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Worried about a False Flag Attack

The Edward Snowden case could not be more dramatic or more dangerous to American security, and not only because of his revelations about the massive amount of spying the NSA, British Intelligence and others are doing. We recently ran a story on Unknowncountry.com about a group of National Transportation Safety Board officials who are petitioning the agency to re-open the investigation of the Flight 800 crash, saying that the truth is that it was hit by a missile, and that this truth was covered up.

I have known from the first few days that it was hit by a missile, and have never swayed from this conviction. I have known, also, that 911 was, at the very least, allowed to happen, and I suspect that the whole truth is much more damning. I heard but could not prove that the reason that Pierre Salinger was waiting for the plane was that documents that revealed the incontrovertible truth about the Kennedy Assassination were on it and being brought to him. I could not prove that, though, so it went unremarked on our site at the time. I still can't prove it, but somebody had to have a reason to shoot down that plane. It was not likely to have been a terrorist attack. If it had been, why keep the truth secret?

It seems to me that somebody very powerful with access to weapons and the personnel to use them, has been doing some pretty horrible things, and now that this NSA spying story has blown up in their faces, I have to ask the question, 'will they try to terrorize us by allowing or instigating another major attack?' This would certainly end any chance of reducing the power of the intelligence agencies.

I think that these are very dangerous times. These agencies will fight for their power, and the White House will fight by their sides. What kind of a fight will it be, though, a democratic battle in public and legislative forums, or a set-up attack designed frighten us into not only ending this debate, but giving them even more power?

Whitley, I agree with your assessment in this new Journal entry. When the 'deep state' is panicked, watch out. I hope they don't resort to a false flag event, but the danger is there, as you say. However, if an attack, real or false-flag, were to occur, wouldn't that undermine their claim that they need unfettered access to ALL electronic communications to avert such attacks?

I must say though that I'm taking some pleasure in seeing the National Security State (the security of the very, very wealthy and big corporations, not yours or mine!) flail in trying to capture or extradite Snowden. Given that millions of people in many third world countries have suffered or died at the hands of CIA-installed dictators, and that the tools used to control these countries are now being turned against US citizens, this 'chase scene' is both revelatory and karmic.

In other matters, you've no doubt noticed that Siberia and Alaska are having 90 degree heat waves now. Great - more methane releases from the thawing permafrost. Reminds me of what the MOTK said about temperatures in the arctic rising 20 or more degrees above normal. It's happening now and the resulting havoc on the jet stream should produce more severe weather this year, and for many decades or centuries to come. I mourn in advance the massive die-off of species and the human population that will occur by century's end if we continue on our present course.

I was listening to an old episode i think from 2011 when Whitley and LMH were discussing the strange drone sightings etc. There was a discussion with a person who said someone (probably the NSA?) had eavesdropped on a conversation or email exchange he had with only one single person and next thing he knew he was visited in his abode and forced to give up a suspect library book for unknown state security reasons. Do you remember that? Apparently this has been going on for some time, we are just now having it officially confirmed.
Truly it mystifies me why more people do not subscribe - there is so much fascinating information on this site on all manner of things, and I have only scratched the surface. Its like mining for jewels.

Well said ...

Dangerous times indeed, and some people are finally (finally!) fighting back. The Texas lege has seen, first hand, what happens when people get a clue and turn into an unruly mob. It's scary, no doubt, and even more so because a lot of women worked up the gumption to make themselves heard.

Truth will out and it won't be pretty. As Americans and citizens of Earth, it's time to learn discernment and ask the questions and stop allowing those who are not working in our best interests to shape reality.

I agree with you completely Whitley. Let's see what happens between now, 2014, and running up to another sham election in 2016. Regardless of many detrimental facts that are documented in so many sources, for me the last truly legitimate President of the United States was John F. Kennedy. To me he was a true leader of the "Free World". Then the loss of RFK and MLK all occurred in such as small span of time...

I agree 100%. I had been waiting for a Governmental backed mass killing when that nut case inConn did it for them. Or was he backed? Either way I figure that was next on their agenda. Disarm the masses so they can fully take control. Maybe I best not go there.....
Anyway, I'm with you on your comments and can''t wait to see what's next.
Now a word on the weather. The East coast is drowning. From Florida on northward.Have you heard about the flooding there out West? Thank God we havent had a hurricane...yet. If we do any time soon we are in serious trouble. As the West dries out.....
There's no global weather changes..................
Just ask the news who havent reported the temps in Alaska here yet. At least not that I've seen. Only place I can get the real news is online. I always check this page first. But lately even some of the stories on here are wrong. Your "Librarian" needs to do a bit more research before He/She reports a NEWS Item on here. Generally I check the source and it was the sources fault. But that's why I double check.
Keep us posted Whitley

at the time i knew that Pierre Salinger said that it was missile that hot Flight 800. what i didn't know till now was what may have been on that plane. if so, it make perfect sense. the powers that be have done everything to keep who killed Kennedy secret.
somehow we ALL KNOW, that the real reason for Kennedy's death has never been told.
whatever the reason why Edward Snowden did what he did is , i think is part of much bigger lies soon to come.

what happens when the America public puts all these pieces together and finds out how deep and how many lies we've been told ? what then happens to what we've been taught to believe in?

On behalf of the future generations and to empower a new world, I know that my thoughts, feelings, words and actions build their own life spiritually & energetically. Fear is easy, takes less intelligence to employ, yet more energy to the depletion of physical & mental health and adds to what world governments need, in order to remain "in control". Fear is also a boring emotional state for me to maintain and sucks creativity and responsiveness out of my life. I have learned to accept that 911 was a complete set-up by our government by studying the architecture of the event, including what Aaron Russo had to say about what he was told prior to 911.

Our administration is on a fast track to make enemies in the world, given all the statistics on the drones, especially. My life is centered around living and teaching principles of communication that help to open our inner world or landscape to discover an internal point of reference we can access to remain grounded and centered, with one's heart open to feel one's own truth and higher guidance. Empowered action is the result.

To answer redd3's question, "what happens to what we've been taught to believe in?"... If we can let all that we've been" taught" to fall away, and discover a powerful truth hidden deep within ourselves, wouldn't that be a point of self-empowerment, self-trust & dignity?

Whitley, I agree with what you say. Our country has always operated covertly against its peoples & I don't see it will change. It's becoming even more of a perpetrator both within and beyond our nation's boundaries. However, there is still so much we can accomplish to protect and govern our own choices by supporting what we want to happen through ways we spend our money, speaking out and remaining strong & present to what we love and what we're willing to make sacrifices for.

As for Edward Snowden: Is he ultimately giving us all an opportunity to rethink our future and perhaps giving us a "heads-up" for the plans our country is in the process of unleashing? Might what he has done have the power to change the course of history, by sending a strong message to our administration so that it might have to think twice about committing the next atrocity? I hope so.

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