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The Why of Sandy and What Comes Next

The news media has been calling Hurricane Sandy a 'superstorm.' It is not that, not yet. It is not as intense as storms that will form later in the process of climate change. We have already passed the point of no return on this issue. It is going to happen. In part, this is because the interglacial during which human population has expanded to cover the earth is ending, and in part it is because mankind does not have planetary institutions that are sufficiently robust to enable widespread agreement about this issue. So the developed country most able to reduce its CO2 emissions, the United States, has remained divided. Nevertheless, market forces in the form of rising fuel prices and economic recession, have combined to lower US emissions over the past year. Unfortunately, it will not be enough to stop what is coming.

What has happened is that we have added our share of carbon dioxide to a natural cycle of change and sped it up by hundreds of years. Because so much CO2 has entered the atmosphere so fast, we have created an unstable climate regime across the whole planet, with a strong emphasis on the Northern Hemisphere, where arctic ice melt will add significant volatility to the unfolding situation.

Sandy could become an extraordinary storm, but not a storm such as those which will develop during the actual climate change crisis. This crisis, incidentally, will over the years that it develops and intensifies, will decimate or destroy the profits of most of the companies that have fought so hard to avoid paying for CO2 emission reduction.

Storms are the way nature seeks balance in the atmosphere. Natural processes move toward stasis, while life processes are ever expanding. When the two forces come into conflict, as is happening now, nature always wins, and nature will win now. The movement toward balance is always more powerful than the overgrowth of populations of any kind. We are not exception.

Sandy has the potential to collide with two cold fronts that are now moving down the mid-Atlantic states. This will mean that two opposing wind frictions and two opposite temperature gradients will need to be balanced. The result will be a storm of a type that cannot really be modeled, and this is why all of the precautions are being issued. Nobody knows if it will bring violent events such as tornadoes, or if it will become a blizzard, a downpour, or both.

This where we are right now. After the storm has passed, I will write another journal about what the American east coasts, Eire, the British Isles and Western Europe should anticipate over the next few years.

I just read that wherever this storm lands it will affect a third of the United States.

Incredible! So thankful to you, Whitely Strieber! So many people I talk to don't get it... But now they will be forced to "get it"
Your website is so fantastic! You've been warning about this for years! So long in fact, that when u were first discussing it, you were saying there was still a chance to turn back, if I remember correctly?

I live on Long Island, and it's very Early Sunday Morning and theres some gusty winds already! Temp dropped quite a bit too! It's been really warm on the Island, all month. Right now, it's chilly and windy. Irene knocked out my power for a week, got our asses kicked! You should see the stores right now, everything is gone! The storm is not scheduled to really hit hard til Monday!

Just one more thing if I may? I'm very concerned about climate change and many other things, especially the reality of nuclear energy, in whatever capacity it's being used - Absolutely terrifying stuff!

In Pennsylvania, there's at least 9 nuclear power plants in 5 different locations. When I saw that in black & white I was horrified! When the weather intensifies to the next level from where we are now, these facilities will be at risk just like Fukushima! What happens when a tectonic shift takes place like in Japan? These things are all over the mid Atlantic area. Just think if the Atlantic ocean decides to kick Florida's ass in! Theres Nuc's down there too! 5 in 3 locations. Scares the hell outa me Whit!

Another scary thought is these big oil rigs out in the oceans. Oh boy... Some day soon the water will knock those things around like they're little toys! We're in deep shit! I've had fear of this stuff since I was in my 20's & now I'm 51. It's a lot worse now. Nuclear energy does not belong here, never should have been... The downside is simply suicidal! Earth will shake us off like a pack of fleas. She will survive but we will not.

I've been vegan since 07, but not just because of the enormous pollution caused by meat & dairy consumption, but for a more important reason. The most important reason is my strong belief in that animals are way smarter & more capable of experiencing pain, suffering, loneliness, depression, fear, worry, separation anxiety, the ability to recognize one another etc. than a lot of people realize. Highly sensitive and intelligent, theres no doubt about it.

The negativity involved with the Meat, Dairy, and the vivisection industries is beyond horrible! The suffering that goes on every day globally is another great contributor to our self inflicted plight. We are a parasite, and we are submerging ourselves in our own shit. We are needlessly inflicting great pain to every species on the planet including ourselves. It creates really bad energy and I really believe it's going to have a boomerang affect on us, along with all the other stupid, reckless, insane things we do! These 2 dudes running for president are an illusion. Both parties are deplorable! Express elevator to HELL- GOIN DOWN.

Cumbro Veija- La Palma Island- Canary Islands- lets hope it doesn't slide into sea. The psunami would be enormous! It would be over! pray it doesn't happen!

sorry, psumami is tsunami.

Got the generator ready, when the power goes , the bilges go & the basement floods,goodbye mancave & rec room!
Already the public Transportion system SEPTA in Philly is shutting down as well as NYC tonight. My job has asked us not to come in. Philly is shutting down..kids are off for 2 days now..not a snow day but a Storm Day...first ever!

Atlantic Conveyor Belt:
These Hurricanes generally fizzle out in the colder Northern Waters. Now that the ACB is faltering due to the salinity equalization from the Artic Ice melt. Why though? I would think that the warm Gulf waters carried North by the ACB would become colder and dampen Hurricanes? Does the warm waters surge up and not make the right turn across the Atlantic toward England?

Infancy Development of Superstorms

I can't help but think about the scenes from the movie The Day After Tomorrow. When I read the book, many years ago, I knew it was real. Because it made sense of everything that was happening.

I have been listening to the news stories and hearing the excitement in the news casters voices, when they should be terrified. They keep talking about broken records, and comparing this event to others in the past, instead of talking about the implications for our future.

I think it's a prelude to the professional deniers, and disinformation specialists, who will do their best to make sure no connection is ever made to global warming.

The effect of frequent Hurricanes on the East coast with gargantuan superstorms beyond the limited imagination of our political leaders, will be devastating.

I remember recently reading about the desalinization of the Gulf Stream..

I think this may be just a foretaste of a rough and deadly winter for all of us.

Yep, I' thinking about the Day After Tomorrow too. I'm in Queens. We'll see what happens. Altho I'm concerned for the people, I am also concerned for the animals in the zoos and out and about, strays, people's pets, etc. Don't hear much about that. Anyway, thanks Whitley. I'm sure its not that great to be so right about all this stuff, but I've believed you all along as have many. 10:45 pm Sunday evening and the buses are still running here. Hope they all get home soon. Good luck everyone!

I agree that the "perfect storm" label seems to be a bit exaggerated. I live in NYC too and I remember the countless hurricanes that made more waves on the TV news rather than in real life. Unfortunately disaster news sells... and when a real disaster strikes it's almost always unforeseen.

I'm thinking of the hurricane of 1938, the one my grandparents talked about that hit Long Island, more precisely Fire Island, the long skinny strip of land below Long Island, where they said a whole row of houses was taken out by the storm. I pray my mother's cousin and daughter have left the island for the winter already. Another prayer of light for the current population there. Be safe, all!

When I saw the size of the storm I immediately thought of The Coming Global Superstorm, too. We are only a blink in time away from such a scenario as Whitley describes. Think graphics of weather modeling in The Day After Tomorrow movie.

I find it humorous (if that's allowed right now), or maybe ironic, that at this critical time in a presidential election Mother Nature's wrath has already inflicted wounds upon Both political parties with their inability to campaign in battleground states.

Simply pray for those in harm's way. At this point, none of the rhetoric means a whole lot.

So here I am in NYC, at the apex of the "Perfect Storm" II (according to the media), sitting at the computer. Outside a bit of rain just started and the wind picked up a bit. I've seen way, way worse in NYC. As such I can't help but ponder a few things that just don't make sense to me.

- Take the current situation

The media is having a field day with hurricane Sandy. "Devastation Imminent" - "Megastorm in NY" - "Coast Slammed" are just a few of the titles floating out there.

But that's just the official media. I read blogs and posts and find a plethora of gloom & doom prophecies. Some even go into speculating hypothetical scenarios and numbers of people killed in them.

- Meanwhile

Today 93 people died in car crashes across the country. But that's not just today, that's EVERY DAY. 93 people dead on average each and every day in motor vehicle accidents - No weekends or holidays off. That's 33,808 per year.

No news shows, no hyperbole filled titles, not even a byline mention on the news. But not only that, it's rarely if ever mentioned in blogs or net discussions that address human calamities.

- Question...

Why do we tend to gravitate towards and be fascinated by hypothetical demise of people in grandiose hypothetical situations, yet we pay NO attention or hardly blink an eye at the huge rate of REAL death happening every day around us? Why do we sigh heavy when talking about the fictional victims in our imagined apocalypse when we're willfully ignorant of the real victims that actually DID perish today, be it in accidents or because of a disease like cancer (or starving in Africa)?

Is it because it's more romantic or dramatic to die in a "Perfect Storm" than in a simple car crash?

Everything is relative. In this case it seems that death is relative to the dramatic situation in which it occurs.

I find it amazing how the media influences people's perceptions of such events that we often forget to look out our own backyards and see the beauty there. If the end is nearing, those are the things you may find that give you the most strength.

Looking forward to the next journal,"After the storm has passed, I will write another journal about what the American east coasts, Eire, the British Isles and Western Europe should anticipate over the next few years."

I am also looking forward very much for this one as well: "I have known for many years that the time we are entering now would come, and have prepared carefully for it. In another journal, I will discuss the state of constant prayer, which is very little known or understood, but which is both tremendously powerful and essential for the future." Which you mentioned on September 20th...

Whitley, I read "Superstorm" many years ago and still have my copy - you and Art did your best to warn of what would happen, and were soundly jeered for doing so. You did your best, and people have ignored what is happening and will happen at their peril. And yet, the deniers will continue to obfuscate and attempt to turn nature and Earth mother on her head.... for the final profits. And yes, I believe that the 1 percent and the sub-one percent know exactly what is going to happen. Those of us who had experience with the visitors were shown quite graphically what is happening, and worse - it was as if we were being charged to do something - ...... You did what you could, you did your best........ And that is all any one can do.

One final comment - others have posted that there have been other hurricanes in the greater New York coastal areas. The delta here is not that its a hurricane or that the storm remembered by grandparents was not horrendous (or the one that totally destroyed Galveston Texas). The delta is not that its a hurricane, the delta is one of scope. When the storm hit land, its outer rain bands had reached Michigan and Illinois. It is scope that differentiates Sandy. And Earth Mother is just warming up in the green room.

Much respect and knowledge on this thread and tip of the hat to UC & Whitley Streiber. The ACB is already faltering, creating eddies and loops, one can see that clearly from the color doppler. The ACB takes an exterme right toward the UK and this is the warmth that keeps England bearable.
When you hear conventional Meterologist's on the Weather Channel saying " Double Freaky" and "highly unusal sytem" etc....well, you know that the frequency of these storms is increasing do to the warming of the waters North. The signs are all around us, but only those hip to UC and the superstorm seem to 'get it'. This Summer my family and I went to Acadia National Park in Maine and took the Capt. Ed diver cruise. Well they have been at this for 30 years and they kept saying " We don't see many starfish anymore as they are retreating deeper to the colder waters" When they took a temperture gauge they were astoinshed that it was 56 degrees in late August. I have friends who came back from an Alaskan fishing trip and they say due to the permafrost melt the crooked telephone poles make it look like a Dr. Seuss story. All around me are stories that give me pause. Indeed, the grand demons who run this world ARE aware of this exceleration. Many that are in denial prefer a reasssuring lie in lieu of an incoinveinant truth.
Costa Rica looks better and better. I know this: The Northeast corridor is the last place you want to be when all this goes down...and of course when will that be? Methane Hydrates...and the Failing Gulf Stream...both are already happening!

Interesting the Day After Tomorrow movie featured New York!

Whitley and Art's prescient 1999 book struck a chord with so many. And I'm sure, like me, many of you have been getting on the nerves of friends and family, talking about this issue for the past decade.
So Sandy has been no surprise. Though I wasn't expecting her to arrive quite so soon....
It's not just the next generation that will be bearing the brunt of this irreversible descent into climate chaos. It's ALL OF US in our next incarnations.
Though it's tempting to look into life in the Southern Hemisphere, I think it's my destiny to stay north of the equator and help out as much as I can.

And Whitley - please don't think about any of those "what if's". You've been WAY out on a limb, talking about this issue in a very public way for years. You'll maybe never know how much good you've already done.

Fontaine; As to staying and helping - I got exactly the same message. My "assignment" was put in very strong terms. I am in this incarnation (as I was told), to help out those souls that are awakening, and to help through this difficult transition. Do you have the very strong feeling or were told, that you (your soul) volunteered for this?. This was implanted so deeply that it has guided my life, and my experience, (that is most vivid) occurred many years ago, around the time that Michigan was having a lot of "swamp gas". I had vivid dreams and "night school" for many many years after that. The message has always been the same - protect this planet as much as can be done, and help out awakening souls. This is not an easy assignment for any of us - its certainly not a glory detail. Its not the purpose of this reply to go into the details of my experiences, only that we are here now to do a difficult job. Peace, love and Light, Cynthia

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