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Where is Everybody?

In 1975, a paper by physicist Michael Hart inspired Enrico Fermi to ask the question: where is everybody? He asked it because of the silence of the universe around us--no radio signals, nobody coming in for a landing, indeed, nobody approaching us in anything like a conventionally understandable manner.

Now, whether you believe that extraterrestrials are here or not, a good argument can be made that, even if many of them present such an unconventional picture that we literally cannot recognize them as what they are, some, at least, should be in some sort of more conventional contact with us.

Instead, you have two possibilities: either you can choose high strangeness and say that some of the evidence suggests that they might be here; or you can say that's all an illusion and there's nobody here but us. 

Let's look at some rather interesting statistics. First, our vision of our galaxy, and by extension the rest of this universe, has come into much sharper focus since Fermi originally asked his question. In those days, we weren't even sure that other stars had planetary systems orbiting them. Now we know that planets are ubiquitous, and thus that the probability that there is intelligent life out there is much higher than we used to believe. Second, the idea that travel across the vast distances of space would be completely impractical is also changing. Not only that, there is building evidence that parallel universes may be physically real, so the possibility that others could visit us from, in effect, right here can no longer be rejected.

The latest research suggests that wormholes might not be all that difficult to create, and not only that, but that it would be much easier to open such a door between parallel universes than it would to open one to a different part of this universe.

The numbers that are involved in just this universe, though, are so enormous that the conclusion is inescapable that, if travel among the stars is possible, then somebody is doing it. If the rest of the universe reflects what we can see in our own galaxy, in which something between 5% and 20% of stars are similar to our sun, then, taking the universe as a whole, there are 500 billion billion sun-like stars. AND there is building evidence that there are other physical universes beyond our own. In fact, recent studies of the microwave background radiation suggests that our universe might have collided with other universes at least six times in its history.

But let's just stick with our own universe. According to a recent National Academy of Sciences study, our observation of our own galaxy suggests that there might be living planets orbiting around 1% of the sun-like stars in the universe. The number is so gigantic that it's beyond comprehension. Look at it this way: for every grain of sand on earth, there are probably a hundred earth-like planets in our universe.

Looking just at our own galaxy, there are likely to be something on the order of a billion earth-like planets. How many might, at any given time, harbor intelligent life. We have no idea, but statistically it is almost inevitable that some do. Perhaps it's only a tiny fraction--even an infinitesimal fraction. That would get it down to, say, a hundred thousand intelligent species in this galaxy right now.

So the Fermi Paradox becomes a howling question: where IS everybody?

When I look across the vast outpouring of anecdote and the enormous amount of research that has emerged as a response to the UFO phenomenon over the past sixty years, I have to conclude that something unexplained is happening here. However, my own personal observations and experiences, and those of many other direct witnesses, do not suggest that it involves what might be thought of as alien contact, at least not in any way that such a thing might be conventionally understood.

One of the reasons is the proliferation of encounters that involve not only seeming aliens but also the apparent reappearance of dead people. When having close encounters, people commonly see the dead as well.

This flies in the face not only of conventional wisdom, which is that no aliens are here, could ever come here or have ever been here, but also the general belief in among UFO researchers, that alien scientists are here studying us.

It tells me that my reaction to what happened to me was exactly correct: I don't know what in the world it was and is, for it still happens from time to time.

This, in the end, is what we have to face: we don't know. We don't know what this phenomenon is or what it may mean. We don't know where it has come from or where it is going. And if we are ever to understand it, we're going to have to ask much better questions than we have so far done.

Dismissing the phenomenon is not a useful or correct stance. Even if it's entirely cultural, it still exists. Closing the question with the claim either that it cannot be aliens or that it must be aliens is obviously premature.  What we need, and urgently, is for our best minds to readdress the whole phenomenon, and to do so without preconceptions.

So far, we have not been up to that task. It's time to take a new look at why not, and seek once again to open the door that is the most tightly closed of all: the door of our own mind.

Robert Anton Wilson said "He who stands still in an evolving universe, moves backwards."
As soon as we make a decision that we 'know' something, we're effectively done thinking about it in any forward manner. We descend into 'belief', one of the most heinous problems we face in the world today. People think they know something when really they're only guessing. Just think of any number of fundamentalist trends that are so prevalent, from Islam, Christianity, scientific materialism, the dogmatic atheist, what have you.
I think it's good to be aware that we don't know, whatever 'It' may be, as long as we are finding new questions to pursue, new avenues for the creative expression of our human potential and it's relation to our incredibly vast surroundings.

It seems we are quarantined somehow, either by the Galactic Federation or by the Creator him/herself. It could be that a non-interference directive is in effect. Perhaps our social condition is an evolutionary pressure, and we must prove ourselves worthy before the quarantine is lifted. It is possible that who we decide to align with politically among the alien races is being decided by our governments at this ally-neutral juncture.

Of course, multiple races should be in contact with us already. Even travelling at sub-warp speed, plenty of races could have branched out and reached us given enough time. Perhaps we are quarantined, either by secrecy or by edict. Our government could be enforcing that quarantine, or some larger entity might be sustaining it.

For whatever reason, the aliens themselves are unwilling or unable to engage in open contact with humans as a race. It's not simply our government's resistance that is causing the scenario. The problem may be a closed quantum gate, (as described in one of Whitley's stories), a recognition that humans are like caged Tigers, the dictate of laws that prevent premature contact, or the continued exploitation of humanity under a veil of secrecy. In any case, the aliens themselves cannot or will not announce their presence publically.The question is, "why"?

This would apply to multiple races of aliens, since multiple races have already been here. This factor makes the true reasons for the concealment (intentional or otherwise) all the more compelling. All of these races have decided not to reveal themselves by choice, or some other constraint is holding them all back.

It's possible that alien life forms naturally exist in such a mental or physical state distinct from our own that bridging the gap is very problematic. The usual reaction to such an encounter with extreme alien life is disbelief and fear. This is a protective response, but counterproductive if one is trying to achieve contact on a long term basis. If aliens know they will cause such a response they might not want to reveal themselves on a global scale out of compassion for us. Some humans might be so traumatized by such an event psychically that they might be damaged beyond repair. Knee jerk reactive responses to alien stimuli could thwart further contact on a permanent basis. All in all, it does indeed come down to having an open mind, to being tolerant and obliging. A rigid mindset may cause the one who is encountering the phenomenon to experience a shattering trauma. Forming a new sense of exopolitics with alien creatures will lead to continued contact. But without the creation of a workable mode of communication, civilized contact will remain impossible. Humans would learn how to relate to alien life forms through repeated exposure, not entirely upon the first attempt.

It is not possible to have an ongoing, civilized discourse with a being that you find absolutely terrifying. Running away is not a good solution, either. Deflating the fear factor is among the most paramount aspects to consider when pondering face to face alien contact. Talking to an alien is not like speaking to a human. These differences have to be evaluated and accounted for when contact is in effect. Practice will help to make strides forward. Something like politeness is bound to be appreciated by most alien life forms. Kindness may be another gesture that could be acknowledged gratefully.

Maybe we're actually evolving backwards (not in the literal man back to ape sense but in a spiritual or quantum sense). So we're on the escalator down back to less inhabited floors until we get back to source and then there will be another of several more bangs to come pushing us on the up escalator and forward (here we go again). This might explain why things seem conventionally quiet now.

Maybe we are living in a world full of dysfunctional races living on dysfunctional planets -- hopefully being given similar opportunities to mend it/themself and move on into a brighter, more populated, vast, and fascinating future.

imo, most people would not be afraid of contact w/"friendly" alien beings. However, given the mysterious and often confusing kinds of contact stories with facts hidden and blurred and few opportunities to fact check anything, it is quite difficult to determine friendly vs not-friendly aliens.

Well the problem is is that we assumed back then that everyone only communicated via radio and tv waves that they beamed up into the atmosphere and which went out into space. Now with microwaves, satellites, digital communication, etc we ourselves are radiating less signals every year and soon will be beyond radio and tv waves, so that's why SETI is such a joke.
I personally believe that there are tons of various alien species in our own interstellar "neighborhood" but they keep their contacts with humans low key so that they don't disrupt human society. As you have stated many times Whitley, if they landed on the White House lawn all of humanity's attention would be on them and it would greatly disrupt our society. That's why I believe that they have mining operations on many planets and moons in our Solar system and even on our Moon as well as Earth but they try to stay hidden from humans as much as possible. I think that as we hopefully mature as a species they will in time reveal themselves.


In the case of many Gray-related encounters involving (apparently) dead people, it is clear enough that spiritual issues involving the afterlife, God and the soul are at play. Should Grays become well-known in a public sense, mankind would be forced to re-evaluate not just religion but perhaps civilization as well. This might lead to uncontrollable results, indeed, chaos.

Perhaps true extraterrestrials have come to a similar conclusion and have decided to leave mankind alone, for now. I believe this may be the wisest course of action.

Human beings are liars, schemers, scammers, con-artists, brutal, heartless, manipulative, power hungry, greedy, egotistical, stupid, willingly stupid, irrational, self-centered, racist, ruthless and, at our core, brainwashed cowards.

What's not to attract visitors?

If we ever overcome the influence of our psychopathic rulers, perhaps we'll have earned some respect and someone worthwhile would want anything to do with us.

Without a doubt if the world was full of people with the same mindset as us subscribers contact would already be established. The grays imo seek out the meek which is why they have made contact with many of us subscribers. Outside of some close friends and you subscribers I cannot discuss such topics without ridicule, I have even lost a job over my views.....it's only a matter of time before the cosmic egg cracks due to our continued technological advancements, or we completely stuff this world up - both are in motion...................


Human beings are also kind, compassionate, loving, creative, spiritual, fair, altruistic, highly intelligent, selfless, giving, courageous, curious, seekers, wise, fearless and honest, and also conscious creators. Maybe what attracts the visitors are the very things that you mention, as well as the things I just posted. We are highly interesting, we possess souls and can fly like eagles or slither like snakes. We have rich emotional lives that can take us in many directions, and we certainly are not boring if being observed by outsiders. We are both frightening and fascinating. They may even envy our emotional richness and the wide range of our feelings, intellect, and most of all, the possibilities in our potential.

Yes, the duality of man is so true. Humans can be both angels and devils. I heard an interview awhile ago (maybe on Unknown Country) where someone stated that in the animal kingdom, the only animals that have dualities in behavior like we do are hybrids. Maybe that is what we truly are, hybrids that are a cross between a spiritually advanced race and basically an animal (maybe an early hominid) that functioned on instincts and base needs and wants.
We are then always conflicted by the higher part of ourselves and the animal within.

Regarding the subscribers here and about true disclosure, in the "real world" I'm a professional and you would not guess that I'm interested in these subjects. I could never share my experiences with almost anyone because it would destroy my career. Only two people in my immediate family can I share things that I have experienced. How those ignorant fools treated Whitley when he so bravely came forward and made public what happened to him convinced me to be very very cautious about who I share things with, so this community is a blessing where we can be anonymous and share our experiences with others without ridicule and derision.

I wonder about this all the time. Yet, now and again, some very interesting and extremely subtle (or secretive) people make their presence known.

This seems to be done in vague ways that suggest to me that paying more attention to everything isn't a bad idea. Is this a nursery Universe? Are we bad guys, recidivists banished here to wise up or are we simply being born into new forms of growth?

Big rabbit hole.

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