Whitley's Journal

Illegal Computer Entries

On the night of Thursday, April 17, an entry from an outside source was recorded on this computer. I observed it as they explored recently updated files. Despite the fact that the most advanced monitoring software available to the public is installed on my computers, I was unable to track this intrusion to its source.

I have been keeping a record of these intrusions for over a year, and have consulted with an attorney about them. There is absolutely no legal reason that any governmental agency would have to invade my privacy and violate my rights in this manner, or to commit any other act of sabotage or intimidation of any person connected with me or working for me.

Lets hope the dream you had about your assassination wasnt a character assassination ?

I am totally embarrassed by what my government does in our names. The government is morally bankrupt, tyrannical and without any redeeming value. I am so sorry that they have targeted you and Ann.

This happens a lot. A Lot.

I've been speaking informally to a few selected friends about a forthcoming ICE event here in the UK. At work, two 'temps' showed up, couple of months apart.

They both lingered, and both struck up a conversation that was catalysed by amazing coincidences that they both offered up. The first guy, I joked with.. 'so you're not an MI6 snoop then?' He didn't laugh, lol. Aye Caramba!

The next chap was last week. He 'by chance' happened to be familiar with my home area and steered the conversation around to remote viewing. I mentioned Bob Munroe's conversation on a level with a bigger central being who said 'Greetings little one, what gifts do you bring me?' (or thereabouts).

Thursday was a busy day it seems. Cycling to work in the pitch dark, a car passed me. No-one is about in those country lanes at 4am. After a few minutes, I saw two cars parked ahead of me, men gathered in the dark. I rode past in silence, not caring.

Shortly, one car passed me again, the other car presumably heading to my home to gain entry again, now that they were sure I was gone... People have been letting themselves in for months, unaware I had installed a camera in the trees.

The Lemons that do these things are told one thing but someone much higher knows much much more. Pay grades eh?

For this to have been stepped up, suggests to me that we're close to the events here at least..

I suggest looking to Dr Judy Wood's interview on Caravan to Midnight with John B Wells for a clearer suggestion of the level of illusion and sophistry involved. The Oxford event will be smaller, more of a National Land Grab. Prime Farmland round those there parts, pardner. Agenda 21 etc.

What a shame it's come to this. I know they're dropping subtle warnings but am too sick to care anymore.

London, Oxford.

Maybe you can have some experts see if they can set some kind of tracking?
Could someone be trying to steal your writing ideas?


I am wondering - could this have anything to do with the Heartbleed security flaw that is plaguing the internet?


Is your site's security protocols one of those vulnerable?

Pictures between 1888 and 1924 check out Mulberry Street, New York, it reminds me of Whitley's Time warp shift in 1983 on Houston Street...


In the event anything happens to your site that directly affects our information, I hold you harmless. Right now, everything we hold near & dear seems challenged. Also, many miraculous things are possible due to this timeframe we're in.

Last night when I discovered there were 20 Electronic Warfare specialists on board the "missing" plane, that I can't believe is "really" gone, it sort of feels like we all need our wits about us to remain totally connected to our highest selves. I'm sure there are at least 2 governments involved. With all the technology, tracking AND cloaking/invisibility devices/knowledge those 20 EW specialists have--anything is possible right now.

Because the NSA has overpowering access to all internet information, none of us is really exempt from falling prey to any crime they want to commit. My prayers are for continued open-hearted connection in print, in our personal conversations & relationships with our families and communities. I appreciate your honesty with us and the calibre of work you present.

With much love and deep regard for you, Anne & family.

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