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Monday, April 3, 2000
Over the past few years, I have watched Art Bell and his family walk through the dark places of hell. I have seen the quiet courage of heartland America at work, and the deep injuries to the soul that come from being treated to irresponsible attention from the media. Now Art is retiring from radio. For each of us who love him, who respect...
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Saturday, December 4, 1999
By Whitley Strieber Copyright (c) 1999, Whitley Strieber Next week, the book I have written with Art Bell, The Coming Global Superstorm, will be published, and I am about to suffer from the same press torments that have dogged me since I published Communion. I am routinely punished for writing that book, either by false and unfair reviews, or...
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Friday, June 4, 1999
So many hard things have happened in the past couple of weeks, I hardly know where to begin. Terence McKenna lies gravely ill in a Honolulu hospital, Dick Hoagland is recovering from a massive heart attack, Roger Leir had a heart attack a few days ago, and the anguish that Art Bell and his family are undergoing has finally been made public....
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Monday, November 16, 1998
There is no credible evidence that anything like a landing of UFOs is going to take place on December 7, 1998, or indeed at any other time. A lot of excitement is presently being generated about a landing occurring in Sedona, AZ, on that date. Some UFO investigators are claiming that this is the beginning of the battle for earth-- and, in the...
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Friday, November 6, 1998
Last night I did Art Bell's show, and it was really a joy to be back after the turmoil of the past month. Art was his usual self-- a master at getting the maximum amount of interest and information out of the program. We talked about an event that took place in southern California on September 10, when two of the witnesses on the show saw...
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