Whitley's Journal

Sinister Forces in My Life

I have never been much of a conspiracy theorist, but I do think that there is a long-standing conspiracy against me, and I am worried about it. Just for the record, I am going to list some of the things that have happened that seem to me to be the result of attempts by sinister forces to sabotage my life.

1. Two men visited my personal physician in 1988 and attempted to question him and to obtain copies of my medical records. They would not show proper identification and he would not give up the material requested, or so I have been told.

2. When Communion was a bestseller, my film agent showed it only to one Hollywood studio head, whom everybody knew was about to be fired over the failure of the movie Ishtar. Everybody except me, that is. He was let go and nobody else even got a look at the book. Why not? It ended up being made independently, on too small a budget to be effective.

3. After a series of legal shennanigans, the film was pulled from distribution after being shown only for a week in a small number of theaters.

4. In 1998, Parade Magazine published a false story to the effect that I had discovered that I had temporal lobe epilepsy and had made a contribution to the Epilepsy Foundation, for which they were very grateful. This story was entirely false. I called the Epilepsy Foundation. They had never heard of me. I called the magazine, and the editor I talked to said that the story had come from their publisher, who had gotten it from 'friends of yours in the Air Force.' He was so very pleased, until I told him that the story was a lie. They retracted it, but the damage was done. My book Confirmation, published a few weeks after the story appeared, did poorly. At stop after stop on my author tour, people asked me about my temporal lobe epilepsy. I will never forget speaking at the Pentagon bookstore, with a row of Air Force personnel in uniform sitting there with pure hate in their eyes.

5. By 2003, Unknowncountry was growing and we had an active subscription system. Suddenly, just at the end of that year, the company that managed our subscriptions, Payment Online, ceased to function. They were no longer processing any billing. I could not get in touch with them. They had been richly helpful before, but now became completely silent. Worse, they would not stop billing me, not even after I got an attorney to help me make certain that I had correctly cancelled the contract. I finally had to close my bank account. I could not get any information out of them about my subscribers. They simply stopped all communication. Out of worry that some kind of criminal activity might be involved, I informed the FBI. I never received any response from them, either. And Payment Online was and continues to be a viable company, serving many customers successfully. I think that the same hidden presence that has been trying to ruin my life and destroy my work for years had a hand in what was done to me.

6. After I published my book Warday, I was warned by a staffer in Ted Kennedy's office that Brent Scowcroft, then the Chairman of the National Security Council, was furious about the book, and to expect trouble. Soon thereafter, I received an extremely thorough tax audit. Initially, I was given a huge bill, but was able to force them to acknowledge the truth: that they had counted all transfers of money from checking to savings as new income. In fact, I ended up with a small refund, but not without a terrific fight. In my opinion, this audit was politically motivated and aimed at destroying me financially.

7. In October of 2010, I received notice of another tax audit, from the IRS office in Los Angeles. I requested that the audit be transferred to Texas where my accountant and all of my records are. They waited until March to tell me that they would not move it. We appealed and it is now nearly June and still no word. An appeal to the Taxpayer's Advocacy office has thus far received no response. I can certainly do the audit in Los Angeles, but I have to say that I don't trust this situation at all. I think it is another political audit.

8. And now comes the censorship of the original edition of the Key. Incredible, and equally incredible that I didn't notice it at the time. What happened was that somebody very deftly edited the book after I had already signed off on it. Not only that, the edits, I have subsequently discovered, were actually in the proof pages I sent to the printer. So they happened when those pages were in my possession, but were not done by me. (I did a lot of editing to the proofs, but most of it was correcting typos and obscure phrases, etc.) For a more detailed discussion of what happened, read this journal entry.  The 2011Tarcher/Penguin edition currently available contains the original manuscript, as it was intended to be published. After I made this all public, I was dogged by people claiming that I had faked it all in order to sell books. How dare they. Insensitive, stupid swine--or people with a hidden agenda. There is even one person out there claiming that the "edits" make the book better. Sure, get rid of anything about mind control. Stick in things about evil aliens that don't exist to confuse people about who the sinister forces around here really are. That's great editing! The book was CENSORED.

I am sick and tired of all this. I don't know what to do about it except make it public. There's nothing I can do to stop it, but it has gone a long way toward ruining my life, and I think that it is just plain shameful. I have achieved something truly magnificent, which is coherent, focused contact with another level of reality. Instead of being honored for this, as I certainly deserve, I have been ostracized, demonized and hammered almost to a pulp. My books go completely unreviewed. It's as if I'm dead, as far as the community of my literary peers is concerned. When I go to conventions, people I have known for years simply stare at me from a distance, afraid to show the slightest sign of recognition. Honest reviewers cannot in conscience trash my books, so they, also, remain silent. If I should ever write anything that they feel they can trash, God help me, I'll be reviewed everywhere.

I'm tired of it and I want what I deserve from this society, recognition of the value of what I have done, not this continual sinister response. It is a dreadful way to treat anybody, let alone somebody who has worked as hard and as honestly as I have and has, in fact, created something that could be the basis for a new flowering of humanity, at a time when the powers that be have entirely failed and have betrayed the human race, and have no further reason to be respected in any way whatsoever.



May I say, my dear, ( and I hope using that familiarity does not offend you) they have been messing with you since you were a child. This has been going for most of your life.

A weaker man might have lost his mind, or given up and slunk away into a corner somewhere.

I cannot express to you how much you are loved and how grateful all of us are that you have taken this path, and not turned away. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know others thank you as well, not only those native to this planet, but many others whom we do not know.

You have led the way. You have made so much possible. You have opened avenues of communication. You have opened minds and hearts. We are eternally grateful.

Times are dark now, very dark. Circumstances press in upon you. You have every right to to be angered and to rant. You have every to demand your due.

So rant, Whitley. Get angry, rant, wail. Expend as much of the negative that has been sent to enshroud you as you can bear to get out.

You will receive good advice. People will come forward to help. People will send you Light, healing, Love, energy. Just make known what you need.

I can’t speak as eloquently as the others who have posted here, but I can tell you what is in my heart. And my heart is brimming with Love right now. And that Love is coming from many places, just for you and you alone.

Take what you need from us. We give it freely.

You and the vast majority of everyone else now can see what a profoundly evil power structure that has our world ensnared and is seemingly doing everything it can to drive it, humanity, our evolution, and future into the ground. If you, as one person can rattle their seat of power enough for them to go out of their way to attack you, well you're doing something God damn't obviously; you're not letting this world be ran over and taking it on the chin like the rest of us; and that is good by every definition of the word good! And I think their attacks are good in the manner of a teaching mechanism, they are signing us, TELLING us how we can bring them to their knees, they're showing their vulnerability, DRAWING ATTENTION TO THEIR WEAKNESS to be exploited and attacked. If their secrecy is blown, they can be unseated, our world can be freed, it appears. If not, why the vicious need for the secrecy? Why the effort expended continually attacking you for decades? An author who for decades now as like you said, hasn't been given a fair shake by well known channels of book review. The road of a visionary is a lonely one. If you were embraced by this orchestrated culture that continually lovingly adores and trumpets mass murderers, I think you'd have to check the compass a bit more.

Whitley, there is always shadow at the base of the lighthouse.
I felt so sad envisioning you writing this. I think collectively we would
all like to put our arm around your shoulder and look into your eyes and
feel this persecution and ask you to keep on with this Mission. You are
the future Whitley.

Illegitimi non carborundum
Sadly, you have been the "functional prototype" for what is in store for all of us. The momentum towards the police state has no signs of abating. Surround yourself with friends and loved ones and do not present a "flat surface" for your enemies to target. The thing they fear the most is the disclosure of the truth in clear open sunshine.They feel empowered to stomp the life out of us "little people" because few hear our screams. Your voice rings out and we can only hope that our voices can be added to your own. We do have your back.
Molon Labe

I don't want to offend anyone,but Mr strieber mostly when you meet the public it is as "the author" and not " joe blow buying a soda pop" .the point of that is most people .. like 99.9% of everyone in the world is not even aware of your website or the work outside of the novels and movies with your name hung on them.
That being the case (maybe) you seem to have a skewed view of your own importance ,you expect people to know your insider info tidbits and assume the material you write is being absorbed as you intended by the mass public.... sorry not even close.
when you are in celebrity mode the people that recognize you are part of the cult..what cult? the cult of belief in-spite of evidence ...

No one said it better than Albert Einstein:

"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds."

While it is certainly not fair, it is true, and it has been so throughout the ages. At least you have spent much of your life facing fear and working through it the best that you can. These others who pursue and attempt to make your life miserable? They are much worse off than you because they are in great fear and great denial and are bereft of spirit, compassion, love, and creativity. As you have mentioned yourself, they are "soul-blind."

You have the courage to look into the mirror. Would these others dare try the same?

Courage, Whitley, and keep on keeping on. I remember that incident in the Pentagon bookstore on the Confirmation book tour, because I was there as part of the audience (NOT in the Air Force). It's the only time I've ever been in the Pentagon, and I also recall the atmosphere with all the military types looking on; I didn't experience it as hateful, but rather as quite odd and creepy. At the time, I just put that down to the general air of the Pentagon. That must have been no more than a couple of weeks before the arrival of the MOTK. Could there be a connection?

“Be who you are and say what you feel,
because those who mind don’t matter,
and those who matter don’t mind.” - Dr. Seuss

As I wrote on Your FB Page:

I've read you post on unknowncountry about conspiracies and attacks upon you. Every author must suffer the slings and arrows about their writings. But you wanna know what really burned my country ass? Its was when You were on Craig Fergeson, and he glibbly asked you, Well how long have you had a relationship with these men? Or some such drivel. I wanted to reach through the TV screen and both console You, and kick that guys ass! What kind of jerk would say such a thing with one side of his mouth, and with the other insist he wouldn't insult a certain teen age rock prostitute when she had some kind of self serving breakdown? Good God Man! You have nothing but respect from me, and my heart-felt sympathy for the BS you have been forced to endure!

The only thing you can do is laugh. The Master of the Key said "find laughter, find freedom." I have cousin who has gone through a lot of sorrow in her life. But through everything she has been able to laugh, even when her daughter was dying of luekemia. I don't know how she did it but it got her through. I think the MOTK was right.

I just finished reading The Key for the second or third time, and I had the exact same thought: that someday Whitley will be hailed as a hero and a prophet, a man ahead of his time! We all have so much to thank him for. Thank you, Whitley, for changing the world.

Sinister forces? More like smoke and mirrors combined with a huge ego. Give us a break. Some of your things listed to support your conspiracy theory are just ridiculous.
Your film was just not very marketable...as in terrible. Plain and simple. Some of the rest...just bad business choices. C'mon...get serious...controversy is what your looking for. And so far it seems since you came up with your conspiracy theory...you have more comments on your journal than ever before. Swine? I think you owe the doubters some thank yous for upping your sales...boosting your fragile ego and making a little bit of noise on this normally quiet site. You never did answer why you failed to notice your own book had been altered for over ten years. Either you are lying...or you just are completely incompetent. Anyone paying for their own printing would look at it. And have you made any attempts to pursue legal actions against the printer? Oh yes...did you even call them? On your podcast you somehow seemed to conveniently avoid answering these questions. Why? It is not that the encounter is in question...just you playing the poor victim. A conspiracy against you plays so much better with the lemmings here...instead of the obvious...you need sales. It's easy to play to this audience. What if we upped it and asked a few opinions on another site? I think its better to be honest. You just got caught speeding and are afraid to take it like a man.
The key is a wonderful book. You really took something worthwhile and cast a shadow of doubt over it. Way to go.

Better go check The Path, or is that not a treat to "them" because it is shrouded from the charlatans who use the tarot for monetary gain?

Whitley: I had a pity party with myself a couple days ago, and I have no such public face. All my 35 years of writing, largely ignored and unpublished, has gone mostly to the ashcan. Really, any emulous wastrel could make that solipsistic claim, but I tell you from my heart that my efforts have been from a similar strain -- both in fiction and blank confession.

1. Your singular courage has spawned a quiet movement toward the revelation of the human experience as it might truly be.
2. No poet is ever truly appreciated in his own time. (And by "poet," perhaps only the alchemical composition of wordsmith-cum-seer can suffice to provide definition in this context.)
3. I'm broke, too. And, I'll wager, so are most of the people who read and subscribe to your website (thus your frustration with low subscription rates!)
4. But We Get It!

We get it.... Jesus tossed a bunch of seeds, some hitting flinty stone, some gone to the wind, few landing in fertile soil -- and those few are blessed! And so are you. And so are we. Dark days pass. And, Whitley, we won't go away. Your beautiful work matters. Never say die.

The system treats anonymous people in a much harsher manner. Witness the dubious SWAT raid on a Marine veteran and the resultant "Charlie Foxtrot" that ended with Jose Guerena being shot 22 times (out of over 70 rounds fired). Over militarized police and sworn politicians are doing all they can to terrorize the public.
Check out http://confederateyankee.mu.nu/archives/316833.php for a breakdown. These SWAT "unfortunate mistakes" are happening in ever greater numbers. As long as you have a voice and people who'll listen I implore you to continue your efforts. You do make a positive difference!

Whitley, words are human being's greatest weapon. You, as a great author, are well armed. Your words have changed me and many others. When we speak the TRUTH, liars get angry. If your words have made them angry, you are doing the RIGHT thing. Psalms 140

When I read this article I thought about this quote:

At every crossway on the road that leads to the future each progressive spirit is opposed by a thousand men appointed to guard the past. (Christenson, 2008)

In their own way they do you honor by acknowledging you and assigning you their shadow self. Recognize the thousand men as the old guard and keep doing what's important.

Ramsey Dukes once wrote me: “Success is a rut. The times when you really are free to reshape your life are the moments of depression, failure, and emptiness. By contrast, success has its own momentum, it carries you along with it."

Don Juan Matus (no doubt an Imaginal associate of the Master of the Key) warned Castaneda (another writer who might have benefited from less success and more failure) that self-pity is just self-importance in disguise. And isn't indignation characteristic of both?

Whitley, with all due respect, you are a world famous writer with several best-sellers under your belt. What's the beef? Blaming others for our ills isn't just bad manners, it's a displacement activity that keeps us from looking at the true source of our woes: ourselves. All this "love-bombing" from your subscribers isn't helping anything either. Those who appear to be your friends, aren't. And those whom you perceive as being against you aren't necessarily that either. Learn to discern the softer signals, Whitley.

I support what you are doing and what you have accomplished in your life. You have done a great job of remaining positive and having integrity. Thank you for the great example!

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