Whitley's Journal

An Extremely Dangerous Time

It's no secret that this particular anniversary of 911 is as dangerous a time as we have faced in years. ISIL has recruited possibly more than a thousand people carrying US passports, who can enter and leave this country at will. There is no evidence that US intelligence knows who they all are, or perhaps who any of them are.

The threat is coming up from Mexico, which means that San Diego's huge naval facility, the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Houston are the most available strategic targets. Of course, Washington and New York remain the most desirable targets, and the threat to them should not be underestimated. There is also a background of media concern that ISIL may be smuggling nuclear materials into the US. It also must be remembered that Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 still hasn't been located, and my previous warning about that plane remains in force.

There is little question in my mind but that the US and possibly also the UK are immediate ISIL targets, and I would advise anybody who lives in a target area to take precautions similar to those suggested for an earthquake kit. Additionally, in the event that a dirty bomb is detonated, you should understand that the chief danger here, aside from being hit by the immediate blast, is public panic. The type of radiation likely to be present in a dirty bomb is not going to be all that dangerous or persistent, but the panic that it spreads will be phenomenal.

The best response is to get as far as you can from the site, to remove your clothes and shower thoroughly if you think you might have been exposed to dust or smoke from the bomb, to put on clothes from as deep in closets as possible, and to remain indoors and away from windows until the radiation danger has passed. If you have a Geiger counter, use it.

Just as I hope that the methane outgassing I wrote about last week is a tempest in a teapot, I hope that this terror threat fades without incident. But I fear, in both cases, that the threat is very real. The methane threat is some years away, but the terror threat is right now. Be aware.

I am not sure how to take these forebodings. Are these speculations, or visions received from a source beyond? Is something afoot that you have a tap into?
Are these speculative educated scenarios. Not sure how to take this....

Not wanting to promote fear energy, I remind myself of the old adage (can't recall who said it): Expect the best, but be prepared for the worst. There are people in this world for whom violence and death are ever-present realities, who continue to hope for a better future while they plan for survival.

I wrote the following on FB in response to the Gaza violence; and I write them again:

I meditate on peace. I pray for peace everywhere. Every day, I send loving thoughts into the world, and every day, I do my best to focus my energies, my thoughts and my actions on compassion and kindness. May every heart that is now hard and cold against another human being be opened. May every heart that judges, condemns and hates another human being be softened, and every eye that looks with hate and anger at other human beings be filled with the light of understanding. May I, imperfect as I am, be an instrument of compassion and peace in the world, through my thoughts and my actions. Truth and wisdom WILL succeed in the long run. Do not lose hope.

At times like these I think of Art Bell, and the quickening.. Things are becoming very, very messy... I have been watching Fukishima spiral out of control, Ebola, and our never ending wars. These are indeed very dangerous times...

I agree with Whitley, hope for the best but plan for the worst.
To use an old phrase "Something Wicked this Way Comes", I can feel it in my bones. What and where I cannot say but just like I was uneasy before the 9/11 attacks and had a feeling something bad was coming, I have that feeling now.
Don't live your life in fear but like Whitley suggested, be smart and be prepared.
People need to think, what if there is a Pandemic and the government has a total quarantine for 3 weeks ?? What if a Hurricane or big earthquake hits and it's a few weeks until help and aid can get to you ?? What is you and your family's plan ?? Do you have a few weeks food and water ?? A first aid kit ?? Something to defend yourselves against someone who means you and your family harm if law and order breaks down ??
As the Boy Scouts say, "be prepared" and we all should pray and meditate that nothing bad happens but be prepared in case something does.

I so yearn for the loving folks to raise our higher selves up out of this madness!

Surely we are better than this! No matter what our history has been, and no matter what trusted prophets or our own fears and assumptions are reflecting back to us, can we not choose an alternate path? Can we collectively release the angels within us and fly above what appears to be a tragic and immensely short-sighted destiny into new, glorious possibilities? I have observed myself succumbing to a sense of inevitable horror, and it feels like a trap of the global mind.

I am not debating what any of us is observing, sensing, feeling or fearing; nor debating the choices that politicians are considering. I'm just so yearning for something else, something entirely new, and for us to free ourselves from again following these deeply worn tracks that lead only to despair.

We have the power to be creative and spectacular if we choose, don't we? Can the strength of our love, however it's conveyed, be enough to convince all these foolish little boys that this isn't the way we behave on Planet Earth any longer?

I find it particularly outrageous when our southern border is so porous that 66,000+ illegal, unaccompanied children* can invade the US at will since Nov 2013, yet our government does not care enough to direct our National Guard to protect our own border.

Security? What security?

While the same oligarch thugs beat the fear-drums of war and ship our soldiers 1/2 way around the world to protect oil deals for the global-elite, they demand that all citizens must stand spread-eagle on command without any justification. Things are just a little backwards.

What they (govt, Pentagon, global elites ) have done is to inflame a justified hatred for our country around the world. This seems to be an intentional plan to make our beloved USA more vulnerable to threats of terrorist attacks. I'm sorry to say that meditation on peace will never solve this issue. The people need to wake up and take power back... physically!

Demand that ALL elections, national, state-wide, and local,
include the ballot check box.... "NONE OF THE ABOVE."

With that choice winning, a "reset button" permanently nullifies all candidates who have spent billions on campaigns, and forces a new slate of candidates to be selected... also having a "NONE OF THE ABOVE" option. After several rounds of monetarily-deflated and defeated campaigns, maybe we might get some honest, sincere candidates to hold office... ones who have not been bought by the super-elites. And if at any time these people do not exercise the will of the people, they can be taken down and out permanently. Simply monitor candidate and PAC campaign spending to determine who is being bought.

Yeah, we might lose a few good ones, and there might be confusion until the next round of voting occurs... but what noble cause doesn't come with a cost? If someone has a better way to TAKE BACK OUR GOVERNMENT, I'd like to hear it. I haven't yet heard a single idea that might affect a real change in politics. We could actually get real change in environmental protection, financial regulatory laws, eliminate corporate welfare, force oversight of secret industrial military complex and secret black budget spending.


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