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A Very Powerful Experience

In December of 2007, I had a brief sighting of a UFO outside our bedroom window. It was at low altitude and moving with stately ease into rushing storm clouds. The object was brightly lit, at low altitude, and disappeared into the clouds before I could get a picture. This sighting was accompanied by the most complicated close encounter experience I've ever had, which seemed to be in some way a response to my novel 2012, which was about parallel universes.

At 12:35 in the morning of May 10, 2012, I had another such sighting, out of the same window. The sighting only lasted a few seconds, but it was preceded by an experience so strange that I almost can't describe it, and followed by the most powerful meditation I've had, and I have been meditating regularly since 1970.

I have described the experience in detail in the Whitley's Rooms section of this website. What I'd like to talk about now is the importance of meditation. Back when I was having frequent close encounters, the emphasis was very definitely on meditation. The more I meditated, the more insight I obtained, and the more I saw of the visitors.

This time, I hadn't been meditating for some weeks, and the event was in a sense a call to return to the practice. At least, that's how I perceived it. After it happened, I began a meditation, which started, as I always do, with a simple practice of placing my attention on the sensation of my physical body. Only this time, when I did it, I felt as if my body was only a kind of symbol, and that I was actually present to a much larger reality. It was as if my physical body was also a sort of infinity of being. It was a glorious, powerful and memorable experience.

I think that the sighting was meant for me, and that the purpose of it was to get me to return to my meditation practice. I say this because, when I saw the object, I was just turning over in bed to go to sleep. My eyes were open and I glimpsed it outside of the window. Had it not been in that narrow strip of sky at that moment, I would never have seen it. It's impossible for me to believe that the sighting was an accident. It wasn't.

It also wasn't the only sighting in this region last night. An object was seen over the Warner Brothers' studio in Burbank. It hovered for about ten minutes, emitting flashes of light. In another case, close encounter Witness Suzanne Chancellor reports that she saw something over San Francisco at about the same time.

So there was activity in the area, besides what I saw. Many of my close encounter experiences have been hard. But this one was the exact opposite. It was a lovely experience. I sensed great and knowledgeable compassion. A sense of acceptance. And then the meditation, so deep and so deeply satisfying.

I created a verbal description of the event and posted it in the Whitley's Room section of this website. It was an altogether extraordinary experience, one that I will not soon forget, and probably not ever.

The moral of the story: to reach the high country of the soul, meditate.

Thank you Whitley! Bless your precious soul, Your light shines far and wide and thank you for being here now. I am hoping to meditate more regularly now. I have been hearing this over and over lately!

I appreciate you sharing of yourself these many years. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the Festival this year due to financial reasons. All previous Festivals since its inception I have enjoyed immensely, the highlight of which has always been the meditation you lead on Sunday morning. There is a significant increase in energy when participating in such a group setting. I shall be there in spirit as I intend to time my meditation with yours around 9:00am.

The Room audio post regarding this experience was quite poignant. I could feel the emotion in your voice quite well. I look forward to the time I could participate in the greater fabric.

Be well.

Whitley you speak the truth regarding mediation. If anyone truely wants to understand this phenomena, one simply has to develop a mediation practice such as what Whitley provides. The rest falls in the place when you do this.

Whitley whenever you think that your writings and talks are falling on deaf ears, please realize how important your work and candor are to all of those that are listening. Your work is important for your evolution and also for ours.

Absolutely incredible! Spectacular! As always, scary as hell and wonderful at the same time!

Hi, Whitley,

What a beautiful and gentle way to invite you back to your meditation practice! I can feel the joy of the experience in your writing. Reading your account also nudged me back into daily practice. Thank you for that!


I too have not been meditating and it was a sudden stop from a regular routine. I was looking for the inspiration to start again and yes You have done it. Thanks again Whitley!!

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