Whitley's Journal

Sinister Forces in My Life

I have never been much of a conspiracy theorist, but I do think that there is a long-standing conspiracy against me, and I am worried about it. Just for the record, I am going to list some of the things that have happened that seem to me to be the result of attempts by sinister forces to sabotage my life.

1. Two men visited my personal physician in 1988 and attempted to question him and to obtain copies of my medical records. They would not show proper identification and he would not give up the material requested, or so I have been told.

2. When Communion was a bestseller, my film agent showed it only to one Hollywood studio head, whom everybody knew was about to be fired over the failure of the movie Ishtar. Everybody except me, that is. He was let go and nobody else even got a look at the book. Why not? It ended up being made independently, on too small a budget to be effective.

3. After a series of legal shennanigans, the film was pulled from distribution after being shown only for a week in a small number of theaters.

4. In 1998, Parade Magazine published a false story to the effect that I had discovered that I had temporal lobe epilepsy and had made a contribution to the Epilepsy Foundation, for which they were very grateful. This story was entirely false. I called the Epilepsy Foundation. They had never heard of me. I called the magazine, and the editor I talked to said that the story had come from their publisher, who had gotten it from 'friends of yours in the Air Force.' He was so very pleased, until I told him that the story was a lie. They retracted it, but the damage was done. My book Confirmation, published a few weeks after the story appeared, did poorly. At stop after stop on my author tour, people asked me about my temporal lobe epilepsy. I will never forget speaking at the Pentagon bookstore, with a row of Air Force personnel in uniform sitting there with pure hate in their eyes.

5. By 2003, Unknowncountry was growing and we had an active subscription system. Suddenly, just at the end of that year, the company that managed our subscriptions, Payment Online, ceased to function. They were no longer processing any billing. I could not get in touch with them. They had been richly helpful before, but now became completely silent. Worse, they would not stop billing me, not even after I got an attorney to help me make certain that I had correctly cancelled the contract. I finally had to close my bank account. I could not get any information out of them about my subscribers. They simply stopped all communication. Out of worry that some kind of criminal activity might be involved, I informed the FBI. I never received any response from them, either. And Payment Online was and continues to be a viable company, serving many customers successfully. I think that the same hidden presence that has been trying to ruin my life and destroy my work for years had a hand in what was done to me.

6. After I published my book Warday, I was warned by a staffer in Ted Kennedy's office that Brent Scowcroft, then the Chairman of the National Security Council, was furious about the book, and to expect trouble. Soon thereafter, I received an extremely thorough tax audit. Initially, I was given a huge bill, but was able to force them to acknowledge the truth: that they had counted all transfers of money from checking to savings as new income. In fact, I ended up with a small refund, but not without a terrific fight. In my opinion, this audit was politically motivated and aimed at destroying me financially.

7. In October of 2010, I received notice of another tax audit, from the IRS office in Los Angeles. I requested that the audit be transferred to Texas where my accountant and all of my records are. They waited until March to tell me that they would not move it. We appealed and it is now nearly June and still no word. An appeal to the Taxpayer's Advocacy office has thus far received no response. I can certainly do the audit in Los Angeles, but I have to say that I don't trust this situation at all. I think it is another political audit.

8. And now comes the censorship of the original edition of the Key. Incredible, and equally incredible that I didn't notice it at the time. What happened was that somebody very deftly edited the book after I had already signed off on it. Not only that, the edits, I have subsequently discovered, were actually in the proof pages I sent to the printer. So they happened when those pages were in my possession, but were not done by me. (I did a lot of editing to the proofs, but most of it was correcting typos and obscure phrases, etc.) For a more detailed discussion of what happened, read this journal entry.  The 2011Tarcher/Penguin edition currently available contains the original manuscript, as it was intended to be published. After I made this all public, I was dogged by people claiming that I had faked it all in order to sell books. How dare they. Insensitive, stupid swine--or people with a hidden agenda. There is even one person out there claiming that the "edits" make the book better. Sure, get rid of anything about mind control. Stick in things about evil aliens that don't exist to confuse people about who the sinister forces around here really are. That's great editing! The book was CENSORED.

I am sick and tired of all this. I don't know what to do about it except make it public. There's nothing I can do to stop it, but it has gone a long way toward ruining my life, and I think that it is just plain shameful. I have achieved something truly magnificent, which is coherent, focused contact with another level of reality. Instead of being honored for this, as I certainly deserve, I have been ostracized, demonized and hammered almost to a pulp. My books go completely unreviewed. It's as if I'm dead, as far as the community of my literary peers is concerned. When I go to conventions, people I have known for years simply stare at me from a distance, afraid to show the slightest sign of recognition. Honest reviewers cannot in conscience trash my books, so they, also, remain silent. If I should ever write anything that they feel they can trash, God help me, I'll be reviewed everywhere.

I'm tired of it and I want what I deserve from this society, recognition of the value of what I have done, not this continual sinister response. It is a dreadful way to treat anybody, let alone somebody who has worked as hard and as honestly as I have and has, in fact, created something that could be the basis for a new flowering of humanity, at a time when the powers that be have entirely failed and have betrayed the human race, and have no further reason to be respected in any way whatsoever.



It is awful what you have had to endure. Thank you for the Key and everything you have helped bring to light, like William Henry's material. Again, I am sad for what you have endured but I hope the very best for your future!

I may be a little nobody, but let me offer you my review of The Key: what you have written has changed my life. Plain and simple. May God bless you for what you have done for me.

The only reason to try and ruin you or make you look bad Whitley is that you have nailed the truth on the head!!! What else could it be? If you were a complete crackpot they would leave you alone!!! Thank goodness for you, this website and others like you like Linda Moulton Howe because we who are interested in something else besides money and Wall Street get all of the information that we all need about tremendous subjects that everyone should pay attention to!!!!

Yes, I agree that I should be included among the "sinister forces". As a reader who has followed your work for many years and revered "The Key", and who was maybe alone careful enough to notice the differences between the two editions, I made the mistake of suggesting that the new edition seemed to contain mistakes that the old one did not. But I was wrong. I also regret suggesting that a phrase in the first edition like "creatures of the dark" wasn't inappropriate because, as you point out, there are no sinister forces.

To be cursed by the Devil is to truly be blessed.....unfortunately it doesn't feel like a blessing at the time it is happening....

If your books and the things you say were just more pablum, you wouldn't be having this kind of trouble rest assured....there are many Artists like yourself, that have had to go through mistreatment, So I think it's important to watch your back, don't under estimate them.... they are evil...

As to the IRS, The Tax Payer Advocacy Office in Los Angeles is a pretty good one, I have had very good luck with them, they are concientious, and really do care about helping people, they helped me... But I do know, you have to be persistant, fax them and phone them, they are swamped... because literally hundreds of thousands of Taxpayers, in LA, and So Cal, are having problems with the IRS, just like you...

2 problems with today's society:

1) Our governments are the sinister forces at work on so many different levels, they do to a significent level control our lives, and most of the general public are ignorant to that; and

2) Most people want today to be the same as yesterday........(and that's what the gov't wants too, they do not want us to challenge the way they do things).

So thanks Whitley for being that outcrop, that shining star, your efforts are not unheard, nor unappreciated, even in Australia!

Whitley, I can feel your exhaustion with all of this, and I wish I could do something to help alleviate your anguish. For what its worth, and its not worth much, I truly admire you for everything you've done. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! I just hope the relentless persecution you've faced never succeeds in darkening your heart. If that happens, then they win.

Hang in there Whitley, you are staying true to yourself, walking the path. The Key has opened a door within my soul that has changed my life in many ways. Since it's release, I have purchased 3 copies over the years, wearing out the first 2 from reading and re-reading them. Each time I read The Key, my understanding of the words spoken within gets deeper and expands mind further into the universe. I'm starting to sound mushy and kook-like so I will end with a THANK YOU and a wish for peace and joy to someone who has given so much of it to others. All are responsible for All.

Whitley ,
I am sorry you are feeling down. The fact is you are being ostracised because you are a threat to the status quo. The average person does not want change because it is uncomfortable even if it will make them more comfortable in the long run. The below average (thank god) amount of misanthropes and power hungry types don't want change because they thrive on a mill-like system of Sameness.
Your Work changes paradigms, and that is what the theme of the age is, Paradigm Shifting. So anyone with money or power in stake in this old fashioned paradigm is going to hit you and anyone who wants true evolution with all that they have. It's sad but true.

But I hope it is more bearable to know that we are all right there with you, we are all one human family, literally, genetically, and metaphysically, and there are many thousands that believe the information you are sharing is right and helping, so please don't be too hard on yourself for your situation, if anything it's a sign that you are doing the right thing.
Take care.

"You are the luckiest of the lucky"

This may have been a curse as you view events that most would buckle under, but it is only after great tribulation that singular individuals are acknowledged. Some never are. Rant if you feel the need as you are among friends. Know that the great force that represents your true self appreciates the sacrifices you continues to makes. As do we all. Thank you for being here in this moment.

It is hard to read this and not say something. It hurts to see someone be hurt this way. What can be said. Its an unjust world? That the oh so great are not so great that they can't even recognize something extraordinary? What a blind world. Stupid. Just stupid. I wish I had a place to invite the Streibers, away from cities, a nice secluded vacation somewhere. When my father was down he would take off in his boat and ride and ride far up to the old reservation, away from town. And as he rode on through the turns on the river and the wind swayed the trees under the bright sun, he felt better and better. Be well, Whitley Streiber. It cannot always be so bad.

Whitley, you are the luckiest of the luckiest since you have been one of the few who have been granted the privilege of seeing the truth. Ironically you also wield great power, it's your your connection with the Visitors and your approach to the subject matter that they fear, the truth.

So many people now know the truth as a result of your work that this seed you've planted will bear many fruit. In the next age your work will be remembered and practiced.

Thanks for being so truthful and honest. We are the ones who truly appreciate your work.

Whitley, I was a young 10 year old child when your book Transformation came out, but I made it my Bible, and in a large way, has made me who I am today. Your contact experience is nothing short of miraculous, as we should all be aware. Thank you for sticking true to yourself, as you have been a source of hope and inspiration, at least to me. Lotsa love.

I love your meditations on this website as well, and I feel something opening up inside me when I do them. Something real. Something necessary. Secret and ancient wisdom. Wherever you learned them, thank you for all your hard work, and sharing it so open heartedly on this website.

"I have subsequently discovered, were actually in the proof pages I sent to the printer. So they happened when those pages were in my possession, but were not done by me."

This is certainly a new wrinkle. Have you checked the document history (document formats usually keep meta-information), timestamps, etc., and compared to your own timeline of events? If you kept an archive of your old emails, that could help solve the mystery, too.

Yes, your messages reach a relatively few people. But, it is a small group which desperately needs the information to help them - and help them to help others who seek truth. This is how we move forward. This is why you are targeted. THEY know the effect the information has on their agendas. Like an airstrike - the closer you get to the target the heavier the flak. It is sad that you have suffered so. I don't know how you keep going.

Whitely S... there is also something that you need to understand. The other posters, like myself, who mention you and your work and the information it brings... well, we get put into another category ... nutjobs. Simple because we see your message clearly and are also willing to share, we get a beating sometimes from others who are entrenched in the nonsense world. Albeit not as bad as youve been beat up, we keep up with your info and every now and then, a black eye. So, speaking for the rest of us... ROCK ON Whitley! We appreciate you! HG

Dear Whitley, There are sinister forces at work in all our lives. You are but one grain in the sand of humanity and what is done to you is done to all. Remember it is the darkness that affords us vision and makes us stronger. You may never achieve what your ego believes you should; does this make you any less human? There is great value in your sharing your life as you do so that others may see themselves reflected in you. I sense your disappointment in the world and I share in it. Yet we travel on.

Reflect back on your life, Mr. Strieber; on all that it brought you. Now compare what you find with what the life of the average "asleep man walking" must be. Granted, the price you've had to pay for living your life has been a long-standing conspiracy to discredit and discourage you. But would you have had it any other way? Sure it would be nice to be able to have one's cake and to eat it. But that's not the way things work. You want the recognition you feel you deserve? You have the eternal recognition of all those you helped out of the terrible darkness; and that should be enough. You have not come here to be recognized anyway, but to do a job; and you've done that job excellently, which in itself should be reward enough. What's been done and is still being done to you by sinister forces is not fair? But Mr. Strieber, you long ago declared war on those same forces! The real wonder here is that you've been allowed to continue fighting, they are so much more powerful than you are. Why do you think that is, when so many whistleblowers get snuffed out? Could it be that there are other forces at work here? Could it be that you have allies so powerful the sinister forces can't even begin to imagine just how powerful? You have been told you were the luckiest of the lucky, and I believe that to be oh so very true. But what you weren't told is that the ride would be an easy one. And what's the merit in an easy ride anyway? Furthermore, an easy ride makes you lazy and complacent; and that, especially in your case, could not be allowed to be. "I am the luckiest of the lucky" should be your mantra. And know that you have a special place in the heart of all who read you, if it helps.

Peace be to you Mr and Mrs Strieber. You have helped so many of us and we all
care and send out love and light. Rest and be well.

I cannot understand what anyone's agenda could be in interfering with your work. The reason why anyone would not acknowledge or speak to you in public is simply because they don't possess the same level of ability to contribute to the advancement of the race in any meaningful way (or so they feel). Please dont lose faith, Whitley, that is exactly what they are hoping will happen, I believe. Also, it may be that our "country" has mostly become a collection of mindless, opinionless, flat people who abhor changes or bumps in the road (sad). We've got to keep going and get through this to the new thing.

There ARE Sinister forces out there (mainly in the govt) who do NOT want the information that you have shared to get out. I have read almost every book you have written and honestly I think that your books from the last few years have been your best. The Grays and The Omega Point were fantastic and would make excellent movies. In addition if you "read between the lines", there is more real information in those "fiction" books then in your non-fiction. I think that you nailed it in the Omega Point as to who the Sinister Forces are. I am just glad that you are still ok and didn't have a strange "accident" like Dr. John Mack, have a strange terminal cancer appear like Congressman Steven Schiff, etc. It just seems strange that when someone credible starts approaching the truth, they have an untimely end. Keep fighting Whitley, we are all pulling for you.

It's no doubt mostly fear and insecurity on the part of the people responsible. That they have power is scary, but of course they are afraid of losing that power. How sad, because they too would be better off if things changed the way they could. Don't stop.

... interesting. Being a working stiff in Hollywood since 1978 I know for a fact that when people, such as yourself, cross the "proverbial line," tell similar stories.

Interestingly enough, I just finished working on a film treatment related to mind control. Weird viruses on my computer to the phone company climbing the phone poll outside my kitchen window and my writing partner had similar problems... to the point where both of us, on two separate computing operating systems, could not for the life of us access websites we previously assessed story content and history. As we ended the story I made the bad guys become the good guys. No further problems with viruses and the phone company showed up, climbed the poll, and this time he said Hi, whereas before, the same guy didn't look too happy. I don't have a hard-wired-phone, but my internet connection comes through the phone lines.

Another hard-wired-fact... "it's not what we know, it's who we know." So, we are either paranoid or we know better and play the game without any distractions to our purpose.

Stephen Tenace

... PS... screw the critics! LOL

Dear Whitley: I am so thankful "technological intervention" was made in your case, if in fact it was (the implant in your left ear) that left you free thinking. Who knows what "powers that be" perhaps knew that you would be a "sheep-eople" without it. In my case I had parents whose religious thrumming just did not take. ; (fundamentalist Christian preacher) but left me intact with a deep appreciation of goodness/morality AND a relentless impulse to search for Whole Truth. I believe there are many more like my case whose circumstances in life have left them free and empowered to pound those last few yards to the touchdown.
Remember.. together!!! p.s. I'm on a Joseph P. Ferrell months long reading spree!

Whitley, I was on vacation last week in Florida when I read your journal about 'The Key' being censored. While reading it - it was so powerful I had to quit and just walk around for awhile. I actually went down to the beach and looked at the stars and tried to process what you had written. Parts of it were pure truth and it sung to me so beautifully. (The parts about brainwashing and what we are here to do). While driving home 2 days later, I told my mother, "Mom, Whitley is a prophet like in the old times. His words are going to be remembered many generations from now. The things that have been relayed to him so that he could relay them to us are so powerful and life transforming." Your one statement recently - Be Prepared To Die - has changed my life in so many ways. That is truth. We can't outrun all the bad stuff around us but we can live each day in beauty and in love. Lift yourself out of this darkness. You are changing the world. Paramahansa Yogananda says "point the needle of your attention toward the north pole of spiritual joy. Then no one can ever disturb your equilibrium." Peace be with you. Namaste'

Whitley, Your reality is different. 99,999 % of people don't have Your experiences (like in Communion, Haloween Special etc.). Maybe You haven't really realized that. It's similar to war veterans trying to cope with everyday life after Irak, Afghanistan. Very very hard. You need to realize that Your reality is not "accepted" even though we all believe You 100% and understand Your way. I would react similarly if I had strange reality thrust upon me. Anyone in those altered realities cannot automaticly expect understanding unfortunately. You bring a new reality ok? Take care.

Hang in there, Whitley. Illegitimi non carborundum. Peace and love to you and yours.

Recognition, Whitley? I would say you have it--albeit backhanded!

Why would highly placed people take any notice of you at all if what you have written deserves to be ignored? Obviously, you have pissed them off mightily and they are striking out in the only way they know: secretly and by abusing their power. I doubt, however, that your detractors feel anything personal toward you. It is more likely that you are a more of a nuisance to them than a threat. Somebody is probably employed full time to track 'nuisances' to make sure they don't become 'threats'. Dirty tricks are the easiest way to limit or discredit people. Whoever is behind all this will never reveal himself--at least not in this lifetime--and whatever you say publicly about your suspicions will be used against you. Like the temporal lobe epilepsy rumour. I read with great care what you wrote in Communion and the other encounter books and know that you published the list of tests that you underwent in an attempt to explain away the encounter experience. One reason that your readers are so faithful to you is the thorough and objective way in which you sought to find a medical or banal explanaiton for your experiences rather than accept them. All of the tests showed normal results and the one that didn't was the implant the Dr. Leir attempted to remove from your ear. Now THAT might be significant enough to piss off people on the beltway.

However, all encounter experiences are discredited by naysayers and many careeers have been stymied by malicious rumours but because the hands behind it are unseen it is easy to dismiss any public reaction of outrage as paranoia.

That having been said, for the sake of your own happiness and peace of mind (when you can get it!), it would probably be better to go the Taoist route: take nothing personally, observe but do not react, and remember that resistance to what IS is fruitless. Or to put in Celtic terms: Your enemy feeds on your energy so starve the bastards.

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