Whitley's Journal

Predictions for 2011

I am not a prophet. I have no crystal ball. But that doesn't mean that I can't look into the future and see probabilities, so I'd like to make some predictions that I hope will prove accurate and useful.


World economic growth will be impeded by increasing commodity and fuel prices. This is because there are not enough resources to sustain expansion in both the east and the west at the same time. Either eastern or western economies can grow, but not all at the same time. The greater likelihood in 2011 is that eastern economies will experience a cyclical slowdown, but this may not be enough to reduce commodity prices, especially if bad weather continues to affect food harvests worldwide.

If the human economy is going to continue to grow, we are in urgent need of extraordinary innovation in almost every area. We need more efficient energy resources, better agircultural management, a more certain understanding of climate, and better methods of propulsion. In fact, to continue from this point with the growth model, everything depends on innovation. Resource management, no matter how efficient, can no longer be enough.


2010 was an extraordinarily violent year, marked by ferocious weather extremes that resulted in reduced food supplies worldwide, as harvests in almost every country were affected by bad weather. Due to a record-breaking heat wave, Russia was forced to curtail grain exports. This led directly to unrest in the middle east, as food prices there rose dramatically. So far, this has resulted in the collapse of the Tunsian government, and it is possible that similar unrest could spread to Egypt and Syria.

What is happening to the world's climate is unprecedented, and the Unknowncountry.com Climate Watch section, which will be posted before the end of January, will make an effort to keep up with the changes. It could be that we are in the early phases of sudden climate change. If that is true, then it will climax in  2012-2015, but the gravity of the situation will become undeniable in 2011.


Pakistan is likely to collapse into chaos in 2011, and the futility of the American presence there will become glaringly obvious. This is because Pakistan is a country divided against itself. It is not an American ally. Rather, it is allied with China, and it is the chief support of the Taliban in Afghanistan, and the reason that they continue to remain a coherent fighting force. The rising power of fundamentalist Muslims in Pakistan has come about as a result of the government's refusal to deal with the issue, and now it's too late.

India is going to face a situation where the Pakistani nuclear arsenal will fall into the hands of Islamic radicals, and what they will do in response is anybody's guess. This is also a dangerous problem for the west, in that a radicalized Pakistan will almost certainly seek to export nuclear weapons and materials to terrorists.

There is a growing possibility that Islamic fundamentalists will detonate a nuclear weapon somewhere in the world in 2011, because now three countries, North Korea, Iran and Pakistan, all will have an interest in disrupting and damaging the west in this way.

As I pointed out in my novel Critical Mass, it is essential that the western democracies create effective decapitation plans, to insure their survival in the event to the total destruction of a capital. At present, a terrorist group, at a cost of no more than a few million dollars, could conceivably destroy Washington in an instant, throwing the United States and the world into a state of chaos from which there might be no recovery for generations.

All target countries, which include every western nation, need to have publicly known plans in place that outline how their governments would be recovered in the event of a catastrophe of this type.

My Personal Work.

Unknowncountry.com has always been a successful enterprise, in that it has been popular and has effectively delivered a unique blend of credible news at the edge of reality and informed speculation. Since the deployment of our new website, its popularity has increased dramatically. I am hoping that it will receive more financial support in the form of subscriptions and advertising over the coming year, as it becomes clearer and clearer that it is one of the few places that actually has an accurate grasp of the ways in which our world is changing.

I will publish three books in 2011. In April my novel Hybrids will be published, as will the revised version of the Key. In October, my young adult novel Melody is Burning will be released.

Hybrids is about human-alien hybrids, and what happens when they are placed under pressure and mankind has to face beings who are smarter and stronger than we are, and are also furious at us. It is a meditation, also, on artificial intelligence and what it might mean if a greater mind than ours begins to take a direct interest in our world.

The core material of the Key, the conversation with the Master of the Key, remains unchanged, but there has been an incredible amount of scientific corroboration for what he said since we published our edition of the book. There really cannot be any question, now, that he was a truly remarkable individual, and I detail in the new introduction and afterword just how even his seemingly improbable predictions have turned out to be based on solid science.

I am also beginning a process of publishing my older books that are out of print as electronic books. The first one is Transformation, to be followed by the Secret School and Breakthrough.

I have also finished the sequel to Communion that I have been working on since the early 1990s, and I hope to find a publisher for it this year. But we shall see. Most publishers hated Communion, and only two made offers on it. As it has become more obvious over the years that the visitors are in some way real, there has been a great hardening against them among intellectuals and scientists, who feel threatened by them. So I wonder if any publisher will want it, or even if my agent will be all that willing to present it. If not, I will publish it myself on Unknowncountry, the same way I did the Key.

The Visitors.

While the amount of UFO activity has increased to completely unprecedented levels in the world in recent years, the number of close encounters being reported has dropped. It is as if, as we move closer and closer to whatever singularity awaits us, the visitors are withdrawing from direct interaction with us, while continuing to watch our society more and more closely.

As time passes, I become less sure about what they are than I have ever been. Also, it is very clear that--whatever they are--they come from an extremely complex society, one even more complex than our own. They can be sublime, but they can also be dangerous. They can be energizing and uplifting, but also almost psychotically cruel.

I do not believe that there will be offical disclosure about them, and I suspect that the hoped-for Wikileaks releases will either be inconsequential or actually throw cold water on the idea that they are real. But they are entirely real. What they are, though, and why they are here, remain open questions.

Thank you, Whitley, for laying yourself open here. Your insights are unique because they are based on an in-depth socio/political knowledge, and on exposure to the extreme edge of reality. This is a potent combo, and is striking in its potential.

Personally, I couldn't be more delighted that the popularity of unknowncountry.com has increased dramatically - and this increase will continue as the true value of it becomes even more obvious.

I would urge all non-subscribers to open themselves to this site, subscribe and do two things:
1. Support this unique resource, and the work of Whitley and Anne
2. Give yourselves a rich, deep, immensely valuable treasure of knowledge that will help you understand who you truly are.

I am delighted that you have decided to bring out Transformation, The Secret School and Breakthrough as e-books. I look forward to reading them again.

Communion: The Sequel
I think the massive response from readers of the original Communion(over 250,000 and counting?) would guarantee a publisher a more than respectable showing in the marketplace. They'd have to be crazy to ignore the fact that so many people took the time to write to you and Ann after Communion came out and are highly likely to buy the sequel in whatever format it's released.

Whilst we're on the publishing topic, I'd love to see Majestic re-released. It was superbly written and a real gem in the field of UFO literature.

Regardless of what 2011 brings, I wish you and Ann personal peace and fulfillment in your lives. Slaintje!

I still remember reading and seeing the movie COMMUNION. Whitley I am glad you brought this subject to the public. it was only about six years ago I purposely left the book in the laundry room of my apartment for others to pick up and read. It went quickly as I thought. Thank You.

I am very much looking forward to the sequel to Communion. And frankly, I hope it has more bite and intellectual vigor and insight than "The Greys", which in some ways read like it was targeted to get picked up as a movie. Sorry, Whitley, just my honest opinion. I enjoyed The Omega Point more.

Regarding direct contact, I've been wondering lately if whoever they are lose interest in their "contactees" as we get past 40 or so. Certainly Whitley's contact seems to have faded (correct me if I'm wrong.) If what I'm suggesting is true, I think likely means that they really have little interest in our actual mind/soul development, as we might like to believe. If anything, people as they get older might have more potential to take steps into greater awareness, so why not work closely with them? The answer may be that our genetic material, on the other hand, gets weaker and more damaged. So what is it they really want? If I'm right about the age thing, then I doubt it's anything really good for us as individuals. Hopefully I'm wrong.

One of the reasons I have stuck with you Whitley is that YOU have stuck with what I believe is the truth: there has not been any evidence presented that shows that the Visitors are extraterrestrial. While I have never had a sighting or any kind of experience to my knowledge, I don't feel I can ignore the evidence presented by people like you. Thank you for maintaining your integrity even though it would probably be more profitable to do otherwise.

" I think likely means that they really have little interest in our actual mind/soul development, as we might like to believe. If anything, people as they get older might have more potential to take steps into greater awareness, so why not work closely with them? The answer may be that our genetic material, on the other hand, gets weaker and more damaged. So what is it they really want?"

I agree. I think its all about the breeding, unfortunately.

I am a returning subscriber and I am glad to be back. I am very happy to see that there will be updates on Communion and The Key. I have been an avid observer of the visitor phenomenon since the 60's and your books on the subject are the few worth reading or considering. I remember reading Communion for the first time and saying to myself, "This guy actually has the mindset to really understand this stuff!" and I have been proven right ever since. I also enjoyed all of the other books. I remember first reading The Key as well. Interestingly enough, I had ordered an autographed one and was unhappy that it hadn't arrived for along time. When it did finally arrive it was when my father was dying and I have to say it was providence that it came when it did. I wrote you an email about it and you sent me a thoughtful reply for which I was thankful.
I completely understand your concern about putting yourself out there for ridicule with what you have to share. Throughout history there have been brave men and women who went through the same thing Whitley so you are in great company.

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