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The New UFO Wave and Contact

There's an old fashioned 'UFO flap' going on at present. I don't think that it's because of new methods of communication like YouTube and the tendency of the internet to amplify provocative claims. There isn't really any online hysteria about it, at least not yet. In fact, the community of interested parties is quite calm so maybe this time the crazies and the hoaxers will look in other directions. Wishful thinking, probably, and I suppose they have their place. 

While I would never predict anything, it is always possible that a more emergent general experience could be available to us if we want it. Nobody is going to land on the White House Lawn, I don't think, but it may be that concerted group effort will bring a new level of encounter.

I want to recount a dream I had a few nights ago. After I had it, I counted it as a vivid dream and nothing more, but subsequent events have made me wonder if it might not have broader implications.

In the dream, I was outside with Anne at night, in an exurban setting. I had the feeling that we were at a conference of some sort, and I had just stepped out of the hotel. I saw three magnificent UFOs. They were huge, the size of buildings, and of an unusual ship-like shape that I associate with a time-travel experience I once had. I mention this because it might have some significance on two levels. First, it is a reminder that the whole UFO phenomenon may or may not be associated with aliens. Second, to be really engaged with the phenomenon, we absolutely must remain in question about what it is.

These three objects were perhaps a thousand feet long and the size of twenty story buildings, set back in layers. There were hundreds of lit windows. I ran outside fumbling with my iPhone in my dream, and yelling, "we've got company, get out here!" to all who could hear me. I was hoping against hope that these things would land. Incredibly, one of them did. I thought to myself, 'they're making contact at last,' and I wondered if the knowledge I have gained over the years would be of any use in the process. I hoped that I would not be overlooked by whomever was going to lead the way on this, and that I would be able to put my experience to use in as general and practical a way as possible.

As I ran up to this enormous machine, sitting there effortlessly in the air at an altitude of about three feet, I saw a man in a dark blue uniform step out of it and begin moving toward me. He was pretty tall and looked reasonably human in general terms. He came up to me. I stood there for a moment, then reached out my hand. He took my hand and forearm in both of his hands in a warm and embracing gesture.

Then he looked me in the eye with a concerned, quizzical expression on his face and said, "What do we do now?"

And therein lies the truth: this is up to us. I am expecting that our virtual meditation group on Unknowncountry will soon be able to take the next step. It's why I originally formed it. The group members are working together well. I and others feel a definite gestalt when we meditate together, even though we are separated by thousands of miles. If we are to move ahead, communication of this kind, at first among ourselves, then later in a more extended way, is absolutely essential.

It is also essential that we try to think about this whole experience in a new way. Specifically, we need to replace the various shorthands with which we approach the whole phenomenon from UFOs to visitors and close encounters to all of the effects that accompany them. Some of us assume that we're dealing with alien contact. Others that it's a matter of parallel universes coming together. Others see this as a production of the human mind, although not one that we understand.

The list of assumptions is long. But that's all any of them are: assumptions. We need, in our minds, to place something in front of those assumptions, which is the question. This is all in question. Nobody really knows what's going on. At such a time in this in history, an open mind is the basis of progress. If we close the question too soon, we risk losing our way.

Let me explain why I think this way. I am a man who has moved through time, traveled into what appeared to be a parallel universe, been abducted by apparent aliens, challenged them and been exposed to 11 years of education which involved the implosion of the barrier between the living and the dead and enabled me to engage in three years of meditation with somebody who presented themselves as living between lives. I have had an implant put in my ear by two people under circumstances of extreme strangeness. I have found myself face to face with a man in a hotel room who looked entirely human, but who offered what are some of the most sublime and masterful words I have ever heard spoken. I have had an eye opened in my mind that enables extraordinary vision across space and time.

So, who's responsible for all this? Aliens? The dead? Not at all. I am responsible for my life in contact, for that's what it is. I am living right now a life that is in some ways a prototype, and so are a lot of other people in contact, whether struggling with it or living with it.

Over the next few months, the meditation group will, I hope, begin to take a posture on a group level similar to the one I took on a personal level, that opened my mind to the possibilities that I was and am able to entertain. In fact, I am sure this will happen.

It would also be nice if the Air Force would stop sending up jets.

Yeah, U.S. Air Force, stop sending up jets. It's so annoying...

Annoying to us, pathetic to them...

We own the timeline, agenda and tone of contact, not them.

I seem to remember an intense interest in a certain cat accompanying their owner during an abduction event. Their reaction seems key to rich engagement, we must confound and challenge them as much they do us. If the military had any intention of truly interacting, or a sense of humor, they'd respond in an aggressively non-military fashion, such as putting on a giant airborne light show or releasing a squadron of party balloons. I imagine the reaction would be interesting. Two *will* play that game. Oh, and these guys do so love to play.

"What do we do now?"...

We learn, and we unlearn..and we become something new..

You say that "I am responsible for my life in contact," but I must respectfully wonder about this. We both know that these entities may exert profound influence & control over our mind, bodies and even surroundings. In the presence of visitors, knowing what is "real" and knowing what is "yourself" can be a great challenge. Do you honestly have enough knowledge, or an objective perspective, to say that you are truly the one responsible?

Excellent column! Thanks much.

"All are responsible for all." Master of the Key
Do the visitors live by this same rule? Can I have this assumption? I'm puzzled.
I think Gerald's response is correct, but we love to have a map to go by. We need the method of meditation to move forward, but, belief is such a pernicious infection. I hope we don't create a new map and mistake it for the territory, like we have done, over and over, in the past. Are the visitors on a progressive path like we humans are, or are they fixed like the absurdities as they present themselves? I'm truly puzzled.

"The question of what we might want out of contact needs to be asked, and we need to form at least a speculative idea of what is on offer, and what, if anything, must be given up to get it."

I can't speak for anyone else, but for me it is very basic: Who are we? Why are we here?

I think the answers to those two questions are "The Key". The answers will also mean "A whole new world, if we can take it."

For those who get it, and "...can take it": Wow.

First, it's worth noting that outside of the small island one might call 'human world', lies nature (planet Earth) and all its species, as well as the multiverse - everything. You can't engage everything all at once, so it's a matter of what you want to connect with next, and in what way. I believe Whitley is correct that we create the mode of contact. As in contact with other humans, souls mix and to some extent you become what you love - an amalgam of this and that.

What I mostly wish for is for a benevolent species to help with a problem in human world. This problem is that we are being poisoned, chemically, genetically, and radioactively, such that the opportunities for living healthfully on this planet are diminishing rapidly, especially for younger generations. Fluoride, aluminum, GMOs (which edit DNA, make no mistake), mercury, pesticides, EM radiation, nuclear plants designed to melt, airport scanners... this planet has become a toxic dump and we are all being heavily dosed with poisons. Part of this is just human stupidity and greed, but it's clear to me after years of research that there are powerful influences orchestrating all of this to deliberately keep people sick and suffering (the extreme social pressures exerted to keep highly toxic fluoride in water is a good subject to study if you need convincing). We are told reptilians and so forth feed off this suffering - we are living on a human farm, increasingly of the factory farm category, being pumped full of chemicals and twisted in our very physical and mental nature.

IMO humans are simply too weak and stupid to deal with this - we are basically violent chimps, mostly irrational. Further, even the people who do see this - the people who eat an organic diet and avoid chemicals in their food, use natural products, etc, (if they can even afford it) are unable to educate the masses because media is so tightly controlled. Likewise, there is an artificial ceiling imposed on technology - we aren't allowed clean energy, research in some fields, etc. We are in a cage. Yet we are capable of asking for help from our big brothers. Asking for help and actively engaging with it is different than waiting for someone else to merely solve all your problems. You ARE solving your own problems by asking for help - it is an action. Benevolent beings which understand this principle, and only offer help as it is requested and not merely what they would like to do for us, know that it's up to us to ask for the kind of help we choose from them. (We remain in control, not to be confused with a White Man's Burden style of alleged 'help').

I also consider it possible that humans are simply being exterminated by all of this, in a slow process which maximizes the suffering for those who feed upon it. We're in a slow-cooker, perhaps to be culminated by climatic collapse (which is perhaps foreseen by our farmers). And these human-alien hybrid species being developed will be the new inhabitors of this world or others - our replacements. Perhaps life has already given up on us chimps. I could certainly understand why - humans have truly been a disease on this world, poisoning and brutalizing everything, including ourselves, in a sadistic, cold, 'scientific' way. Yet we have also been engineered and abused. Perhaps we are simply at the effect of karma - receiving what we are to others. Maybe all we have to really look forward to is death - and for some reincarnation into a species and planet actually capable of compassion and wisdom, as opposed to the violent and idiotic zoo we live in now. Maybe the best we can reaosnably ask for and be offered is a short and smooth transition from one to other.

I ask for help from the way humans, including me, are being misused, because I don't believe we are capable of resisting this millenia-old abuse alone. And I understand that part of this is that I must stop misusing others - all others. One reaps what one sows.

Thanks for the provocative questions as always, Whitley.

The success of open contact would depend on the select individuals that could differentiate between want and need, on a societal scale, and have familiarity with the confounding semantics of human-extraterrestrial communication. Why would "they" bother landing on the White House front lawn until they were certain we've those in our midst with mastery of both? I'm looking at you Whitley.

Very well said User1000 and all.

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