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Social Engineering and the Persecution of UFO and Close Encounter Witnesses

Recently I have been thinking about social engineering and how it is used to discredit UFO and close encounter witnesses. I have been a major victim of this, of course, as the most visible advocate on behalf of the value of what the close encounter witnesses are reporting.

Some of it is natural. You can find on message boards all over the internet nasty stories about how I am a liar, how I am rude, out just for the money, on and on. For the most part, these posts come from two groups of people: jealous UFO investigators and people who have strong convictions, yea or nay, about the visitors. Since I have managed to take the dialog about close encounter beyond the whole nuts-and-bolts approach of the average UFO investigator, and since I keep the whole matter in question, both of these groups really do not like me. So their hostility is natural. But by spreading so many seeds of doubt, it has seriously compromised my ability to get my message across, which is very unfortunate. A great number of people out there have come to think ill of me because of this ceaseless undertone of false and twisted stories. This means that one of the most extensive and deeply felt  contact narratives that has ever been created is going far too much to waste.

Some of the attacks are not 'natural' social engineering.  Some are very intentionally contrived. I am one of the victims of this, but hardly the only one. In 1998, for example, Parade Magazine published a false story about me to the effect that I had discovered that I had temporal lobe epilepsy and made a contribution to the epilepsy foundation. This story was published just before the release of my book Confirmation. At that time, Parade was still a major factor in the public forum.

I believe that the story was a lie, not a mistake. The reason for this is that, when I called Parade and talked to an editor, he told me that they had gotten it from a friend of mine in the Air Force. Confirmation is quite critical of the USAF's role in the UFO controversy. Parade ran a retraction, but by then it was too late. The book had a disastrous sale.

I think that article was placed by professional social engineers who continue to play a huge role in the UFO community. Who they work for I cannot be sure, but my best guess is that they are somehow connected to the Air Force, which desperately does not want us to know two things: first, that they engaged in a shooting war with the visitors between 1947 and at least the late 1950s, when people like Dr. Milton Torres were still being ordered to shoot at UFOs; second, that the result of this foolish policy, which was promoted by General Curtis Lemay and implemented by President Harry Truman, has led to the present tragic situation that we are in.

We are not being treated with respect by our visitors, and I think that this is largely because of the fact that we shot first, and it was the Air Force that did the shooting, and, as an institution, it desperately wants to conceal what it has done, which is arguably the most foolish and damaging single act in the history of the human species.

It took me years of challenging, often terrifying work with our visitors to change their attitude toward me and, as I so hope, toward the whole community of close encounter witnesses. It's not perfect. We are still often treated like lab animals. But not always, and now if you turn toward them and face the experience, you will sometimes get out of it what I have gotten: they will become your teachers.

That's not saying that I want to sugar-coat the difficulty and danger of the experience. Far from it. But I can say, from personal experience, that there is also a path to wisdom on offer, and it is wonderful and joyous and fabulously enlightening.

On this site, as long as we can afford to keep it going, I am trying to open doors of various kinds to that path. Our meditation group is one such door. In the subscriber area, there is a treasury of knowledge and information from people who see things more clearly than do believers in the conventional model of reality. (A fine example is this weekend's Dreamland with Trish and Rob MacGregor. Anne Strieber has a terrific discussion with them about contact on Dreamland, and for subscribers I ask them to share with us their knowledge of government secrets.)

Like all of us who have ended up facing the challenges of contact, they have gone down a long and treacherous path, the MacGregors. They will hardly be heard by the general world. A few may buy their book. Some will read it. But one day, if the reality of the visitors ever focuses, people like them will finally replace the social engineers, the liars and the paranoids in the public discourse about this subject, and the world will be the richer for it.

I have often wanted to quit. Time after time, when I would go on radio or television and be laughed at and lied about, I really wanted to just ditch this whole subject and go on down the road. But then would come one of those extraordinary nights, and a new discovery, and the surpassing joy that came with it. So I would go on. I would also turn to the great pool of wisdom of which the human species is depository. The writings of Meister Eckhart and Patanjali, the joyous words of the Master of the Key, but most of all, my beloved friend of my soul, the foundation of what wisdom I may possess, and what good I may manage to do in this life, which is the bible.

This week, I am beginning a series of bible readings in our subscriber area. I'm starting with Psalm 31, which has been one of the great wellsprings of  the strength I have tried my best to bring to my work, and to my public life. Over the next weeks and months, I will add other readings. From my fifth through my tenth years, my mother read the bible to us each evening for about fifteen or twenty minutes. It took five years, but we went all the way from "In the beginning" to "surely I come quickly." It is why the bible runs so deep in my blood, and why I want to share my feelings about it by sharing the passages that have so much meaning to me, and which have given me the strength to continue on this hard and wonderful path that is my life.

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For me, coming out with my experiences and interest in the early 90's, was devastating to my career. Over the past twenty years, there has been a growing silent turn-around.

Even though we are continuing to fight the beast, you, me and everyone involved on some level with ufology have slowly made the connection to some level of spirituality, whether they realize it or not. My biggest gripe in the early years was that everyone looked at this experience as being a victim. I never have. And that's what frightens those in control.

I have mixed feelings about this. I have some unresolved questions from missing time during a couple of periods in my youth. I have had difficulty in getting a recommendation for regressive hypnosis in the SoCal area, but that's okay, it could mean that it could be a waste of energy and time. I've thrived this long, through the thick and thin of it all, every soaring joy with every disappointment in another, a ray of sun for every drop of rain, and I will continue to thrive in my retirement. I will say this: I have read Whitley's "Solving the Communion Enigma" which is just superb as it articulates the issues so well!
I have also read Richard Dolan's and Bryce Zabel's book, "A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact", and I am so glad I did. They put the proper perspective on all of this.

You have done much Whitley. If you were to walk away the good you have done will remain and grow on its own. A fellow chatter on the UC chat said something to the effect that " I guess we have all grown up in this with Whitley". You cannot fully see your influence, few of us can. You addressed the masses with Communion and now that your understanding is much wider you address a much smaller group who benefit by your words and in turn can benefit others. It is a paradox but for the time being you are stuck with us.


I am somewhat confuses by your respect for the bible when I understand Christianity to be a politically manufactured religion. Jesus is clearly modeled on Horus and the Romans used Christ as a figurehead because Christians were so widespread THROUGHOUT THE EMPIRE. I respect and agree with the peaceful things jesus was supposed to have taught but his teachings are so obviously ignored by Christians. As a judge I am taught to weigh credibility and I find none in the church. Perhaps you can explain your position more thoroughly so us non christians can understand your position.

Whitley you are a true pioneer and when it comes to close encounters of the third kind, the Hills were the first people to really expose the public to the idea of close encounters but you really put it into the public consciousness. Thanks to you and then Bud Hopkins and Dr. Mack and others, everyone now knows the basics about this subject.

The problem is that there are those in power in the military/shadow government who do NOT want this known to the public. Since they could no longer keep the lid on it, they resorted to slander, ridicule, and derision to discredit you. It's not only you, look how they tried to destroy Dr. Mack, ruined Bud Hopkin's reputation when the man was on his deathbed, etc.

Besides those folks are the "Nuts & Bolts" UFO people (like at MUFON) who believe that UFOs are alien scientists from another star system. Anything that goes against this view is angrily dismissed. I know they too have slammed you and your work.

So Whitley all that I can say is that with your books, shows and guests, you have given me more to think about on the subject than any other source. In addition, I find it fascinating that things you have said and written about often are proven or come true later (climate change, things the Master of the Key said, multiple dimensions).
Just remember that pioneers are rarely appreciated during their lifetimes (just look at Tesla).

I don't know how to label it, but there definitely is a struggle going on between two forces-- those who seek the real truth to what is going on in this world, who are not afraid to face the impending, fundamental changes we are undergoing versus those who have such a deep-rooted ignorance and fear ingrained in their being that they will do absolutely anything to deny even the slightest hint of possibility of this change. Good vs. Evil, Ego vs. Freedom? I don't know. But look around and you'll see this in many areas, not just the UFO community. Look at the so-called climate debate. If you look closely you'll see a very subtle yet extremely dangerous scheme to supply misinformation in such a way that is virtually impossible to recognize as propaganda yet is embedded so deeply into our collective psyche that we don't even know it's there, like microbes in our water supply. In the coming years, we'll have to find a way to rise above this struggle and break through the morass of denial, lies, threats, fear mongering, ignorance and hate.

Whitley, as you know from your experiences, Knowledge need not be verifiable in order for it to be true. We experience the colour blue, yet nobody can ever describe what it looks like to a blind man. We experience love, yet the best we can ever do to prove it's existence to someone incapable of this emotion is by performing actions that only suggest it is real.

It's of this truth in which your detractors choose to be blind.

Those who put all their faith in science, by conforming to it's strict guidelines, will miss out in the end, and sadly, it will be their loss. They will live and die incomplete, and ignorant of the full spectrum of the human experience... and for what, social acceptance, and their tribal need to belong, and be as rulers in a ghetto of fools?

Hi Whitley, I often read and listen to your interviews and I found your communion book very interesting (informative). I signed up today to subscribe (2nd time) just to comment on your postings. I often reference it when reviewing my own information about greys.

I will say, that I am not an abductee.

And....I am a remote viewer. Which comes with a price tag (fyi)..which is I use to stumble around unintentionally picking up alien frequencies. So I use to get remote viewed by them (I see their faces or their eyes...with faces). So imagine my surprise as 'seeing' a grey remote viewing me. It was disconcerting. Such hopelessness (I get their emotional state as well). I actually feel for them...sort of a screwed up race (I imagine...don't really know...maybe they are perfect...for their situation/habitat).

Anyway...keep looking and checking Whitley. It isn't over (till it is)...on this 'grey' topic.

I am half-way through reading 'Dispelling Wetiko' by Paul Levy. So much of my own deep sense of things dovetails with Mr. Levy's concepts. Mr. Levy graciously, and unexpectedly wrote a personal message and autographed the copy of his book that I received in the mail last week. He also drew a very cryptic little symbol below his signature as well. I have an idea that by the end of the book I will understand the meaning of that symbol.

We all embody the light and the dark...Every one of us. And many of us struggle through the darkness and the ridicule, the raised eyebrows, and the rolling eyes. I no longer am disturbed by this from others. This is my path, my journey, and I will follow it to the end on my own terms.

Peace to all.

Whitley, your integrity greatly impresses me. You could easily have sold out in numerous ways and now be living in a big mansion with tons of money in the bank. However, you have chosen the path of honesty, authenticity and love. Although you have been reviled by some, you have been graced by God. And you have responded to this grace as a faithful servant of God. You are accomplishing your mission and we are the richer for it. Thank you.

Whitley, I hope you never stop throwing questions out into the world for the rest of us to examine, albeit somewhat uneasily at times. You encourage us all to think, to hope, to yearn...for understanding. Isn't that what consciousness is all about? We seek to know, to grow, to expand our own understanding, to stretch. We're growing up. Thank you for extending a helping hand along the way...please don't stop...ever. You've helped me to understand what it means to be OK with uncertainty, with a journey that has no signposts or guarantees. I wouldn't have it any other way.

That was a very nice comment Leah.

Michael Pugliese's comment interests me, because I write so often about Christianity. I agree that there is a lot that is not historically correct and has been "manufactured," however I think that the important thing is the MESSAGE that can be extracted from it (and from ALL true religions. Religion needs to be reinterpreted according to what's going on TODAY: http://www.unknowncountry.com/diary/road-damascus. As the Dalai Lama said (I read this in the Sunday, April 21 NY Times): "If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion." This is the same message I got as a "voice in my head," after I almost died from a brain aneurysm in 2004: http://www.unknowncountry.com/diary/annes-diary-you-must-live-out-love

Being a human is a struggle. We do cherish the anchor points we have and believe in and we need them to keep fighting. I am anonymous questioning the skeptics on their worldview and I would imagine there are a lot of us. The world and the systems are not working properly and people are feeling the pain.

Whitley, I know it has been quite a challenge to achieve all you have done, so far, but please to not ever feel underappreciated. If anything, many of us are jealous. For someone like me who has been denied the experience of meeting the Visitors, I can call it nothing else.
We have witnessed your growth and we are proud to associate ourselves with you (and Anne, also!)
As a Theosophist, I prefer to study religions and belief systems for the underlying facts, rather than relying on faith. But, it is on this path that I have truly experienced glimpses of what truly lies around us and it is this experience that told me, long ago, that you are to be trusted. I take that as divine influence. (wink)

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