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What if They Land?

UPDATE 12/18/12: Internet hucksters have been using this journal entry to claim that I think that there will be a UFO landing on December 21. This is absolutely not my intent. Sure,  it could happen, but I'm not predicting anything here. I am simply speculating and, no, I have absolutely no idea whether or not it will ever happen, let alone on any specific date.

Itseems to me that there is an exceptional amount of UFO activity being reported. This has been true for most of the year, but it appears to be building now. That said, there are always a lot of reasons other than actual sightings of unidentified flying objects that lead to these reports. First, there's a synergy: one report leads to two more reports, and so on. So there are cycles that have nothing to do with actual increases in sightings. Second, there are social influences--a UFO movie gains a lot of popular interest, for example. Presently, people are searching the skies because of December 21, 2012 apprehension.

Still, I have been thinking a lot lately about what open contact might mean. First, it will be the most complex of all events, and the most historically important. It will change everything, and for the most part in ways that are presently unknown, and cannot be known. This is because, if it happens, it will be instigated not by us, but by our visitors. Therefore, they will be in control of what unfolds, at least in the initial phase.

It is crucial for us to remember that we don't know what they are. Are they from another planet? Are they something even stranger than that? We absolutely must keep such questions open, especially if they do not chose to explain themselves to us, or if they cannot.

From our standpoint, we must have two initial objectives: the first is to absorb the shock as gracefully as we can; the second is to address it with as much useful insight as we can muster.

Unfortunately, we are not likely to absorb it at all gracefully. Unless our visitors manage it very carefully, a chaos of mind and spirit is going to overtake us very quickly. This is because, with just a few exceptions, our best minds have never addressed this question with any depth. Our scientific, religious, philosophical, governmental and military communities do not have any significantly thoughtful ways of approaching such an eventuality.

If anybody has anything to offer, it is likely to come in the form of governmental caution and military posturing, neither of which are likely to be useful, even in the very short term. Science and the media have already discredited themselves so completely that they are not going to be coming up with social functional responses for some time, at least, not with responses that are worth trusting.

This is on our side. On the other side, things are going to be quite different. You can be sure that years of insightful observation and careful planning will have preceded open contact. There will also be an aim, or, more likely, an array of objectives that have led to a change in policy from one of standing off and observing to one of entering our social milieu directly.

In other words, we are going to be at a loss, but our visitors are going to know precisely what they are doing. And whatever that is, it will be what happens. Our response is going to have to be reactive. We will not have any useful way of being active participants, at least not until we have gained enough accurate understanding to enable us to develop aims and expectations of our own.

Initially, most people are going to be curious. If the visitors simply show themselves and don't take an active role in managing our response to their presence, then our media will attempt this. It will seek authorities to interview. But there are very few who are likely to have a considered response, and those who do are unlikely to be consulted. Certainly, Stephen Hawking will be asked for commentary. Thus far, he has voiced the same sort of awkward and probably uninformed cautions that appear to have led the US military, early on, to shake its spears at them, a response that has delayed contact for generations. His reaction is unlikely to be either accurate or useful.

Religious leaders will be engaged. The previous pope commented that aliens should be addressed by Christians with the same ethical standards with which they address each other. In the end, though, no matter how you look at it, the most profound challenges that will develop out of contact will be to our religious institutions. How that will unfold, I do not know, but I do have some hints, after spending the years that I have done in contact. I noted that there was a strong spiritual component to my experience. It left me certain that physical life is only one part of the spectrum of existence, but also that the various human visions of what non-physical being is like are little more than guesswork.

I learned to engage the visitors in ways that were useful to me. Specifically, I used the techniques I learned in the spiritual work I had done previously in my relationship with them, and this appeared to be helpful. Mediation facilitated and deepened communication. Their response to me consisted in teaching me by generating friction that forced me to see myself in my truth, and giving me information in ways that never closed the question.

In short, they were excellent teachers, and it seems likely to me that this will be what is on offer to us in the context of open contact. If so, then I can be a useful intermediary, in the sense that I can explain how they interacted with me, and perhaps enable some of us to gain what I gained, which was a student-teacher relationship that was focused on my intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth.

In my books and other writings, I have already explained enough of what I learned. What will be on offer will be at once general to our species and also specific to each of our cultures, and to each of us as individuals. They will essentially be offering us access to a school that is founded in deeper truths and more accurate facts than any that we have among ourselves. So, in that sense, there will be promise.

There will also be fear. They represent a fearsome presence. First, they are hardly benign, and there is enough evidence of conflict among them to suggest that an element of danger does exist, that we will have to deal with as best we can. When I would go out into the woods at night seeking contact, I never knew what might happen to me. I had two choices: trust the dark or cower in my house. At different times, I did both. In the end, though, I did more trusting than cowering, and I gained from it.

It's going to be extremely difficult, but I did find methods that worked, insofar as advancing my own contact and my understanding were concerned. Two things were never done to me: I was never seriously injured; and I was never left with a closed door. Each time I learned something new, it brought with it a new and more potent question. Even the most basic level of my contact was wrapped in potent question. I was treated violently and terrified. On the other hand, at the time I was acting like a wild animal. When I calmed down and began seeking them out, the response was a generosity of engagement that has utterly change my life and enriched me beyond measure.

It is my great hope that, if general contact takes place, it will unfold along similar lines, and hopefully with less initial terror and confusion. Had I not been so frightened, there is no doubt in my mind that I could have gone a lot farther. At the same time, the fear that I felt was part of the energy that advanced me, in the sense that overcoming it taught me much about myself and about the world in which we live.

I've always hoped that this would happen during my lifetime. I have been expertly prepared to help others with contact, and have been doing this as best I can for over thirty years, for anybody who was willing to open their minds to what I have to offer. If things were more focused and definite, I could do much more.

Should the barrier of denial that causes so many of us to remain passive to the reality of the visitors ever be removed, I'm as ready as I can ever be, and I know that others are, too. Not many, not yet, but if the challenge presents itself, those numbers will grow quickly, I have no doubt.

no matter what happens, help your neighbor. help them be warm and clothed and fed.
if we can't attempt to do this as a human family, we fail.
if it is weather/environment, war/stupidity, or strange/other, please remember to do this. we only have ourselves/eachother. we survive only by this.
in Light

Should this happen on Dec 21, 2012, I will say it will be a very, VERY, interesting Christmas season.

I love the way Whitley dismisses Hawking, one of our planet's most brilliant minds. The thought of his irrelevance with regard to contact makes me feel giddy.

You've been of immense help, Whitley! Your bravery ( which is the ability to face fear), curiousity, openmindedness, and talented articulateness, have paved the way for positive contact with "others" for me and thousands like me.

I have come to see that there is a collective mind of humanity - it is a consensus of what is real and not real. This mind is a very strange thing, irrational, delusional, dangerous to itself. Further, it is heavily drugged and manipulated - what it believes is largely programmed into it. It is murderous - believing in violence against itself and everything. Humanity has gone mad.

Contact between humans and others is timeless - it has always been and always will be. Just as varied as relationships between humans, it includes everything from extreme control and abuse to enlightened love. Individuals, families and groups experience contact with this larger family of consciousness daily. Likewise, militaries, intelligence agencies, and other entities commune with their neighbors. No one controls everything. As in all of life, it's a huge field of all possibilities - choose what you will. Choose your company, your wavelength.

Whitley, thinking of his own choice of 'the visitors', refers to "open contact". Contact is already open and widespread. But the implication here is that the collective mind of humanity, the consensus, will agree that it's happening with some particular ET species or group, will become openly aware of it. will endorse it as 'real'. This is roughly like hoping that the complete madman in the cell next to yours will tomorrow agree with your view of reality. Any agreement is meaningless because he's mad.

Humanity is a kept product. Fresh meat, kept in a state of perpetual suffering, feeding the emotionally deprived, too dim-witted to know how its being used or helped. Its mind will acknowledge 'open contact' when its keepers tell it to, and not before. Is this event significant? Probably not.

For a long time the conventionalists (keepers of the consensus) told us global warming wasn't real - it was just a conspiracy theory, and they brought pressure to bear to keep it out of the consensus. Eventually reality asserted itself beyond this, so they did an about face. They brought scientists forward to tell us not only that climate change is occuring, but that we needed a new tax to prevent it. They provided a false reason for it and used it as a means of further enslavement and fear.

Here we see a pattern of denial for as long as possible (keep it dark or mysterious), then acknowledge it when unavoidable but distort it and control perception of it, rendering any real awareness of it virtually null. Whenever humanity's consensus decides ETs are 'real', this will merely be the beginning of the next delusion, distorted and dangerous. It will choose from that field of all possibilities ETs which are what it wants to see, likely the murderous and controlling brothers of their human counterparts - human leaders, governments, militaries. Humanity's deep submission to authority figures/scientists/priests/gods will be extended to a new 'higher authority', and humanity will gladly submit to it, just as it readily has to all other authority figures, to be twisted and enslaved yet again.

Why care about such drama? Rather, seek the company you seek today, human or otherwise, in love and light, and don't mind so much the madman in the next cell, and what he's believing today. Ultimately we're all free - to accept the mad consensus as our personal reality, or to grow beyond our dreams.

The last comment begs for counterpoint.

Good people of this site, we are slowly getting our act together. Beautiful things are happening. Regimes are falling. Global consciousness is growing leaps and bounds due to the Internet. The science and the arts continue to grind out wonderful creations (and some junk too). We're even beginning to have constructive dialogues about the environment, sans the polarizing polemics of the past.

Arguably there's a social sea change occurring, we are owing up to our faults and looking past them to our real potential. Do we have some ways to go? Oh heck yes! But the point is, in spite of our overpowering survival instincts and general dull-wittedness, we continue to march forward, and more so as a whole than ever before. What would be more compelling to the Others to offer "incontrovertible" proof of their existence than witnessing the baby steps of true civilization? We're still perched upon a dangerous precipice but perhaps their very gentle presence is all it will take to tip the scales in favor of ascension, as slow and as difficult as the process will inevitably be. Maybe this is the opportunity they want to seize?

What I hope for most is the help to revive our faith in ourselves. It means perfectly nothing coming from me, but if we could hear it from them: we've defied astronomical odds to come this far; we are not evil, we are just imperfect and young; we deserve a place in the cosmos...if only we'd just reach a little farther...we're so, so close.

Come out from the dark you puzzling presence, I see you there. Let's talk.

"First, they are hardly benign, and there is enough evidence of conflict among them to suggest that an element of danger does exist, that we will have to deal with as best we can."

You've never made fear a central part of your message, Whitley, except maybe to illustrate its usefulness as a tool in our individual journeys. And this journal is not about fear; just the opposite. But as a long time reader of your site and your books, I was wondering if you could expand upon the quote above. You've hinted at it before, maybe explained it in ways that slipped my attention, but I hope that you can comment further now. Thank you.

Pray they don't land in Texas, given our preoccupation with firearms...

Thank you, Whitley. And, of course, you're correct. You've made this simple, yet somehow elusive, point before: that it's unrealistic to expect another intelligent species to be any less complex than we are. Why would they be? These are the "greys" after all, a label you've suggested they created for themselves as fair warning to all of us that they are neither all good nor all bad. I think a person can find himself wishing for all good, but with that is a desire that I think betrays us and relieves us of the pain and glory of finding our own way. Our own imperfection is a gift and forces our growth. Meeting beings likewise imperfect will only add to the opportunities that come with moral choice.

Actually, I don't think that our best minds will be overwhelmed, because it seems to me that the visitors will evaluate that for us, as they have in Whitely's case..

It will be visionaries, like Whitely, who in some sense will be chosen, for the visitors purposes, as they already have made that choice with the thousands of contactee's.

I don't believe that it will be the emotional dwarves who govern us, or the pugnacious and paranoid military, who have had their chance, and used it to try and develop a secret technological edge over the rest of humanity, to ensure our continued economic exploitation and relegation to the status of their serf's.

The other stunted scientific, and business mouth pieces, who have been carefully groomed to fill in the blanks of positions in the immoral corporate reich, will never be able to adapt to a world that they are not programed to be in.

That is my concern, that they would rather destroy this world and everyone in it than lose the power and control over it that they treasure above all else.

Thanks, Whitley. I sent you an email on Dec 7. This post is directly related and more than enough response for me. Keeping the conversation going is important, so thanks for your site. I just resubscribed.

My thoughts are always changing and usually wrong. At any rate, I'll share what I wrote to Whitley with the everybody else.

As far as I am concerned, evidence for nonhuman intelligent beings,
organic and/or spiritual, has been in the public domain for decades,
at least. They are here and those leading denial and coverup efforts
will not succeed indefinitely. To me, trying to guess how long that
will be is besides the point.

The important thing to me is that mistakes were made. Rather than
keep secrets and prioritize national security, we should have done
things differently. Leaders should have made public statements that
humans are not alone. Furthermore, evidence suggests that other
intelligent beings have mastered physics beyond our capabilities.
With an ability to traverse great distances, and, therefore, making
plenty of the resources in the universe available, there are bound to
be supportive/helpful/friendly visitors who do not need or wish to
exploit earth or humans. Then, publicly state that we ally ourselves
to those beings who support us in peace and equality. And, back this
up with welcoming actions that do not treat ufo's as hostile or
visitors as potential prisoners or lab rats. Also give experiencers
credibility. In the meantime, make it clear that we insist on
determining our own governance and defense. We welcome visitors, but
we will not be subservient. We wish to advance and evolve through
joining our extraterrestrial and interdimensional cohorts, but we
retain the right to choose our own pace.

All of this is simply conjecture, except for one thing. It is still
possible to change our ways. The illusion of secrecy will not always
be. We can accept our potential transition or fight it. Leaders can
continue as we have or change. I believe that our chances for
surviving are far greater in accepting and embracing the transition
than in fighting and denying it. Powerful people in government,
religion, science, business, and everywhere else might feel
emasculated, but, hopefully, enough of them will see the benefits and
decide to help where they can. As for me, I am certainly afraid and
hesitant to have all of my secrets revealed. But the transition
promises rewards that make my fears trivial.

If the visitors' presence gently moves us away from our current sense of ourselves as individuals, would it be such a big shock, realising that we are more a communal mind.?

Increasing contact with dead relatives, who seem to be moving closer each day, may indicate one path that our civilisation may move along as 'contact' becomes more frequent.

One does get used to the idea that the dead are still alive and aware of us. It isn't that Earth shattering as long as the introductions are advanced slowly, over time.

Of course, it's worth considering the question: who is moving nearer to whom?

Whitley, your clarity of thought and expression seems rare in the field. Those who build web sites or write books about aliens and ET contact seem to play on emotions without encouraging or facilitating deep questions in our minds. Certainly, they (whoever, whatever) are here; certainly they remind us of their presence by signs that depend on our limited availability of images. We see UFOs, because we have UFOs on our minds, but these blurred disks and lights tell us no more than what we already can know. Some signs are clear, like authentic crop circles (easy to distinguish from the bogus, by means of simple observations) and animal mutilations (ugly but all-too-evidently unworldly); to read about these signs I have you and Linda Moulton Howe as reliable sources, but the signs themselves are not sources of answers.
About religion: I am a Catholic priest, a member of a contemplative order at a small monastery near what is called "the holy hill" in Berkeley, California. I appreciate the fact that the Vatican has quietly but publicly assumed a non-debunking attitude toward the existence of intelligent beings other than humans and their likely presence among us. Now, here at least is an area where the Church has no ready-made answers, and we faithful Catholics are free to entertain all the questions their presence raises. This fact alone makes me grateful for the Visitors, whatever may happen in our relationship with them.

I think there are several groups of visitors or several factions. Whitley said"First, they are hardly benign, and there is enough evidence of conflict among them to suggest that an element of danger does exist, that we will have to deal with as best we can."

And I think it is a good warning to pay attention. I have read books by other experiencers or abductees like Stan Romanek and it chills me that they are willing to embrace what seems to be to be a subtle, quiet invasion. I get this based on their descriptions of the hybrid beings they encounter and the children they have provided genetic material to create them. Stan is the most articulate of that group and also seems to be the most naive. If the visitors were more open about their goals I would be less concerned. On the other hand we do seem to make a lot of messes without any willingness to clean them up, a lazyness of mind and spirit makes us easy targets. How else could so many religions and political entities and others setting themselves up as authority keep us at odds with each other, impoverished and ignorant? Maybe we need to be invaded this way, deepening our gene pool may be what we need. There are too few of us who pay attention and continue to ask questions.

"Quiet invasion."

Very intriguing. Similar idea to what Whitley heard from the Blonde when he said that the Visitors are like a giant snake that slowly wraps itself around you and tightens itself a little bit at a time.

I think it's very important to remind ourselves that they are here for their own purposes, perhaps first and foremost, whatever that may be. And in the meantime they are imparting the wisdom of being to some of us in intimate ways.

Perhaps a parting gift. Consolation prize. "Here you go. Now get out of our way."

I think contact has to be initiated by those following a spiritual type practice such as mediation. There's not gonna be any form of landing, simple as that.

I have to agree with the letter from the reader you mention. The nature of our reality is that it is not real, and scientists have been pondering this idea for a while. At the very first Dreamland Festival in Nashville, I had a brief, one-on-one conversation with Linda Howe about this idea...We are all avatars...


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