pretty much every time I get to a new level of higher joy it is accompanied by a new peek into some abyss of dread or despair. To be faced and integrated. The most recent ones have related to existential levels I have had virtually no conscious contact with. And still, after working through it, I have been able to see how it has manifested in my life. My current theory is that joy expands the boundaries of consciousness, and with that expansion also that part comes into view that (maybe?) caused the shrinkage. The part so dreadful it was doomed to be cut out. The stains?

So, is the dread about the process that invites life back to a wider being, including the stained parts? Or is it the dread of losing the child-like status - the illusion of being separate, individual? The tought of being free in the scope of what brain can fathom is comforting compared to the idea of free-jumping into unfathomable infinity of vastness.

Is the text for the previous meditation still available somewhere? Even that contained insight that turned my perception into a new postition. I'd like to review it. And thank you for these meditations, I am immensely grateful.

I have stepped into a majestic place of color.

Lemon yellows, lime greens, sparkling orange, strawberry reds, blue and violet neon colors.

The colors are tiny sparks, filling the air with snapping and popping sounds. Invisible hands massage the colors into my face and arms; I can taste them with my tongue and feel the texture of each color on my skin. It is beautiful and peaceful here; a place of healing and rejuvenation. The sun is an extremely bright gold, shining down and intensifying the colors.

I did not know I had access to this place. When the body and mind are weary, this is where I can come in my thoughts/imagination to re-energize.

I see an older man in my line of vision. He has thinning white hair (bald on top) and is wearing a white lab coat. Very familiar, but where have I seen him before? I wait until another image appears; a flying car zips past him and I remember, he is Dr. Emmett brown from the movie ‘BACK TO THE FUTURE.’

Now, as I type out this meditation, this image seems to imply that time travel can go into the past as well as the future.

NOW A SHIFT……I am seeing a spiral staircase. This too is familiar…..Yes, it is in the Loretto Chapel and I was there many years ago.

33 steps spiraled upward through two 360 degree revolutions.

Thought the opinion of snopes should be included here as well.

Finally figured out the corect time here for the meditation (7 in the morning the next day). Had tried the meditation before, but somehow it did not work. This is on the 27th: First sent attention to body - that did not feel right. So I tried the empty mind - this I do not usually do. And I am climbing in a very difficult terrain, giant rock formations of very dark rock. And I am watching from above, and know/realise how immensely important it is to be connected to something above, simply because otherwise one could not know which way to go. And then, I become aware of the surroundings. The rock formation floats in an infinity of white light. Very bright, comforting, forgiving white light. I do not feel that I am struggling so much in my life, but this vision seems to suggest that I am taking this maybe a bit too seriously. It is all floating in white light anyways.

Extremely useful and inspiring meditation for me. Couldn't make it yesterday, but look forward to the next ones. This is very important, please keep it going - I registered just to be able to say this.

I laid down on the still warm fireplace hearth.. I could hear the coals crackling still...then I heard my cat fussing with something and his bell became more & more distant...

Now I am above my body at a bird's eye view, I can now not take 'forever' with telling my body parts to feel/sleep..the intent just the past I would put the cat out of the room as he was so distracting. Also he always 'acts up' when I begin to meditate (weird).. The Monkey Chatter is less & less.

A great Med , I am bound for Gateway@ TMI in 1 week.. I owe it all to Whitley and the community he created from Wm Henry to Marla Frees to JIm Marrs to Linda Howe to Anne Strebier and all 'seeker' friends I'v met at Dreamland fests ...all community..all family..
Happy New Year all...keep it going...


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