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The Reality behind Interstellar--Not What You'd Expect

I have been thinking long and hard about the close encounter experience and what it means. For some months now, I've been working on a new book that has caused me to re-read and re-think all of my past experiences, and to integrate some new ones. I have also come to reassess the evidence from the ground up. The reason is simple: none of the basic assumptions about close encounter work.

The US and British intelligence communities have used social engineering to spread the idea through the scientific and intellectual communities that it's all a load of nonsense and unworthy of scientific study or intellectual exploration. But this has been revealed as a lie--finally! In the British Ministry of Defense's 'Condign Report,' quietly declassified in 2006, there occurs an admission on page 408 that "plasmas unknown to science" can affect the human mind when they are in close proximity, causing people to see things that are not there, and that the soldiers who encountered strange lights in Rendlesham Forest starting on December 26, 1980--five years to the day before I would have my first adult close encounter 3,000 miles away--encountered such plasmas. (To hear more about this, listen to this week's Dreamland. To do that, click here. If you're trying to listen after Friday, December 12, it will be in the subscriber archive.)

In the years after the incident, the US Air Force sponsored debunker Phillip Klass (he was an editor of Aviation Week and Space Technology Magazine, and told me quite plainly that the Air Force gave him inside 'scoops' on secret aircraft for the magazine in return for his UFO work) put about the story that all that had been seen was the light of a nearby lighthouse.

But the Ministry of Defense didn't think that. Far from it. They thought that the men were being affected by these 'unknown plasmas.' (We can't know more, because the MoD falsely claims that all of the relevant files about the Rendlesham forest incident have been 'lost.' I would doubt that, just as much as I doubt that the Roswell files were accidentally destroyed, as the USAF told the General Accounting Office when Congressman Steven Schiff of New Mexico attempted to get them released. As he told me at the time, quite bluntly, 'the Air Force is lying.'

The sheer momentum of denial is now such that neither the scientific community nor, for the most part, the academic and intellectual communities are likely to change their approach in any way. Thus the most important thing that has ever happened to mankind continues to be completely ignored by the social elements most capable of addressing it.

This gets me to Interstellar. The movie has come along at a time when we are beginning to realize how desperate we actually are, trapped on this little tiny planet out in the middle of nowhere, beginning to sense that we are suffocating, and starting to search the skies for answers. But where can we go? Our solar system offers no planet that we could usefully colonize, and if we do find any other congenial worlds, they are liable to be so far away that getting to them will be, at best, problematic.

The movie offers a solution: we lean to build wormholes, or wrinkles in space, that enable us to travel across many thousands of light years in an instant, by bending space so that, for that instant, two distant places are side by side.

Many of the people sitting in the theater must be thinking to themselves, 'well, it must be possible, otherwise how do the aliens get here?'

I would suggest that they may not. In fact, there may be no aliens here at all.

There is another sort of wormhole that would require far less energy than one that would bend space. This one would briefly open a door between us and a parallel universe. Such an opening is not only possible, it could be maintained for some little time, as much as a few seconds--more than enough, in other words, for explorers and their equipment to pass through.

That goes for both directions and frankly, when you look at the preponderance of the evidence, it seems more likely that the aliens are coming from right here, not from other planets in this universe at all. However, it's not at all clear that 'parallel universes' are any less a fiction than interstellar wormholes.

Until now, that is. A group of scientists at Griffith University in Queensland have postulated that quantum indeterminacy is not real, even though it can be observed experimentally--and, in fact, that quantum weirdness in general actually has an explanation in classical Newtonian physics. They postulate that there are a number of classically sized universes occupying the same space in slightly different basic orientations--in other words, real, physical parallel universes.

The equations they have come up with show that such things as quantum indeterminacy can also be explained by the slight pressure that particles from these other universe exert on particles in ours. (You will find their paper in Physical Review X, doi.org/wtw.)

Could it be that living beings from such universes are learning how to enter ours, and we, also, can learn how to make this move? If so, could there be places literally right here that we could colonize, or at least interact with, perhaps learn how to survive from?

We are absolutely alone out here lost among the stars, billions of vibrantly alive beings trapped on a dying planet.

Or are we alone, and what does 'here' really mean?

Interstellar may describe technological tools that can never be. We may never be able to cross the vastness of space. But it may be that we don't need to. We need only learn how to cross a barrier so thin that it almost isn't there, beyond which like worlds untold.

I also have come to think this year that most `high strangeness' can be attributed to frequency/harmonic modulation coupled with the mastery of it's manipulation. I remember reading Don Juan Matus instructing that shifting one's point of perception to a new position allows one to assemble different worlds...referring to an actual `energetic shift'.

It makes sense to me that worlds that have a preponderance for technology would develop bio/AI/mech craft, equipment, & probably personnel that intimately connected to the `operators' would "come along for the ride" in an energetic shift.

Just as we are discovering dark energy & dark matter, I suspect we will discover that there are inorganic, intelligent entities.

What a strange coincidence. I happen to be reading Nick Redfern's Three Men Seeking Monsters. He discussed what is called the Cormons, a group of phenomenal creatures that could be invoked from a co-existant realty by our ancestors in the ancient past. These beings comprised many of the mythological creatures that were described by our ancestors. The ETs may also be one version of the Cormons. Even in recent times strange animals have been witnessed in the same areas that there have been UFO sitings. Rendlesham Forest is one of those areas. The idea of the Cormons might also explain the appearance of the gargoyle-like Mothman in Point Pleasant, West Virginia and UFO sightings in the same locale.

I am in complete agreement with you.  We need to develop this technology. 
My take on it is that it is not necessarily a brand new technology, but something we already know how to do, but maybe in a limited fashion. 

  All we have ever known and have come to understand about who we are, our existence and place in the universe has come though observation and experiment.  Theories and hypotheses are great in thinking about things and may help guide our thoughts, but without the direct measurements, we are sure of nothing.  In other words, nature acts and we observe.  We are part of nature and therefore we act, but do we observe? 
I think this new technology would be like flight, a rather new technology, a true act of equaling and overcoming the force of gravity. We have always been able to jump and achieve flight naturally, albeit not very gracefully or for any duration.  I believe that we have been able to communicate, or to be in Communion with the these other parallel worlds, but in a limited fashion. We need a technology that will assist us, figuratively, a set of wings, that will help equate ourselves to be on the same side of the parallel world and to enter it. Metaphorically, we need to understand what it is to jump. We see nature in action, we need to begin to better understand how nature acts, the visible and invisible, the detectable and undetectable.

Based on the lifetime of work you and many others have done, this science of the soul is beginning to be unlocked. Whether it is fully understood, it may not be necessary, but the fundamentals may be practiced in order to further advances. It may be possible to send out signals in some form that may be detectable by other intelligences. If they could detect the signal and reply, then it would then be our challenge to learn to detect the response of their signals eminating from the beyond. Once a reliable method of communication can be established, this hypothesis can be tested and verified. With concrete data, we then could move forward.

If you have ideas as to how to do this, those willing may learn and begin the wonderful journey into the unknown, waiting, watching for an answer from the beyond.

Whitley, I'm glad you saw through the deception of Interstellar. The movie seemed like a PR ploy. I have been hesitant to see it, because I believe it does not offer any hope.

The light speed barrier, wormholes, the Alcubierre drive, these all seem like fantasies or improbabilities. The façade has remained in place because scientists have not been able to transmit a faster than light signal. The reason for this is probably because of the disposition of the information itself. I'm not sure of the technical details of this, but it may be that the information science is using is compartmentalized, locked in, or sealed off. The information is supposed to melt into the unitive field, but the information's temperament prevents transmission. The information remains an island during transmission attempts, not fully merged with the unitive field. In the soft tissue of the human brain, there is no such hindrance. Thus, the difference between a mechanical device and a living human brain is what defines the conundrum. In the brain, there is a lot of commingling and interconnection, a lot of potential for crossover and unity. Psychics can intercept faster than light signals from the future, this has been demonstrated many times. This shows that faster than light signaling is possible. Perhaps the employment of a soft machine trumps the hard, rigid circuit boards of a computer. Also, while quantum computers operate at a very cold temperature, the human brain performs its quantum functions at room temperature. This suggests that the phenomenon of quantum computing may reside in the balancing of forces.

The right and left hemispheres in the brain cross-connect at the corpus callosum. This connected intersection unites both halves of the brain. In the brains of youths, the hemispheres are more closely connected. When one ages, the halves begin to enlarge and pull apart. Density, particularly in the right side of the brain, begins to diminish. This loss of density precipitates with eventual death. With age, psychic coincidences begin to occur with less regularity. The connection of both sides can however be improved with meditation and energy techniques. I found it interesting that a recent Dreamland program dealt with Nazi's experimenting on Children and Women, whose brains usually exhibit more connectivity than the aged or Males. Women and Children are generally more connected to the unitive field. This factor may explain why some of them were able to teleport themselves in moments of extreme stress.

The unitive field exists at the confluence of dark and light, right and left hemispheres in the brain, at the intersection of order and chaos. It connects everything---people, places, information, events. It is the sweet spot of balance. Tune into the channel of balance, and paranormal abilities become accessible. Teleportation, Quantum Entanglement, Psychic powers, the manipulation of matter at a distance, all of these are enabled when one is merged with the unitive field. There are no barriers within the field, all is one.

It is not necessary to warp the fabric of space and create a wormhole using massive amounts of energy. When one is merged with the unitive field, all barriers drop away. Parallel universes, distant galaxies, information from novel worlds, all become accessible. Instantaneous travel is possible. A series of thoughts can propel one to a destination, sympathetic magic exists in the unitive reality.

People who have ingested monotomic substances have found these substances impart paranormal abilities. These substances exist at the intersection of left and right, light and dark. They are the combination of low and high density.

It's time to get real. Wormholes are not the way. Doors to other realities can be opened using a miniscule fraction of the energy that a wormhole would require. Anybody can do it. The Unitive field provides the means.

The glue that connects light and dark expresses the unitive field. It resonates with a distinct popping sensation when activated (probably due to light and dark coming into alignment with each other, creating an equalization of pressure).

I saw 'Interstellar' weeks ago, and I still highly recommend it. It touched me on a very deep level, that included some odd synchronicities preceding seeing the movie, and also after viewing it (As recently as yesterday).

I personally feel that we have the ability to create portals, or wormholes. There is a what I consider a spiritual 'technology' that enables us to do this if we are willing to open our minds and do the work. It is difficult to put into words exactly what I mean to say, but the closest I can get to it is a Native American saying that has become popular the last few years, "We are the ones that we have been waiting for." This is the message in 'Interstellar', and I have felt since the day that I first read 'Communion' right after it was published that the beings that visited Whitley are a part of us, and not aliens in the traditional sense.

Interstellar also touches on loneliness, and the importance of family, friendship and a love that is greater than ourselves. Home is where the heart is, not some physical place in the Universe. In some ways, maybe we have embraced the idea of aliens as a way to feel less lonely in the vastness of the cosmos, when everything and everyone that we need to thrive is right here within our grasp.

Whitley wrote: "we lea[r]n to build wormholes, or wrinkles in space, that enable us to travel across many thousands of light years in an instant, by bending space so that, for that instant, two distant places are side by side ..."

From what I know, these wormholes already exist. They exist both within and without us and the earth/universe. They exist everywhere and within everything. The ones that mankind (or extra-terrestrials) can build cannot lead us to where we need to go to escape the realities of this world. (i.e., we will still be "in the box".) Two primary earths exist already side by side, a mere breath away from one another. The "new" reborn earth is awaiting our arrival. We cannot get there by going somewhere else. Now, more than ever, people need to find their intuition, their inner knowing -- our brains and its connection to the universal mind has been compromised. We cannot think our way out of this one.

I think we all agree that there are methods, portals, or gateways that can lead us to different Universes or far off destinations. We often talk about visiting other realms on these chat boards. The point is that we need to refine our thoughts on this in order to create something useful. Mass may be among the few things that warps space effectively. Large amounts of energy have also been hypothesized. The question is, "do these work"? Or do they demand too much effort, an exertion that we puny humans cannot afford to levy? Can the task of getting to another Universe be accomplished with not so much energy expenditure, using a deft methodology, rather than brute strength? Can we harness the power of a large planet in order to pry open a wormhole? Are we setting the bar too high, and are we thus doomed to failure?

People have teleported (not in the scientific sense, but true physical teleportation) for thousands of years. How is it possible, if they did not meet the energy requirements for creating a wormhole? Did they have the power of a large planet at their disposal? I find this unlikely. There are several possibilities: they are lying, or Science is incorrect and teleportation can be attained using lower energy requirements. If a human can do it, those needs are low indeed.

Robert Monroe experienced "skips" in an OBE state, which took him "light years" in a few seconds. I suggest he entered a state of perfect energy balance, the unitive state. The left and right brains, which do work in tandem, also have skills independent to themselves. The left brain is more geared towards chaos generation. Therefore, it is committed to language creation. The right brain is more devoted to order. Of course, there are degrees involved, and left does not completely equal white, while right equals dark. The third eye, and the corpus callosum, link the energies of left and right brain together, creating a synthesized whole. When these energies come into alignment and balance, (the extended chakras in the body can as well) they reach the unitive field.

My hope is that someday the entire planet can someday be teleported to wonderful remote vistas and back. Entering the unitive field may change the Earth's relationship to time and space.

Pop goes the World.

I still do not understand why these phenomena have to boil down to either extraterrestrials OR interdimensional travelers OR time travelers--why is it so commonly believed that these concepts must be considered mutually exclusive?

Speaking from my own personal experience as an abductee, and from a lifelong study of the UFO phenomenon, I can safely say that both faster-than-light travel AND interdimensional travel are not only real, but are actual technologies, both via external and internal techniques, that have been in use for a very long time.

Otherwise, I can heartily recommend 'Interstellar' as well, an amazing movie. One that incorporates the full trinity of space, interdimensional and time travel into it's story. ;)

One concept that may relate to all this is the idea of invisible spacecraft. If a metal spacecraft was constructed where all the forces in the ship were meticulously balanced, and the net force was zero (canceled out), the ship might then enter into the unitive field. It might also be seen to disappear as well, which could explain why many UFO's have been observed by either infrared or ultraviolet devices, not appearing in our normal field of vision. Do spacecraft disappear because they have merged with the neutral unitive field? Is this a clue about the nature of UFO spacecraft? Is the net information contained in such a spacecraft also effectively nullified by dint of such a balancing act? Therefore, is the problem with transmitting information at faster than light speeds hence avoided?


With my experience during meditation this is correct. I have always thought of it as a SNAP in the lower spine. When this happens the meditator is gone; he/she is somewhere else as though in the darkness of space. There is no sound, only silence/peace. Perhaps a deeper sensation for those who have completely mastered meditation. I wish I could say that this always happens for me but it does not.

The glue that connects light and dark expresses the unitive field. It resonates with a distinct POPPING sensation when activated (probably due to light and dark coming into alignment with each other, creating an equalization of pressure).
Posted by Mace on 08 Dec 2014 at 14:29

POP goes the World.
Posted by Mace on 08 Dec 2014 at 16:17

as he changed the perception of the folks listening to him in the "park" as he walked on his merry way out of sight...

Carollee: a snap, pop or even a click? Yes, they do happen in the lower spine...

The higher, the lower, the lower the higher. Order and Chaos tend to cancel each other out, facilitating balance. Alone, they cannot sustain for long. But if one vacillates between the two, focusing on eventual balance (but using imbalance to further the expansion in the short term) one can go higher and deeper. One may find that independently chaos energy and ordered energy can be sustained with greater duration, using this method. Like an escalating, extending ladder that braves the deeps and enjoys the blissful highs, meditation can expand notions of up and down. When brought to focus in the unitive field, it can manifest wonders.

I find it interesting the people seem to ignore, the destruction of earth depicted in Interstellar, and instead focus on the science of space travel.

For me that was the strongest part of the movie, i.e the Earths destruction. I think that in some sense, the catastrophic implications of that, led to the speculations on space travel. I can't help thinking of what Buddha was supposed to have said that death is like a fish trying to breath out of water, its something that the ego,. cannot fathom. In a sense our species is facing a collective death, one that we cannot face emotionally.

Maybe mankind shouldn't survive? Maybe we shouldn't be allowed to propagate on other planets. In the movie the scientist Mann's attempts to kill Mathew Mcconaughey so he could survive, to me illustrate the madness mankind has sunk to.

Surely that is what James Lovelock alludes to when he states that maybe at some point there will be human being that is worthy of survival.

Our leadership spends so much time denying reality, and keeping secrets. Organizing its paranoia, to make it seem reasonable instead of lunatic.

Yet lunatic is what it is... These are problems we could face collectively, and I would be much more hopeful about the outcome.

What an excellent conversation - only here !

I had a dream a few weeks ago about a purple plasma ball in my garden it said we can bend time then the total opposite was said theres no such thing as time very strange I know

I just watched the Sci Fi Independent British movie, "Frequencies" (2013) on Netflix. Incredible. Utterly brilliant. One of my favorite movies of all time. I recommend it highly.

Based on my limited experience, I agree with Madd Matt that it is "and" rather than "or". Perhaps there is travel between parallel universes, but if they also live in a 4 dimensional space time, then that doesn't explain things like life after death. Nor does it preclude advanced technology allowing interstellar travel.

Our universe can be one of many that bubbles out of something or nothing. Our universe can also be constantly splitting in many worlds quantum realities or perceptions. Even so, there seem to be levels of existence beyond space time. Maybe our dimensions are part of more dimensions, like 2D is part of 3D. Or, maybe other dimensions are independent of our commonly perceived dimensions. Even if we are limited to space time, then we still might be able to concentrate mass energy enough to realize relativistic travel, with all of its time and space effects that might lead to controlling worm holes or just extreme twin paradoxes where what seems impossible here and now is realized.

I'm all right with living in a universe that is stranger than I can imagine, though I have some trouble with existence beyond space time. See, I used the word beyond, which is space. I don't have words, even if I somehow perceive and comprehend.

Rather than coming from parallel universes, I think beings use dimensional shifts to travel anywhere (use parallel dimensions of this same universe). They increase their vibratory frequency to phase out from the pure physical to a slightly higher level, move instantly to where they'd like to be through thought and intention, and phase back in to this lower physical plane again. If you think of this dimension as a flat piece of paper, instead of trying to bend the paper to connect two points like a wormhole, they simply lift off the paper completely. Once you've stepped off the paper you can move freely and instantly to position yourself where you'd like to be, then step back down onto it. I think their technology combines both the physical and what (what we would consider) the spiritual. When our understanding of the universe is greater we probably would probably consider it all the same science.

Karl: I understand your analogy with the sheet of paper. Once one's vibration has shifted to a high frequency one departs the paper. But how can one bring one's vibration back down, in order to reconnect with the paper again? This would involve a mastery of vibrational states. At the nexus point, (where one reconnected with the paper) forces would be balanced. That is, the high frequency would be balanced with the low frequency, as one reconnected with the piece of paper (physical dimension).

I offer an alternative view, for your consideration. What if one raised one's vibrational frequency, and lowered it as well, in a continuous stream? Then, once parity was achieved, the piece of paper would "disappear" for the person involved (forces would be totally balanced), enabling instantaneous travel. Teleportation would be facilitated through the process of higher vibration meeting lower vibration. Balance between the two vibrations would open the dimensional portal, opening a dimension of unitive (unified) energy.

A transporter device would promote vibrational balance, then use an intention or coordinate designation in order to instantly send a person to their destination. The intention would be routed through the unitive field, where it would manifest sympathetically, changing intent to reality. A person who teleported themselves would use their own intention to control their direction.

I think your analogy was describing a similar process, from a different perspective.


This article offers a take on Love, that it occurs when synchronization is present. I suggest this synchronization is balance, expressed.

It has long been theorized that the reason why gravity is so weak is because it is acting in our universe from another dimension/parallel world.

Possibly, the secret of gravity that the Master of the Key mentions relates to this. We are trapped here on Earth. Understanding gravity would not allow us to escape to the stars, but to other dimensions, other universes.

How do you interpret the ending? An explaination on an IMDb forum was pretty good but I am still not quite satisfied. Excellent movie and done on a shoe string. No effects just superb editing!

EE, you just paid the highest compliment possible that can be received by an effects artist: If the audience can't tell that it's an effect, they've done their job. ;) (The film's budget was $165 million, and had a large number of VFX shots.)

Anyhow, as for the ending, of which is right up the alley of Unknowncountry.com readers:

*** SPOILERS ***

From an external viewpoint, when an object encounters an event horizon, it appears to be frozen in time, forever, due to the time dilation effect. The object would otherwise appear to be trapped there forever, unless there's some way to destroy the singularity generating the black hole.

On the other hand, from the viewpoint of the object passing through the event horizon, the external universe appears to end immediately, once again due to the object's being subject to the time dilation effect. Assuming that the very nature of space-time wouldn't be valid after the universe's conclusion, then all 3/4-D-based perceptual bets are off for the object. In this case Cooper (and by extension, TARS as well) would essentially, by default, become one of the 5-D beings that are being theorized about in the movie. Having had extensive experience as a 3/4-D perceiver, Cooper was an excellent candidate to act as a bridge to affect the 3/4-D universe, via the tesseract as a perceptual focusing tool.

Because of the timeless nature of the 5-D beings, they'd be able to pop Coop out at any point in time, but appear to have followed Brandt's statement that you can manipulate time, but you can't run it backward, so they had him emerge near the wormhole shortly after he would have entered Gargantua's event horizon.

I hope that helps...

Thank you. I loved the film! I am just at a loss about the ending. I meant special effects as in computer generated. I understand some of what you said but but could you put it in another way? The very end where the son, Theo, and father say goodbye and the son looks at his cell phone looking device and says, "I see." Then he raises his hand and everything seems to come to a halt. What was that all about?
This is what was written in the forum which still doesn't quite satisfy: I thought Theo's flashback was to show that Zak hadn't been manipulating Maria, that Maria's feelings towards Zak were "genuine" because music was playing when he told her she loved him.

I admit that it's a little confusing as it seems to suggest that Theo has somehow been orchestrating events simply because he knows how they played out. Yet obviously there is a paradox here because knowing the future suggests that it's predetermined, meaning Theo (along with everyone else) doesn't even have free will. But as Zak says, does it matter?

The final scene where Theo raises his hand and everything stops brought to mind Douglas Adams "There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.

There is another theory which states that this has already happened."

I think I might see where the confusion is, EE: We were talking about Chris Nolan's "Interstellar". Unfortunately, I haven't seen "Frequencies", so I can't help you there...

Hi EE. I consider "Frequencies" (2013) the best Independent film since "Pi" (1998). The film totally blew me away, I felt they were on to something very profound.

SPOILER ALERT: DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE MOVIE "FREQUENCIES" YET......************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

EE: The scene with Theo was the key. Once he had figured out the code (remember the scenes where he was writing on the blackboard, he was refining his theory) he was able to access reality itself. He had homed in on the Unitive field. Theo was a guy who had no frequency but was "balanced to the 10th decimal place". This allowed him to manipulate reality from the inside. He had arrived at the unitive field, where everything is vitally connected in one unification. I believe that the unitive field is where quirky paranormal events can occur, such as quantum entanglement, teleportation, manipulation of matter at a distance, telepathy, remote viewing and clairaudience. Theo's manipulation of others is simply one example of what can be achieved when the unitive field is reached. Merging the two hemispheres in the brain together to form a balanced and unified whole will accomplish the same goal, it will cancel out the higher and lower frequency, creating a unified, super frequency.

In the movie, the students are clearly highly technically advanced, the scenes with the drugs and equations are evidence of that. The girl Maria has an IQ of 210. Theo was apparently running a simulation for his equations since a young age; he discussed his program with the teacher in an earlier adolescent scene, where he says his calculations are "not quite complete". When he received the final code via his cellphone, in the final scene, he knew "everything". He might then transcend space and time, controlling reality as he saw fit.

The movie explores a very real phenomenon, and demonstrates what is required to enter that state (perfect balance). When the Father says goodbye to Theo, I gather that he is saying that his notions of pure, free willed spontaneity have been replaced by his Son's comprehensive, encapsulated understanding. Also, he may be a little apprehensive about his Son's new powers.

Theo had been manipulating events in general, ever since the occasion with the apple rolling. However the couple's (Maria's and Zac's) love for each other was eventually true, and was not due to manipulation. A teacher mentioned that at one point, where he was distributing music to them for rehabilitation.

I am reminded of the quote by Einstein that "God does not play with dice". In the end, it appears that it is more logical to say in this movie that "the dice play God". This is because fate was determined in advance, and people are just a conduit for fate, there is no free will in a final sense, no randomness. Theo, even though he has entered the unitive field and can manipulate events, is still played by fate like an instrument. However, he says he "enjoys the unfolding of the play".

Brilliant Mace! It is very convincing. Do you think this is how things really are? No free will in a sense or randomness as you say? I can see how "in a sense" this could be how things are. Thank you so very much Mace for your stimulating and brilliant observations.

Ultimately, it is true. Someone with all the information will see things as ordered, rather than random and chaotic. There is a degree of order even in the greatest complexity. Ignorance makes one an observer in a different regard. Seeing things from a complete perspective will be different than seeing things from an incomplete perspective. Is reality encapsulated (already known), or unfolding? It depends on your viewpoint, your position in consciousness. Knowing everything will endow one with the ability to see from a complete perspective, exactly how one thing affects the other, in totality.

There is no absolute randomness, if there was it would have to leave the system of unitive connection entirely. By existing in correspondence with other entities, absolute randomness is impossible.

There are niches of order and chaos, but no absolute randomness. Even number generators, which are seemingly random, have been shown to be subject to the emotions of human beings.

In Zac's and Maria's relationship, they are reflections of each other. They exist to balance each other. Theo is already balanced, so he can exist in a prime state as an individual.

It's a fun Sci Fi movie. Does Theo really know everything, or not? It could be that he reached the unitive field without full knowledge, primarily due to his hyper balance (although his understanding of the equation would be influencing him as well). What will be Theo's destiny?

Fascinating! Absolutely fascinating! Thank you so very much Mace.

You are welcome. I'm happy to discuss the film with you.

Needless to say the film blew me away as well! Mace, I will definitely watch it at least one more time after discussing the film with you. A keen watching.

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