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Wikileaks and UFOs

Julian Assange has said that there are references to UFOs in some of the documents he is still holding, but he has not said what these documents may contain. Personally, I would be very surprised if any diplomatic documents contained more than a passing reference to UFOs, perhaps a disparaging comment about a world leader or other official who believed that they were real. However, if there are documents that in any way prove that UFOs are real, then I would also think that Mr. Assange is right in fearing that he might be murdered. Under American law, the president does have the right to order his assassination, and that would certainly be an option they would consider to prevent such a release.

So the question becomes, why the secrecy? The answer is obvious and has been for a long time: nobody, neither our vistors nor our governments, want the truth to be known. From the standpoint of our governments, as soon as it is admitted that UFOs are under intelligent control, then questions start to be asked about what they are doing here. It's a short step from there to the public discovering that things like implants and cattle mutilations are probably connected with our visitors, and that the close encounter experience is real. Beyond that comes the truth: whatever is being done to us, our governments can't protect us--or what is more likely, dare not.

We live in a dream right now, scoffing at and ignoring obvious proof of something nobody wants to face, especially government. Not only that, it is clear that official policy mirrors visitor policy. It is my belief that the close encounter experience is much more widespread than we realize, and that the people who remember in are the exceptions, not the rule.

Our visitors would have any number of possible reasons for keeping themselves hidden. First, it would seem probable that they are exploiting us in some way. People talk of DNA sampling and the removal of sexual material, and I would agree that sexual material is removed, because it happened to me. What is done with it is less clear, but it is certainly being taken, and without any permission being asked. Also, implants are real. I have one in my ear that I am afraid to have removed, because of the display of avoidance technology that occured when a doctor did try to take it out. In addition, there has been excellent scientific work done on others. Also, there is no way to rationally explain cattle mutilations except as something that is being done by this presence for reasons that may be benign, but which we don't understand and can't control.

On the positive side, they may not want to disrupt our culture's potency by exposing us to technology far beyond what we possess. When advanced western states engaged with more primitive tribal cultures, the tribal cultures uniformly refocused themselves on getting western technology, and, for the most part, abandoned their own unique cultural journeys. Following close behind were alcoholism, drug addiction and despair.

Our visitors' secrecy may therefore also in part be an act of kindess that expresses respect for our value to ourselves. An astronaut I knew who had a terrific emotional aversion to the idea of aliens being here told me frankly, "I don't want the way to Mars to be a well worn path."

He is right. We stand to be shocked at every level by disclosure of the reality of the visitors, and absorbing that shock is going to be very, very hard.

And all of us should wonder together, do we really want disclosure to come this way, or to be built over time as our relationship with our visitors deepens and becomes more coherent?

In any case, as I have said, it would be a real surprise if there was any 'smoking gun' in our diplomatic traffic, but it's always possible.

In any case, Mr. Assange is in the crosshairs of the president for other reasons. Certainly, the U.S. will do whatever it can to stop him, and never mind UFO disclosure. He has promised to reveal massive corruption in a major bank, which is much more worrisome to the government than the release of diplomatic cables, because it could lead to profound economic consqeuences as the true extent to which our system has broken down becomes clear to the public.

Julian Assange is right to fear for his life, because if he cannot be held on some charge or another, then his assassination seems to me to be almost a certainty. The only thing that might save him would be a fear in official circles that his death might trigger some sort of fail-safe document dump process. Mr. Assange is not alone, and the single individual who is implicated in providing him with classified documents also cannot be the only one doing it. Where would he get internal documents from an international bank, for example?

No, what is happening here is not the work of a single individual. There is a revolution taking place, nothing less, against the secrecy and the power of the United States. The whole American system of government by secrecy, which emerged out of the Cold War, is under attack. Already, the release of diplomatic cables is an event of world-historical importance. It has irrevocably compromised American power, because, now and forever, nobody is going to trust our ability to keep a secret. Not only that, the clear-minded insight of American diplomats, and their excellent intelligence resources, have been revealed for all to see.

Release of documents proving vast banking corruption will cause even greater damage. But proof that the visitors are real will go beyond that. After such a disclosure, the world will change forever.

As always Whitley, thank you for sharing your insights with us all. You are in a unique position of actually having your voice heard among the cacophony that is our shared media today. The convergence of chaos that is occurring throughout the world corresponding with the prophecies of 2012 are not unexpected nor should it be unwanted. Change is happening at every level of human experience as we prepare for and participate in an unprecedented shift in conscious reality. Unfortunately the old paradigms that have shaped our reality will not go down without a fight. You say, "There is a revolution taking place, nothing less, against the secrecy and the power of the United States". I agree however it is not reserved for the United States alone but is for all systems of secrecy that serve to suppress mankind. What role will the visitors or disclosure of the visitors play? We can only wait and see and perhaps the wait is not long now.

As always, I enjoy reading your journal entries. It's one of the main reasons why I became a subscriber. Your comments, on Mr. Assange releasing information if something happenes to him are prescient. I dont' know if you are aware of this or not, but apparently Mr. Assange has released a "Doomsday file". This file can be downloaded at various internet sites. It supposedly contains previously secret and unreleased files on a number of topics, like the banks, 911 and UFO's. If something untoward happens to Mr. Assange, or he is taken into custody, the encruption key will be released. Hundreds if not thousands of people have already downloaded this file.

In my opinion, it's too late for our government, and also the visitors to prevent the truth from being known. It's known. The only thing lacking, is some sort of official statement from our government. Yes, there are many millions of people who need that stamp of recognition from the government. For many others that stamp will only be an anti climax.

What ever power our government had, in controlling, information abut UFO's, it gave up, when it attempted to discredit and devalue the only people that could have helped it manage that information in a rational way. Independent UFO reseachers who have pursued the truth for many many decades.

Whether they like it or not, the information is leaking out slowly, through cracks in the foundation of secrecy. In the end, it will add up to the same thing as disclosure.

"It is my belief that the close encounter experience is much more widespread than we realize, and that the people who remember it are the exceptions, not the rule. "

Recent events in my life would suggest this is right on-the-money, Whitley. I can sense an alternate version of my life, but can't remember it. Like a dark, heavy curtain around me. It leads to an existence that feels only partly real.

For there to be a revolution against U.S. official secrecy, the war will have to be opened up on more fronts. Right now, there is only a single event -- an isolated case. Whatever the success or failure that results from Wikileaks, there will have to be a lot more than this, at least several other unrelated cases of disclosure before the movement has any momentum and people begin to see in themselves a desire for openness.

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